15Thomas Tulak - Too Small

Despite being largely grouped together, the Lost Boys that welcome Peter Pan and his family back into Neverland all had unique names and character traits that the director used to help them stand out during the film. Child actor Thomas Tulak portrayed the character Too Small in the film, and

this proved to be a very fitting name for the character. Too Small was among the smallest of the Lost Boys, and his most memorable scene came when he blew out his lantern before wishing a good night to everyone in Neverland. The same year that Hook was released, Tulak also landed a recurring role as the character Jesse on the series Cheers.

Tulak continued acting until 1993 before taking a 15-year break from the entertainment industry. He got back into acting in 2008 when he appeared in a short film called Everest, and his most recent credited appearance came in the short film Oasis back in 2016. His most notable appearance in recent years came in 2013 when he appeared in 16 episodes of the miniseries Chronicles of the Dragon.

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