What The Cast Members Of Mean Girls Looks Like Today

It’s been 12 years since we were graced by the presence of Regina George and her Mean Girls. The movie was quite popular, and it made the career of Rachel McAdams. Once it hit theatres, she went on to star in The Notebook, and the rest is movie star history. These types of movies always become cult classics in the same way that 10 Thing I Hate About You and Bring It On did. They're often exaggerations of the teenage world, but we still can’t get enough of them.

If you haven’t watched Mean Girls, it’s the story of the Plastics, a Barbie-doll clique that runs the school. The Plastics are ruled by Regina George, who's about as nasty as a teenage girl can get. They brought in a whole new vocabulary to the world, thankfully none of which stuck around. Words like “So fetch” were heard for months after the movie was released. They were the girls in high school that would announce, “You can’t sit with us!” to anyone who tried to become part of their group. It was a pretty funny teen comedy at the time, and we often look back on it with fondness. If you ever wondered what happened to those stars, then don’t go anywhere. Did they succeed in life or did they disappear into oblivion? Here's a look at Mean Girls and where the cast went after their reign in high school.


15 Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert has always been a beautiful girl, and she seems to have only improved with age. A lot of her major roles came before Mean Girls and not so much afterward, though she's always worked consistently in Hollywood. She has more of a record of TV movies and a few TV series, however. She came onto the scene as the younger sister in Party of Five. She hasn’t done many big-budget movies since Mean Girls but has stuck mostly to low-budget films. In the movie, she was one of the Plastics who came up with the catchphrase “So Fetch.” Since the movie, she married David Nehdar and had a child with him. Her most recent TV show credits are Kulipari: An Army of Frogs, Justice League Action, and Shimmer and Shine. We look forward to her Christmas production that's coming out next year.

14 Lizzy Caplan


Lizzy Caplan was the weird gothic girl Janis Ian in Mean Girls, the best friend to Lindsay Lohan’s character. She convinced Cady to get involved with the Plastics so that she could get all their secrets; she just didn’t expect Cady to turn on her and like being part of the group. There were rumors that her hair in the movie was actually a wig made up of her classmate’s chest hair. Yuck! It was certainly a nasty-looking wig, but let’s hope that it’s just a rumor. She's worked consistently in Hollywood but not in many major projects. She did star in 127 Hours with James Franco and has starred in TV shows such as New Girl, Ill Behaviour, and Masters of Sex. She has a few movies in the works for 2018, so we look forward to seeing her on the big screen again.

13 Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is, of course, a huge success story. The Canadian born actress went from being the snobby Regina George to having an incredible career in Hollywood. She's worked with many amazing actors throughout her career and is now at the point where she gets to pick the scripts that she wants to be involved in. She’s been in some pretty great movies including The Notebook, The Vow, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Strange. She's also in the HBO TV series True Detective with Vince Vaughn. She's proven to be an incredibly talented actress and was even honored with her own star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. She's been dating leading men like Ryan Gosling and Michael Sheen. She rules Hollywood and has one hell of a career. She can thank the success of Mean Girls for showing the world her talent.

12 Amanda Seyfried


Amanda became one of many comedic actresses after her role in Mean Girls. She played the role of a ditzy girl and convinced us that it was possible for someone to be so dumb that she doesn’t actually have a brain. Her role as Karen Smith was truly a hilarious one. She’s had a consistent career in Hollywood and has been in some pretty good movies such as Les Miserables, Mama Mia, Dear John, and Jennifer’s Body. She's also been seen on TV shows such a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Big Love, Veronica Mars, Wildfire, and most recently, Twin Peaks. She has four movies in post-production, which tells us she's still going strong. In 2018, we'll see her once again take on her role as Sophie in Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! We look forward to seeing what else she has to show us in 2018.

11 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was an absolute fox when she was younger and starring in movies such as Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. She had a voluptuous figure and that gorgeous red hair. Well, fame got the best of this girl, and she went through a period of drug use that all but ruined her career. She was seen in court almost every other day for DUI’s, and it looked like her manager mom had totally destroyed her daughter's career. She's the perfect example of what happens to a young girl who gets famous too quickly. Between her drug use and her attitude, while working on set, her options for movies dwindled and then became obsolete. Nobody wanted to work with the actress any longer. She seems to be doing better these days; she's putting on weight, and she seems to have stopped all the ridiculous plastic surgery. Her career has yet to be revived, however.

10 Tina Fey


Tina Fey has had an incredible career, before and after Mean Girls. She had to deal with bullying in her own teenage years, and starring in Mean Girls was her attempt to bring attention to the problem of bullying in society. Tina Fey brought her own brand of humor to the movie, and she was hilarious. She's seen much success since Mean Girls, as she continued to star in some pretty great TV shows including 30 Rock alongside Alec Baldwin. She also starred in Saturday Night Live and most recently Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She starred in movies Megamind, Date Night, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and Sisters. She's also a bestselling author of the autobiography Bossypants. The book stayed on the bestsellers list for a whole five weeks, which is pretty decent in the industry. She's most recently sold to NBC a new comedy series called The Sackett Sisters.

9 Tim Meadows

The Principal of the school was played by Tim Meadows, and he had a huge crush on the Math teacher played by Tina Fey. He certainly wasn’t the most memorable character in the movie, but he had a good sense of humor, and his character was funny. With Mean Girls 2 coming out, not all the characters were willing to come back, but Meadows agreed to be in the movie. He hasn’t done much since Mean Girls. He's been in a few things here and there, but he hasn’t been working consistently by any means. He voiced Mike the Mailman in Bob’s Burgers as well as starred in TV series such as The Colbert Report, Marry Me, The Spoils Before Dying, The Goldbergs, and Son of Zorn. He was only in each one of the shows for a year here and there, and aside from that, he's pretty much stayed out of the limelight.


8 Jonathan Bennett


Jonathan Bennett was the heartthrob in Mean Girls, the man whom Regina George and Cady fought over. Before Mean Girls, he wasn’t doing much but starring in a soap opera called All My Children. Bennett has been acting consistently in Hollywood since Mean Girls but not in the same way as his other co-stars. Most of his projects have been low-budget and under-the-radar work. He was one of the contestants on the ever-popular show Dancing with the Stars for season 19. He decided to do the show in honor of his parents, who passed away. If you're absolutely obsessed with Mean Girls, then you should check out Bennett’s Twitter account because it's full of goodies all about the Mean Girls cast. It’s actually really fun to look through. He recently posted, “I get it… my hair looks sexy pushed back,” in reference to his hair from the movie.

7 Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler is another Saturday Night Live alum, and she's really good friends with Tina Fey, and that’s probably how she became a part of the movie. She played the narcissistic mother who wanted to be a “friend” to her daughter, Regina George. She was definitely in a different role but one that was really funny. Since Mean Girls, her career took off just like Fey’s did. Both women are quite popular comedians, and their movies are always fun to watch. Since the movie, she's starred in TV shows such as Parks and Recreation and Wet Hot American Summer. As far as movies go, she's done well in that arena as well, with movies such as Blades of Glory, A Very Murray Christmas, Sisters, and They Came Together. She was also the voice of a character in the Pixar film Inside Out.

6 Daniel Franzese


Daniel Franzese played the role of Damian, the gay best friend of Janis and Cady. He also showed us a pretty awesome rendition of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful with so much emotion that it brought tears to our eyes. Franzese didn’t do much with his career after Mean Girls; he didn’t have the same success as some of his other co-stars. He was in a few low-budget films that didn’t have much exposure. He did hook into a few TV series and stayed with them for a year or so at a time -- shows such as Electric City, Looking, Recovery Road, and most recently, Conviction. He got involved with art exhibits and even curated a few art shows. He's also involved in a lot of pop culture social links. He used his character as Damian to come out publicly in Hollywood as a gay man.

5 The Mean Girl

Rachel McAdams has grown a lot since her role as Regina George in Mean Girls. Her role in True Detective has her playing a hardened detective who often has to shoot her gun. If you haven’t tuned into the TV series, you have to because you get to see McAdams in a very unusual role. You see her extraordinary talent and how she's grown as an actress. You also get to see Vince Vaughn, who normally plays a funny guy, be a depressed and also hardened detective. It really shows their range as actors. We get to look forward to her being in a few new movies in the next couple of years, one of the movies being the third installation of Sherlock Holmes and movies titled Game Night and Disobedience. We look forward to seeing what will come out in McAdams's life both personally and privately.

4 The Bad Girl


Over the years, Lindsay Lohan has tried to revive her failing career and, for the most part, has failed. She's had a few bit roles, mainly guest roles in TV shows. We've seen her in shows such as 2 Broke Girls, Anger Management, and Ugly Betty. She hasn’t taken on a new show of her own in a long time. She no longer gets to be part of big-budget movies; she's ruined that for herself. Recently, she starred in the TV show Sick Note. She has one movie titled the Shadow Within in post-production, so maybe she has a chance of showing the world that she still has talent. Thankfully, she hasn’t been in any trouble in a while, which has helped her to establish trust once again in the industry.

3 The Dumb Girl

It’s not just her career that has Seyfried smiling these days; she seems to have the whole package. Although Amanda Seyfried is still very much focused on her career, she takes a lot of joy from her personal life as well. She has, on multiple occasions, stated how much she's madly in love with her husband, and we just find that so sweet. The two met on the set of The Last Word and recently had their first child in March. She recently posted a picture of her and her husband horseback riding, saying, “Still can’t take my eyes off you.” Seyfried added, “Happy Birthday to the man of my life.” She's certainly fulfilled the life of her dreams since Mean Girls. She has a strong career as well as a wonderful family with her husband and child.

2 The Annoying Girl


Just like Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert is also now married and has a child. She welcomed her new daughter into the world a year ago and has never been happier. Little Julia Mimi Bella has been the apple of her mom’s eye and, no doubt, will grow up to be just as beautiful as her mom. That's so fetch! She wrote about her love for her daughter on her Instagram account: “And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, ‘Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.’” She may not be as big of a star as the rest of the cast from Mean Girls, but at least she can say that she consistently works in Hollywood, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. “#TBT to the best day of my life. One week ago, I became a mom to this precious angel. Julia Mimi Bella. Julia, you are my heart’s deepest dream come true. I love you more than I could ever say. Welcome to this big beautiful world sweet girl!”

1 The Goth Girl

Without the weird hair and the Goth makeup, Lizzy Caplan is actually a full-blown hottie. She, too, has recently had some good news with regard to her love life. Last year, she got engaged to her love, actor Tom Riley. It caught everyone by surprise because there was certainly a time when Caplan didn’t want to get married. "I actually romanticize the idea of a stay-at-home dad," Caplan told Ellen in an interview, "partly because I think that's a very sexy thing but also because if there are two working actors and both of them get a job and they have a baby, the woman is going to stay with the baby. I see it all the time. It just seems very unfair." The idea of dating an actor was also unappealing to her, and that was why she felt that way, but it appears that she’s gotten over all that.


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