What 15 Beautiful Stars Hate About Themselves

A popular shtick in Us Weekly is their feature “Stars, They’re Just Like Us”. It shows off a variety of images of celebrities out and about, trying to make them more relatable to the public. Sometimes, that comes off a bit nutty as some stars are clearly way hotter than the public are. And some stars refuse to look anything less than a million bucks at all times, always making sure they appear glamorous. True, you’ll get segments of “before they were famous”, showing celebrities in their teenage years looking like geeks and such to show how they’ve changed. Most are able to retain some bits of that while others leave it far behind. But the fact is, many stars retain a lot of insecurities. If anything, fame just adds to it as the pressure to always look great and sexy can overwhelm their own personal feelings.

We all have anxieties and things we don’t like about ourselves. That’s just human nature, and yes, celebrities are human too. Too many starlets fall into addictions because the image they see in the mirror doesn’t look like what other people see and they try to overcompensate for that. Too many beautiful ladies have something about themselves they dislike, but luckily, most are able to see it as just an annoyance than something truly hurtful. Yet it is intriguing just how these women can imagine themselves with body issues that hamper them. Here is what 15 beautiful celebrities dislike about themselves and show stars really aren’t that different after all.

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15 Charlize Theron Hates Being So Gorgeous

Charlize Theron is not just a woman who seems to no longer age. She now looks even hotter and younger at 42 than in her breakout roles in the 1990s. The stunningly gorgeous actress has used her beauty and fame very well to become a massive success. It's led to her new career arc as an action heroine in the likes of Mad Max Fury Road and Atomic Blonde, the latter of which involved her cracking her teeth and breaking a rib. But she actually seems to think her beauty is a hinderance. Theron has stated in interviews that the only role of hers that she can watch is her Oscar-winning turn in Monster where she was completely unrecognizable. This may seem crazy but Theron says she believes her looks are a distraction from being taken more seriously as an actress and how she actually tries to "de-glam" for some roles but it fails. Sure, some may find it crazy that a woman could hate being gorgeous yet Theron honestly will cite that her looks are a drawback although many would disagree.

14 Sofia Vergara Feels Exaggerated

Via thecelebrityauction.co

It’s hard to imagine a woman being too sexy to be cast in Hollywood. But Sofia Vergara claims that’s happened to her. The bombshell actress is known for her height, her beauty, and that amazing chest and nice curves that always turn heads. Vergara said that made it harder for her to land any role other than “Latina sexpot” in a variety of TV shows and movies, and her thick accent didn’t help. But it finally paid off as she got the role of Gloria on Modern Family and the show is a genius at using her beauty as a key source of comedy. As it happens, Vergara herself talks about how she often feels “exaggerated” in her body, like “a walking doll” at times, especially with the outfits she’s in. She even says how “I look like a drag queen” with some of her photos and while it’s led to her grand success, Vergara shows that even the most beautiful of people can feel a bit too much some days.

13 Jennifer Lawrence Has Armpit Fat

Even at a young age, Jennifer Lawrence showed wisdom beyond her years. She was hailed in her early roles as looking great but also coming off older than she was. That paved the way for her Oscar-winning career that’s run from blockbusters like The Hunger Games to thinking-man dramas. Lawrence throws herself well into every part, but remains relatable with a down-to-earth style and hating the usual Hollywood game. In interviews, she always speaks her mind, from cursing to sharing her personal issues with little filter. That includes how, while her face and body regularly grace magazine covers, Lawrence has issues with her armpits. Yes, you read that right. She openly says “I have serious armpit fat” and compares them to a certain female body part. That those comments came on the red carpet of the SAG Awards when she was in a stunning dress just made it crazier. She may be among the Hollywood A-List, but as far as J-Law is concerned, her pits are among the worst around.

12 Taylor Swift Wants Bigger Eyes

Via GQ

It’s truly remarkable seeing how much Taylor Swift has changed. Her breakout as a country music star had Swift looking quiet and innocent, a true teenager, and that pushed her early work. But since then, she has transformed into one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, a style maven, and her latest video with a true edge taking it to her past personas. Swift is up-front about being proud of her body and not doing anything to upset her fans, yet she has her own insecurities. In her case, it’s her eyes. Usually cited as a great part with their brilliant color and vibrant energy, but Swift has said she feels her eyes are a bit too small as she complains about “looking like I’m peering or squinting constantly” in photos. She does wish she they were bigger to help out her face and look a little more distinctive. Most would feel her eyes are fine seeing her great beauty, but Swift would prefer a larger outlook on life.

11 Olivia Wilde Didn’t Think She Was Hot Enough For Her Husband

via: thefrisky.com

Look at Jason Sudeikis. A nice guy, good looks, but not what one would call overtly handsome. Now look at Olivia Wilde. An absolute knockout with a face nearly perfect in beauty, deep lush eyes and a lovely smile. The actress has had TV hits like The O.C. and House and fame in movies such as The Change-Up. She regularly is listed as one of the hottest women alive and a major sex symbol. She and Sudeikis are an off-beat couple yet somehow work. So it’s stunning that Wilde honestly thinks she wasn’t hot enough for Sudeikis.

That’s right, one of the sexiest women on the planet actually believed “I wasn’t beautiful enough” for Sudeikis, saying “he was so cool and funny” and she didn’t feel in his league. That is utterly mind-blowing as most men would hold Sudeikis as one of the luckiest guys on the planet to nab Wilde. Yet somehow, this woman truly believes she was the one deemed worthy enough to be with him. No wonder they work together so well as that is one truly wild area of thinking.

10 Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants Thinner Hips


When Party of Five began in 1994, Neve Campbell was the early contender for “hot breakout starlet” for her role on the drama. But Jennifer Love Hewitt soon rose to fame as best friend Julie. It was added on with Hewitt hitting it big in movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer and a brief spin-off Time of Your Life. She’s gone on to further TV success like Ghost Whisperer and The Client List and taken it to haters who slam her body. However, even she has issues and it’s not with her famed chest. Rather, Hewitt admits her hips could be on the thinner side. She’s openly stated “My body is like a pawnshop,” noting her curves aren’t up to her standards as much as she’d like as she’d much rather have thinner hips. Of course, most agree her curves are her best feature, but her hips are something Hewitt doesn’t love as much as others.

9 Katy Perry Hates Her Skin

It’s hysterical looking back at Katy Perry as a church-going gal with a laid-back style and not too outgoing. That’s changed big time with Perry one of the biggest music stars on the planet. She’s known for her knockout looks with her buxom build that she shows off in outrageous costumes but backs it up with great singing. Perry can also be inspiring with her message for young women to be themselves and not afraid to take chances. You’d think she’d be secure given how she flaunts her looks, but it turns out Perry has issues with her skin. She complains about having to work out to keep herself in shape, but it’s her skin that’s an issue. She says it’s way too light and worries about it looking bad in pictures. Indeed, Rolling Stone infamously airbrushed a cover of Perry to make her skin look better as it’s her least favorite feature. Perry has been opening up more on her insecurities and comfortable with herself but interesting how she’s so uncomfortable in her own skin.

8 Keira Knightley Wants A Larger Chest

After a few small roles (including Natalie Portman’s body double in The Phantom Menace), Keira Knightley got attention for the soccer drama Bend It Like Beckham. One film critic called her “the sexiest tomboy beanpole on the planet” thanks to her thin build. Months later, Knightley became a star in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, launching her to a box office name. Since then, she’s balanced blockbusters with critically acclaimed movies to win fans. Her face is glorious, but Knightley admits her curves aren’t notable. She openly wishes she had a bit bigger bust and it’s not just for personal reasons. Knightley has noted how her movies alter her looks in posters and such to make her bust look bigger (King Arthur is a key example) and she hates how they can’t let her look like herself. So it’s not just vanity that makes Knightley wish her chest was bigger but to end a bad message Hollywood sends to women.

7 Katie Holmes Prefers Not To Show Her Thighs


Katie Holmes has always had a unique vibe to her. When Dawson’s Creek debuted in 1998, Holmes was perfectly cast as the “girl next door” Joey and fit the role very nicely. She was hot but not overtly and showed off a nice charm in the part to make it a hit. That led to some movie hits but Holmes really got attention stripping down for the thriller The Gift. Her career hit a stalling point with her marriage to Tom Cruise, but now she’s coming back in various roles and out to remind folks how good an actress she is. Holmes has always looked great on camera, but her thighs are her big issue. She openly states she feels they look off and thus “I won’t show them on camera. Ever.” Indeed, look back on photos and you can see Holmes has a reluctance to flaunt much leg in them. So even the girl next door can have a problem with her looks and the insecurities that haunt Holmes beyond her marriage.

6 Angelina Jolie Hates Her Lips

From her breakout role in 1995’s Hackers, Angelina Jolie was notable for several things. There was her great acting talent, her stunning beauty, and her utter lack of shame baring her body for movies. Jolie was a fantastic starlet off the bat and especially notable for those lips. Full and firm, they could shift from a bright smile to a wicked smirk that made her a standout from the start. So it may be a surprise that’s Jolie’s least favorite part of her body. She complains about how they don’t look right, having been tempted to use collagen but thankfully talked out of it. Still, Jolie feels they’re too big and distracting, throwing off the rest of her face and wishes they were smaller. She also says that “I look like a Muppet.” That might be stunning given the woman regularly tops lists of the most beautiful people on the planet and still highly popular. Jolie is used to baring just about every part of her body on screen yet her famous lips are not her favorite feature.

5 Jessica Biel Wants Less Blemishes

Maybe this is somewhat ironic. Jessica Biel came to fame as the tomboy Mary Camden on the heartfelt family show 7th Heaven. In 2000, she made a huge uproar by posing nearly nude in Gear magazine which got her written off the show for a time. Biel would go on to major stardom in movies, several smash hits and showing her body off nicely in Powder Blue as a stripper. Yet it turns out she suffers from cases of acne as she tries to hide it in her photo shoots. Biel blames it on sweating so much for movie roles and wearing a lot of makeup in her shoots which causes acne to develop and thus wishes she was less pimple-prone. She also suffers from issues with gaining weight in her hips. "If I gain any weight it's always right around my hips, so that area sometimes bugs me, and I wish my legs were longer. I have the same insecurities as every other person." Yes, even a former teen actress still has teenage issues.

4 Demi Lovato Dislikes Her Belly

It’s infamous how Demi Lovato's insecurities led her down some dark paths. The starlet broke out on the Disney Channel with Camp Rock and Sonny With a Chance as a bright and lovely talent. But just as things were going great, Lovato hit a bad patch with drug use and cutting amid other problems. She went to rehab and emerged stronger, talking about her new love for her body and herself and not above flaunting it a few times. Lovato talks a lot about how much better she is and giving young women a role model to look up to by inspiring them with her story. Yet she still retains a few insecurities as she mentioned how she rarely posts pictures of her stomach as she feels self-conscious about it. It’s not just weight, she also thinks it just feels a bit much. She is more open, posting some photos yet doesn’t bare her mid-riff as much as other starlets do. Lovato has become a role model for many for overcoming her problems yet some hint of those past insecurities does remain.

3 Beyoncé Wants Better Feet


Since breaking out with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has been known for her fantastic body. There are the long legs, the very curvaceous booty, a nice chest and gorgeous features. Queen Bey is amazing in any photo as the images of her pregnant body nearly broke Instagram. You’d think that would be enough as most hail her as close to perfection. But as it turns out, Beyoncé is not a fan of her feet. She’s talked of how they tend to swell (perhaps no surprise, given all the dancing she does for her concerts) but she feels they get bigger with her pregnancy. Indeed, a nice photo had Jay-Z giving her feet a massage and her enjoying it. Beyoncé has openly said her feet just feel very fat and she wishes she had something a bit smaller to walk on at times. It seems amazing a woman so beautiful can get hung up on something like her feet but it shows even the Queen has some royal issues at times.

2 Anne Hathaway Feels Too Thin

Her breakout role in The Princess Diaries showed Anne Hathaway’s lovely talents in 2001. The actress had a great comic timing and lovely charm to win over fans nicely. She transformed her image big time with body-baring scenes in dramas such as Brokeback Mountain and boosted her to an Oscar-winning star. Hathaway is known for her amazing beauty and some hot curves, but she actually has issues with how she looks, worried about her face and too large a smile. Her biggest issue is her weight. As she talked to Glamour magazine, “I still feel the stress over ‘Am I thin enough? Am I too thin? Is my body the right shape?’” That may seem wild given how her body looks perfectly fine in anything from a Catwoman costume to nothing at all, yet Hathaway has that feeling. Thankfully, it hasn’t led to bigger issues but it shows even a major Hollywood starlet can get weight anxieties and makes Hathaway far more relatable to some fans.

1 Jessica Alba Feels Saggy


From the moment the posters for Dark Angel were put up, Jessica Alba was a star. The sight of this gorgeous brunette in leather was terrific and made the show a much see. A young Alba was the perfect casting for a genetically enhanced fighter and she did great in the part. It launched her career of sexy roles, but Alba has since made far more money as the founder and owner of the Honest Company, the woman a legitimate billionaire. She still looks amazing, but Alba actually doesn’t seem the biggest fan of her looks. She often complains about her breasts being “too saggy” and how it took her too long to get back into shape after giving birth. That’s astounding given most hail Alba as having one of the best post-baby bodies in all of Hollywood. She still looks great doing yoga and other bits, and while she relies more on business riches than her acting career, Alba is still a knockout by any means to look not saggy at all.

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