What The Cast Of Hook Looks Like Today

As one of the most beloved children's stories that's ever been penned, Peter Pan remains an all-time classic that's seen its fair share of adaptations over the years. The Disney animated version of the beloved story is perhaps the most recognizable version that's ever been made, and it's a staple in the Disney canon. The animated version produced by Disney is considered the definitive version of the story, and it was such a hit film for Disney that it's since been developed into a number of spin-offs and even amusement park rides that can be found in their various parks throughout the world. There have been several attempts at live-action adaptations that have been made throughout the years, though these films hardly hold a candle to what Disney was able to produce all those years ago.

While Hook isn't an outright retelling of the Peter Pan story, it's an interesting and unique take on the latter part of Peter Pan's life after leaving Neverland. The film's decision to cast major forces in the entertainment industry, including Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Julia Roberts, helped anchor what was sure to be a massive hit for the studio. Though the film received a rather lukewarm reception upon its release in 1991, Hook roped in just over $300 million at the box office, and it's now looked back on with much fanfare and adoration. It's been 26 years since the release of the beloved film, and the child stars who portrayed the Lost Boys and Peter’s children have since grown up, something they promised they would never do. Here on our list, we have recent pictures and up-to-date information on the cast of the beloved film Hook.

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15 Thomas Tulak - Too Small

Despite being largely grouped together, the Lost Boys that welcome Peter Pan and his family back into Neverland all had unique names and character traits that the director used to help them stand out during the film. Child actor Thomas Tulak portrayed the character Too Small in the film, and this proved to be a very fitting name for the character. Too Small was among the smallest of the Lost Boys, and his most memorable scene came when he blew out his lantern before wishing a good night to everyone in Neverland. The same year that Hook was released, Tulak also landed a recurring role as the character Jesse on the series Cheers.

Tulak continued acting until 1993 before taking a 15-year break from the entertainment industry. He got back into acting in 2008 when he appeared in a short film called Everest, and his most recent credited appearance came in the short film Oasis back in 2016. His most notable appearance in recent years came in 2013 when he appeared in 16 episodes of the miniseries Chronicles of the Dragon.

14 Dante Basco - Rufio

Once Peter Pan decided to leave Neverland for good, it was time for another one of the Lost Boys to hold the mantle of the Pan. Because he was among the oldest and biggest children that resided in Neverland, Rufio was tasked with leading the Lost Boys for a number of years. Played to perfection by actor Dante Basco, Rufio became an incredibly popular character after the film was released in 1991. He was such a popular character that a band who rose to fame in the early 2000s was named after him. Of course, we all know that Rufio met his tragic demise the movie after being killed by Captain Hook. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the entire film, and Basco's performance as Rufio was incredibly memorable.

Basco's acting career actually began in the late 1980s when he appeared on several popular series including The Wonder Years and Santa Barbara. After appearing in Hook in 1991, Basco continued to find plenty of work in the entertainment industry. He lent his voice to the hit film A Goofy Movie, appeared on an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and recently lent his voice to the series Star Wars: Rebels.

13 Isaiah Robinson - Pockets

Isaiah Robinson's time in the entertainment industry has been unique, to say the least. His first credited acting appearance came in 1991 when he portrayed the character Pockets in the film Hook. Most of the Lost Boys were skeptical when Robin Williams' character first comes back to Neverland. Peter Pan was still a child when he originally left, and Tinkerbell had to do her best to convince them that this was, in fact, Peter Pan. Pockets is one of the first Lost Boys to remember and recognize the fact that Peter Pan has grown up. He was instrumental in getting the rest of the Lost Boys to trust in Peter and to help him get his children back from Captain Hook. Needless to say, Pockets was a memorable character.

After the 1991 release of Hook, actor Isaiah Robinson didn’t appear in another film until 2005 when he played the role of Curtis in the film Dead at the Box Office. This remains his last credited film appearance.

12 Brett And Brian Willis - Sooner And Later

Sometimes, one film appearance is all it takes for a young performer to realize that a career in the entertainment industry just isn't for them. This would be the case for performers Brett and Brian Willis, who were tasked with playing everyone's favorite twins in Neverland. Though the twins weren't necessarily an integral part of the plot in Hook, they were still considered a noteworthy part, and they got a fair amount of time on screen. Their most recognizable moment came in an instance when Tinkerbell was yanking on the handkerchiefs around their necks in order to convince them that Peter Pan had in fact grown up. They're also known for their characters wearing Boy Scout uniforms.

Their appearance in Hook back in 1991 is the only credited film appearance that the twins have in their acting career. At least they made their one film appearance in Hollywood count.

11 Raushan Hammond - Thud Butt

Actor Raushan Hammond had one of the most memorable roles in the film Hook as the character Thud Butt. The chubbiest Lost Boy was instrumental in Peter Pan tapping back into his childlike imagination, catalyzing a return to form for the grownup Peter. Thud Butt more than held his own when the Lost Boys went and attacked Captain Hook's ship during the film. He was such a likable character who possessed enough leadership characteristics to warrant him being given Pan’s sword before Peter left Neverland once and for all. Raushan Hammond played his character to perfection, and he was a huge reason why the film was so great.

He followed up his appearance in Hook by appearing in Tales from the Crypt and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. He capped off his acting resume in the '90s by appearing in ER and Family Matters. His last appearance came in 2011 in 24 Hours in Las Vegas. Despite having a relatively quiet career, Hammond's acting credits span the course of several hit projects.

10 James Madio - Don’t Ask

Among all of the child actors that appeared in the film Hook, James Madio may, in fact, be the busiest performer of the bunch. Hook was, in fact, his first credited appearance, and he also appeared in the hit series Doogie Howser, M.D. that same year. He followed up his red-hot start by appearing on the series Blossom and The Commish in what was a very busy 1992. The actor also appeared in the series Law & Order for one episode in 1993, and two years later, he landed a role in the critically acclaimed film The Basketball Diaries. Perhaps his most notable roles came a little later in life when he appeared in 76 episodes of the series USA High. This was followed up by appearing in 9 episodes of the smash-hit mini-series Band of Brothers in 2001. If you weren't able to tell already, James Madio is a very talented and very busy actor.

Despite getting his start as a child, James Madio is anything but a washed-up child star. His more recent notable appearances have come in a number of hit series, including Blue Bloods, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Castle.

9 Bo Gheorghe - Noseminer

Not unlike the Willis twins that he acted alongside, actor Bo Gheorghe had his one film appearance in 1991 when he played the character Noseminer in Hook. Unlike a number of other performers that you find on our list, Noseminer was hardly a memorable character in the film, and he's perhaps best known for his silly name. This lack of exposure is directly related to the fact that the film boasted a huge cast of children, guaranteeing that a number of them would be completely left out of the film. It's unfortunate that Bo didn't get more of a chance to shine during his time in the film, but we're sure he'll always be thankful for the experience of getting to act alongside an incredible cast.

A few years ago, Gheorghe took part in the Hook 25th Anniversary photo shoot, which did its best to reunite as many of the Lost Boys as possible. Judging by his before-and-after photos, Bo has aged incredibly well over these last twenty-six years.

8 Ahmad Stoner - No Nap

Ahmad Stoner was just a kid when he got his first big break by appearing as the character No Nap in Hook, and he had another notable appearance in 1991 when he played the character Bobby on the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Ahmad spent the early '90s appearing in a number of different projects, most notably A Different World, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Boy Meets World, and In Living Color. Though these were relatively small parts on hit shows, these appearances did the actor plenty of favors in terms of bolstering his resume. Ahmad landed roles in Sister, Sister, The Wayans Bros, and Roseanne in the mid-1990s.

His acting career came to an end in 2002 when he appeared in his last credited role as the character Gomez in the film Gotta Kick It Up!. He's most recently worked as a producer on the series No Chill, and he's credited with being the executive producer of 6 episodes of the series.

7 Amber Scott - Maggie Banning

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At the tender age of seven years old, actress Amber Scott was responsible for playing Peter Pan's daughter, Maggie, in Hook. Maggie's kidnapping by Captain Hook is what sparked Peter’s return to Neverland, and despite the wavering belief of her brother, Maggie never lost faith that her father would come and rescue them. Even though she was just a kid when she took on the role, Amber Scott did an excellent job as the character Maggie, and one of the sweetest moments of the film came when she sang a song that her mother would sing to her. After playing Maggie on Hook, Amber Scott had just one other acting credit to her name, lending her voice to the TV documentary American Experience in 1995.

E! reported that the actress ended up graduating from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut in 2006. As you can see from the photos that we've provided for you, Amber Scott turned out to be drop-dead gorgeous, and we're sure that many people would love to see her get back into acting.

6 Charlie Korsmo - Jack Banning

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While the younger Maggie seemed to have a pretty decent relationship with her father, her older brother, Jack, seemed to be at constant odds with Peter. We learned in the film that Peter had let his son down time and time again by choosing to indulge in work as opposed to spending time with his family. Once Captain Hook is able to corral the children, it doesn't take long for him to corrupt Jack's young mind into believing that Captain Hook should be his new father. One of the sadder moments of the film came when Peter snuck into a baseball game that was being held in Neverland. It was there that he saw the relationship between Jack and Captain Hook, and he eventually realized that he was in serious jeopardy of losing his children.

Actor Charlie Korsmo was the actor who played Jack Banning, and his most notable appearances came in the films Dick Tracy and What About Bob?. He took a 10-year break from acting before getting back into the business in the film Chained for Life.

5 Ryan Francis - Young Peter Pan

Even though the film centered around a grown-up Peter Pan making his return to Neverland, the director did an excellent job in flashback sequences showing Peter falling in love with Wendy and, eventually, her granddaughter. Actor Ryan Francis portrayed the young Peter Pan, and little girls everywhere immediately fell in love with the actor. He had been acting for several years before landing the role of Peter Pan, and his most notable appearances include those in Blossom and The Wonder Years. The same year that he appeared in Hook, Ryan Francis also landed the role of Trevor in the series Sisters, which ran from 1991 to 1996. Once the series had concluded, Ryan kept busy by appearing in such projects as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In more recent years, he's appeared in such projects as Cold Case and Face the Music. Ryan Francis has also done plenty of work behind the camera, and he's directed several short films in his career.

4 Julia Roberts - Tinkerbell

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Now that we've covered the bulk of the prominent children who appeared in the film, we're going to turn our attention to the adults who helped make this film a smash hit. It was important that the film cast several high-profile actors in order to bolster box-office returns, and their decision to cast Julia Roberts in the role of Tinkerbell proved to be a great decision. Tinkerbell is responsible for taking Peter back to Neverland so that he could rescue his children, and she's instrumental in him tapping into his old self. One of the craziest scenes in the movie centers around Tinkerbell making a wish to become a full-sized human, and she professes her love for Peter.

If you're not aware of Julia Roberts's career appearances and accolades, then you just haven't been paying attention. Roberts has been one of the most successful women in the history of the entertainment industry, and she pulled down an Academy Award in 2001 for her appearance in the film Erin Brockovich.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow - Young Wendy Darling

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During the flashback scenes in which actor Ryan Francis played a young Peter Pan, his character fell in love with a young Wendy, who was played perfectly by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The relationship between them began to wane over the years as Wendy gradually aged, and the transformation between actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Maggie Smith was done in an excellent manner. Gwyneth Paltrow was hardly a household name when she was cast in the film, though she ended up becoming an A-list celebrity thanks to her appearances in a plethora of hit films.

Paltrow broke out during the late 1990s after appearances in such films as Se7en, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Shallow Hal, and Shakespeare in Love. Her career reached another level when she portrayed the character Pepper Potts in the hit film Iron Man in 2008. Paltrow took home an Academy Award for best actress in 1998 after her appearance in Shakespeare in Love.

2 Caroline Goodall - Moira Banning

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The grown-up Peter Pan is a shell of the kid that he used to be, and his straying further and further from being a light-hearted person has a dramatic effect on his family. Despite once being happily married, it's clear that Peter and his wife Moira have seen better days, and they spend the better part of the film away from each other while Peter is rescuing his kids in Neverland. Actress Caroline Goodall was responsible for portraying the character Moira, and her acting career started 13 years prior to her appearance in Hook. Some of her most notable appearances before Hook came in the series Gems and the series Quantum Leap.

Two years after appearing as Moira, Caroline Goodall landed a role in the hit film Schindler's List. Currently in her fourth decade of acting, Goodall continues to land roles in projects, and she recently appeared in six episodes of the mini-series The White Princess. Behind the camera, she has one co-producer credit for the short film Caserta Palace Dream.

1 Dustin Hoffman - Captain Hook

When it was announced that Dustin Hoffman would be taking on the character of Captain Hook, I'm sure that a few eyebrows were raised. Hoffman is an incredibly talented actor, but pulling off the legendary pirate is no easy feat for any performer. All doubters were proven wrong once the film was released, and Hoffman's performance as Captain Hook was incredible. He proved to be the perfect adversary for Peter Pan even though the two hadn't seen each other in several decades. The hatred between the two runs deep, and Captain Hook still hadn't forgiven Peter for cutting off his hand and feeding it to a crocodile. Even though Peter was destined to win in the end, Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams both made the film an exciting adventure from start to finish.

Years before he was cast in the title role of Captain Hook, Dustin Hoffman had already conquered Hollywood. His career has seen him crank out incredible performances in films such as Tootsie, Kramer vs. Kramer, and Rain Man. He's been nominated for a total of 5 Academy Awards in his career, and he's a genuine living legend in the entertainment industry.

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