Top 20 Hot AF Kaley Cuoco Photos

The Big Bang Theory may be a controversial show, especially online, but there is one thing about it that is agreed upon by virtually everyone. It is that one of its stars, Kaley Cuoco, is an attractive woman who adds a whole lot of s*x appeal to the show. Arguably someone who had a lot to do with the success of the series, she is an integral part of the reason why the sitcom has become such a behemoth in the ratings each week.

A gorgeous blonde whose character has appeared in little clothing a lot over the years on the show that made her a star, there are loads of scenes with her in them that have driven fans wild. On top of that, with her newfound stardom, she has been the focus of an extensive amount of photoshoots over the years, which have resulted in photos her fans totally loved. Of course, that is to say nothing of the fact that like most people, she has a social media presence adding even more material for fans to enjoy. Keeping all of that in mind, we realized how many sexy images of her exist and decided to put together this list of twenty hot AF Kaley Cuoco photos.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the first prerequisite was that Kaley Cuoco can be seen and looks great in the photo. That means that the inclusion of people other than the actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. On top of that, screengrabs of her from any media appearances and performances are fair game as they are some of her most memorable moments. With that in mind, let’s get to the list.

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20 Big Bang Black Dress

Isn’t it fitting to choose a picture of Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory as the first one on our list? The show that turned her into a star, it heavily relies on her comedy chops but equally takes advantage of how magnificent her looks are as well. A great example of just that, here we see her from a moment in the show where she is meant to be attending a funeral. Not exactly the typical getup someone would wear to mourn the passing of someone, it seems odd at first but there may be some wonderful logic to it. We say that because there is nothing that is going to break up sorrow quite like a stunning woman like her and in this case, even the departed would probably be happy to see her like this too.

19 Simply Stunning

The first image on this list that is not taken from a show or movie Kaley starred in, we knew we wanted to come out of with a bang to give you an idea of how gorgeous she is when not acting. That is where a photo like this–which shows off her incredible midriff that doesn’t seem to have an extra pound on it–comes into play. Also, sporting a seductive look on her face, a shirt that is open enough to give us a peek at her bra and a pair of black and white panties, every element of her here is entirely on point. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that she is the subject of so many incredible pictures, an image like this one could have taken the top spot here.

18 Undressing

There is something about this picture you may not take note off when first seeing it that we think adds so much to its appeal. Initially remarkable most for the fact that the top she has on allows the viewer to get a great view of her cleavage, that is fantastic; but at the end of the day, it isn’t our favorite element of this image. Instead, for us, it was when we took note of the fact that she has unbuttoned her jean shorts, unzipped them, and begun to take them off that is got us going. After all, there isn’t much out there that we find more appealing than the idea of seeing her undressing, and this puts us in that delightful headspace.

17 Early Big Bang Babe

The earliest image of Kaley from The Big Bang Theory featured on this list, this picture of her is a testament to a lot of things about her beauty. The first is the fact that she looked fantastic from a younger age, and while she does look a little bit younger here, it is clear she has aged fantastically. The bigger notion, though, is the fact that she doesn’t have to rely on being all gussied up in order to be able to blow people away with her looks. Of course, that is probably made a lot easier by the fact that she is wearing a top that is extremely tight to her chest–which is an attribute of hers–that we think deserves all the praise in the world.

16 Nice Nightie

One of the less-respected forms of lingerie these days, these types of flowing garments aren’t nearly as salacious as a lot of the items that are so popular among this generation. However, if this photo of Kaley wearing such a piece of clothing isn’t proof positive of how hot she can be, we don’t know what is. Still tight enough in the chest to give us a pretty darn great idea of what she has going on, that alone makes this picture one of the hottest of her in our opinion. On top of that, we simply love seeing her in a material that looks soft to the touch as we can just imagine how lovely it would be to the touch while on her.

15 Tight Dress Selfie

A type of photography that didn’t really exist only a few short decades ago, there is little doubt that in this day and age, the selfie has become one of the most ubiquitous around. Case, in point, of what makes them so popular, this photograph of someone like Kaley may not have existed had society not embraced selfies so wholeheartedly. Of course, the real appeal of this picture–putting the love of photography aside–is the tight dress that she has on here. Providing the opportunity to viewers to see that she has curves in all the right places, a dress like this is a masterpiece when worn by a woman who beams like she does while wearing it.

14 Summer Snack

A photo that brings to mind a sunny summer day at the ballpark taking in a game, that mental picture is one that most people we know would take pleasure from. An event that sounds like a relaxing and fun time, if we were at the game and Kaley walked in, we wouldn’t be nearly as at ease, but we wouldn’t be complaining since we’d be having an even better time. Then, you throw in the revealing outfit she has on here and her choice of snack that has a phallic appeal all its own, and we’re guessing we’d have to check out highlights of the game on TV later.

13 Red Carpet Booty

Here’s the thing, we clearly think that Kaley Cuoco is the type of beautiful woman who deserves to be celebrated for her looks, charisma, and personality charms. Thankfully, we think there are a lot of people who feel the same way, and we’ve found that there are oodles of images of her that show off her body that we love so much. However, if you ask us, her derriere is one that doesn’t get anywhere close to the respect and attention it deserves. Shown here walking a red carpet in a sleek red dress, we are very pleased that one enterprising photographer that night took a picture from behind her and provided us with a photo to take her booty in at last.

12 Sports Bra And Yoga Pants

If you are anything like us, when you hear, read, or think of the word “paparazzi,” there is a palpable feeling of disgust that comes over you. A group that has been routinely blamed for putting famous folk–who are people like you or me at the end of the day–at risk, they make their living off of snapping pictures of celebrities trying to live their lives. Then you see a picture like this one of Kaley walking the street in workout gear, which we’d never have been able to see otherwise; and it seems like their work has some value after all. Morals aside, looking at a picture of Kaley walking around wearing a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra is more than enough to put a large smile on our faces.

11 Shape Cover

The print industry is one that is filled with talented editors, writers, and publishers that bring years of experience to bear when deciding what to do in order to sell as many issues as they possibly can. Still, there is one decision they can make that is so obvious that anyone should be able to understand it at first glance. Putting a hot person on the cover of your magazine is going to be an easy way of getting high sales numbers. With that in mind, it seems pretty obvious to us that the editors behind this issue of Shape Magazine had a stroke of genius. Showing Kaley with a pair of panties and an open shirt on, you can’t see anything overly scandalous here but if feels like you are seeing something private and that is simply fantastic.

10 Big Bang Lingerie

A picture that is an example of the fact that today’s TV scene allows people to include situations that would have been scandalous in years past, we see Kaley here in lingerie and we love this new world. A piece of clothing that was unapologetically designed to help someone like her to seduce her lover, the fact that we get to see her in some ways, feels like we are getting a forbidden view. Clearly, that is a sexy idea but that thought still pales in comparison to the view that we are getting here, as highlighted by her glorious chest.

9 Deep Cleavage

A picture of Kaley on the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards red carpet, on the face of things, we have no idea what she has to do with the music world or why she would be in attendance. With that out of the way, we’re just going to say that that doesn’t matter at all when she is going to wear a dress like the one she has on here. Cut deeply down the middle of her chest, it provides a view of a part of her that is usually sadly covered up. As alluring here as anyone has any right to ever be, she wasn’t up for an award that night; but if you ask us, she took the top prize in our hearts.

8 The Wedding Ringer Bedroom

A movie that came and went at the box office, The Wedding Ringer may not have been a huge hit but it was able to make more than three times its budget at the box office. That is a boon to its stars which is a great thing for us since it makes it likely that we’ll get to see more of Kaley on the big screen. Even if you never watched this comedy, that should put a smile on your face when greeted with a screengrab of her in the film like this one. Wearing a tank top that shows off her bountiful boobs while sitting on her character’s bed–the most intimate locale in a woman’s home–she looks great and we love the mental image too.

7 Blonde Beauty

Kaley Cuoco is a beautiful woman. Enough said. We know that isn’t exactly a groundbreaking statement but it still should be said from time to time. After all, it can be far too easy to take the looks of someone like her for granted. If you ask us, the best way to remedy that is to appreciate an image like this one. Showing nothing but her splendid face here, we aren’t able to see any of her other attributes which we oftentimes pay the lion’s share of our attention to. However, when stripped off of some of her obvious assets, it allows us to truly reflect on how physically dazzling she is in every way.

6 Lip Sync Battle

Something that most of us have been doing all of our lives, lip syncing along with your favorite tune is a lot of fun. That is why it was such a brilliant idea when The Tonight Show under Jimmy Fallon created the Lip Sync Battle concept that has since been spun off into its own show. Featuring a pair of celebrities pretending to perform a popular song, the series features a competition between the two. Battling against her co-star in The Wedding Singer, Josh Gad, Kaley performed to Ludacris’ “Move Bitch,” and while she totally committed to her role, that wasn’t what did it for us. Instead, it was what she had on and the view of her tip-top midriff that gave us a guttural reaction of pleasure.

5 QVC Red Carpet

Here, we see Kaley walking down the red carpet at what turns out to be a QVC event. We have absolutely no idea what a shopping channel would have going on to necessitate a traditional red carpet or why they were able to attract Kaley, but we applaud them entirely. After all, if they weren’t able to entice her to attend whatever they had going on that night, this image wouldn’t be a part of our life. Wearing an outfit that is quite tight to her body and shot from the side, we adore the fact that we are able to see her chest rise and fall here in a way we rarely are allowed to.

4 Busty Babe

Kaley, we can’t blame you one iota for having a smile that big when looking this good. An amazing picture of this popular young actress in all of her glory, we may not be able to see any of her beneath her chest, but there is more than enough going on here. With makeup and big hair that prove just how exquisite she is above the neck, whoever it was that worked on that for her, deserved a bonus for the ages. Of course, we’d be remiss if we tried to ignore that she has enough cleavage going on here to make many people feel like it would be a herculean effort to look her in the eyes at all. We’d explain what about that we like so much, but we’re quite certain we don’t need to.

3 Towel Time

We all realize it even if we forget it at times. When you see a celebrity on screen taking part in a photo shoot or walking a red carpet and they look fantastic, there has been a team of people that contributed to that. One part of that is the makeup and hair people that work tirelessly to make sure that their do is perfect and their face is framed in the best way possible. Still, we don’t often think about the actual process of them doing their thing. However, when looking at this picture of Kaley seemingly wearing nothing but a towel while being fawned over, we realize that we have been missing out by not seeing them doing their thing all this time. At least we are, if it usually involves a famous hottie only wearing a towel that is the only thing holding their nude body at bay.

2 Wonder Woman

In the year this article was written, 2017, a lot has been made of Wonder Woman in light of the huge success of her first major film. A powerful character that possesses morals beyond reproach and an inner strength, she is a wonderful role model for anyone out there no matter the gender. As a result, we fully expect there to be a lot of people dressed up as her during Halloween, and this picture shows us why that is a marvelous thing. We’d explain exactly what we mean by that but while we looked at this picture, it seems obvious enough that we’re sure you already know.

1 Drink In Bed

Wow! Just wow! Here we have our top pick for this list and man, is it ever a joy to behold. Showing Kaley sporting the same shirt and black and white panties we saw in an earlier image, here, we actually get to see less of her than in the aforementioned photo. That said, as we already mentioned, we put a real premium on pictures that allow us to get a look at her rear end, even if it isn’t a direct view. However, for us, the reason this image is so mindbogglingly hot is that we get to see her with a look on her face that says she wants to devour whoever she is looking at while lying in bed. What could be better than that?

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