What The Cast Of American Reunion Looks Like Today

American Pie was released in 1999, and quickly became an iconic cult classic for hoards of high school and college students across the world. The film's over-the-top comedic style was a major hit; never before had a teenager-centered comedy pushed the limits so far.  Due to the success of the film, three sequels were released over the next decade. American Pie 2, American Wedding, and finally, American Reunion, which was released in 2012. It was clear that the fans of the series were not giving up on their favorite characters. American Reunion made an astonishing $235 million at the box office, matching what American Pie reeled in 13 years before.

The reunion features almost all of the main cast members, back together some 10 years after graduating from high school. The reunion quickly turns into a laugh-out-loud series of shocking events. Clearly, distance and, time don't change the original gang all that much; old feelings, relationships, and rivalries re-emerge in no time as the high school reunion is soon transformed into a platform for mid-life mistakes.

It's been five years since American Reunion, and we want to know what's become of the actors who played Stifler, Oz, Jim, Kara, and Michelle. What are they up to, how have their careers evolved, and most importantly, what do they look like?! Five years can make a  big difference, so let's not waste any more time. Here's What The Cast Of American Reunion Look Like Today:


15 Ali Cobrin

Ali Cobrin is a 28-year-old actress hailing from Chicago. She appeared in the Showtime series Look, which debuted in 2010. Her role of Kara in American Reunion was her first real film role other than small independent roles. She's a classically trained ballerina and actually competed in the Junior Olympics before pursuing her acting career full time. Although she's just getting her feet wet in Hollywood, she seems to have a promising career ahead of her. She's already collected upwards of $800,000 and makes an estimated $250,000 a year, which is likely to increase as she lands bigger and more significant roles. She has one brother and two half-sisters; she hasn't had any known Hollywood romances to date.

14 Alyson Hannigan


Alyson Hannigan has enjoyed a very successful career as an actress. Getting her big break as Willow Rosenberg on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Alyson went on to star in the American Pie films as quirky Michelle. To add to her impressive resume, she starred in cult classic television show How I Met Your Mother as Lily. The youthful 43-year-old has amassed a personal fortune of over $18 million. She's married to Buffy co-star, Alexis Denisof. The pair has two daughters, Satyana and Keeva. Although Alyson continues to take on small television and film roles, her career highs seem to be over. After having invested so much of her life to acting, the star is happy to settle down a bit and enjoy her fortune with her family.

13 Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs plays our protagonist, Jim Levenstein, in all of the American films. The 39-year-old went on to have a notable role in Netflix Original hit Orange Is The New Black, where he played Piper's estranged husband, Larry Bloom. With only a few small television and film roles scheduled for the upcoming year, Biggs is spending most of his time being a husband and dad. He and his wife, Jenny Mollen, welcomed their first son in 2014 and have recently announced that they're expecting again. Biggs has gained quite a bit of negative attention in the last five years for making tasteless jokes on the Internet. Offensive political jokes about Republican wives Ann Romney and Janna Ryan during the 2012 Republican National Convention were just the start of a slew of tasteless commentary from Biggs.

12 Tara Reid


Tara Reid is perhaps the most recognizable face of the American Pie franchise. Sadly, her rise to fame had less to do with her talent as an actress and more to do with several botched cosmetic procedures that completely altered her image. Tara has said that she suffered from anxiety and depression due to the negative feedback she received after the surgeries. Her career took an untimely nosedive, although she remained somewhat famous due to her role in the cult Sharknado films. In 2009, she was criticized for her appearance in an edition of Playboy magazine, where her body was clearly photoshopped and altered. No traces of surgical scarring appeared on the images, which misrepresented what she truly looks like.

11 Jennifer Coolidge

Who could forget Jennifer Coolidge, who played the character of Stifler's Mom? In one of the most "memorable" scenes in the first American Pie, she set the precedent for hot moms all over the world. Although she's best known for her roles in the series, she went on to land a recurring role on the TV show 2 Broke Girls. She also starred in Glee for the entire sixth season. She has more acting experience under her belt than most of her co-stars; at 54 years old, she's been acting since 1983. Her net worth is just upwards of $8 million. She's single and never been married, although she did have a relationship with SNL alum Chris Kattan, but that ended in 2001.

10 Eugene Levy


Eugene Levy is by far the most successful actor in the American Pie films. Although he played a relatively small role in all of the films, his humor really brought the movies to a different level of hilarity. As Jim's dad, he kept us in giggles with his seemingly naive attitudes toward teenage life. His career has grown since 1969; with almost 5 decades of acting under his belt, he's a household name in Hollywood. His most recent project is the Canadian comedic sitcom, Schitt's Creek, which he created, wrote, produced, and also stars in. The show is going into its fourth season and has been very well received. Levy is 70 years old and has been married to his long time love, Deborah, since 1977. His net worth is a cool $18 million.

9 Chris Klein

Although Chris Klein has appeared in several teenage-centered comedies, he's most well known for his role as Oz in the American Pie series. His first major film role was in 1999's Election, where he played Paul, alongside Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. Just a few months later, American Pie was released, and Klein enjoyed almost instant fame. Although he's nationally recognized as the face of Oz, he hasn't had much success in future film projects. A DUI in 2005 led to a stint in rehab, and his acting career never fully recovered. These days, Chris spends most of his time with his wife, Laina Rose Thyfault, and their son, Frederick. The 38-year-old has a net worth of around $1.5 million.


8 Thomas Ian Nicholas


Thomas Ian Nicholas, who played Kevin in the American Pie series, has undergone one of the biggest transformations of all. Growing a beard has basically made him look like an entirely different person! Although he's enjoyed a very varied acting career, he's now more interested in establishing himself as a musician. In 2008, he released his debut album, Without Warning. Since then, he's released an additional four records and even appeared on the Blues Traveler album Blowing Up The Moon. Music is clearly a big passion for him; his wife, Colette, is a successful DJ in Chicago. The couple has two children and enjoys a joined net worth of close to $4 million.

7 Seann William Scott

Who could forget Seann William Scott's iconic character, Steve Stifler? Typecast as the typical dodo brain, Scott embraced the ridiculous character in American Pie and all of its subsequent sequels. Although he played a great airhead, his career led to more varied roles, including appearances in the Goon films, as well as voice credits in the Ice Age cartoons. In 2011, he entered a treatment facility for personal reasons, although his publicist never released the reason for the rehabilitation. His admittance was voluntary, however, and he successfully completed a program. There have been no further incidences reported in the media. All of his hard work as an actor has paid off, though. He's estimated to be worth over $25 million.

6 Mena Suvari


Mena Suvari had a really big year in 1999. She starred in the Academy Award-winning film American Beauty and in cult classic American Pie, which were released within months of each other. Her exotic look is attributed to her mixed Greek and Estonian heritage; she was a model before she started acting professionally and maintains a contract as a model for Lancôme. She's continued to land small film and television roles and was the female voice over for two video games. On a personal note, she was married -- and divorced -- twice. She has no children. She's been very active in feminist activism and spends quite a bit of time working for charities with various causes. She's worth close to $7 million, largely thanks to her modeling contracts.

5 Eddie Kaye Thomas

Eddie Kaye Thomas played Paul in the American Pie franchise. 5 years later, he had an even more significant role in the Harold & Kumar series, gaining him quite a bit of respect as a comedic actor. Funny enough, he made his acting debut on the Canadian cult classic tween horror show Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Who would've predicted that his career would explode over the next two decades? Since 2014, he's played Toby on Scorpion. He's been dating actress Ari Graynor (The Sopranos, Fringe) since 2008. Although he hasn't aged very much since the American days, he definitely has a lot more money now. He's amassed over $5 million for his various roles.

4 Natasha Lyonne


Once upon a time, Natasha Lyonne was known for her role as Jessica in American Pie, but these days, she stands out for her iconic role as Nicky in Netflix super hit, Orange Is The New Black. The 38-year-old was enjoying regular film and television appearances before she landed her career-shaping role in 2013. She was nominated for an Emmy for her performance and won a Screen Actors Guild Award for Oustanding Performance By an Ensemble in A Comedy Series. She's had some legal problems due to drinking under the influence. Her drinking was so bad around 2005 that she had to undergo open heart surgery, surgery for a collapsed lung, and treatment for Hepatitis C -- all damage she incurred from years of heavy alcohol abuse.

3 Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez wasn't an original cast member of American Pie but appeared in American Reunion, playing the character of Selena. When filming wrapped up, she immediately landed a lead role in television comedy Devious Maids, which aired for four seasons on Lifetime. The 37-year-old Dominican Republic native is married to actor Bev Land, and the couple has two children. Before she made it big in Hollywood, she took small jobs appearing in music videos, namely for Jay-Z, Chaka Khan, LL Cool J, and Santana. Although she hasn't appeared in all that many films, she's still managed to amass a net worth that's just over $1 million.

2 Katrina Bowden


Katrina Bowden only appeared in American Reunion, joining the franchise in the final chapter. She played the part of Mia. She's actually best known for her role of Cirie on NBC's 30 Rock, which she played from 2006-2013 when the series ended. Her ditzy-yet-hot character gained her a large fan base and would lead her to be typecast in most of her subsequent roles. She's taken on some modeling contracts, namely one for Jordache Jeans. When 30 Rock wrapped up, she got very involved in fitness and personal training and has a website devoted to exercise routines and tips. She also has some YouTube videos where she shares her favorite routines and also talks about her favorite products. She's married to musician Ben Jorgensen.

1 Jay Harrington

Jay Harrington played the part of Dr. Ron in American Reunion. Although he's 45 years old and has been acting for over two decades, he's mainly secured a collection of small roles. He's perhaps best known for his role in Better Off Ted, a TV series that ran for just two seasons and ended in 2010. He played the lead role of Ted. Funnily enough, his role in American Reunion wasn't the first time he would play a character named Dr. Ron. He also played Dr. Ron McCready in Desperate Housewives starting in 2006. He's been married to TV host Monica Richards since 2016. His net worth is just shy of the one-million-dollar mark.



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