What The Cast Of Storage Wars Doesn't Want Viewers To Know

Storage Wars is a very popular show that's based on abandoned storage lockers and the people who bid on them. No one ever believed that this kind of show would bring in millions of viewers, but it did. It’s still a popular show that's been on for a whopping ten seasons and is still going strong to this day. It’s one of A&E’s top shows, and we can see why the people on the show are what make people keep coming back.

Like most reality shows, Storage Wars has its own cult following who are just dying to see what's in those lockers. Fans are just dying to know whether the locker will be crappy or if there will be some gem inside that will be worth a ton of money. We all want them to hit the jackpot, and we feel the excitement, as well the disappointment, that they feel. It’s easy to get attached to the characters because we believe it’s all real.

The show is full of drama, which isn't surprising, and many people have wondered how real the show is. There have been many scandals on the show that make you wonder what's going on behind the scenes. There are many shocking secrets about the show that the cast doesn't want its fans to know about. Check out these secrets, and see if you really know the cast members as well as you think.


15 Cast Member’s Son Killed Someone

Believe it or not, at one point, they came out with a spinoff show called Storage Wars: Miami. It was canceled after only ten episodes in 2015 because of a huge scandal. This spin-off show didn't stand a chance even before the scandal, but the scandal certainly stopped it in its tracks. Kevin Pew was one of the main cast members on the show, and in 2015, a scandal broke out when Pew’s son murdered someone. Talk about a shocking turn of events! Hashim Pew shot a family friend named "Janel Hamilton," and when asked why he did it, he claimed he had no reason as to why he did it. He shot his friend with a .45 caliber semi-automatic, which was identified as a gun that was stolen from a previous burglary. It’s hard to believe, but we can see why the show folded after a scandal like that.

14 Brandon Got the Boot


For such a popular show, the producers claimed this year that it had to let some people go because of budget cuts. Many people were shocked when Brandon was fired from the show because he was part of the father/son team with Darrell Sheets. We all get used to these characters, and we don’t like to see them leave the show. Brandon hit up Twitter after he was fired and announced that he wouldn't be returning to the show. He stated that the show claimed that he was let go due to the budget, and yet, he was outraged that the show continued to follow him on social media and even asked him to do free things for the show. He didn’t want any part of it, especially since he was hurt that he was let go from the show in the first place.

13 They Tried to Cut Darrell’s Paycheck

Geez, things must be really tight for the producers on the show. Is this a sign that the show may fold in the future? First, they fire Brandon, and then apparently, they tried to cut Darrell’s paycheck on the show. Though this actually happened before they let Brandon go, at the time, Darrell was considering leaving the show. The show tried to cut Darrell’s paycheck by half in 2015 and stated that they only wanted to him to have four episodes during that season. It came as a shock to him since he was a pretty active character on the show. He had good reason to be pissed; he would've gone from making $30,000 an episode to just $15,000, and they wanted him to work less. He lost his mind when they suggested this, and in the end, he got his own way.

12 The Locker Deals Are Cutthroat


If you've ever wondered where the lockers in the show come from, then we have the answers. The lockers that are being auctioned off aren’t technically theirs to auction; they've been “abandoned” by people who are unable to pay the storage fees, and so the storage companies claim them as their own and then auction them off. It’s kind of cold as ice because it’s almost as if the storage company is kicking people while they're down, and maybe, if they gave them some time, they could pay to get their stuff back. Sometimes even, a person will pass away, and unless their family is aware that there's a locker, the contents will become the property of the storage company. But because the locker owners are delinquent on their payments, they lose their stuff, and that’s where Storage Wars come in. It’s very cutthroat, and we’re sure that some of the owners end up watching while people dig through their stuff because they couldn’t pay for their lockers.

11 Jokes Are Scripted

We grow to love the characters on these shows because of their personalities and eccentricities. We laugh at their jokes, and it's part of the joy of watching the show. But what if you found out that the funny character that you’re watching was just a character and not the real person. All those one-liners and jokes may not even be real after all. The cast is sometimes given scripts to read, so those funny scenes may not be real at all. We have to wonder what the cast’s real personalities are like if they're given scripts for jokes and quips. For all we know, these people are terrible, and it’s all just an act. We don’t know if the villains are really the good guys and if the good guys are actually the villains. It sucks when things are scripted because we feel like we're being lied to.

10 Locker Hunting Isn’t a Successful Business


If you watch the show, you'd assume that the storage-locker business is a successful one. After all, we do see the cast members pulling out collectibles and valued art at times. Some of them really hit the jackpot. It’s exciting for both the cast members and the fans when something valuable is discovered in the lockers. Apparently, those items are often planted in the lockers by the show. The storage auctions aren’t normally as great as the show makes them out to be. Many people don't make big money off of them and aren’t even able to make a full-time living off of the business. Some of the cast members are making good money on the show, but it’s not the reality of the business. In fact, that line of work is rarely a good investment.

9 Punches Were Thrown

You may not be aware that there was a brawl between two cast members on Storage Wars. These scandals are just getting better and better. In 2015, there was a brawl during a video shoot in Palm Springs. TMZ reported that a fight broke out between Dan Dotson, the auctioneer, and David Hester. There has always been bad blood between Hester and Dotson, and during the shoot, Hester was asked by the producers to tell Dotson that he had missed a bid by Mary Padian. Dotson was approached by Hester and snapped, yelling, “F**k you, David! I’m going to kill you!” Hester didn’t take it well and punched Dotson in the head. Dotson retaliated, of course, and Hester got it in the eye. It got pretty bad with the two, and at one point, Dotson was even on Hester’s back. Security broke things up, and there continued to be bad vibes between them.


8 Barry Stole the Show


Barry Weiss stole the show right from the beginning because of his eccentric behavior, as well as the fact that he would often show up in weird and unusual vehicles. Not only did Weiss’s quirky behavior make him popular on the show, but he was also offered his own spin-off show called Barry’d Treasure. It showed him going around on his own, looking for collectibles and antiques. Despite his quirkiness, however, the show was only on for one year and was canceled in 2014. The producers probably thought they could recreate the success they had found with Storage Wars, but that show is popular because there are so many different personalities on the show, not just one. The new show had a new cast, which wasn’t as popular as the old cast, and many people wondered why they would make a show just for Barry when he could often behave quite weirdly.

7 It’s All Fake!

David Hester apparently got sick of the fact that the show was becoming faker by the day, so in 2012, he filed a lawsuit with A&E “claiming that the show was fraudulent.” Well, that’s pretty ballsy, and you'd think that would put a nail in the coffin of his career. We can’t say that we’re shocked; many reality shows claim that they're real, and then the truth comes out. Maybe it’s too hard to film a show like that in a real setting. Hester claimed that the lockers on the show were staged and that even some of the other bidders were given money to bid on lockers when they couldn’t afford it. That wouldn’t exactly make it fair to the others, would it? A&E responded, saying that Hester was a liar and rarely was honest about the value of the items found in his own lockers. The two settled out of court, and they even let Hester back on the show.

6 Brandi & Jarrod’s Rough Past


Brandi and Jarrod have always seemed like a normal married couple who are often at each other’s throats. But you might be surprised to hear that they have a sordid past. Jarrod is a felon and was arrested in 1997 for possession of a controlled substance. At the time, he pled guilty and was given a 60-day sentence. He didn’t learn his lesson, however, because when he got out, he was arrested again, but this time, it was for drug trafficking plus a DUI. He was sent away for another 16 months, and that must've done the trick because he’s been trying to keep his life together ever since. Brandi hasn’t done much better, though. Her crimes are more recent. In 2007, she was also charged with a DUI, but she didn’t go to jail; she was charged with a fine, and she had to attend an educational program.

5 Their Spinoff Was Even Worse

Barry Weiss wasn’t the only one who got his own spinoff show. Brandi and Jarrod were offered a show called Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job. Sounds kind of lame, but the producers went with it anyway. We guess they thought that the success of Storage Wars would happen again with the new show. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like for fans to watch those two for a full show. Brandi can get annoying at times. But like Barry’s show, it was nowhere near as popular; it didn’t even last as long as Barry’d Treasure. Brandi and Jarrod’s show only lasted eight episodes before the network cut the cord on it. The show was canceled the same year as Barry’s show was, and maybe, at that point, the producers had learned that the spinoff shows just weren’t working. A&E has to understand that fans love the whole show, not just pieces of it.

4 The Reason Why Barry Is So Laid Back


When it comes to Barry Weiss, he’s more of a free spirit on the show, and his laid-back attitude is what's made him a favorite character. He’s a cast member who's not in it for the money; he doesn’t need it. He does it for fun. Why is he so laid-back? Well, it turns out that he’s a medical marijuana user, so his laid-back attitude might be the result of that. It’s kind of funny, actually, but it might explain a lot. When he was on Wisconsin’s Big Cheese 107.9FM, he told the interviewer that marijuana helped with the pain involved in an old back injury. We can see why the show wouldn't want this bit of information to get out. The use of medical marijuana has always been a touchy subject, even to this day. Fans can be touchy, too, when it comes to judging their favorite characters, so that kind of secret is best kept under wraps.

3 The Physical Enhancements

Considering all the budget cuts on the show, we're surprised to hear that the show paid for Brandi to have a boob job. We don’t even know why producers care about this sort of thing at all. Why do girls have to have big boobs to be popular on the shows? The show tried to keep the secret of the boob job, but it came out during David Hester’s lawsuit. The show approached Brandi and offered to pay to have her boobs done because they believed it would help the sex appeal of the show. All this was discovered during the lawsuit. Producers wanted Brandi to become more popular on the show because its audience is mostly men. It’s pretty sad really that they approached her about plastic surgery, and we wonder how she felt about the decision. Was it something she wanted, or was she talked into it? Hollywood is definitely a sleazy place.

2 The Nazi Gift


In this case, it was the gift that just kept on giving. You might be surprised to know that Barry Weiss is godfather to Jesse James. Small world, right? Well during Jesse James’s public meltdown after he cheated on Sandra Bullock, he did some very bizarre things, one of which was taking a picture wearing a Nazi SS officer’s hat and, of course, performing a Sieg Heil salute. Not one of his better moments, but he said it was a joke and even claimed that his godfather had given him the gag gift. Weiss immediately denied any involvement in the gift and told James that he wasn't getting involved. This was back before Storage Wars was around, and the premiere was actually just around the corner. Weiss didn’t want to be involved in a scandal when his show was about to air. It was all very shocking, but had it happened in more recent years, both their careers probably would've been dead instantly.

1 A DUI Paid Off

Typically, if you get arrested for a DUI, it can ruin your life. But in the case of David Hester, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to him. Hester has been in the business of buying and selling since he was a kid. He used to go to swap meets with his father, on occasion, because he owned a furniture store. He was arrested in 2005 for a DUI, and part of his punishment was to do community service at a Goodwill store. Most people would hate something like that, but Hester fell in love finding gems in unlikely places. That’s where his love for the business came from, and it wasn’t long before he decided to leave the furniture business and opened his own thrift store. He became quite a success. It just goes to show you that some things happen for a reason.


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