When Halloween And Cosplay Meet: 15 Must-See Costumes

It’s that time of year again for us to rock our best Halloween costumes. When you want to look your best on Halloween, that can take a lot of effort and money. Not everyone goes out in search of the “slutty nurse” outfit; some people put a lot of real thought into their costumes. Although some of them are still sexy AF, you can tell that a lot of thought was put into them.

It’s pretty cool that we live in a world where you can show off your creative spirit and celebrate Halloween. There's certainly a fine line between your basic Halloween costume and cosplay, but the two can come together with a little effort. That’s usually what the big difference between the two is. Halloween costumes can generally involve paying $50 and getting all your costume essentials in a bag for anything you want from being a pirate to being a mermaid, and the costumes, at times, are very generic, whereas a cosplay costume often can run a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars. That’s because fans want their costumes to be as realistic and as badass as they possibly can be.

If you're looking for some great ideas, then you've come to the right place. We found 15 costumes that could easily fit into both categories, mainly because they're so awesome. The ideas are creative, and we even found some that are pretty sexy. We hope they inspire your creativity this Halloween.

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15 Harley Quinn Replay

There's literally a mess of costume options out there for Harley Quinn if that's your choice. There are many variations of Harley Quinn costumes that you can choose from, depending on the type of Harley Quinn you're going for. Last year, we saw the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn, and there were Harleys all over the street. We like this costume, in particular, because it’s completely different. We still see that sexy/naughty side to Harley, but it’s also not overdone. We haven’t seen this version of her character in a while. If you want to dress as Harley Quinn this year, we would suggest taking on one of her other personalities so that you don’t get lost in a crowd full of Harleys that look alike. Be a little more original with your costume, and it'll make a big difference.

14 The Tomb Raider

Laura Croft from The Tomb Raider has always been a popular character for both cosplay and Halloween. It’s for the simple reason that the character is badass, so when it comes to a woman, she wants to portray someone who's strong and powerful, plus she can wear as little as possible and draw the eye of any guys who are out on Halloween night. This girl has the perfect body for this outfit; it looks like it was practically made for her. We love the fact that she looks tough and has a bit of dirt on her as well. She has the entire character down to a tee and even has that look of exhaustion on her face from having to kick too much butt. This is the perfect choice for Halloween; you just have to hope that it’s not going to be a chilly night.

13 Disney Characters

If you have a love for Disney characters, then these outfits are perfect for you. Not only do we have two Frozen characters, but we have the main character from Brave as well. These are all badass female characters that have taken life in their hands and demanded to live their own lives -- well, in the Disney world anyway. The costumes are well thought out, and if you're looking for that sexy edge, then you can’t go wrong with Elsa’s barely there outfit. We hope it’s not going to be a chilly night for her. These girls all match as well, considering the color schemes are all virtually the same. They've taken great care in their costumes, and that’s what we love about them. They're unique and well thought out. In the case of Anna’s outfit, it’s a little edgier; she traded in the dress for a pair of pants.

12 May the Force Be with You

The Force is strong with this one! Star Wars, anyone? What a great costume. We hope that this girl is only going to an indoor party because she’s going to find it mighty chilly in that outfit. We have to say that there's a lot of detail in this costume, and if you aren’t sure, the top is completely fake. By fake, we mean painted on. It’s a great outfit that's perfect for her stunning body, but it also doesn’t leave much to the imagination. As cool as this outfit is, you might not want to expose yourself as much as she has. It's a great outfit that works well for Halloween, but it might not be the most practical. If you're a Star Wars fan, then this might be the outfit you've been dying to try out.

11 Grease Celebrities

Even celebrities like to play dress-up, and in this case, this model won the show. She's rocking this outfit at a celebrity Halloween party, and we have to say she hit the nail on the head with this one. Not only does she have the perfect body for those skintight leather pants, but she also has the attitude, and that’s pretty important when you're working on an iconic character. If you're looking for a costume that's a little more vintage, then you can’t go wrong with the badass version of Sandy from Grease. This woman in the picture seems to have every piece perfect to the character, and we love the fact that we can see her awesome abs through her midriff-baring top. Those red shoes are perfect for the outfit, and they give it just a little bit of a pop. We love it!

10 Jurassic World

If you're a fan of Jurassic World, then you'll love this costume of Owen and his raptors. We love the creativity of this guy’s costume. Not only is the outfit perfectly accurate, but he's also painted some toy dinosaurs to match the raptors in the movie. They're in his arms as if he's raised them from infancy. The best part is the scratches and cuts that he has all over his body, implying that he’s been in a tussle with his raptors or something much larger. It’s a creative costume as well as one that's sure to put a smile on the face of any Jurassic World fan. We'll see many of these costumes this year again because of the release of the new Jurassic World movie next year. We can’t wait to see the next movie and to see what’s in store for our favorite characters.

9 Thunder Cats

If you want a costume this year that brings you back to your childhood, then this would be the perfect option for you. Of course, you might need some serious muscles if you're going to pull off a Thunder Cats character. We just love that old-school TV show, and these costumes really bring us back to those fun times. Not only does he have the costume down perfectly, but the hair is also so big, just like you would expect a Thunder Cat to be. We love the furry arms that really make him a furry animal. It’s a fun costume, and it would be a favorite for any fan of the TV show. You can’t even imagine how awesome it would be to portray one of your favorite characters. Even better, why not get a group together and do the whole team?

8 The Avenger Family

When it comes to Halloween, it’s not always about the parties or having the sexiest costumes. Sometimes, it’s about spending time with the family and rocking some insanely cool costumes. In this case, the whole family decided to collaborate and have matching costumes. Mom and Dad are total babes, and they're rocking Black Widow and Captain America pretty well. They also have four children who make up Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk and that weird telepathic girl. The Avengers are in full throttle in this picture, and we can’t help but give the family kudos for pulling this one off. If you're looking for a family-friendly Halloween costume idea this year, then why not take on the Avengers yourself? This allows the whole family to become involved, and what more could you want on Halloween than that? It’s so cool.

7 Sexy Deadpool

Not only is Deadpool a cool character, but he also has some seriously questionable morals. Even so, he’s one of the most popular characters in the superhero world today. With the release of Deadpool 2 coming next year, he’s still a popular choice for Halloween costumes. Superheroes just aren’t for boys anymore; girls are taking over when it comes to dressing up as popular superheroes as well. It used to be that girls dressed up like SuperGirl or Wonder Woman, but that’s not good enough anymore. Women want to recreate the legends and act them out on their own. In this case, we have a sexy blonde female who's making Deadpool look really good. She looks amazing and has the perfect figure for a skintight Halloween costume, and don’t blondes look great in red? She’s proving that girls can be just as good as boys when it comes to being superheroes.

6 Terminator Girls

Who says that only boys can be Terminators? This is the kind of character that can be played by both sexes. This is a perfect example of how a girl can take the idea of a Terminator costume and switch it into something amazing. She has some serious makeup on her face that makes it look like her terminator insides have been exposed to the world. Her face has been damaged, and now, you can see the terminator underneath. It’s funny how something this scary and disturbing can also be beautiful. She's sexy in a leather outfit, and yet, she's incredibly badass. If you want to try to take on a great character like this one, then you'll love a costume like this. All you need are some great makeup skills and an attitude that's worthy of the character.

5 Kim Possible

If you like the old-school cartoons, then you're sure to love this Kim Possible ensemble. We certainly do! Man, these costumes sure bring back some great memories. From the striking red hair to the midriff-baring top, this is the total look that makes up Kim Possible. It’s perfect really, and she looks totally badass. Kim Possible and Shego are mortal enemies, and they've tussled on more than one occasion. This is a great costume choice for Halloween if you're looking for something to take on with a friend. Kim Possible is also very popular at cosplay events, and we love how the two of them have posed themselves as if they're in the middle of a battle. It’s a fun costume idea and one that will give you fond memories for many years, so give it a try.

4 Bunnies

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With the death of Hugh Hefner, this might be the year that brings out these costumes again. Have you ever dreamed of being Hugh Hefner? If so, then this might be your chance. Grab your favorite lady and make it into a couples outfit choice for Halloween. It’s a fun way to lower your inhibitions and live a little. Hugh Hefner has always been an iconic person in history, and his recent death affected a lot of people. The guy is in Hefner’s signature robe, looking like he’s on top of the world, while the girl is in a signature bunny outfit. She’s wearing a black one, and she has some pretty cute bunny ears. She looks sexy, and even though the outfit is scandalous, it’s not showing a lot of skin, so you might feel better wearing it. The two look great together, so it might be one to try out.

3 Silent Hill Creepers

If you're a fan of Silent Hill, then you're going to love these badass costumes. Whether it’s cosplay or Halloween, you'll make a statement in these outfits. Tell me you aren’t completely creeped out by the triangle heads from Silent Hills. They kill without mercy, and they make us shudder just looking at them. If you have a lady, then why not take this costume and turn it into a couples costume idea, just like these two did. One thing's for sure: they'll turn heads wherever they go, and despite the fact that they're walking in broad daylight, they're still creepy AF! We’re not sure how they're seeing through the costumes, but they don’t appear worried at all. We love the added touch of the splattered blood. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome costume.

2 Badass Two-Face

This girl took the character of Two-Face to a whole new level, and she created something pretty incredible. It’s another example of how a girl can take a male character and make it her own. She wore this outfit to a San Diego Comic-Con, but this is an outfit that can easily be worn on Halloween. It’s amazing, and it’s also going to keep you relatively warm if the night is cool. We love the striking difference between the two sides. On one side, she's seemingly normal, gorgeous even, but on the other side, there's crazy to a whole new level. I love the striking blue skin as well the contorted mouth that's twisted into a maddening sneer. It’s kind of creepy if you look at it for too long. There was a lot of makeup involved to achieve this look, and she did a great job.

1 Death Note

Wow... there isn’t much to say about this costume aside from "Holy F*ck, that’s insanely disturbing." This is the kind of thing that you hope never to see, especially when you close your eyes at night and enter the dream world. We’re not sure how they pulled it off, but it’s easily the creepiest Death Note costume that we've ever seen. Not only is it huge and formidable, but that face is also enough to give you nightmares for the rest of your life. A fan spotted the costume at a grocery store and acknowledged that it made her fear ever running into someone dressed like that again. It would probably be an awkward outfit to wear, but we have to say, it certainly does the trick. Awesome on every count. So, if you're a Death Note fan, then you have to give this costume a try this Halloween.

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