What The Cast Of The Little Giants Looks Like Today

It’s been 23 years since Little Giants was released to the world, and it’s still a classic till this day. There’s a reason why we remember these types of movies and cherish them over the years. The '90s was a good era for movies that gave you “the feels.” If you didn’t actually watch the movie -- hello, are you crazy?! -- then let me give you the down low. It was a movie about a bunch of misfit kids who banded together to form a team against basically, the popular team. It’s kind of like The Mighty Ducks but for football. But in this case, it’s rival brothers who are each coaching the different teams. It’s a great movie that anyone of any age would enjoy. It was back in the day when Rick Moranis was still doing movies instead of raising his own children. So, for the most part, the cast is filled with a bunch of child actors, and we're interested to see where they went after Little Giants.

We know that you're dying to know who became big actors and who disappeared from Hollywood, who got debilitating drug habits and who decided to leave Hollywood to raise a family. Some of these kids aren’t even recognizable anymore; a lot can change in twenty years. See for yourself.

If you've been wondering yourself where all these actors went, then stay tuned. You'll find all the answers you seek, here.


15 Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis has had a solid career in Hollywood; he's one actor who's retired from Hollywood with zero regrets. We shouldn’t say he’s entirely retired because he's open to projects if they interest him enough. After his wife died of cancer in 1997, Moranis went on an 18-year hiatus from Hollywood to be at home to raise his kids. He’s done occasional voice work over the years but wasn’t willing to leave his family unless he was passionate about a project. His kids are now grown, and he's more willing to come back out into the spotlight. He was actually asked to do a cameo in the remake of Ghostbusters, but he turned it down. "I hope it's terrific. But it just makes no sense to me. Why would I do just one day of shooting on something I did 30 years ago?"

14 Devon Sawa


In our opinion, Devon Sawa looks completely different from when he was in Little Giants, but we suppose age will do that to you. Sawa had a prosperous career after Little Giants, becoming a heartthrob after appearances in movies such as Idle Hands and Final Destination. He was even part of Eminem's video Eminem: E, and things seemed to be looking up for him. His popularity seemed to wane, however, in the 2000s, and he wasn’t getting the roles that he used to get. He’s no longer pulling in big-budget movies. This may have had a lot to do with the fact that he settled down and started to have children. He's come back to Hollywood, though, and at least he's been consistently working. These days, you'll find him in TV series such as Nikita and Somewhere Between.

13 Daniel Pritchett

Daniel Pritchett played Tad Simpson in Little Giants, and he was just one of those kids who didn’t have any football skills. But he was an enthusiastic player who had a love for the game, so that was all that mattered. He scored some huge points, though, when he ran into John Madden and a team of NFL players and brought them to the Little Giants practice game. It was an inspiring moment for everyone. That was Daniel Pritchett’s first movie and his last as well. After Little Giants, he decided not to pursue acting at all. He’s a handsome guy now, so it’s kind of a shame that he left the movies. Instead of acting, he chose to go into the music industry, and these days, he's more of a performer than anything else. He makes music under the name "Dream Upright."

12 Courtney Peldon


Courtney Peldon turned out to be a true hottie in all respects, and her Hollywood career seems to be intact. Peldon played Debbie O’Shea, one of the cheerleaders for the opposing team, as well as the daughter of the team’s coach. After Little Giants, she went on to play Lauren, Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s girlfriend on Home Improvement. Her career has been consistent in Hollywood. She was in the pilot episode of Entourage as well as had a stint in Boston Public. As far as movies go, she’s been in a few, including Star Trek: Renegades, Freeloaders, Road to Hell, and Say It Isn’t So. She hasn’t been in anything huge, but at least she can say that she has a career in Hollywood. She's been on a few different projects every year since Little Giants. She was in Harry and the Hendersons before she made it to Little Giants and had many film credits prior.

11 Shawna Waldron

It’s pretty obvious that Shawna Waldron grew up to be quite the hottie, though it was pretty obvious that she was going to be even back then. Little Giants was the first real movie that she starred in, and she's worked consistently in Hollywood since. She played in a few TV series such as Family Rules and Ladies Man. She played Becky “Icebox” O’Shea in Little Giants and made an impression. She went to play the daughter to the President in An American President starring Michael Douglas. She's been less active in Hollywood lately, only turning out a movie every few years and nothing big budget. Her last three movies were Stitch, Nightlights, and Dead Man Rising. She hasn’t been in anything since 2016. Hopefully, she can kickstart that career of hers, and we'll see more of her on the big screen.

10 Michael Zwiener


Michael Zwiener played the pudgy boy in Little Giants. All '90s sports movies always had the chunky kid who was part of the group. Think Varsity Blues with Bubba. In this case, it was Zwiener. In the movie, he was cut from many different teams; it may have had something to do with the sandwich he always had in his helmet, but who knows? Finally, he decided to join Little Giants where he got to come out on top. He got to be a true winner by being involved in the winning play at the end of the game! He went on to play in Big Bully, which also starred Rick Moranis, and he was also seen in a couple of things in 2000. After that, though, he completely left acting, and we’re not sure why. Maybe he felt that it wasn’t for him, but unfortunately, it wasn’t because he found something better to do. He was working in a Target while in high school, and these days, he works as an operations supervisor at FedEx Freight.

9 Todd Bosley

There's always a nerdy-looking kid in movies like this, the kind of kid you couldn’t imagine would play football. That’s where Todd Bosley came in. Bosley played Jake Berman, the sickly, nerdy kid with the too-big glasses and the overprotective mom. He’s the one that has to show up to practice literally wrapped in foam padding. He does get to execute the winning touchdown for the Little Giants, so that’s pretty awesome. Bosley has had a pretty good career in the industry, especially with regard to TV. He's been in a mess of shows, including Veronica Mars, Scrubs, Weeds, Reba, Seinfeld, and iCarly. He’s also dabbled in stand-up comedy, which he does more of these days, and was also the voice of a character in the reboot of Rainbow Brite. Most recently, he was part of the TV series Game Shakers in 2016.


8 Jon Paul Steuer


Jon Paul Steuer played Johnny “Viper” Vennaro and made an impression in Little Giants. At the same time, he was also starring in Grace Under Fire as Brett Butler’s son. Although he was on a few things before Little Giants and Grace Under Fire, he didn’t go on to do any further acting after that. It seems as if he caught the music bug as other actors did. Maybe he was soured by Hollywood after he was replaced in his Grace Under Fire character by Sam Horrigan, who was also in Little Giants. These days, Steuer is part of a punk rock band, Soda Pop Kids. As you can see in the picture, he has a lot of passion for his role as lead singer in the band. Sometimes, dreams change, and in the case of Steuer, he looks far happier rocking it out than he did acting in movies.

7 Sam Horrigan

Sam Horrigan went from Little Giants to growing up to be quite the hottie. In the movie, he played Spike Hammersmith, and he was part of the Little Giants team after the coach Danny O’Shea tricks him into joining the team when he thought he was the coach for the Cowboys. He’s a sore loser who tries to injure players to get what he wants. He’s a bully to his own team members, and he eventually switches to play for the other team that loses at the end of the movie. Horrigan has definitely had a consistent career in Hollywood, and he’s still working. Most of his work, however, has been in bit parts in TV series such as Grace Under Fire, One Tree Hill, CSI, Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives, Reba, School of Rock, and Modern Family. He uses his social media accounts to discuss his religion, which is probably why his latest project was a movie titled In God’s Time.

6 Marcus Toji


Marcus Toji is another Little Giants actor who's done well for himself since the movie. He's been working consistently in a lot of known projects all the way up to the present day. In Little Giants, he played kicker Marcus “The Toe.” He was quite the young actor when he started -- only ten years old. Before that, he had a bit role in Beverly Hills 90210. Since then, he's had steady appearances in shows such as The West Wing, Fillmore, Boston Public, Weeds, Malcolm in the Middle, Mom, and most recently, Patriot. He was also involved in an LA-based comedy troupe titled Mission 6. This year, he's starring in Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. It looks like he’s going to be hanging out in Hollywood for a while.

5 Christopher Walberg

What a difference twenty years can make! Walberg is barely recognizable from the cute little kid that played in Little Giants. Of course, little Timmy Moore was most known for that cowboy outfit that he wore in the movie. How could we ever forget that outfit? He was also the boy who used a protective cup as a facemask. Ewwww! Walberg is also known for the voice work that he did in Hey Arnold! the movie and Hey Arnold! the TV series. He did the voice for Stinky Petersen for almost ten years and then never did any more acting after that. He was yet another actor who turned to music, which might explain his makeover. He even changed his name to Topher, and he plays in a funk band named "H-Beam." He must have realized that his true passion was in the music industry, and it’s funny how many actors seem to go that way.

4 Mathew McCurley


Another one of the nerdy kids, Mathew McCurley was cute as a button. With his big glasses and that tie, it would be very difficult to find a cuter kid if we tried. In Little Giants, he was the brains behind the operation. He was the guy who came up with the genius play, “Annexation of Puerto Rico.” It worked like a charm, and it helped them to win the game. He's such a confident little nerd that he even had a conversation with John Madden about the types of football plays that they used. McCurley didn’t go the distance when it came to an acting career. Aside from a few TV shows, he hasn’t really done much else with his career. The last movie that he was in was I’ll Remember April in 2000, and he hasn’t done anything else in the industry for 17 years. He moved on to video games and is actually a creative producer and content specialist for Riot Games.

3 Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega is one actress who 's done quite well in her career since her role in Little Giants. This little girl turned into quite a hottie, which probably hasn’t hurt her career at all. Vega played Priscilla in Little Giants, and she was quite young at the time. Since then, she's been in all three Spy Kids movies as well as TV shows such as Life’s Work, To Have & to Hold, Ladies Man, Ruby & the Rockits, The Tomorrow People, and Nashville. She's appeared in many adult movies like Machete Kills, and currently, she has three movies in post-production. She's been quite busy with her career and has had many projects every single year, appearing in many TV series and movies throughout the years since she was a child. We look forward to seeing where she's going to go with her career next.

2 Troy Simmons


Troy Simmons was a cute kid who had a dream about football. The one issue he had, however, was that he couldn’t actually catch a ball. By the end of the movie, however, he was catching the ball like he'd been doing it his whole life. In 1997, Simmons ran from Hollywood to get involved with wrestling and football in high school. He lost interest in acting, though he was featured in a rap song called SpIT. He even used his Little Giants name “Hot Handz.” If you can find the video, you'll see that he’s actually not a bad rapper, though he didn’t pursue that as a career either. He even references his time as a child actor in his rap song, which is a really fun idea. We’re not really sure what the former Little Giants star is doing these days.

1 Ed O'Neill

Just like Rick Moranis, Ed O'Neill has had one hell of a career. He starred as the opposing coach for the other team in Little Giants, going up against his brother’s team. He’s a great actor who's caused us to laugh many times over the years. O’Neill was involved in the very successful TV show Married with Children while he was doing the movie. Since then, he's been in a lot of TV series as well as movies. The TV series we've seen him in include Big Apple, The 10th Kingdom, Dragnet, The West Wing, John from Cincinnati, and most recently, Modern Family. He also starred in movies such as The Bone Collector, Lucky Numbers, and Entourage, and he's just completed Sun Dogs. He's always had a successful career, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


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