Trailer Park Boys: 15 Facts About The Cast

Netflix got lucky when they landed the outrageous comedy special Trailer Park Boys, starring Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles. The wildly-hilarious television show is quite possibly the most brilliant piece of trashy TV you've ever seen. If that combination is even possible. It seems like the greasy residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park have managed to make their trailer park lifestyle must-see television.

In 2001 the first episode of Trailer Park Boys aired and the cast members haven't looked back since. Fame has a way of doing that very thing I suppose, though it didn't come easy. Over 90% of Google users claim they love the show and they're not alone. Anybody who hasn't had the chance to see Canada's hilariously offensive Netflix series is missing out on an uncountable amount of laughs.

After 15 plus years of getting drunk, hatching illegal schemes to make money, and spending months at a time in jail, fans have learned a lot about what Sunnyvale Trailer Park and its never-ending list of screwed up residents have to offer them in the form of entertainment. Whether it's Randy and how many cheeseburgers he eats a day, or if Ray has any chicken fingers and pepperoni sticks... there's always something new to learn about the Trailer Park Boys; one of the funniest casts in showbiz!


15 Snoop Dogg Loves The Show

Once the Trailer Park Boys appeared on Netflix, the show increased in popularity all over the globe. The 'mockumentary' is quite possibly Canada's most popular show of all time. Even Snoop Dogg loves the series and appears with some fellow celebrities in season 10. As you know with Snoop, there's some serious smoke involved. The famous rapper is quoted as saying, “I just love the show in general,” Snoop said while standing with Mike Smith, who broke in and out of his 'Bubbles' character as Snoop cracked him up. “It’s never just one episode when you’re tied into the characters of the show. The scene and even the scenery is a part of the show, as far as the location, the looks, the feel, the people.”

14 The First Four Seasons Were Filmed In Various Trailer Parks


A quick look online and you'll see that it took the Trailer Park Boys over 10 years to become an overnight success (as the old song goes). Wikipedia tells us that "early seasons were shot in various trailer parks in Nova Scotia, but the crew was not welcome to film again due to complaints from residents. Space was purchased and a functional trailer park set was built in Dartmouth for later seasons, giving the staff more freedom than at previous locations. When the series returned from hiatus beginning with Season 8, it was shot at Bible Hill Estates Trailer Park in Truro, Nova Scotia."

13 Cory And Trevor Left The Show On Bad Terms

After 4 hilarious seasons, the losers known as Cory and Trevor left the Trailer Park Boys disgruntled. They both complained of crappy pay and below acceptable work conditions. Cory Bowles did eventually return to the show as Cory, but Jackson refused to return as Trevor. He went as far to post that he felt "ripped off financially" and "disrespected as an actor and as a person" to his social media accounts. Jackson said "he worked for the minimum actor's equity pay for the first three seasons. Then he received only tiny raises despite the show's growing popularity. By Season 5, friends who appeared in commercials were still making more than he was." Sounds like Cory and Trevor were getting the sh*t both on and off the big screen.

12 Bubble's Character Was An Afterthought


Before Mike Smith played the lovable character we all know as 'Bubbles' he was a professional musician in a band named Sandbox. In '98 the band members went their separate directions so Smith decided he'd take a job working on TV and film locations as a sound mixer. That was the break that Smith needed and was soon after caught portraying the character 'Bubbles' to the other cast members. A character that he came up with after his friend gifted him the unique glasses he wears on set. She bought them for .50cents. Mike, immediately liked them, and thus the character 'Bubbles' was born. It wasn't until former producer Mike Clattenburg saw Smith acting out his 'Bubbles' character on set that he decided to add him to the script.

11 John And Robb Used To Be In The Pizza Business

JP Tremblay and Robb Wells not only grew up together and went to the same high school but they also went into business together early on in life. Before Trailer Park Boys the two actors were elbows deep in pizza dough. They owned a successful chain of restaurants called J.R. Capone's in Canada. Little did they know their passion for making films was just around the corner. In '98 John and Robb decided to produce a small film named One Last Shot with John Dunsworth. That was the beginning of the Trailer Park Boys snowball that would eventually run down-hill and become an avalanche. Over 15 years later the guys from Nova Scotia are just as popular as they've ever been.

10 Lucy DeCoutere Says She's On Good Terms With The Cast After Leaving


In 2016, Lucy DeCoutere suddenly left the show, though she claims “there are no bad feelings” between the remaining cast members and herself. She resigned after Mike Smith; her co-star was faced with assault charges. The National Post reported in the spring of 2016 that in Los Angeles California, Mike Smith was "arrested and booked on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic battery." That's definitely not good! "He was released hours later on $20,000 bail." On April 2 Lucy DeCoutere Tweeted to her followers that she had resigned from the Trailer Park Boys, stating that she promptly cuts anyone in her life that is abusive out of it. Mike Smith denied any wrongdoing and claimed the entire ordeal was one big misunderstanding.

9 The 'Trailer Park Boys' Have Their Own Liquor

The last thing you'd think the Trailer Park Boys need is their own brand of booze, right? Every character on the TV show is either smoking grass or drinking themselves into a drunken oblivion! That didn't seem to matter to Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles though and 15 years after the show first aired they released Liqourmen's in 2016. Branding their own liquor may be the most legal business venture the three men have ever pursued yet. The story goes "Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles launch Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky to honor the legacy of the Old West Bandits. Liquormen’s enters production and becomes available in Atlantic Canada. The Boy’s begin to look into contracts with liquor corporations across the entire f*****g country."


8 The Curse Words Have Been Counted


If dirty humor combined with vocabulary as nasty as a sailors mouth isn't your thing, then the Trailer Park Boys may not be the Netflix series for you. Curse words are most definitely the norm, and each character has a way of throwing in the F* bomb in when you least expect it. How bad could their language be, though? Well, this bad! In case you were curious, "the word “f**k” is said 1,284 times in season 7 alone (that's a lot), and the word “s**t” clocks in at 967. That comes out to about 46 “f**ks’ and 31 “sh**'s” per episode. 74% of those are naturally said by Ricky." I doubt that surprises anyone since Ricky can barely form a full sentence most of the time.

7 Ricky, Julian, And Bubbles Really Do Sell Marijuana

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Robb Wells (Ricky), JP Tremblay (Julian), and Mike Smith (Bubbles) grow and sell their own marijuana. No, not the fake dope they peddle in the trailer park but the real thing, legally, in real life. Canada licensed OrganiGram and 34 other companies to grow and distribute medical grade marijuana. Unfortunately for the Trailer Park Boys, their growing operation ran into a snag; just like on TV. Canada hadn't been monitoring the chemicals that approved companies (including OrganiGram) were spraying on their plants, until now.

"As recently as this year Myclobutanil, sold under the brand name Eagle 20, is banned for use in several US states where growing cannabis is legal. As it turns out the pesticide turns into hydrogen cyanide, also known as poison gas when heated." Yikes!

6 Netflix + Social Media = Success


If you take a look at the Trailer Park Boys social media accounts they aren't small by any stretch of the imagination. Netflix has also made a conscious effort at cracking the American market too; which isn't an easy thing to do. A platform like Netflix has proven resourceful for the show and has recently provided it with a rebirth of sorts. Social media has helped as well, and the facts don't lie, "If you look at their social media pages, they're massive … you're looking at over a million likes," he said. "As well, you can add the fan component. People host Trailer Park Boys-themed parties. They tweet photos to the creators of the show who then reply back in character."

5 Robb And John Went To High School Together

If you can believe it, producer Mike Clattenburg, Robb Wells (Ricky), and John Paul Tremblay (Julian) all went to the same high school together! I'd love to see those prom pictures, wouldn't you? Plus, the principal at their school had to be hating it too, right? Who'd want to deal with those guys and their never-ending BS? That isn't what many people would call a good career move. Nonetheless the three guys were known for their outlandish personalities and often spent time playing practical jokes on each other. Who knows, maybe at the time Mike, Robb, and John all knew that the universe had something bigger in store for them someday.

4 Barrie Dunn Co-Created The Show


Ricky's con artist father Ray goes by the name of Barrie Dunn in real life. Mr. Dunn has been in the film industry for over 20 years and has written and produced several other shows (besides Trailer Park Boys) for CTV. Beyond films, Barrie lectures on entertainment law issues at Dalhousie Law School. He's also taught Film and Television Production at Mount Saint Vincent University as well as being President of the Nova Scotia Film & Television Producers Association. Before getting into TV production, Mr. Dunn was a street performer while he lived and worked in Europe. It seems as though Barrie has made a life for himself entertaining the public in one way or another. Fans of the Trailer Park Boys know his character Ray is a much-loved part of the show.

3 The 'Trailer Park Boys' On Tour For Christmas

According to rickyjulianbubbles.com, you can see their show DEAR SANTA CLAUS GO F#CK YOURSELF  in Canada through the end of November. After that, the crew comes to the west coast of the United States through the new year. Here's a sneak peek from their website: "When Bubbles tries to spread the true meaning of Christmas to the world, his good-hearted plans are botched by Julian wanting to cash in on the festive season and Ricky's relentless pursuit to meet the real Santa. If that wasn't enough, all three of them have to deal with the very intoxicated Jim Lahey and his cheeseburger-eating sidekick, Randy. Spend an evening with the boys for a Christmas show you will never forget!"

2 John Dunsworth Isn't Like Mr. Lahey At All


Sadly, John Dunsworth, the actor that plays Mr. Lahey on the Trailer Park Boys passed away at 71 years old this October. He will appear in the upcoming season but won't be seen again after that. Producers believe that John is not replaceable and have no plans to recast his role. Being interviewed John recalls how he began acting saying, "I'd dropped out of Dalhousie, I was drifting. I ended up at the University of Guelph where I took drama as an elective course. I was a will o' the wisp then, no direction at all. And then this acting thing just consumed me. I think it was the collaboration, the support that comes from being in a production. I come from a family of 10 kids. I think maybe I was looking for that collective support you get in a big family. And I found it in acting."

1 They Don't Smoke Real Mary-Jane On The Show

It might be hard to believe, but the guys don't smoke real marijuana while filming the show. They don't smoke or drink on camera at all. In smoking scenes, Robb Wells claims cast members smoke rosemary. Before that, they regularly used tobacco then gave that up. The pot plants that Ricky grows are actually completely legal industrial hemp plants. That kind of marijuana plant doesn't contain any THC. With that said, you do see cannabis once in the series at minimum. Wells admits, "there was one time when we were doing bottle hits. They were trying to get this fake stuff to burn like hash, and they couldn't find anything that worked, so I think they used real hash for that one."


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