UFC vs WWE: 16 Steamy Pics Of The Horsewomen

The Four Horseman of professional wrestling -- Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and JJ Dillon (we’re counting this as the official version since they got into the WWE HOF as a group, without anybody who was a minor member) -- took their name from the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. They were four beings -- not quite human, but not alien -- who appear at the end of The Bible and represent Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death. When they ride into town, it’s over.

When the wrestling version of The Four Horsemen rode into town, it meant the end for whatever team of good guys thought they could triumph. This group from the late days of NWA and early days of WCW were easily the most dominant stable in the history of wrestling. It’s thus not surprising that with the rise of women’s grappling, both real and staged, a Four Horsewomen group would come along.

Who knew that two of them would happen, though? We’ll get to the specifics of each group soon, but both the Ultimate Fighting Championship and World Wrestling Entertainment somewhat organically developed their own fighting female foursome. Now, it looks like the WWE may be building to a confrontation between the two.

But we can have our own today. There’s no doubt that the eight women who make up the competing Horsewomen groups are all physically imposing, but they're also all physically beautiful. We can guess all day long what’s going to happen once they get in the ring, but we can simulate a tournament of who wins when we’re talking about the most beautiful. Let’s get ready to rumble and figure out through photography in single-elimination tourney style who the hottest Four Horsewomen really are.


16 In this corner, the UFC Four Horsewomen

Now, if this were a real fight and not just a competition based on looks, there would be no contest. The quartet of Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, Shayna Baszler, and Marina Shafir would annihilate the professional wrestlers because they're legitimate tough girls who could beat most men in any legitimate fight. All have had various levels of success in mixed martial arts, and we’ll get to them individually, but it's important to note that they took their nickname from the exact same place as WWE’s Four Horsewomen. Both groups have an affinity for professional wrestling, and UFC’s Horsewomen (especially Ronda Rousey) regularly drop wrestling references in their interviews. It’s widely known that Rousey asked Roddy Piper if she could use the nickname “Rowdy,” but we’ve never heard any similar stories if she asked the NWA originals if they could co-opt that moniker.

15 And in this corner, the WWE Four Horsewomen


Next, we look at the wrestling quartet in this duel over who has the hotter Horsewomen. The WWE’s Four Horsewomen came together when they were all in the NXT developmental territory and can probably be credited (along with access to the WWE Network) with why the small Florida group rose to international prominence. It's absolutely fair to say there have never been four women wrestlers of such talent who got as much opportunity to display said talent. Becky Lynch had a ton of international indie experience, while Sasha Banks repped Northeast indies, and Bayley had the west coast covered. Charlotte Flair had never wrestled before hitting NXT, but with the perfect DNA, she fell right into the mat game perfectly. Lynch, Flair, and Banks all started with WWE in summer 2015, while Bayley joined them a year later.

14 Quarterfinals: Jessamyn Duke vs. Bayley

In a real fight, Duke would kill Bayley in a matter of seconds. In verbal warfare, though, the big loser would be the audience. So, here we’ve got someone who latched onto the star power of Ronda Rousey to help her own career against somebody who's played second fiddle to Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair on both the NXT and WWE rosters. Neither have records that are particularly amazing, with Duke not having fought professionally since July 2016. That fight was her fifth loss in a row. Bayley is portrayed as the loveable underdog, which means she loses much more than she wins, and rightfully so. But enough about inside of the ring. When it comes to standing in front of a mirror, who really deserves the victory?

13 Winner: Jessamyn Duke


Sure, Duke may have started her career at 3-0 and lost her last five fights (meaning she hasn’t tasted victory since November 2013), but when it comes to a battle of looks, we’ve got to hand this one to Duke, who's the most physically imposing of the UFC’s Four Horsewomen. Duke actually hasn’t fought for the UFC since July 2015, when she suffered her third straight loss as part of the organization. Seeing no real opportunity to successfully promote Duke, they released her, after which she went on to suffer straight losses with the Invicta FC group. She started her career there with that trio of wins, but with her two losses, they now probably have other ideas. Thankfully for the WWE, if anything transpires between the two Horsewomen groups, it will be in their company, and they can control Duke’s record moving forward.

12 Quarterfinals: Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler

If the Mae Young Classic taught us anything, it’s that Shayna Baszler could have a nice career in front of her as a professional wrestler. The tournament served as much as a coming out party for the MMA star who spent almost a decade fighting for various promotions on her way to a 15-11 professional record than anybody else, with her fellow Horsewomen sitting front row cheering her on in excellent matches, especially against indie legend Mercedes Martinez. Here, she’s taking on another Mercedes, although Sasha stopped going by her real first name when she started with NXT after years wrestling as Mercedes KV on the indie circuit. Baszler is already in her late 30s, which will hurt her longevity, but in the battle of looks, does that matter?

11 Winner: Sasha Banks


No, in a battle of looks, age doesn’t specifically matter, but any of the other seven Horsewomen on either the UFC or WWE sides would likely take down Baszler in a beauty contest. She’s not ugly, but she’s just not Sasha Banks. Years ago, during the late 1990s Attitude Era in WWE when women were first getting a major role, wrestling skills didn’t matter. It’s kind of amazing the WWE’s Horsewomen grew up watching this and still pursued wrestling since they didn’t fit the mold of the fake-chested, dyed blonde beauty who had no skills on the mic or the mat. Banks is easily the best pure wrestler of WWE’s Horsewomen and certainly has her fair share of admirers. She’s not always super fond of those admirers, though, as recent interviews have seen her complain about people bothering her in airports and restaurants when she’s away from the ring. She’s clearly the Regina George of this quartet.

10 Quarterfinals: Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair

The greatest female UFC fighter ever vs. the daughter of the greatest wrestler ever. It’s a promoter’s dream match come true, and if Vince McMahon has his way, once this Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen story plays out through late 2017 and likely early 2018, we have a feeling this is very high up on his list of must-haves. What would've made it more awesome was if Roddy Piper were still alive and would be able to be in “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey’s corner while Ric Flair was in the corner of his daughter. The truth is, if not for Rousey’s star power and her love of professional wrestling, none of this feuding between the groups would be happening, and since it appears that the mixed martial artists are done with the real stuff, a transition is only natural. But when it comes to the battle of beauty, which one of these champions takes the title?


9 Winner: Ronda Rousey


While neither is going to be mistaken for a supermodel or be found winning any beauty pageants in the near future, we’re going to give the edge to Rousey over Charlotte Flair in this one-on-one contest of looks. While we love the kind of height that comes with a woman like Charlotte, we’re not a great fan of hair color that comes out of a bottle or a chest that comes out of a... where do they get the silicone that goes into fake breasts? While Charlotte looks the most like one of the females from The Attitude Era, she also probably has taken to wrestling quicker than any woman who’s had even a tiny bit of WWE success. Rousey has posed in only-paint for Sports Illustrated magazine, while Charlotte had nude photos leaked in early 2017. When it came to those photos of the ladies in their birthday suits, we thought Rousey won that contest easily, too.

8 Quarterfinals: Becky Lynch vs. Marina Shafir

There’s far more crossover with the UFC women into WWE territory than there has been the other way. You’ve got Rousey who took Roddy Piper’s nickname and can already claim a Wrestlemania 31 throw of Triple H on her resume. Shayna Baszler has successfully made the transition to the squared circle, but when you’re talking about being intimately involved in wrestling, the UFC lady whom we’d give that nod to is Marina Shafir, who's engaged to be married to longtime independent wrestler and NXT star Roderick Strong and recently gave birth to their first child. We said "intimately involved," didn’t we? But, this is supposed to be about looks and not who's having kids. When it comes down to a battle of beauty between Shafir and the final Horsewoman in our list, Becky Lynch, we can’t help but think this is a first-round knockout.

7 Winner: Becky Lynch


Sorry, Roderick, but we’re not going with Mrs. Strong on this one. We know that Becky isn’t a natural redhead since she sported her natural brunette look when she was out on the independent circuit wrestling as Rebecca Knox. What a lot of people don’t know about Becky is that she suffered a pretty nasty injury that put her out of wrestling from 2007-2011, with the exception of a couple special appearances. She compressed her vertebrae, which gave her headaches and blurred her vision. It’s interesting to think if she hadn’t had that issue and taken the time off, she may never have ended up in NXT at exactly the right time. Becky probably wouldn’t have landed the most important women’s match in Wrestlemania history where the Diva title was retired and the females were once again treated as more than props. Sometimes, these things just work out -- except if you’re Roderick Strong. You picked the wrong girl, buddy.

6 Semifinals: Sasha Banks vs. Jessamyn Duke

So, now is probably the time to debate what makes a woman beautiful. If it’s confidence, belief in herself, and charisma, this is a very close contest. Banks has had more opportunities to show her character and practice it in front of crowds, whereas Duke is supposed to be portraying herself, so considering those parameters, we’d call this a draw. So, it comes down to simple physical beauty. We also have to remember that WWE travels with the best hair-and-makeup people in show business, whereas the various mixed martial arts companies that Duke has worked with don’t put quite the emphasis on physical beauty as they do on what a grappler can do inside of the cage. We didn’t think the semifinal round would be this tough, but we keep going back and forth between these two lethal beauties. In the end, though, we figured it out...

5 Winner: Jessamyn Duke


We looked over other photos than just the ones you’re seeing on this site in figuring out which of these ladies was the hottest. In the end, it came down to three factors. First, in almost all of the photos of Duke, she’s not wearing much makeup but still looks great. The makeup shots only enhance her. For Sasha, her hair and makeup are almost always perfect, but in those makeup-free shots we found, it’s obvious how much those professionals primping her help the aesthetics. Second, what can we say? We’re just a sucker for a tall girl. People are surprised to find out Sasha is 5-feet, 5-inches tall since she appears more petite on television, but Duke towers over Sasha at 5-feet, 11-inches tall. Duke is supposedly only 22 pounds heavier than Sasha, but we’re going to assume WWE might've added a few pounds to Sasha’s stats. Finally, we go to the leak factor. Duke had a series of photos taken on her phone leaked publicly, whereas we’re still waiting for Sasha’s. So what? Duke’s pictures let us fully examine every inch, if you pick up what we’re getting at.

4 Semifinals: Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch

So, how much does fame or talent play into a beauty contest? It has to count for something, right? When you’re talking fame, it’s hard to imagine that another woman is going to come along for the UFC and ever be as famous in the mainstream as Rousey was. An argument can be made that next to Conor McGregor, she’s the most famous UFC alumna and is responsible for bringing the sport into the mainstream. As far as talent goes, Rousey has it all over her fellow Horsewomen, with the best winning percentage and having held the most important titles. Lynch, if you’ve ever seen some of her fantastic NXT or indies work, is one of the most talented women wrestlers in the world today, but for whatever reason, the WWE hasn’t let her show what she can really do; nor have they put the promotional machine behind her like they have with all three of her other Horsewomen. But should any of this matter for either woman if we’re judging on physical beauty?

3 Winner: Becky Lynch


While the confidence that comes with star appeal is absolutely attractive, it only can carry you so far. If you randomly asked people on the street who was hotter, we think that Rousey would win because she has the more famous name. If you had no idea who either of them was and ran an experiment where Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch were both at a bar without any makeup on any and their hair wasn’t done, we have a feeling that 8 out of 10 people would say that Becky was the obvious natural beauty. Run that same experiment with both women looking their absolute best, and we bet that number runs up to 9 out of 10. If Rousey ends up in the WWE, we have a feeling they’re probably not going to push her looks but rather push her more as an impossible-to-beat powerhouse, kind of like a female version of Brock Lesnar. In a one-on-one match, we think that Becky doesn’t have much of a chance, but when it comes to looks, we’ll take the Irish Lasskicker any day.

2 Finals: Becky Lynch vs. Jessamyn Duke

Here we have our final matchup of who has the better-looking Horsewomen, WWE or UFC? In this tournament, it’s been close, but we think the two beauties in the finals are exactly where they should be. This isn’t about win-loss records because if it were, both of these ladies would've been knocked out in the first round. Lynch is the only one of the Horsewomen who never held the NXT title, and her brief reigns with the Smackdown women’s championship are nothing most of us will ever remember. Duke couldn’t score a win as a member of the UFC roster and has met a similar fate in her second stint with Invicta. For all intents and purposes, her MMA career is likely over. So, that’s the bad news. The good news is that one of these women will be considered the hottest Horsewoman... but who will it be?

1 Winner: Becky Lynch


Was there ever any doubt? When it comes to which of the Four Horsewomen group is the hottest, we have to give the title to the WWE ladies, and the MVP of that team has to be Becky Lynch. She’s always the one to take the pinfall in multi-partner matches, she doesn’t come from the bloodline of someone like Charlotte Flair, wasn’t well-known to US independent wrestling fans, and even beat a nasty injury that sidelined her for years. Jessamyn Duke is a natural beauty who stands nearly 6 feet tall and could beat up any man or woman -- with the exception of a few of her opponents -- on Earth. But when it comes to these women’s physical beauty, we have to give the narrow win to Becky Lynch. Hopefully, we’ll see the UFC and WWE Horsewomen go at it in a WWE ring soon, but until then, at least we have the pictures.


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