What The Cast Of The Mighty Ducks Looks Like: 25 Years Later

For many kids that were growing up in the 90s there are few movies that will bring a smile to their face quicker than The Mighty Ducks.

One of the most memorable films of the nineties as a whole, for many kids that were growing up in that era there are few movies that will bring a smile to their face quicker than The Mighty Ducks. A movie focused on a high-powered lawyer who is forced to take on coaching duties for a ragtag group of kids who are a hockey team, it has several wonderful lessons contained within it.

Featuring many actors that are forever ingrained in our brains but have largely faded away since, or at least are no longer front of mind for most, that fact leaves you curious about what they are up to today. Furthermore, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend we aren’t left with questions in mind about which of them have gotten hot, let themselves go, aged well, aged poorly, and everything in between. Realizing all of this is what inspired us to put together this list looking at what the cast of The Mighty Ducks looks like twenty-five years later.

When it comes to the images that made this list we looked for the most recent image available of the actor or actress. We want to make it clear that we are not the paparazzi so we don’t stalk these people. Nor are we close to them in any way so they could have changed their image in the days since these shots were taken without us realizing it. That said, these photos will give you a good idea of what the actors in question look like these days.

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20 Casey Garven

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Cast as Larson in the first film in the Mighty Ducks Trilogy, Casey Garven was a member of the titular team and wore the number 33. Definitely one of the lesser seen parts of the movie, our favorite moment of his was when he gave one heck of a death glare but otherwise, his character never made much of an impact on us. Going on to appear in the Broadway musical Bare in 2013, he gave an interview subsequently where he revealed that his part in it helped give him the courage to come out of the closet. A rather muscular fellow today, he doesn’t look all that much like he did as a child which could help or hurt his acting career. We think that is the case since he is unrecognizable which means he has to start from scratch, but doesn’t have to deal with the child actor shadow.

19 Garette Ratliff Henson


Cast in the first movie in this series as Guy Germaine, Garette Ratliff Henson’s character would be seen sporting the number 00 in the film. Going on to return to the role in both sequels, his part never saw him serve as the focal point of any of the series but he was a part of the franchise's backbone since he provided it with strong roots. Able to find more success in the years that followed, he also appeared in other memorable nineties movies like Radio Flyer, The Adventures of Huck Finn, Casper, and Three Wishes. Still the spitting image of the young man we saw in these movies as a kid, his face has definitely matured since he now looks like an adult man but he hasn’t undergone any other notable transformations.

18 Vincent Larusso


One of the better-known parts of these films, Vincent Larusso was actually introduced in the second film in the series as Adam Banks, who wore number 99. The team’s star center at the beginning of the film, he is even able to score on Team Iceland while his teammates drown in the competition but he is slashed on the wrist before that game is through. Taken out of competition, as a result, one of the movie’s best moments is when he reveals he has healed before a huge game to the celebration of everyone. In fact, as kids, we thought he might end up being a star but his last notable role came in the horrendous 2008 film Superhero Movie, and he has only been in eleven films in his life. Also, someone that looks like an adult version of his former self, he has aged well but no longer stands out in a crowd.

17 Jussie Smollett

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One of the few actors from this series whose career is bigger today than it was when The Mighty Ducks was released, Jussie Smollett was cast as Terry Hall, a backup player who wore the number 1. Not brought back to the series during either of its returns, in the years since he landed several coveted roles. Cast as a series regular in the show Empire, he plays Jamal Lyon, and he has also appeared in other shows like On Our Own and Underground. On top of those, he also played Ricks in Alien: Covenant which is impressive considering how beloved that franchise is. A good looking dude who looks like even bigger things could be on the horizon for him, you may not know his name yet but people will likely get used to his face.

16 Mike Vitar

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An actor that had already gained a following prior to joining this series, Mike Vitar was added to the team as number 22, Luis Mendoza in D2: The Mighty Ducks much to the excitement of some. Already a recognizable face to many because he played Benjamin "Benny the Jet" Rodriguez in The Sandlot, he seemed like a natural performer but he hasn’t acted in anything notable since 1997. Instead, he has opted to live a more heroic life since he spent some time in ambulances as an EMS but transitioned from that role to become a firefighter in Los Angeles. Currently, the spitting image of the young man we saw on screen, the only real changes of note seem to be that he is even more muscular and mature looking.

15 Carsten Norgaard

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One of the only people on this list whose only appearance in this series came as part of D2: The Mighty Ducks, Carsten Norgaard brought Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson to life in that movie. The head coach of Team Iceland, who are the main rivals of the Ducks, he played the movie’s main antagonist in a rather over-the-top broody fashion. Still successful to this day, in between 2015 and 2017 he played a recurring part in the show The Man in the High Castle and he also showed up as part of the show Grimm. No longer quite as evil to the eye as we remember him looking in D2, he can still tap into that energy but when seeing him hanging out in a bar he looks more wise and wistful than anything.

14 Joss Ackland

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A classic English performer who had an amazing career as a character actor, for a long time it felt like Joss Ackland would always be a part of the movie scene. Cast as Hans in the first movie in this series, he served as a mentor of sorts to the sometimes pigheaded Gordon Bombay, which made him pivotal to the story. Interestingly enough, he then showed up in the third film in this series but skipped the second for some reason. Also seen in other movies in the nineties and two thousands like Miracle on 34th Street, My Giant, A Kid in King Arthur's Court, and more, he seemed to be constantly working. Last seen on film in 2014, we’re not sure when or if we’ll ever see him again but the last time we did he had aged significantly.

13 Aaron Schwartz


An overweight kid when he was added to the cast of The Mighty Ducks, Aaron Schwartz played Dave Karp, the character that wore number 11. Next popping up on the big screen in the lead role of the movie Heavyweights, which is now seen by many as a cult classic, at the time the film was seen as a bomb and didn’t do a lot for his career. Subsequently given a recurring part in the show Gossip Girl, he also appeared in series like The Adventures of Pete & Pete as well as Suits and The Originals. Last a part of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, you may have missed him since he was used as a facial reference for Ego in the movie's opening scenes where he was younger. Totally ripped today, it would be hard for him to look more different than the child star we grew up watching and he seems to be happy with that.

12 Ty O'Neal

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Added to this franchise in its second film, Ty O'Neal played Dwayne Robertson, the cowboy hockey player that wore the number 7 on his back and carried a lasso in a memorable moment. After returning for D3: The Mighty Ducks, Ty saw his career prospects begin to dwindle as he appeared in three failed films, The Postman, Wild Wild West, and American Outlaws. Seemingly for him, life has imitated art since he is now a professional ranch hand that is a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and he married a cowgirl too. Definitely looking like someone who has made that career choice, he still can be seen sporting his distinctive hat as well as a huge smile on his face more often than not.

11 Kenan Thompson

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Added to the Mighty Ducks family in the second film, at the time Kenan Thompson was great as number 56, Russ Tyler, but there was no way to know the heights he would reach. Arguably the biggest star now of anyone that appeared in these movies, these days he is best known for his tenure on Saturday Night Live which he has been going on for seemingly forever. In fact, with fourteen years of it on his resume, he has outlasted everyone else that has ever appeared on that stage which is mind-boggling. That staying power might have something to do with the fact that he still looks almost exactly like he did when he began on that show and doesn’t look much different than he did as a Duck.

10 Danny Tamberelli

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A former child star that seems to have found success from the start, Danny Tamberelli was cast as Tommy Duncan, who wore the number 2 in the first film. Joining that film with a little bit of notoriety under his belt already, he was a part of shows like The Baby-Sitters Club and Ryan’s Hope before that. Then he went on to the role that he is best known for to this day, “Little” Pete Wrigley from the beloved series The Adventures of Pete & Pete. An adult today, he has a multifaceted career as an actor in the TV and gaming worlds, podcast host, as well as being a vocalist and bassist in a band. Still possessing as fiery a red head as ever, he absolutely looks like an adult version of the kid the world came to know.

9 Joshua Jackson

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The second lead in the first film, only below Emilio Estevez, Joshua Jackson was a pivotal part of this franchise as number 96, Charlie Conway. Brought back to play the character in both sequels, there is no doubt that he is the actor that is most associated with this series aside from its principal star. Well-known for a number of other projects, like Dawson’s Creek, Fringe, and The Affair, he also won acclaim and a Genie Award for his work in the Canadian indie film One Week. Seemingly taking a bit of a step back from Hollywood these days, in 2017 he took to the stage to star in the play Children of a Lesser God. Still blessed with great looks, he can slip into most leading man roles or grow a bushy beard and look like the artistic type.

8 Brandon Adams

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An actor that was a regular presence in the film world in the nineties, Brandon Adams was tapped to play Jesse Hall in the first two Mighty Ducks movies where he wore the number 2. Also remembered for being a part of the movies like Moonwalker, The Sandlot, and The People Under the Stairs, he seemed like he’d be around for a long time. Evidently, things went off the rails for him, however, when his best friend and fellow actor Merlin Santana, was murdered. Trying to get things back on track over the last while, he has tried his hand at rapping and is attempting to make a comeback into the acting world. Still possessing the looks to be on screen, his eyes look a little bit tired but we think that could be advantageous to his acting since he looks wise beyond his years.

7 Elden Henson


It may be hard for those that haven’t seen The Mighty Ducks movies to believe it, but Elden Henson played a fearsome enforcer for the team as number 44, Fulton Reed. Habitually cast as the kindly best friend of the male lead in a slew of projects since then, including the likes of Idle Hands and She’s All That, it seems like he was born to play parts like that. Best known today for playing Foggy Nelson in the Netflix shows that are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he played a big role in both The Defenders and Daredevil. Looking far more dapper today then he did in his teen years, he is more likely to be seen with every hair in place and a three-piece suit on than anything else when taking part in a public appearance.

6 Jane Plank


An American actress who received a coveted role in The Mighty Ducks, she was cast as Tammy Duncan who wore number 5 and was added to the team due to her figure skating abilities. Unfortunately, not a part of either of the follow-up movies, her career was almost nonexistent otherwise as well since her only other role on IMDB is an uncredited part in the movie Jingle All the Way. However, according to her own website she hasn’t stopped entertaining completely since she is now a singer and songwriter who performs around Minneapolis. A beautiful blonde who looks radiant with a smile on her face, she has changed a lot from the prima donna style energy she was written to portray in her biggest film role.

5 Emilio Estevez

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The main character in this series, aside from the third film where he took more of a backseat, The Mighty Ducks relied on the star power Emilio Estevez had at the time to succeed. A member of the so-called Brat Pack, a group of young actors from the eighties who were noted for their party lifestyle, he got almost as much attention for his personal life at the time. One of the stars of a number of beloved movies like the Young Guns franchise, The Breakfast Club, The Outsiders, Mission: Impossible, and more, these days he is focused on his directing career. Not looking that much different today than he did in his prime, the only real differences are that he has more wrinkles and a beard as well as having more of an artistic vibe to him.

4 Matt Doherty

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One of the people that appeared in all three of the films in this series, Matt Doherty brought Lester Averman to life, a nerdish and loudmouthed person that wore number 4 on the ice. Also a part of another family film classic from the nineties, Home Alone, as he grew up he started to get small parts in shows like Felicity, Boston Legal, Bones, The Unit, and the CSI franchise. Someone with an unexpected personal history as well, he got a theater degree at Northwestern University where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. Despite that fact, he still seems like he would be at home being cast as a nerd or geek in any show or movie based on his whole look.

3 Marguerite Moreau

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An actress who has been a mainstay of the industry since the early nineties, Marguerite Moreau brought Connie Moreau to life, who wore the number 18 on her jersey, in all three Mighty Ducks movies. Going on to be in a number of memorable films, she was a part of the movie Wet Hot American Summer which is considered an absolute classic by millions. Also seen in other films like Wag the Dog and Mighty Joe Young, she also surfaced in shows like Life as We Know It, The O.C., Parenthood, and two Wet Hot American Summer spin-off shows. A beautiful brunette with a body to die for and the acting chops to go the distance, she may not be a household name but when you see her do her thing it is hard to look away.

2 Shaun Weiss


An actor that had one of the more outrageous presences in this series, Shaun Weiss played Greg Goldberg in all three of the Mighty Ducks movies. Most memorable for that role where his cohorts were prone to groaning his last name after his antics, he also co-starred with fellow Duck Aaron Schwartz in Heavyweights during that era. Given other roles in movies like Drillbit Taylor and shows like Boy Meets World, City Guys, as well as Freaks & Geeks, he had quite the career early on in life. As an adult things weren’t always as rosy as he was sent to 150 days in county jail for theft and his manager revealed that he hoped to get sober during that time. Quite a bit thinner than fans of his work are likely to remember, we wouldn’t be surprised if most wouldn’t recognize him if he walked by them on the street.

1 Colombe Jacobsen


Added to the world of The Mighty Ducks during D2, Colombe Jacobsen played the backup goaltender Julie "The Cat" Gaffney who wore the number 6 on her jersey. Also a part of another sports movie before that, she was cast as Becky Fraker in the movie Rookie of the Year. Going on to show up in movies like Men in Black II and Moonlight Mile, she seems to have started looking elsewhere as an adult. Now a chef, she previously competed on The Next Food Network Star in which she was knocked out in season three but has since continued to hone her skills. A gorgeous woman that carries herself with a great deal of confidence, even in a still image she looks like someone you’d want to be around.


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