What 15 Nickelodeon Characters Would Look Like As People

I'm sure people here must have their own favorite Nickelodeon characters from their childhood. Whether it be Ren & Stimpy or Dexter from Dexter's Lab. It might even be Jimmy Neutron. But there is a much larger cast of characters from Nickelodeon that I wasn't even aware of. I knew they had plenty of shows, but I was still surprised at the number of characters they have.

That being said, a lot of those characters are not human. Sure, most of them talk and act like humans, but they're animals or aliens of all shapes and sizes. So, do any of you ever wonder what those characters would look like if they actually did take human form? I find that sort of thing kind of interesting; getting to see what they'd be like in our world.

Below are Nickelodeon characters who have been transformed into human versions of their previous animal or alien or monster selves. Some of them are pretty interesting. Some of them are pretty scary. And then some of them are just plain ridiculous. So, scroll down and dig in. It's not every day that you get to see these characters as one of us...

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15 Po From Kung Fu Panda

I think the human version of Po is actually bigger than the panda version. And that might very well make sense, I guess. I'm sure not every fat panda is bigger than a human (though there are some rather large pandas out there). Either way, the artist still captures Po rather well, even still paying homage to his big appetite by giving him a little bowl of food. Even the human version of Shifu does fairly well, I think. The coloring of his belt kind of resembles the coloring of a red panda (which is what his original species was). His head might be a bit disproportionate, but so is the bulk on the human version of Po. It would be interesting to see these two versions of the characters getting into some Kung Fu antics. At least I think it would be.

14 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This picture, I think, perfectly captures the turtles. From left to right each of them expresses their key characters traits while standing there as humans. I think it's great. Raphael is obviously pissed off with the situation and just fuming. Donnie is more interested in how turning into a human could've even happened. Michaelangelo doesn't really care about not being a turtle; he's too caught up in how cool it is to be human. And, of course, Leonardo is most worried about what Splinter will think when he sees his students as human beings and not the mutated turtles he had come to know and love. The coloring of their clothing accents the characters perfectly (especially with Mikey's pizza shirt), and their physical features are all close enough that you believe they're brothers.

13 Viper From Kung Fu Panda

"I don't need to bite to fight" is perhaps the biggest point that Viper could make in the Kung Fu Panda film. After all, she is without fangs. This made everyone think that she could not become a warrior, but she definitely proved everyone wrong. The translation of Viper from a snake to a human is pretty awesome. She comes out looking like a Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter character. The only thing I really end up wondering though is if the artist thought about whether or not this human version of Viper has any teeth or not. After all, she doesn't need to bite to fight. But it would make her life a little more of a pain when it came to eating. Either way, I think the artist has done a good job with the human version of Viper, and I like that the snake still slithers through the background of the image.

12 Squidward Tentacle

So, this might be somewhat of a cheat as well because both of these renditions of Squidward Tentacle already existed without any artist really needing to go out of their way to create a version of what he'd look like. And it is true that both of these versions might be a little disproportionate, but you can't deny the incredible likeness of both of these characters to the original squid version of Squidward Tentacle. Not everything can look perfect, especially when pulling from an artist's work (or from another film or cartoon when you find something that looks just like what you imagine a human version of the character would be). But hey, I think both these version are pretty hilarious to compare Squidward to. They really work, even though they were never intended for that.

11 Dudley Puppy And Kitty Katswell

I have to say that this artist's rendition of Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell is pretty damn good. The artist even stays in the Nickelodeon style of animation while turning these two characters into humans. I have to say though that Dudley would likely be a child in the actual translation from dog to human. He is, after all, called Dudely Puppy. I'm not sure of Kitty's age, but she is definitely older and more mature than Dudley. It's interesting that the artist decided to change Kitty's expression from an angry cat to a sly-smiling human. She's usually frustrated with Dudley, so this change kind of takes away from the "reality" of the character, but oh well. I guess that's why artistic license exists in the first place. Either way, the translation from cat and dog to human is pretty effective.

10 SpongeBob Squarepants

I've always found the concept of SpongeBob becoming human a very interesting one. For some good reasons, I think. First of all, the artist here really did capture the essence of SpongeBob and placed that essence into a human being. It's a pretty good likeness. All you have to do is turn the sponge into the hair, and then pull back on the craziness of SpongeBob's features and you're pretty well there. But, what I wonder about is how this human version of SpongeBob could carry on. After all, SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea. A pineapple couldn't live in that condition, let alone a human being! This artist may have captured SpongeBob in human form...but that doesn't change the fact that while he tries to grill ocean burgers, he's just going to drown.

9 Heffer Wolfe

Do any of you remember the show Rocko's Modern Life? I think it was a great show for Nickelodeon back in the 90s. If any of you do recall that awesome show, then you should also recall the character of Heffer Wolfe. Heffer is a little dense but is a good guy overall. He was raised by wolves who were going to eat him originally, but who came to love him like family. Lucky steer. Anyhow, I think this human version of Heffer is actually pretty accurate. The outfit is the same. Instead of the cowlick hairdo though, he has a strange faux-hawk. But that's made up for by the stunned look on his face which is pretty well how Heffer always looks in his original steer form. And I mean come on, he does look like a well-meaning guy, right?

8 Alvin And The Chipmunks

I have to say that it's pretty easy to dress up like Alvin & The Chipmunks. All you need are few sweaters of different colors, some jeans, some hats, and then just make sure that the red sweater has an 'A' on it. It's not very difficult. Realistically, you wouldn't even need jeans if you were going for full accuracy. You'd just have three very long shirts. One green, one blue, and then the red with the yellow 'A'. But hey, at least we know what human versions of these characters would be like. They'd be wearing sneakers, jeans, sweaters, and they wouldn't have whiskers.

7 Patrick & SpongeBob

This is probably the most terrifying picture in the whole article. I think you need to start by forgetting about SpongeBob on the left there. That is clearly not a way any human being could ever look. But I'm pretty sure there are enough birth defects out there that Patrick could actually end up looking like this as a human being. And while I don't mean to insult anyone, coming across a brute of a man who looks like this would probably scare the sh*t out of me at first. Especially if all he was wearing were those shorts and the big frown he has on as well. I've seen people with misshapen heads and with very close-together eyes. I've seen people who seem to have more of a mitt for a hand than fingers. So I really do think that this human version of Patrick, while scary, could be fairly accurate.

6 Invader Zim And Gir

Ok, this is just hilarious. Invader Zim is probably one of the best Nickelodeon shows to have ever been created and there's something about Zim and Gir being humans that is extra hilarious. Because then it really makes them psychotic. They want to conquer Earth, but not in the name of some alien species (if they're human). The human versions of them though are pretty similar to their alien versions. I'd say they're just a bit taller with a little less green and exaggerated features. Gir is very much still the quirky and bizarre nutcase who is always just a little off the deep end. And Zim still looks like the mastermind of conquering Earth (even though everyone knows that he's just a little inept when it comes to world domination).

5 Rango

This is an incredible likeness. Apparently, the only thing you have to do in order to see Rango in human form is to take a look at the voice actor for the character. It seems that Johnny Depp really wanted to get as close to his character as possible, so he showed up to the studio to record his lines while in costume. It's almost like method acting except for the fact that Depp can't really act like a chameleon. That being said though, he does a pretty good job of looking like Rango (which I'm sure the artists on the film did on purpose). It's not often you get a live-action version of a character like that that actually works really well. Even cosplayers would add some sort of tail, or body paint, or some weird attempt of chameleon eyes.

4 Reptar And Rugrats

Ok, so this might be a little bit of a cheat. But I couldn't give up this awesome Nickelodeon cosplay. Let's be honest. If Reptar was ever going to be looked at as a human, it would be just in this way: a ridiculous Reptar costume worn at a convention by a very pretty lady. I think that's about it. So that's how I justify this shot. Not to mention that Tommy and Chucky have never looked so good. I'll be honest, it is kind of strange that these women have taken characters who are meant to be something like 6-years-old and younger and have turned them into very, very attractive adult characters. It definitely is strange, but I think I might be able to get over that fact if for no other reason than that this female version of Chucky (who is human in the show too, sorry) is scorching.

3 Biggie Cheese

For those of you who don't recall, or haven't brushed up on your memes from 2006, Biggie Cheese is from Barnyard. You might remember him singing Mr. Bombastic by Shaggy in that film. If not, then you might remember one of the many memes that were created shortly after the film came out. Either way, this guy looks almost exactly like Biggie Cheese. To be fair to this guy though, Biggie Cheese was just a fat rat in the film covered in bling... and this guy is clearly much bigger than a rat. But if you were to translate Biggie Cheese into a human being, this is definitely the guy I would point out as that human version. Even in the attitude of that way he's standing works so well to capture the Barnyard character.

2 Tigress And Tai Lung

Here we have one of the skeptical good guys and the sole bad guy from Kung Fu Panda. A lot of people seem to really want to reinvent characters from this film as humans. Either way, I love the connection that the artist here made between the original animal versions of these characters to the human versions above. Tigress, you can see, clearly has her striped print as a tattoo on her arm, while Tai Lung has his leopard print tattooed on him. It really helps to pull the essence of their original animal characters, and it kind of makes them look like badass warriors too. The only issue I really have with these two characters here is that I think Tigress should've been made to look a little more like Angelina Jolie... since she was the actor who voiced the character.

1 The Wu Sisters

The Wu Sisters are from Kung Fu Panda and are originally leopards. There are also only originally three of them. But I couldn't believe my luck when I came across these four sisters who are actually the Wu Sisters. And they're all about training and combat! How perfect is that!? I didn't have to find an artist's rendition of the leopard sisters. There just happens to be a human version of these sisters (with one addition). This shot comes from a video of the four of them all doing a Rocky sort of montage while they train in the gym. Now, to be fair here, I'm not sure if they are all that evil or anything. The Wu Sisters in the film are said to be the most notorious villains in China. I have a feeling that's not the same for the real sisters, but I still think it's awesome that they exist.

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