Vince Wants Ronda And Rock Together: 14 Other Business Ideas He Doesn’t Want Us Knowing

From Steve Austin returning to the WWE to the announcement of the XFL returning, AND to Ronda Rousey inking a full-time deal - it was one hell of a week for Vince McMahon – arguably the company’s greatest week in the last couple of years. Not only did Rousey sign, but so did other indie stars (which includes Ricochet, War Machine and ECIII among some of the names). Not only is the main roster in fine shape but NXT is also thriving with the new deals and recent TakeOver show. As if all that wasn’t enough, the WWE even just recently inked a deal with a former broadcaster who’s set to return tonight; we’ll have more on that fresh story later in the article.

The WWE is on a big time high coming off of a tremendous week, however as we’ve seen in the past, Vince has a lot of other pieces of business for the future. From match bookings to future singings to television rights, we’ll feature a variety of rumors McMahon and the WWE don’t want us knowing about. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. We begin with a breaking story pertaining to the details of Ronda’s WWE future. Here are 15 rumored business ideas Vince McMahon doesn’t want us to know about. Let’s get started! Ring the bell!

15 The Rock Set For WWE Return

It appears as though a big mixed tag match is currently in the works behind the scenes. According to the latest gossip, not only is Ronda Rousey set to compete at WrestleMania, but it appears as though she’ll be flanked by the Great One himself, The Rock.

The initial speculation indicated that Rousey was likely to compete for a championship, however it appears as though those plans have now shifted. The WWE built a future match between the four back at WrestleMania 31 and it looks like the time might be right for the bout to take place. Rock being added to the mix only adds to the prestige of her appearance along with protecting Ronda in a tag team match. Stephanie has also thrown out some rumors in the past couple of weeks indicating her desire to return; it appears as though she’ll be getting that wish sooner rather than later.

14 Reason For No Taker At The Rumble

The Rumble event was a major positive in all aspects, however one cameo that didn’t take place surprised many, and that was The Undertaker not appearing at the show. Photos from Saturday showed that Taker was in fact in Philly as he was sightseeing just a day before the event. However he wasn’t utilized, and it turns out there’s a reason for it.

According to the latest gossip, Taker was kept off the show due to the fact that the WWE intends on building an Elias against John Cena storyline before the high profile WrestleMania bout. The original intent saw Samoa Joe slotted into a match against John, however Elias is now the replacement as a tune-up match before The Undertaker. We expect the rivalry to take shape following a Cena victory over The Drifter.

13 Lashley Set For A WWE Return

This weekend was filled with massive breaking stories from behind the scenes, one that flew under the radar featured Bobby Lashley inking a WWE deal. According to Dave Meltzer, the former ECW Champion was in negotiations with both New Japan and the WWE, however talks with New Japan have ended indicating that a WWE return is more than likely to take place any day now. Some even speculated that Lashley was to be placed in the US Open Challenge; however that was not the case.

A major part of his signing is for a potential feud with Brock Lesnar. According to the latest rumors, the two are set to embark in a feud after WrestleMania. Lensar’s contract is set to run out following SummerSlam and perhaps, a feud with Lashely might be his final bit of business before returning to the UFC.

12 Rey Mysterio’s WWE Future

One of the top returns from the Rumble featured Rey Mysterio making his WWE return. The comeback received a huge pop from the Philly crowd and adding to the nostalgia feel, Mysterio looked to be in remarkable shape and perhaps the best of his entire career. Fans chanted “you still got it” and that was merited in more ways than one.

Although fans want this return to be permanent, it appears as though the deal was a one-shot type of ordeal. The cameo talks actually took place just a week before the show, but the result ended in WWE’s favor, as he appeared at the event. As of now, there’s no commitment between the two sides and Mysterio might end up signing with Impact despite the appearance.

11 Reason For Nikki Eliminating Brie

Both Bellas returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble event. We applaud the sisters for their cameos, especially Brie, who looked terrific despite the fact that she just gave birth to her first child. The twins played a prominent role in the match lasting in the final three. Shockingly, Brie was eliminated by her sister and it turns out there was a motive for the elimination.

No, it was not done with the purpose of turning Nikki heel, instead the bit was all intended for the reality show Total Divas, with the cameras on sight. Nikki and Brie were monumental in bringing up the reality show's popularity and it seems as though the WWE wants to continue that trend setting up the angle purposely for the episode.

10 Brock Unhappy With Stiff Shot

A shocking incident that took place last night saw an enraged Brock Lesnar land a stiff shot to Braun Strowman. It may have been as a result of a stiff shot prior to the blow, as Lesnar took a terrible knee to the side of the head by Braun. Lesnar was none too pleased with the blow; he was visibly angry after the spot and connected with a brutal jab to the side of Braun’s head, one that wobbled Strowman and shocked the live Philly crowd. The WWE took notice of the two stiff spots replaying them over and over again. Thankfully, order was maintained after the outrageous shots and cooler heads prevailed.

The truth of the matter is that Lesnar was none too pleased with the stiffness of the knee, although it was likely accidental. This is only speculation, but we hope the spot doesn’t get Strowman or Lesnar into any trouble moving forward.

9 Enzo Removed From WWE Trucks

It was a crazy week in the world of sports and entertainment, not only did we see multiple returns and debuts, but we also saw the departure of one of the more prominent WWE stars, Enzo Amore. For those hoping that the release isn’t permanent, this recent story is something you won’t be happy about, as the WWE have removed Enzo’s face from their trucks - hence the release being a permanent thing.

The matter has gotten more and more clear in the recent days, according to the rumors Enzo was already walking a fine line behind the scenes and the allegation were seen as his last strike with the company. What really infuriated the company was the fact that Amore didn’t notify any WWE rep when the allegations were first classified against the former Cruiserweight Champion. For now, he remains on the down-low while issuing a statement of his innocence in the matter.

8 Several NXT Debuts Set To Take Place

Not only did the Rumble showcase several returns, but the NXT: TakeOver event the night before ushered in multiple signings. Among the names includes Candice LaRae, War Machine, EC3 and Ricochet. All of the newly signed wrestlers are expected to make their NXT debuts in the next couple of weeks. Despite the rumors of Ricochet joining 205 Live, it appears as though he’ll instead be kept off of main roster television and utilized down in the developmental brand – a decision that nobody is complaining about.

We can expect a huge boost from all of the new signings for the NXT brand; it’ll also facilitate lots of call-ups in the future with the new talents signing with the developmental brand. It’s an exciting time to be a wrestling fan and the new talent in NXT just makes the future that much brighter.

7 No Chris Jericho At WrestleMania

During a live feed on Instagram, Jericho admitted he was not taking part in the Royal Rumble festivities. Instead, he was hopping on a flight to Paris along with his band Fozzy. Some speculation made the claim that it was all a bluff, however it turns out that Jericho was telling the truth all along.

Along with not appearing at the Rumble, Jericho also stated that he is not WrestleMania bound this year due to the fact that the timing for a key match just isn’t there at the moment. Chris also made the claim that he was happy with his backstage Raw 25 appearance, as anything in-ring just wouldn’t make much sense at all. For the time being, it appears as though we won’t see much of Y2J in a WWE ring during 2018.

6 Authors Of Pain Main Roster Debut

The team of Rezar and Akam, known as the Authors of Pain might have competed in their final tag match during the recent NXT: TakeOver PPV. According to recent speculation, the team did the job due to the fact that they’re set to make the jump over to the main roster. The duo can debut on either brand, whether it be joining SmackDown Live and feuding with the dominant Usos, or even taking on the new tag champs Cesaro and Sheamus over on Raw.

Whatever the case may be, a main roster run is expected to take place immediately, especially following their recent loss which seems like the perfect write-off for the big duo. Aged 23 and 24 respectively, the two have quite the future with the WWE – it also helps that they’ve got some serious size - something Vince loves in his performers.

5 Major Network Deal Expected

In just a matter of days, Vince McMahon likely jacked up the prices of the WWE’s future network deal quite substantially. Whether it be NXT signing several new talents, The Rock possibly returning, the XFL making a comeback and best of all, Ronda signing a full-time deal with the company – all these factors indicate a huge bidding war for the rights to air Raw and SmackDown.

Among the interested networks at the moment include NBC and Fox. Other major companies have all shown interest; Facebook and Amazon are among some of the big players also looking into airing the WWE product. With Rousey as the new face of the company, expect the WWE to sign a major deal with a company to air their programming in 2019. However, due to some recent speculation, the company might be forced into returning to a two hour show due to the local news playing at 10PM on both Fox and NBC.

4 Angle Versus Jordan Might Be Back On

As we’ve seen countless times, the WWE has a way of changing plans on the regular. A match that seemed likely to take place at ‘Mania featured WWE legends Kurt Angle and Triple H going toe-to-toe. However, those plans changed multiple times with the rumor mill even indicating that Hunter was to face Braun Strowman at one point. Though, both matches no longer seem to be the case with Triple H likely to team up with his wife in a marquee WrestleMania bout against Rock and Ronda Rousey.

Such a match means that the WWE might have to revert to an older rumored match, featuring Angle and his “son” Jason Jordan. The match is now a lot closer to taking place with Jordan double-crossing Rollins and turning heel. His antics can spill over in a possible WrestleMania bout against Kurt Angle.

3 The Coach Resigns With The WWE

A breaking story, The Coach is officially back with the WWE. A member of the WWE family back in 1999, Coach stayed on board with the company till 2008, he would later leave joining ESPN. His time with the network was very beneficial for the WWE as the company got lots of exposure on the network due to Coach’s role. He’s now gone from the network, though it didn’t take long for a new WWE deal to be reached.

Coach is set to make his return immediately, joining the broadcast table on Raw alongside Corey Graves and Michael Cole. The odd man out Booker T, is set to reprise his role as a panelist over on WWE kick-off shows prior to PPV events. At the age of 42, the signing is a big upgrade (no disrespect to the great Booker T).

2 The Women’s Division's Future

With Ronda making her debut, it seems like the division has been turned upside down. However, Rousey isn’t expected to join the title picture. Instead, it appears as though Asuka might be challenging Charlotte Flair for her championship at WrestleMania. Which begs the question: who takes on Alexa Bliss? A double cross might take place as the rumor mill indicates that Nia Jax might be the chosen one to take on Bliss at the marquee event.

In other news, we saw lots of returns at the PPV during the female Royal Rumble match. For now, it’s only speculation, but perhaps the likes of Trish and Michelle McCool might be staying a little longer. A rumored scenario has emerged featuring Sasha potentially turning heel to take on Trish in another huge match. We can also expect Michelle McCool to stick around and perhaps join SmackDown Live. She eliminated lots of women during the Rumble - which might be a push towards a return.

1 Rousey Signs A Full-Time Deal With WWE

A fan of the WWE since her youthful days, Ronda Rousey has finally inked a WWE deal. What shocked lots of fans however is the fact that the contract is not a part-time deal similar to Brock's, instead, Rousey is going in full force inking a full-time deal with the WWE. Now that’s some massive news!

Dana White commented on the signing claiming he’s really happy for Ronda given her love for pro wrestling. Rousey was overcome with joy following her Rumble cameo claiming it was all so surreal to go out in front of a live audience and just take it all in and enjoy the moment without thinking about the outcome of a match (similar to her older days as an MMA fighter). No matter how you look at it, Rousey signing full-time is a massive deal for Vince McMahon and the WWE’s future.

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