We Can't Believe The 15 Tweets These Celebs Deleted Within Minutes

Twitter is a great tool for communicating with others and keeping up with the news and your favorite people. Celebrities also adore this platform as it allows them to connect on a personal level with their fans in a way they never were able to before. At the same time, having this sort of platform can also lead to some blunders from time to time.

We all may post stupid, dumb or embarrassing things from time to time, but there is a big difference from most people doing that and celebrities doing that. While maybe a couple of people will see our regretful tweet before we come to our senses and delete it, celebrities don't get that option. Within seconds, thousands of people have already seen and/or screenshotted their tweets. So even when they delete them off of their account, they are by no means gone from the internet.

This article will take a look at 15 crazy tweets that celebrities deleted for one reason or another. Whether they were accidents, offensive or anything in between, we can't believe these 15 tweets!

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15 CeeLo Green Ruins His Career With A Single Tweet

via thethings.com

CeeLo Green is seen as sort of a weird dude. He is largely famous because of one incredibly popular song and has managed to turn that into a long career that has spanned many years. While he has been successful, not everyone will like or appreciate his music and act. After one music critic shared their opinions with Green on Twitter, he responded in a way that was not appropriate at all. Instead of just ignoring it, Green felt like he needed to ask the individual if they were gay and then proceed to tell them "f*** you". This seems like a very disproportionate response and one that people did not take lightly. He took the tweets down after, but the damage was done and most people were unhappy with his actions.

14 Russell Brand Pisses Off Katy Perry With A Photo

via zetaboards.com

Russel Brand is a very brave man. A few years ago, he posted a photo of superstar Katy Perry on his Twitter account without any makeup on. Perry is a beautiful woman, but this isn't the most flattering photo of the singer. Despite deleting the photo soon after posting it to his near-2 million followers at the time, the damage had already been done and a ton of people saw the photo and saved it. There is a good chance Perry voiced her displeasures with the photos and had her husband take them down. While this was something done with good intention, it is a good idea to ask your significant other if doing something like this is okay before you go ahead and do it.

13 Bow Wow Tweets He Is A Drunk Driver

via rebelcircus.com

Drunk driving is a terrible thing and is something far too many people do on a day to day basis. It's one thing to do it in secret, but it's a whole other thing to openly describe via social media that you are drunk and driving. Well, a few years ago, that is exactly what Bow Wow did. On the night of New Year's Eve ahead of the year 2010, Bow Wow was obviously doing a lot of partying and thought it was smart to take to Twitter and claim that despite being f***ed up, he was still driving. He soon removed the tweet and apologized, but that doesn't excuse his terribly harmful behavior. He has since deleted the whole account, but there is no erasing this terrible tweet from the internet.

12 Dean McDermott Shows Off Tori Spelling's Chest

At first glance, the photo tweeted out by Dean McDermott of his child is a sweet one. But upon closer inspection, you see something that would make your eyes pop. In the background of the photo, you can clearly see his wife (the famous actress and TV personality Tori Spelling) topless. I guess Doug didn't see this at first glance as he sent out the tweet to thousands and thousands of followers. Of course, he eventually realized his huge mistake and took the photo down, but unfortunately, thousands of people had already seen his wife topless. She was obviously quite unhappy with this and it is just an overall bad and embarrassing situation for everyone involved.

11 Billboard Sends A Classless Tweet Aimed At The Kardashians

via jezebel.com

We know it's fun to poke fun at the Kardashians from time to time, but this one was a little unnecessary and is something that should have never been tweeted by anyone, let alone Billboard. The photo they sent out shows North West (Kim's son with Kanye West) licking a lollipop with a caption: "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". This seems an awful lot like Billboard making allusions to Kim Kardashian's "tape". In the process, they are also s*xualizing a child, which is obviously a horrific thing to do. Twitter went at them hard for this errant tweet and they eventually deleted the tweet and offered an apology. Why they thought that was an okay thing to post in the first place is beyond us.

10 Terrible Train Retweet

via mediaite.com

Donald Trump is no stranger to Twitter, and is very active on the app every single day. However, he has a bit of a reputation for deleting tweets. Despite having millions of followers screenshotting everything he tweets, he still thinks deleting tweets is a smart way to pretend you never said something you did. One of his most terrible examples of this isn't deleting a tweet he sent, but is un-retweeting something he retweeted. He retweeted a photo of the "Trump Train" running into a CNN reporter. That's already pretty bad, but it got much worse due to the timing of the retweet. This came only days after the terrible tragedy in Charlottesville where an innocent woman was killed after a white supremacist ran his car into a crowd of people. He soon unretweeted it, but the damage had already been done as tons of people saw the tweet and were outraged.

9 Kenneth Cole Uses Civil Unrest In Egypt As A PR Opportunity

via myrlandmarketing.com

The last thing you should do when there is a tragedy or hardship being experienced somewhere in the world is to try and capitalize on it. Unfortunately, that is exactly what clothing brand Kenneth Cole, decided to do a few years ago during the uproar in Egypt. Instead of remaining silent or wishing for a civil end to the situation, they decided to send out what they thought was a clever tweet, it was not. It was badly timed, badly worded and just plain bad in every sense of the word. They soon took it down which was a good idea, but it was way too late. Since then they have had other similar tweets and postings, so it seems like they haven't learned from their mistake all these years ago.

8 Jason Biggs' Joke Is Far Too Soon

via solopos.com

Jason Biggs is best known for his role in the American Pie films, and is generally thought of as a pretty good guy. And while that is still likely the case, he wasn't doing himself any favors when he did a terrible thing in July of 2014. After a Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down over Ukraine, Biggs took to Twitter to say: "Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles", which is a terrible joke that was way too early. He got reamed by hundreds of people on social media and soon he removed the tweet and issued an apology. Hopefully he, and other people, learn to not make similar ill-advised tweets after terrible happenings in the world.

7 Rihanna Claims She Slept With Beyonce's Husband

Rihanna and Beyonce are two of the biggest stars in the music industry and have been for many years. Well, a few years back, they were brought together in a big social media issue. The issue was that a tweet from Rihanna's account claimed that she had slept with Beyonce's husband, Jay Z. This, of course, was a huge claim and caused a huge uproar in the music world. The tweet was quickly deleted, and Rihanna claimed that she was hacked and it wasn't her who sent out the tweet. There is a good chance this one was a simple hack or a tweet sent out by an employee, but there is no way to know for sure, and Rihanna isn't one to hold back, so it is totally possible that it might have been her.

6 Once Again, CeeLo Green Ruins His Career With A Single Tweet

As if one entry in this article wasn't enough, CeeLo Green is making a second appearance. Some might think it would be hard to outdo his stupid tweet earlier, but he somehow did it. Instead of being rude and homophobic like his last tweet, this one is just plain offensive. He, in plain English, said that a woman would remember if she was really r*ped. Of course, this is an awful and untrue thing to say, and Twitter users everywhere let him hear how stupid it was. He half-heartedly apologized and removed the tweet, but with this not being the first time he said something awful, many didn't take his apology seriously.

5 Mary J. Blige With One Of The Most Ironic Tweets Ever

via lolwot.com

Mary J. Blige is an amazingly talented singer and performer, but after sending this tweet, she might not be convincing many people that she is intelligent. She was obviously upset that people didn't think that she was very intelligent and decided to take to Twitter to voice her displeasure. As you can see, she had a massive spelling error on the worst possible word. It is very ironic that she made a tweet about people questioning her intelligence while spelling the word wrong. She, of course, heard about it from many followers and deleted the tweet soon after, and apologized for her mistake. This one wasn't harmful in any way like many of the others on this list, just silly!

4 Denise Richards Tweets Out Her Phone Number

via ifixyouri.com

When you are on Twitter, you really need to worry about what you are doing. You do not want to be one of those people who think they are sending a DM and actually end up sending a public tweet. Denise Richards was, unfortunately, one of those people. She thought she was sending her phone number in a DM to a friend, but unfortunately, she posted it for the entire world to see! Of course, a ton of people messaged/called her and she had to actually get a new phone and number. She, of course, deleted the tweet very soon after posting it, but when you are a huge celeb with a lot of followers, that is already too late.

3 Oprah Begs Her Followers To Watch Her Network

via huffingtonpost.com

Oprah is without a doubt one of the most successful people on the planet, but even she has the occasional blunder. Her show was very successful in its day, but her OWN TV network was not doing so hot. In an effort to drum up better ratings, she told her followers to tune into the network, even going as far as saying "especially if you have a Nielsen box". For those who don't know, a Nielsen box is one of the things that help develop the "ratings" system for TV shows and channels and such. This one was embarrassing for a number of reasons. First of all, it sounds a lot like begging, which is not a good look for anyone, especially someone as successful as Oprah. Secondly, Nielsen actually was the one to contact her to take the tweet down, so that has to feel pretty bad too.

2 Hulk Hogan's Creep Shot Of His Own Daughter

via atlnightspots.com

There is no doubt that Brooke Hogan is a very attractive woman. People share photos of attractive women all the time, but very rarely are those attractive women their daughters. Hulk Hogan broke that rule as he posted a fairly sultry photo of his daughter in a skimpy outfit. While that is already weird enough, the caption was "Brooke's legs". Thanks, Hulk, we actually didn't know what was included in the photo. He claimed that this was just him being a "proud dad" but I think it goes a little beyond that and is bordering on weird. This was definitely pretty creepy and it was a good idea for him to delete the tweet, even though it didn't do a whole lot as many people already saved and shared the photo and creepy tweet.

1 Anthony Shows Off His Weiner

via youtube.com

This tweet was not only extremely embarrassing and offensive, but it actually ruined a successful man's life. Before this tweet led to a whole ordeal, Anthony Weiner was a successful congressman and even ran for the Mayor of New York. In 2011, Weiner posted a picture of his.. well... you know.... to his public Twitter account. First, he claimed he was hacked and deleted the tweet, but it was soon revealed that it was indeed him and not only this, but he had been chatting with and sending lewd photos to many other women, despite being married. This all but ruined his political career and he was actually sentenced to some prison time stemming from these incidents. This was definitely one of the most shocking Twitter-related scandals ever.

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