What The Ladies Of Boy Meets World Look Like Today!

Over 17 years ago, Boy Meets World aired its final episode. Just seven months ago, the show's sequel series, Girl Meets World, aired its own final episode. It seems as though, for the time being at least (forever at most), we've seen our final glimpse of the Boy Meets World universe, both new and old characters included, which is really a shame as not only did the new series provide a major platform for rising stars to showcase their talents, but it also gave fans of the more classic series a platform to see their favorite characters of old return after the characters had made an impact in their lives during childhood. This is especially the case when it comes to the female members of the cast.

The women of Boy Meets World's main cast were the mothers, daughters, sisters at the center of the show who we all admired for their wit, charm, and brains. They all shared the hearts of caretakers as well as the strong will of both ideal lovers and powerful fighters. They were women whom young boys looked up to and the women whom young girls aspired to be. We all need women like that in our lives, and to honor them, we're going to use this list to focus on the focal female members of the Boy Meets World cast who played substantial parts in our lives as a viewing audience.


15 Maitland Ward - Rachel

Maitland Ward joined Season Six of Boy Meets World as Rachel McGuire, the object of both Jack's and Eric's desires. Ultimately, Rachel ends up with Jack, but for the sake of their friendship with Eric, the two decide to remain friends. Ward continued to play Rachel up until the very end of the show for its final episode. Ward has seldom appeared in television or movies since the show ended, and the last acting role that she's appeared in to date is a guest appearance from 2007 on the television series, Rules of Engagement. Outside of acting, Ward found herself marrying a real estate agent named Terry Baxter back in 2006. It seems as though the two are not only still together but also as happy as ever for the past decade.

14 What Maitland Ward's Up To Today


While she's not been very active in the acting world since Boy Meets World went off the air, that's not to say that Maitland Ward hasn't dedicated her time to any other career ambitions. In more recent years, she's become a model of sorts. Since 2013, she's posed in both fully nude and partially nude photographs on social media, mainly for platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. For this reason, she's gained a large online following over the past few years. Here's a picture from her 2014 photo shoot she did for New Year's where she wore nothing but a silver-plated body-armor suit. Some consider this to be the most daring photo shoot the Boy Meets World alum has conducted to date.

13 Lily Nicksay - The First Morgan

For the first two seasons of Boy Meets World, Cory and Eric's little baby sister, Morgan Matthews, was played by Lily Nicksay. After the first two seasons, Nicksay left the series and was replaced by Lindsay Ridgeway. While there has been no official explanation given by Nicksay or the showrunners of Boy Meets World as to why she left, some believe that the showrunners just suddenly decided later on that they wanted a slightly older actress for the part. Whatever the reason may actually be, Nicksay went on to spend eight years in Scotland, attending a high school in the highlands. She sailed around Europe and lived with the Karen tribe in Thailand for a month. Nicksay even studied ancient Greek and Latin at St. Andrews. Nicksay has been quite the busy bee since leaving the show.

12 Lindsay Ridgeway - The Second Morgan


When Lily Nicksay left the show at the very end of Season Two, the character of Morgan was completely absent during the first half of Season Three -- neither seen or mentioned. Then, in the 14th episode of Season Three, "A Kiss is More Than a Kiss," Morgan reappeared, this time played by Lindsay Ridgeway. On the show, Morgan's disappearance was explained away as "the longest time out ever." Ridgeway would continue to play Morgan for the remainder of the series, much longer than Lily Nicksay lasted. Since the show ended, she actually hasn't done much acting. In fact, apart from doing voice work for a character in an episode of Totally Spies! back in 2004 and, of course, her recent reprisal of Morgan in the Girl Meets World finale, Ridgeway has not been acting at all.

11 The Two Morgans Together

This year in early 2017, Girl Meets World aired its final episode titled "Girl Meets Goodbye." The episode featured guest appearances from familiar characters from both the spinoff and its predecessor, Boy Meets World. One of the more memorable appearances came from the return of Morgan Matthews. Instead of choosing whether to have Lily Nicksay or Lindsay Ridgeway play the role in the episode, the showrunners decided it would be funny if both actresses played the character and none of the cast acknowledged that Morgan was two people in the same room. In some scenes, whenever Morgan was speaking, Ridgeway and Nicksay would switch places and trade lines of dialogue. In one scene, as one big inside joke, "Morgan" refers to the reunion of her whole family as "I don't think we've ever been in the same place together," with both actresses looking right at each other.

10 What Lily Nicksay's Up To Today


After finishing up all of her schooling in Scotland, Lily Nicksay rediscovered her childhood love for acting, which was in a dormant phase for years. She moved back to Los Angeles and re-entered the acting game with a guest appearance on The Mentalist. On-screen, she ended up taking part in an array of short films, but in more recent years, she's spent her time doing a lot of theater work. Above, you can see a promo pic from a recent production of the Tennessee Williams play, Baby Doll -- a production which Lili Nicksay starred in. Outside of her acting, Lily Nicksay got married in 2015 to a man named David Gibson, and the two are still together as a happy couple.

9 What Lindsay Ridgeway's Up To Today

Although she has not been up to much of any acting since Boy Meets World ended, that doesn't mean that Lindsay Ridgeway hasn't been committed to other pursuits in the last few years. Opposed to sticking to her acting career, Ridgeway decided to focus more on her education. After graduating from Polytechnic High School in 2003, Ridgeway wound up going to the University of California, Riverside where she earned herself a Bachelor's degree in Political Science/ Law and Society with a Master's in Counseling. She's also been doing a bit of singing as her singing voice has impressed people enough to give her opportunities to sing the National Anthems for multiple football, baseball, and hockey games. There was a time when she regularly sang the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Angels.


8 Danielle Fishel -Topanga


Danielle Fishel was often one of the main highlights of Boy Meets World as Cory's witty and brilliant girlfriend (later wife), Topanga Lawrence. When the show ended in 2000, Fishel still popped up on television every once in a while for a guest appearance. From 2008 until 2011, she was the host for the Style Network satirical clip show, The Dish, which worked as a sister counterpart to Joel McHale's The Soup. She also had a few film appearances, most notably in National Lampoon's Dorm Daze and Dorm Daze 2. Outside of acting, Fishel refocused on her university studies at age 27, and in 2013, she graduated from California State University, Fullerton. It was there she met future husband and fellow student, Tim Belusko. The two married in 2012 but divorced in 2016. Now, she's dating TV writer Jensen Karp.

7 Danielle Fishel & Her "Daughter"

In 2014, Danielle Fishel found herself reprising her beloved role of Topanga Lawrence. Along with many other Boy Meets World alumni, she showed up to film a spinoff sequel series called Girl Meets World. The daughter of Topanga and Cory Matthews was played by Rowan Blanchard. While much of their daughter's mannerisms mimic that of Cory's (especially during his preteen years), Blanchard herself actually kind of looks like Danielle Fishel a little bit. She even looks a little bit like Ben Savage. Rowan Blanchard is not related in blood to either Ben Savage or Danielle Fishel, but the similarities Blanchard shares with her onscreen parents are uncanny. Audiences had no problem buying into Blanchard in the role due to the eerie similarities.

6 Trina McGee - Angela


After a string of minor roles in television shows and movies, Trina McGee snagged the role of Angela Moore. Trina McGee's role as Angela during the last three seasons of Boy Meets World was quite the beloved and unique one. It was beloved in that after being introduced in Season Five as a recurring character, she was quickly made into a member of the main cast by Season Six. It was also unique because with Angela being the love interest of Shawn Hunter, this was one of the few times in which a TV show promoted an interracial relationship, a move that was met with a widely positive response. After the series finally wrapped up, McGee went back to playing minor roles but has also done some directing and writing for a couple indie films in more recent years. Outside of acting, she lives in San Francisco with the three children she had with ex-husband, Courtland Davis.

5 The Shawn/Angela Reunion

The last time that we saw Angela on Boy Meets World, it was on the second to the last episode of the final season called "Angela's Ashes." In it, Shawn and Angela broke up but on good terms because Shawn allowed her to run off with her father to Europe so that the two could re-connect. When Girl Meets World hit the airwaves, we find out that that was the last time the two saw each other in 15 years. The two reunite in the episode "Girl Meets Hurricane," but not to get back together. When they meet, Angela tells Shawn that her father died while fishing, and for the last four years, she's been married to a military man. She convinces Shawn to start a family of his own, and so, he begins pursuing Katy, the mother of one of the spinoff's main characters, Maya. By the end of the spinoff series, Katy and Shawn get married.

4 Maitland Ward's Semi BMW Reunion


In the final episode of Boy Meets World, Jack and Rachel revealed that they were planning to enter the Peace Corps together. Although Maitland Ward never appeared on screen to reprise her role on Girl Meets World, Rachel was mentioned in passing in an episode. When Matthew Lawrence returned to reprise his role as Jack for an episode and his character reconciled with Eric, it's revealed that Jack left the Peace Corps while Rachel stayed, and the two haven't seen each other since they departed, although Rachel and Eric are still close friends. Even though Ward never appeared onscreen as her character, she frequently appeared on the set to visit. She often took pictures with the castmates, both new Girl Meets World alum and old friends from Boy Meets World.

3 Maitland Ward in White Chicks

While Maitland Ward hasn't appeared in many movies over the years and hasn't appeared in a since film in over a decade, her final film was an odd one to conceive. Not many people know that the last film that we saw her in was White Chicks, oddly enough. This is the last movie anyone would expect Maitland Ward to be in, but even when we see her, some of us can't even recognize her. Boy Meets World fans are so used to seeing Maitland Ward's signature red hair that she looks completely different as a blonde. She played one of the dumb blondes (whom she played alongside Anne Dudek) who were mimicked in both mannerisms and appearance by Marlon and Shawn Wayans.

2 Betsy Randle - Mrs. Matthews


Much of the heart and soul of Boy Meets World was rooted in the genuinely kind-hearted and patient attitude exuded by Betsy Randle and her portrayal of Mrs. Matthews for seven seasons. Though she continued to act after the show ended, she did so sparingly. Before reprising the role of Mrs. Matthews for a couple episodes of Girl Meets World, Randle had not had an acting role since playing Mrs. Winterbourne for a few episodes of Charmed way back in 2004. Since returning to the role, she seems to be making a slow comeback to acting, as recently, she also appeared on Adam Ruins Everything and the film Dirty 30. Outside of acting, she spends her time married to John Randle, a film editor, and the couple has two children.

1 Bonnie Bartlett - Dean Lila Bolander 

While Bonnie Bartlett was never quite a member of the main cast, she deserves a mention on this list because the actress never gets the credit she deserves nowadays and also because it leads to an interesting tidbit that some fans may not know about: in real life, she's married to William Daniels, aka Mr. Feeny. For Seasons Four, Five, and Six, Bartlett played Lila Bolander, the dean of Pennbrook University, and served as a romantic interest for Mr. Feeny. In real life, the two Emmy winners have actually been married for almost 60 years now ever since 1951. Bartlett herself has continued acting ever since Boy Meets World ended with no signs of slowing down. Most recently, she's appeared in some episodes of Better Call Saul as Helen.


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