What The...? 15 Weird Celebrity Google Searches

By now, you’ve probably noticed how Google search engine has a drop-down menu launch when you start typing in a word or a name. When you type in the word “celebrity,” for example, a bunch of suggested and popular searches come into view below to where you are typing. When you type in a celeb name, you often get two or three of their most popular searches on the internet.

It’s interesting to see what these trends are and how they relate to what news about these celebs has already been in the media a lot. Some very common suggested searches (though some of the searches vary week to week) include that celeb’s net worth, probably one of the most popular searches on celebs on Google, as well as age and movie lists if they are an actor or actress. Perhaps more intriguing to some are some more unusual, offbeat, and different searches here and there that can surprise us and even perhaps offend.

In actuality, though, most of these searches are probably a bit less nasty on celebs than some of the media is at times. It appears, at least from these popular engine searches, that most of the fans are a bit more positive on their favored few than the media sometimes is and its insistent fixation, or obsession, with celeb scandal. That’s probably because fans tend to idolize more than criticize when it comes to the celeb market. Don’t we at least look up at some of them, even if we think a lot of them are just arrogant or a bit nuts?

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15 Jennifer Aniston’s Kid Situation

There’s been some news circulating around the internet for the past year that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. Given that she’s 48, this comes as a bit of surprise to some and maybe as a bit of a worry, since that age is often viewed by doctors as much too late a time for women to bear children. But keep in mind that some media outlets have discredited the notion. Aniston herself has tried to quell the rumors and draw attention to the stigmas surrounding women having children. Women, she says, shouldn’t feel pressured to be mothers, a role which they often feel forced upon them by society. Still it comes as a surprise Aniston never had kids: she’s married twice so far and to no less in the past to a celeb than Brad Pitt.

14 Tom Cruise’s Alien Landing Pad

Surprisingly enough, Tom Cruise’s top search isn’t about Top Gun, his long list of other blockbuster movies, or even his longstanding relationships with Katie Holmes or Nicole Kidman. It’s actually about something far more exotic than most people might suspect. A few years ago, Cruise built an alien landing pad on his estate in Clearwater, Florida, an idea which sprung from his deep interest in Scientology as well as ETs from outer space. Cruise built the landing area in an effort to welcome the ETs, whom he believes are up there and watching us all the time. So far, we haven’t heard anything yet about ETs actually descending to earth and meeting with Cruise. If that happens, we can almost be sure, given the publicity with which he approaches his belief in UFOs, Cruise will definitely not hesitate to announce the event. We can only hope.

13 Ariana Grande’s Age

Ariana Grande has enjoyed a vast amount of commercial success early on in life, a point which has perhaps fuelled interest in her current age on Google. At the age of 13, she began her career in music in the Broadway musical 13, which helped open doors into a later gig in Nickelodeon TV as an actress in the Victorious series. Ten years after her first debut on Broadway, she has become the queen of cats in the pop scene at the age of 23. Just why “age” is her top search string on Google is a bit of mystery, but it seems clear from a lot of celeb searches that fans are very age conscientious. Perhaps they are wondering whether and when such success and good looks might end someday. Or perhaps they are simply amazed at such a good run so early on in life.

12 Vin Diesel’s Twin

If you scan around the internet, there’s a pretty astonishing fact lingering out there: a lot of celebs out there have twins. You might also be surprised to learn that Vin Diesel is one of these cases, a fact which has generated a lot of interest online lately. Vin Diesel’s twin brother, Paul Vincent, happens to be Vin’s top search string on Google, and perhaps what’s more interesting is the fact that Paul looks absolutely nothing like Vin at all. There’s been some controversy over the photos of Paul, which has fuelled all this interest. Initially, an alleged photo of Paul makes him out to look like a bushy-haired guy who resembles Mozart (Tom Hulce) in the film Amadeus. Vin Diesel, after discrediting the photo, set the record straight, however, and released a different photo of Paul that is still a far cry from Vin Diesel’s macho, mechanic-type image. At first glance, Paul seems a lot different in many respects from his bro.

11 Jay Z’s Bacon Number

Bacon Numbers are, simply put, a formula created to test a celeb’s relationship to Kevin Bacon. If an actor or actress has worked in a movie with Bacon at any point in his or her career, they get a Bacon Number of one. If they worked with an actor or actress who worked with Bacon on a movie, they get a value of two. And so on. In total, there can be six degrees of separation in this case to enable someone to be eligible for a Bacon Number. It’s sort of a weird occult number, six, as it’s associated with a lot of Luciferian stuff in numerology, but maybe they arbitrarily had to stop somewhere in terms of being connected to the almighty Kevin Bacon. In Jay Z’s case, he has a Bacon Number of two. This is because he acted alongside Mos-Def in Shades of Hip-Hop: Resurrection. In turn, Mos-Def worked with Bacon in The Woodsman. As to why Jay Z’s Bacon Number is of much significance over other celebs is a puzzle. The Bacon number doesn’t appear much in a lot of celebrity search strings.

10 Rihanna’s Met Gala Dress

As you probably know already, the Met Gala is perhaps the most widely observed costume party in the world, and it’s historically been an occasion for women to highlight their most innovative outerwear. Often the event celebrates some of the most wildest and ornery type of dresses and costumes you might expect to find anywhere. Type in Met Gala into Google Chrome, and you will get Rihanna’s name right close to the top. Type in Rihanna’s name, and you get the Met Gala right beside it. The picture above will illustrate why this is. Rihanna’s dress at the event this past month showcased something provocative and perhaps a little otherworldly. It’s a costume which could actually work well maybe for a Star Wars movie.

9 John Cena’s Rap

John Cena, as you probably know, is a 16-time world champion in WWE. Some may not know that he’s also a pretty presentable rapper on stage, but not many are probably in the dark about this, since Cena’s rap happens also to be his top search string. Cena, it can be noted, is not really a thematic vocalist in many ways; rather he prefers to vet his energies via a rap battle, similar to the confrontational type Eminem used to engage in in Detroit to get noticed initially. Cena is after all a pro-wrestler, and being a pro-wrestler isn’t about soft-spoken in the ring. The first page that comes up on a Cena Google search is a now famous battle with The Rock. Does this type of thing work in WWE? Yeah, we can suppose it can. Battle rap is by its nature confrontational in a joking way. And so is WWE.

8 Miley Cyrus’ Sister

Celebs' siblings rarely appear in the media. At best, they are usually footnotes in the press. This hasn’t been the case with Miley Cyrus, at least recently, as there’s been a recent surge of interest in Cyrus’ younger sister, Noah. Noah, 17, is now making some headlines as rising singer in her own right, after she performed alongside her older sis in the iHeartRadio Music Awards, a fact which probably propelled the recent hit count. All of this has fuelled speculation in the media that Noah could proceed in Miley’s footsteps. Obviously, this would be almost unparalleled in the music scene. Two kids raised under the same roof succeeding at the top rung in the music industry hasn’t happened too much.

7 Kim Kardashian’s House

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bought an eight-bedroom and 10-bath luxury mansion in Hidden Hills, CA in August, 2014. The couple obviously wasn’t entirely satisfied with just leaving their 20,000 square foot new crib exactly as they bought it, and they are now engaged in a massive renovation of the sprawling home, a process which has now taken several months to take shape. Latest reports suggest that the renovations are finally coming to completion, although recent rainstorms around LA have set the massive renovation back a bit. The delays perhaps have only served to generate more public and media curiosity and interest in what West and Kardashian have in store here. Kardashian’s house is among her top searches ongoing right now on Google.

6 Scarlett Johansson’s Twin Brother

Scarlett Johansson’s twin brother has been much in the public eye. There have been plenty of red carpet photos of Hunter Johansson with Scarlett over the years in several Hollywood shoots. Hunter has gotten plenty of hits on Google as a result, along with a few articles dissecting personality differences between sis and bro. Hunter has been an actor to some extent in the past, although these performances have been eclipsed by his inclinations to the nation’s political scene. Most notably, Hunter has worked in Barack Obama’s election campaign in 2008 as well as the subsequent re-election campaign for Obama four years later. We can obviously infer from this then that Hunter’s a Dem. He also seems more inclined toward politics than acting.

5 The Rock’s House

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has been busy at work on his house in the last years, and recently he unveiled a Youtube video and an extensive website, detailing every aspect of his now pride and joy. An elaborate and luxurious 13,000 square foot palace, the mansion, located in Florida, sprawls out over a 100,000 square foot lot and was formerly owned by Miami Dolphins’ Vernon Carey. Interesting features of the mansion include a home movie theater, seven baths, an indoor gym, and six bedrooms. Johnson dropped a total of $3.4 million on the mansion, which doesn’t seem like all that big a price tag considering all the accommodations and luxuries he got here. The house has been Johnson’s big search in recent weeks.

4 Justin Bieber’s Year 2015

A prominent search of Justin Bieber pairs his name with the year 2015. We can assume this is probably in reference to his now well-documented comeback in that year in the face of a lot of naysaying and skepticism that the teen pop idol would never return to his former position in the charts. Many skeptics had wondered, and perhaps hoped, that Bieber would become just another backlisted star who everyone laughed at a few years later. It turns out they were wrong. Bieber’s popularity surged after releasing “Where Are U Now” and “What Do You Mean?”, the last of which soared to No. 1 in the charts in 2015. It seems from this search on Bieber that fans are obsessed with comeback kids. They are always an interesting story, regardless.

3 Brad Pitt’s Weight Loss

Brad Pitt has lost weight before. Remember in Fight Club how he was much skinnier. This was done apparently to give him a bit of slicker look perhaps, a little less hulky. A few years later, Pitt bulked up again, gaining almost forty pounds to play Achilles in the film Troy. As flip-around as Pitt can be with his weight to don different roles in various films, some speculate that Pitt’s recent weight loss is not so much an orchestrated plan on his own part but an unpleasant after-effect of his break-up with Angelina Jolie. This theory could be true, but it’s still just speculation. Perhaps he’s got something else in mind again for his acting career as he did for Fight Club. At any rate, Pitt’s recent weight loss is much on people’s minds these days as it’s among his top search strings for recent weeks.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Year 2015

Unlike Bieber, DiCaprio wasn’t the subject of much skepticism or doubt when the year 2015 rolled around. We know now in retrospect why DiCaprio’s 2015 proved to be perhaps the best in his career so far: it was the year he starred in Revenant, a film about a frontiersman named Hugh Glass in the year 1823. As you probably know, DiCaprio’s insightful and nuanced performance in the film helped establish his reputation as perhaps more of an A-list actor than some might have perceived him as before. DiCaprio won an Academy Award for best actor in 2016 for the film, as well as a slew of other acting awards. The rest is history.

1 Kanye West’s Height

To be perfectly fair, Kanye West isn’t the only one who gets searched a lot on Google for his height. Eminem and Will Smith also have it up there on their respective search strings, but West just happens to have it higher up in his search string than most. We can assume this is all women searching in this case making sure they stack up in size when they eventually, but most likely never, meet up with the rap icon. As good as West is at rap, however, it can be noted here that he’s not the tallest guy in the world. According to online sources, West is 5 foot 8 inches. That’s probably still OK for some women, since his dope lyrics and success make up for most of that. Just remember what Yoda said: “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmmm. Hmmm. And well you should not.”

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