Treat Or Terror: 7 Celebs We Wish Skipped Halloween (And 8 We're Glad Dress Up)

Who doesn't love Halloween? Celebrities are definitely no exception to the idea of putting on a costume and going out into the night for some drinks and moments that they probably won't remember the next day. Though unlike for you and I, they'll have the paparazzi on hand to make sure their most embarrassing moments are photographed!

You might be feeling a lot of pressure to make sure you pick the right costume this year. Let's save you some time, don't go as Trump. It's not going to be funny and it'll just lead to awkward conversations all night long. To save you even more time, don't dress up in the same fashion that 7 of our celebrities chose to.

Like Julianna Hough who decided to try out her best impression of Crazy Eyes (complete with blackface), Katy Perry who embraced her inner-Cheeto and Chris Brown who literally dressed up as a terrorist.

And in case you're scrambling and looking for a costume, perhaps the other 8 celebrities on our list will steer you in the right direction. Included are some of the most memorable (and at times steamiest) costumes that we're sure you'd love to see celebrities try on again. Such as when Ariel Winter decided to informally audition for Hugh Hefner or when Demi Lovato took us over the rainbow. And who doesn't love seeing Neil Patrick Harris' family get into the spirit?

This is Treat Or Terror: 7 Celebrities We Wish Skipped Halloween (And 8 We're Glad Dress Up)


15 Treat - Gigi Hadid As Sandy (From Grease)

We apologize if looking at the above photo is going to leave you singing Grease for the rest of the day. Though given the kick-ass nature of Grease, you may end up thanking us! Or you could have no knowledge of the movie at all, and thus perhaps no appreciation for Hadid's take on Sally, but will still be loving the above photo.

Hadid wore the outfit to Heidi Klum's Halloween bash. We're sure there were plenty of good-looking women there that night, but none perhaps got people in a musical mood more than Hadid. Let's hope she got an invite back for this year's party that we're sure will be star-studded! Though the pressure's on to top the above year's effort.

14 Terror - Julianne Hough As Crazy Eyes


If you're offended by Julianne Hough's rendition of "Crazy Eyes" from Orange is the New Black, you wouldn't be the only one. It's easy to see why people would want to dress up as the beloved character, but doing so as a Caucasian woman in Hollywood is just going to be asking for trouble.

While she later removed some of the makeup that gave her a darker complexion, the damage was still very much done. When talking about the costume gaffe, Hough said

"It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way"

Perhaps this year she'll go as another memorable TV character from Netflix, but may we suggest maybe channeling her inner-Kimmy Schmidt instead?

13 Treat - Ariel Winter As One Of Hef's Bunnies

Ariel Winter turns heads and grabs the attention of the paparazzi anytime she steps outside her house. So if they are going to take photos of her going to class or grocery shopping - both of which have recently happened - you better believe all eyes are going to be glued to her this upcoming Halloween.

Winter definitely hasn't disappointed in the past, including last year when she gave her best rendition of a Playboy bunny. Something we're sure you wouldn't love to see her enact on a day of the year that isn't Halloween!

Given that most of her past year has been spent with her partner, Levi Meaden, we wouldn't be surprised to see some great couple costumes from them this year.

12 Terror - Jason Biggs As Dorothy


American Pie is one of the most quotable and recognizable "teen film" franchises of all-time. As a result, Jason Biggs may have been a pretty big part of your most formative years. Even if one of the biggest things he taught you were what some of the worst places to stick your manhood is.

But while you may have Biggs to thank for part of your childhood, you also may be left horrified by his above take on Dorothy. Who let's be honest, was also probably a pretty big part of your childhood too! Considering Demi Lovato takes the character and dials up the heat, something this list shows, you may find yourself even more offended by Biggs' rendition!

11 Treat - Demi Lovato As Dorothy

Demi Lovato has not had the easiest time in Hollywood. But she has since battled back against her addiction to drugs and is now looking healthier and better than ever before. She definitely felt comfortable putting those good looks on prominent display one past Halloween when she dressed up as Dorothy.

We're sure you would love to follow the yellow-brick road, especially if it meant getting to do it alongside Lovato! While we aren't too sure which character she will take on this year, but if it's another one from your childhood that she has added a sexy twist to; you may find yourself ogling over Lovato more than anyone else.

Either way, we're sure she is going to dress to impress!

10 Terror - Chris Brown As A Terrorist


This is literally the definition of terror! Who on earth thinks it's a good idea to dress up as a terrorist. Like are you kidding me? Not only are you dressing up as a terrorist, but you're a celebrity, Chris Brown. Everyone is going to already be looking at you. It's not like you're going to be able to just fade into the background of some party.

When you consider Chris Brown doesn't exactly have the best public image, it makes the above outfit all the more baffling. Let's hope he saves himself some trouble and just dresses up as a superhero this year. Though knowing Chris Brown, he'd probably still find a way to stir up some trouble.

9 Treat - Kate Upton As Skeleton Marilyn Monroe

Kate Upton may have added some skeleton makeup to her arms for dramatic effect, but there's no way you'd be left spooked if you saw her walking towards you at a party. Unless she tried to hit on you and then we wouldn't blame you if you couldn't even remember your full name! Upton also channeled her inner-Marilyn Monroe for the above costume to help make it all the more memorable.

Upton wore the above outfit to Heidi Klum's party. And while there was some stiff competition at the party for attention, including some entries from our list, we're sure there were plenty of models who loved her take on Monroe. Let's just hope Upton's personal life can stay a lot cleaner than Monroe's did!


8 Terror - Katy Perry As A Cheeto


Katy Perry is no stranger to putting some of her most prominent assets on display. Something that tends to happen to even some of the more modestly dressed women in Hollywood on Halloween.

But back in 2014, she decided to dial down the sex appeal all the way to zero, and instead dial up the munchies. Though if you were under the influence that Cheeto might still look pretty sexy.

When you consider Perry has also worn a pepperoni themed onesie in the past, perhaps she's just a huge fan of food-themed clothing? We're sure that even with her sexuality dialled down for the night that she still managed to get plenty of attention. Especially if she legitimately had Cheetos in that bag!

7 Treat - Kim Kardashian As Wonder Woman

One of the biggest movies of this past year was Wonder Woman. And just like how last year Suicide Squad brought women out in Harley Quinn makeup in droves, you can probably expect the same thing to happen this year. Though instead of the clown makeup, women may instead be channeling their inner-Princess as they take on the character of Wonder Woman.

Though we don't know if anyone is going to look better than Gal Gadot, we're sure we won't mind seeing people try. Kim Kardashian tried her hand at the iconic character several years ago on Halloween to rave reviews. Looking at the above photo, it's easy to see why.

6 Terror - Heidi Klum As Goddess Kali


Heidi Klum is well-known around Hollywood for her love of Halloween. Some of the best costumes on this list come from people going to her annual Halloween party. But despite her being such a lover of Halloween, Klum definitely may have found herself wishing she had put more thought into her above costume.

Klum wore her rendition of the Goddess Kali back in 2008. She sparked outrage from many people including the Indian-American community leader who said

"Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effect."

5 Treat - Neil Patrick Harris (And His Family) As Star Wars Characters

There are many celebrity couples that do a great job on Halloween (though not everyone on this list does!). But for Neil Patrick Harris, it's the whole family that contributes to his tremendous outfits. Harris has been married to David Burtka since 2010 and has two twin boys together who were born in 2010.

While there are many great options that the family has had over the years, how could we not give a special nod out to his Star Wars homage? With the newest one just around the corner, we definitely wouldn't blame him if they wanted to recycle the idea for this year. Either way, we're sure they're going to impress.

4 Terror - Hilary Duff And Jason Walsh As Native American And Pilgrim


Hilary Duff is normally known for her clean image and for sending out a positive message. And while she'd be more than happy for you to check her out on her television show Younger, we guarantee she wishes you didn't know this above Halloween costume didn't exist of her and her then-partner Jason Walsh.

Why they thought to dress up as a Native American and Pilgrim would go well, we aren't sure, but Duff did at least immediately apologize for the insensitive nature of the outfit taking to Twitter to say

"I am SO sorry to people I offended with my costume. It was not properly thought through and I am truly, from the bottom of my heart sorry."

3 Treat - Emily Ratajkowski As Cleopatra

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the best looking celebrities. While she made a name for herself with her modelling career, she is also working her way into the film industry including working with Aaron Paul in 2018.

But as sexy as she looks on Instagram and on the runway, you might think she looks even better when she is stepping out for Halloween! Last year's rendition of Cleopatra was sure to get people talking for all the right reasons. While we don't know if she is going to go back to ancient history for this upcoming year, we definitely can't be alone in being excited to see what she has in store.

2 Terror - Miley Cyrus As Smelly Cinderella


Miley Cyrus has gone through many different stages of her life, just as you have. But the main difference is that Miley has undergone all of her "growing up" under the public spotlight. Which means that when she decided her life was going to involve copious amounts of partying, that the paparazzi was often there to catch it.

Though it's not like Cyrus was shy about it, including going as Cindersmelly for the above Halloween. While we're sure at the time she thought it was funny, that might not be the case now. Especially considering her new stance away from drugs. Something tells us if she wanted to go as a Disney princess this year that she might just stick to the clean version.

1 Treat - Dwayne Johnson As Popeye

Popeye has shown up in a variety of mediums over the years. Perhaps you loved reading him in the comic strips. Or maybe your favorite rendition of the character was when Robin Williams took him to the big screen. Something that we're sure if it happened again, would surely be a big financial hit.

Speaking of financial hits, one of the most profitable actors in Hollywood is Dwayne Johnson. Y'know, provided we just ignore Baywatch. And while Johnson looks tremendous whenever he appears on the big screen, it's clear his Halloween game is also on point. While we're sure it might be considered a bit tacky, we'd definitely love to see him take on his character from Moana in the future.


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