What You Didn't Notice In These 20 Hot Celebrity Pics

Celebrities always command attention. That’s been true for decades and the Internet just makes it a bigger deal. From selfies to posting to paparazzi pics, celebrities just get more attention these days and some are able to use it. Many are into the idea of “famous for being famous” and just using their posts to get over more than they ever could with just acting or singing. Others try to maintain a nice lifestyle but tabloids follow them constantly. If you’re famous, you’re going to have a lot of photos that may not be a side of you that the public should see but they’re out there. And some are ones you want the public to see in magazines or such yet something in them is a bit…off.

Sometimes, it’s a figure in the background who distracts. Or a background item that’s quite intriguing. Sometimes, it’s another item that can suck you in and distract from the folks who are meant to be the center of the picture. True, some beauties can dominate well but others can be distracted by some other item in the photograph. It can turn into a game at times as to which part of a photo draws the eye in first and even a dare not to take in the starlet. Such a dare is here. Here are 20 photographs where there’s something beside the ultra-sexy lady to get your attention and maybe even catch your eye first and see which ones can pull you in more.

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20 The Granny With The Shades

Wherever Jennifer Lopez goes, attention follows. It’s amazing to think that 20 years after making it big with Selena, Lopez remains hotter than ever. Between movies, her music, judging World of Dance and Shades of Blue, Lopez is incredibly busy and always attracts attention. On the red carpet, she can be a knockout, as shown for the premiere of This Is It. This 2010 movie used footage of what was to be Michael Jackson’s final tour before his untimely death turned it into a tribute. Lopez looks great in a lovely black dress, hair pulled back and intense pout. But it’s the fans behind her who get attention, clearly loving the star. One guy looks insanely happy taking a photo of her while a woman to her left seems to be grinning looking at that guy. One woman seems to be looking at Lopez with a bit of a judgmental pout while that grinning guy’s girlfriend seems upset about him. And then there's that older woman wearing cool shades... perfect. It just shows the wild chaos that comes from JLo’s path.

19 Impound Lot?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a lady whose sexiness has never faded. The star of Party of Five has moved onto other hot roles like Ghost Whisperer and The Client List and still a true knockout. She possesses a stunning body, highlighted by ample chest and nice rear end and even dressed down in jeans and a blouse can’t prevent her from turning heads. Just getting out of her car such as in this pic, Hewitt gets some attention but you have to wonder where she is. Look at the sign behind her car and you can see an “LAPD” name and a number underneath it. So you can imagine briefly that Hewitt is picking something up at a police impound lot. There’s also the chance it’s just a parking sign with the number to call should you see someone in a handicapped space instead. Either way, it’s interesting to imagine Hewitt finally being too sexy for the law and standing out very well.

18 A Ghost?

It takes a lot to get attention away from Jessica Alba but this pic showcases that big time. The former star of Dark Angel and Fantastic Four is well known for her stunning beauty and sexy body on display in a variety of magazines. However, she’s become better known for her Honest Company, a billion dollar corporation and a great mother. This selfie shows a nice background with various drawings by her kids and enhances how she likes her family time more. But also interesting is the shape of the doorway. It looks for all the world like some sort of ghostly creature is hanging around behind her. It caused a pretty big fuss with many talking about her “spectral photobomb” and she herself wrote she had no idea what that thing was. Others said maybe it wasn’t too bad as it distracted from how drab Alba’s home looked and wondered if she even bothered with decorating. Either way, it shows even an Angel can have something else steal attention.

17 Alien Cups

A selfie from Miley Cyrus can be something very wild. The former Hannah Montana has transformed into one of the hottest and most outgoing stars on the planet. From her infamous “twerking” displays to magazine covers naked and with a pig and numerous nutty antics, Cyrus has gotten huge attention. She does seem to have settled down a bit in the last year but clearly known for her wild stuff. This selfie seems tamer than others, Miley just in shirts and shorts, not too revealing and such. One can make the obvious joke about the weed-shaped glowing lamp in the foreground. But more notable are the cups next to it with the “little grey men” alien figures on them. It makes you wonder just where Miley is to have several such cups lying around as it’s not exactly regular motel supplies. It just shows how unique Cyrus is as even just hanging around a hotel makes her look wackier than most others and from another world.

16 Sweet Stereo

All it takes is one hot scene to make you a name. Margot Robbie had been around various small movies and TV shows like the short-lived Pan Am. But then came The Wolf of Wall Street as Robbie’s fantastic nude scene made her an instant star in Hollywood. This led to more turns like Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and rocking folks with her knockout manner. Naturally, a spread in Esquire was very nice, tasteful but still showing Robbie’s hot body off in a great way. The woman seems to enjoy not “sexing up” as much as usual but great in shirt and shorts, featuring her underrated legs and fun style. Her home is great, not her British upbringing but embracing the California lifestyle well. What catches your attention is the nice stereo system in the back, not too large but pretty upscale. It’s easy to imagine Robbie rocking out while cooking or entertaining, making this pic a great showcase for her in an easygoing way. She may be a blonde bombshell but Robbie can also turn her sexiness into a nice natural song for viewers.

15 Who’s He Zooming In On?

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 12: Recording artist Demi Lovato, fashion detail, attends The 59th GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 12, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage)

The red carpet is always home to some truly knockout ladies in very hot outfits. A great example would be Demi Lovato as the singer/actress always has a flair there. She’s survived various personal problems to rise up well and stand up for other girls as a reminder of how they can endure issues. This dress is great, a lovely golden number with mostly bare back to show off some of her tattoos. Her smile is dazzling but what’s notable is the guy in the background. He seems to be zooming in on something yet somehow is totally ignoring the gorgeous star in front of him. Maybe it’s someone else in the background or maybe he wants a close shot of the hairdo of the lady drinking a water bottle in front of him. Hell, maybe he’s trying to get a shot of the local architecture. Either way, it says a lot when someone can ignore Demi for anything else.

14 The Tower Behind Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to travel. She’s done it for her various movies such as The Hunger Games and X-Men. She’s done it for promotional work of those films. And she’s done it for her terrific rise as an A-list Oscar-winning star. Wherever she goes, Lawrence gets attention and looks great with any style. She prefers blonde but has gone brunette at times such as for playing Katniss Everdeen. She stands out well with her beauty and even without wearing anything hot, looks great. The question is where exactly she is. The large tower in the background is something distinctive, quite long and tall and dominating the skyline. On the one hand, you can see it’s the Space Needle and Lawrence is in Seattle. Or she could be in Toronto and that’s the CN Tower. It’s an intriguing choice to figure out her origins and how Lawrence can fit in with her beauty in any city.

13 Grocery List

Just as with Disney Channel, Nickelodeon has given the world stars who have grown into massive knockouts. Elizabeth Gillies was already a hot presence from her debut on the show Victorious. Her role as the tough goth Jade had her in leather and colored hair with a sardonic attitude matching her great look. Gillies moved onto the FX series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll with a very hot attitude and sexy wardrobe. The actress will be seen this fall on the CW reboot of Dynasty which promises more sexy stuff. Gillies is known for her hot selfies, showcased by this terrific pic in a black halter showing her nice mid-riff off with nice pants. Look at the back, however, and you can see how Gillies is leaving herself a note on a cupboard. It clearly says “coffee, tea” and some other items. It’s possible just a note to say where this stuff goes or Gillies wants to remember what to pick up at the store but interesting how even the hot and famous need to remember their groceries.

12 Downward Dog

Stars hitting the gym is a pretty common thing. Among the biggest ladies taking part is Bella Thorne. The Disney Channel starlet has become a major hit on social media with millions checking in on her fantastic posts, often in some tight and revealing outfits. She has gotten more attention via her Freeform series Famous in Love with her as a rising actress and using her fame for it well. Thorne enjoys flaunting various hair colors from her natural red to a variety of hues. She also shows off well while working out, such as this, clearly going to work at the gym in a very form-fitting outfit. You’d think anyone would be interested in that but apparently, one guy isn’t. He’s more focused on his yoga pose of the downward dog to notice Thorne pumping iron behind him. Yoga is about focus but this guy must take it to a new degree to ignore Thorne.

11 Green And Red

For the first few seasons, The Big Bang Theory revolved around “one hot babe surrounded by geeky guys. But it got better when Melissa Rauch joined up as the quirky Bernadette. The actress soon rose up with more material and showing off her own sexy drive. She’s done so for various magazine spreads and some sexy stuff in the movie The Bronze and her fun humor is clear in interviews. This pic from backstage at Conan O’Brien’s talk show showcases her great humor and drive well. The red dress fits her curvaceous body wonderfully, showing off her curves and her blond hair is pushed back to show off that glamorous smile. It’s hard not to look at her but if you do, you can see a fun little bit that would only happen at this show. On the wall, the sign says “Green-Er Room,” as a gag Conan likes is how only the really good guests get the “even more green room.” Matching the red with the green is a clever move to show how smart and sexy Rauch can come off as.

10 Luggage

Olivia Munn has shown a pretty good evolution for a hot lady. She began as co-host of Attack of the Show, soon winning over fans with her geek mentality and affinity for whacky stuff. That included dressing up in a “Slave Leia” bikini that required a security escort at Comic Con and diving into a giant pie dressed like a French maid. Munn has moved on to acting with a role on The Newsroom and playing Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse. She also got attention with her relationship with Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers. She’s also very popular with social media, including selfies. This one is a highlight, Munn looking nice in her outfit, clearly on her way out of town. That’s showcased by the fact you can see her luggage behind her. Munn is smart thinking it’s best not to leave your bag out like airport security always says but even she can’t ignore the chance for a fun selfie. One has to wonder what’s in the bag for this hot lady who knows how to get geeks going.

9 Carting Around

Taylor Swift

Usually, golf carts are seen at, you know, a golf course. But they have become very popular at studios and arenas to whisk folks around. It makes sense, nice, compact and fast to get to and from without much of a wear and tear. That’s needed to get around modern day divas whose costumes are too intricate to risk on long walks. A key case would be one Taylor Swift. The country singer has transformed into one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, taking things by storm with her fantastic style and gorgeous outfits. This is stunning, a mostly black dress showcasing her stunning legs and a red coat making it look more a standout. The makeup is great highlighting that sexy smirk and knowing the effect she has. The cart in the background shows how she had to get a ride to get over to this spot ready to perform and one can only imagine what sort of “cart fleet” the Swift Squad can carry.

8 An Esquire B-Day

Founded in 1933 by the Hearst Corporation, Esquire magazine has been one of the longer lasting mags around. It’s shifted itself up over the years for a variety of interests, mixing in politics with talk on society, fashion and men’s interests. It’s also become home to some truly fantastic pictorials of various hot ladies. In 2013, they celebrated their 80th anniversary all year long with a variety of throwback articles and talk. One bit was a spread featuring Kaley Cuoco, one of the best “Blonde bombshells” around. Made a star by her turn in The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco has risen up as a true knockout with great comic timing to get fans going. She’s fantastic in any magazine spread and this is a key one. The white shirt and black panties look great, not as revealing as other outfits she’s had but still showing her hot style off. On the mirror is a specially written b-day message to the magazine and her handwriting isn’t bad. If you can ignore the actual lady to focus on the message, it’s a nice tribute to a great magazine.

7 Chain Male

Alexandra Daddario has proven she can rock a swimsuit very well….and better without one. Just another teen actress with Percy Jackson and other films, Daddario changed herself up big time with her part in True Detective. The scene of her doffing her top and revealing a bountiful chest burned up the Internet and elevated her as a major name. While Baywatch hasn’t been the hit most thought, Daddario’s star is still rising in Hollywood. She’s done some great magazine spreads as something about her just sucks up a camera nicely. Take this pic of her in a one-piece, hair swept back, beach in the background and stepping out of a car as hot as she is. Yet your attention can be caught by the guy behind her with the wild hairdo and gold chain. He seems to be totally ignoring this knockout which is quite a feat, more interested in what looks like a basketball game with a friend. However it works out, he manages to get more attention than the sexy Alexandra and doesn’t take a detective to note how hot this pic is.

6 Cheetah Preview?

Wonder Woman has established itself as a major hit with critics and audiences alike. Despite so many fears, the Amazon princess has hit the big screen in style and looking amazing. Gal Gadot is glorious in the role and showcases the strength and beauty of Diana in all ways. This candid pic shows her changing between scenes, a great shot of her body showing her toned form off well. The rack of clothing is interesting, particularly the shot of what looks like a leopard-skin coat among them. While Wonder Woman doesn’t have the rogues gallery of Batman or the Flash, one of her biggest enemies is the Cheetah. Once just a thief, the woman has moved on to a truly wild cat creature obsessed with destroying Diana. Many fans think it’s only natural the Cheetah be part of the inevitable WW sequel for a wild cat fight. While the choice of outfit may be a coincidence, still notable how it hints at the future of Gadot’s movie character.

5 Cooking Up A Storm

In 2005, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants became a surprise hit with young teenage viewers. The tale of four best friends bound by a pair of jeans that magically fit each won over a good following thanks to its cast. At the time, Amber Tamblyn was known for Joan of Arcadia and Alexis Bledel for Gilmore Girls. When the sequel came out in 2008, Blake Lively had grown to fame with Gossip Girl while America Ferrera had won an Emmy for Ugly Betty. To this day, the Sisterhood remains strong, the quartet hanging out a lot at various events and supporting each other at weddings, plays and other stuff. This pic shows them hanging around during an island vacation for what they call a brunch. Look at the rear of the photo and you can see a row of clearly liquor bottles all lined up which hints the ladies are sparking up their meal a bit. It just shows how much fun this Sisterhood gets to and the bond between four hot ladies as strong as ever.

4 The Painted Background


Located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, the Elstowe Manor was built in 1898. It was designed by Horace Trumbauer on behalf of William L. Elkins, one of the richest and most powerful men in Philadelphia. It was intended to replicate the Renaissance with glorious French-styled paintings and images along a grand staircase. It’s a glorious background for any photo shoot and that includes this 2011 Vanity Fair piece featuring Scarlett Johansson. The actress was just moving from acting pieces to joining the Marvel Universe and becoming a major box office star. The dress is as amazing as her great red hair and her sexy pout topping it off. But the attention is caught by the painting behind her, showcasing a lovely look at the old view of France and nicely offsetting the starlet before them. It’s a terrific background to match a very hot lady and more than fitting for a piece in Fair.

3 Mini Gumball Machine

Lea Michele can be a hard person to root for. She is a good actress as shown by her roles on Glee and Scream Queens. She’s also a fantastic singer, rocking her voice and selling out concert halls. But Michele also has a reputation as a major diva who rubs so many people the wrong way with her attitude. Yet the woman is amazingly sexy and has been prone to some fantastic magazine spreads in revealing outfits. This is a great one, a nice shirt and shorts that show off Michele’s long legs. Her smile is bright, making you wonder how bad she can really be when she looks so joyful. The setting is nice of her in a kitchen window packed with a lot of fun stuff. Among them is a pink gumball machine packed with multi-colored gumballs, a fun motif for a lady who enjoys showing a sexy style to a “girly” side and can come off very sweet to watch.

2 An Interesting Development

You can’t throw a rock in New York City without hitting some sort of building project. But it’s interesting how you can combine that with a star who’s on a major rise. Selena Gomez began her career as just another star of the network with Wizards of Waverly Place. She then blossomed as a major recording star and showing off a terrific style with her fun antics. She’s then risen to be a major movie star with more adult roles like Spring Breakers and known for her sexy body. Wherever she goes, attention follows even “dressed down” such as with her nice top and black pants. Glasses cover her eyes and her hair swept back to showcase the sultry beauty in spades. Notable is the sign behind her from a construction place saying “development.” It clearly seems notable for how it points to how developing a star Gomez is and intriguing how she passes by it.

1 No Way To Treat A Coat

Few people have transformed taking selfies into an art form like Kim Kardashian. The reality show star managed to make herself among the richest and more famous women alive just by being herself and does it pretty well. It seems Kim can’t go anywhere without taking a selfie of herself and quite often in next to nothing. Thankfully, she keeps it mostly on this time around as she seems to be between plane rides. So, in what looks to be a truly gorgeous form-fitting dress, Kim takes a photo in a restroom. What gets your attention is the coat. That is clearly something very expensive, probably worth more than what some people pay for clothing in a couple of months. Yet Kim has it draped halfway over an airport sink (not exactly a place known for cleanliness) and looking ready to flop onto the floor. You’d think someone as high-styled as Kim would know it’s no way to treat an expensive coat and makes you wonder just how rich you have to be to treat a garment like this.

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