Top 15 Most Stunning Photos of Alison Brie

Alison Brie has emerged as one of the more talented and underrated actresses in Hollywood today. The stunning talent broke out in the NBC sitcom Community in the role of Annie Edison. Community was a cult hit, earning Brie a loyal fan base. Annie was arguably the most compelling character on the show, thanks to Brie making her someone viewers would relate to and sympathize for. The overall comedic talents of Alison shined on Community. Another hit show Brie had a strong role on was Mad Men as Trudy Campbell. The drama featured Brie showing another dynamic to her acting skills.

Brie has starred in numerous movies of various genres through the years. The momentum has put her in high demand for good reason. Brie’s range has found her starring in comedic movies like Five-Year Engagement, indie hits such as Sleeping With Other People, and even dominating at voice acting with her role as Unikitty in The Lego Movie. The next big project of Brie will see her star in the lead role of G.L.O.W, about the 1980s wrestling promotion, coming to Netflix in 2017.

Of course, the incredible physical beauty of Brie matches her talent. She is one of the most photogenic human beings in the world. We’ll look at the best of the best with the fifteen hottest pictures of Alison Brie.

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14 Esquire Photo Shoot

via: esquire.com

The acting career of Alison Brie thriving is great for all fans of entertainment. It was clearly her calling in life, but she has shown the potential to be successful in other fields. Brie could have easily been a top level model as seen with many of her photo shoots through the years. This specific photograph is from one of her shoots for Esquire. The revealing outfit gives a glimpse into the stunning physical assets of Brie but she also manages to show the inherent beauty she possesses.

Brie has always shown how powerful the beauty of confidence can be. The empowerment of confidence along with the humility to avoid cockiness is a fickle line, and Brie is one of the few that can balance it. Brie’s confidence radiates in various photographs, especially this incredible image courtesy of Esquire. It is definitely one of the better photo shoots we have been lucky to see get released featuring Alison.

13 Who Wants Popcorn?

via: esquire.com

If you’re a fan of Alison Brie or just a random guy perusing the internet to ogle images of extremely attractive women, Esquire has treated you well. Another image from Brie’s photo shoot with Esquire stands out strongly here. There’s a lot to take in here with Brie looking wonderful from all angles. The facial expressions of Alison are always perfect to the tone of the pictures she takes.

The placement of the shirt is also perfect to get your imagination running wild in a classy manner. Brie often jokes about her large fan following in the foot fetish community and throws them a bone here. If there’s a popcorn fetish community out there, they probably found joy in this picture too. The award for most attractive picture of someone eating popcorn goes to Alison Brie. Movie theaters should strike a deal to market this image to improve sales.

12 Beautiful Blue Eyes

via: hdcoolwallpapers.com

One of the strengths of Alison Brie is the fact that her face happens to be as breathtaking as any other physical feature. It ensures just about anything she wears will leave a positive impact on the fan. This photo proves it perfectly. Unlike the majority of the other photographs on the list, Brie is not wearing a revealing outfit at all. In fact, all of the body parts you’d find suggested next to her name on Google Search is all essentially covered up.

Brie still manages to look absolutely stunning in the more traditional yet cute outfit. The blue eyes and brown hair of Brie will steal the heart of anyone scrolling through her pictures. Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr all typically prefer the “less is more” approach for clothing in sexy photographs, but everyone appreciates the beauty of Brie in every style. The beautiful picture sums up why the internet has been fascinated with Brie for many years.

11 Let's Take a Swim

via: esquire.com

If only we all looked like that, the trips to the beach and pool would be far more enjoyable! Another photograph from the legendary Esquire photo shoot sees Alison Brie rock one of her sexiest outfits as she steps out of the pool. The alluring red swimsuit favorably displaying Brie’s legendary curves along with her breathtaking blue eyes makes this one of the more sexy pictures to ever hit the internet.

The era of Community saw Brie become a social media sex symbol with the internet making every somewhat suggestive moment on the show into a moving gif within minutes of it airing. If only Community ever convinced to rock this outfit for a beach related episode, Tumblr might have stopped working. The long brown hair of Alison flows perfectly here to make literally everything in the image stand out in complete perfection.

10 Reading is Hot

via: emilysuggests.com

The greatest unintentional PSA for reading is shown here with Alison Brie making reading look cooler than ever. Many of us fear heights but Brie has the courage to sit at the rooftop for sexy photographs reading a book over the busy streets. This is actually one of the more unique photos of Brie that exists on the internet. The hairstyle, makeup and outfit choice of Alison are all out of the ordinary from the other shoots she has done.

It all worked to her advantage to make a stunning picture. The photographer deserves credit too for getting a beautiful shot of the scenery surrounding her. With the way things have been going in the country as of late, the future needs optimism. PBS looking into a Reading Rainbow remake with Brie as the host is just what we need to get the importance of reading back into the world today.

9 Confidence is Key

via: reddit.com

If you have ever watched a few of Alison Brie’s interviews, you immediately can tell she’s incredibly charming and confident. A lot of celebrities manage to turn confidence up to annoying levels that lean into arrogance. Brie’s magic is always avoiding that despite having the utmost confidence in all of her wonderful gifts. This confidence perfectly captures how attractive confidence can be with anyone, especially Brie.

The sexy outfit gives a not so subtle reminder why Brie’s curves are legendary on the internet. Brie finds a way to make the “hand on hip” pose stand out strongly despite the fact that just about every woman to participate in a photo shoot has had to do it at least once. Black is definitely one of Alison’s better colors and it shows better than ever in this picture. There are also some really beautiful buildings behind her. Yes, I know you don’t care about that in the slightest given what Brie is wearing but give the architecture some love too.

8 Charitable Efforts

via: twitter.com/alisonbrie

The platform of a celebrity means they have a voice that gets out to a large audience. Alison Brie has used her for charitable efforts numerous times. This photo shows her supporting the Rozelle Strong Foundation. The late Brian T. Rozelle is honored through the foundation for his battle against bile-duct cancer. Brie has participated in the Cycle for Survival movement to raise funds for research to help beat rare cancers such.

Many of Brie’s fans donated to the great cause out of support for her. The utilization of her social media and celebrity to help get word out for an important issue earns this picture a spot on the list. Also, she happens to look quite cute rocking the Rozelle Strong shirt in front of a Michael Jackson portrait. The least we can do in exchange for ogling her sexy pictures is checking out the websites for the great causes.

Check out: RozelleStrong Foundation and Cycle for Survival.

7 Men's Health Photo Shoot

via: youtube.com

One of the sexiest photo shoots featuring Alison Brie was courtesy of Men’s Health. The wise folks of Men’s Health released a video of behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot. To no one’s surprise, the video went viral with nearly 300,000 views. This photo is just a small sample size from one of the more revealing shoots Brie has done. The purple bra is enough to make a large percentage of the male gender think about changing their favorite color.

Brie actually answers questions in the video in between the photos to give us a glimpse of the insight that matches her beauty. If you wondered about her workout regimen or her preferences in male fashion, the video will give you important information along with the sexiness.

The stunning photo isn’t the only one you’ll see from the incredible Men’s Health shoot. Brie fans reading this owe a lot to the publication.

6 Alison Never Jumps the Shark

via: reddit.com

Alison Brie is one of the rare humans that can spotlight her beauty in every light. We have witnessed a lot of the sexier moments but she pulls off the adorable look as well as anyone. The cute nature of Brie was heavily featured in the early seasons of Community. She found ways to match it outside of the television with pictures like this one.

Brie sported a novelty shark hoodie here to make you second guess everything you find attractive in the world. The shark hoodie perfectly summarizes the adorable appeal of Brie that matches the sexy and hot aspects. Alison the Shark is attractive enough to have made Chandler Bing actually be guilty of the shark fetish he was accused of by Monica Geller in Friends. Novelty hoodies have become more popular since this photograph was taken but we’re still thinking the companies should hire Brie to rock them all.

5 Purple

via: cultfaction.files.wordpress.com

Alison Brie being on the top of a roof means she is likely wearing an extremely sexy outfit and taking photographs that will become popular on the internet. Another rooftop photo shoot here sees her sporting a stunning purple outfit. The revealing piece is one of the sexiest outfits Brie has ever rocked for photo shoots. Brie’s beauty is fully on display here with her eyes somehow stealing the show from her… well, you know.

Purple has been referred to as the color of royalty going all the way back to ancient times and Alison looks good enough to form a loyal army here. We have witnessed a lot of variety in the pictures looking at the different sides of beauty Brie possesses, but this one shows off her unparalleled sex appeal. The color purple definitely works to her advantage with the outfit providing all the proof we need to hope to see more of it in her closet.

4 Get You a Girl That Can Do Both

via: npr.org

The “get you a guy/girl that can do both” meme has become popular on social media this year. It often shows two photographs of the same person in completely different lights. Alison Brie’s best pictures are essentially the gold mine for content. The list has captured how attractive she looks in both the sexiest photos but also the cute ones. The lingerie or swimsuit pictures are unbelievably sexy, but they somehow get matched by the likes of these.

Brie sports a sweater here, showing off much less of the assets than the prior photos used on the list. The sweater looks rather beautiful and showcases the simpler yet more powerful aspects of her physical beauty. Brie’s eyes match the sweater and her smile radiates to make it among the best images she has ever taken. Please link this article if you use the sweater/lingerie photos for your next “get you a girl that can do both” meme!

3 Get Hard

via: reddit.com

The movie Get Hard wasn’t one fans of Alison Brie expected to see her best work in. It was clearly focused on Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart as the main stars, with Brie having a smaller role as Ferrell’s wife. The first scene of Brie’s in the movie however made up for the lack of her presence going forward. Brie sported lingerie on a rare occasion in the movie for one of her sexiest movie appearances yet.

Alison has stated that her biggest that the biggest misconception about her is people believing she was as innocent and reserved as the characters she played on Community and Mad Men. Get Hard allowed her to step out of that light and play a petulant ruthless character. Still, it was hard for the male audience to root against her evil character after the opening scene with the sexy lingerie number.

3. Defining Sexy

via: menshealth.com

The combination of beauty and sex appeal is quite frankly what has made Alison Brie become known as one of the hottest women in the world. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t find her attractive. This incredible photo from the aforementioned Men’s Health shoot gives another look at her hot side. Brie has a very talented band as a side project known as The Girls but they aren’t the only girls associated with her that gets the internet into frenzy.

The sex appeal and confidence of Brie is channelled in this image. While Brie does a plethora of photo shoots, this was one of the more revealing ones. She really has a great sense of knowing how to utilize her physical beauty in a classy manner. Most people and photographers couldn’t pull this off in the manner Brie did to make it one of the hottest photos of her.

2 We Love Community

via: gq.com

Gillian Jacobs was one of the female co-stars of Alison Brie on Community. They are two of the more charming and talented actresses in the entertainment industry that also happened to be two of the best looking people on the planet. GQ somehow convinced them take part in one of the sexiest photo shoots you’ll ever find. They both sported lingerie and took some very risqué photos that broke the internet.

Community had a die-hard fan base that primarily watched on the internet so it only made sense these images would go viral. The sexy pictures made sure you’d never look at Annie and Britta the same way again and blame Jeff for screwing it up with both of them. This is one of the sexier photos from the shoot. Brie and Jacobs both look incredible showing unity for Community in the most bizarre yet encouraged way possible.

1 Everything is Awesome

via: reddit.com

One of the bigger movie hits on Alison Brie is The Lego Movie for her voicing of Unikitty. The top song from the Lego Movie soundtrack is titled “Everything is Awesome” and that is the best way to summarize this picture. If you’re a human being attracted to the female gender, this picture basically gives you a glimpse into physical beauty regardless of preferences. Brie is regarded as the complete package by many admirers and you see it here.

Those into the more intricate forms of beauty will have a hard time finding eyes more gorgeous or a more breathtaking face. If you’re looking for the curves, Brie reveals it all here more than any other picture in her shoots. The feet guys even get more love again. Hell, if you just enjoy cute furniture, you are getting that here as well. This is the essential hot photo of Alison Brie.

Thanks to the folks at r/alisonbrie for suggesting the pictures and make sure you follow @AlisonBrie on Twitter.

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