15Harley Quinn Replay

There's literally a mess of costume options out there for Harley Quinn if that's your choice. There are many variations of Harley Quinn costumes that you can choose from, depending on the type of Harley Quinn you're going for. Last year, we saw the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn,

and there were Harleys all over the street. We like this costume, in particular, because it’s completely different. We still see that sexy/naughty side to Harley, but it’s also not overdone. We haven’t seen this version of her character in a while. If you want to dress as Harley Quinn this year, we would suggest taking on one of her other personalities so that you don’t get lost in a crowd full of Harleys that look alike. Be a little more original with your costume, and it'll make a big difference.

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