Top 15 Most Powerful Justice League Members

The Justice League is a team of DC superheroes who come together to fight crime. This team is made up of the best of the best in DC, making it very hard for any villain or group of villains to face this invincible team with confidence. The founding members of the Justice League are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, the Flash, and the Green Lantern. Some of the members who have joined in recent time include superheroes such as Cyborg, Vixen, Captain Marvel, Atom, Plastic Man, Black Canary, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Supergirl, and many others.

People over the years have sought to know which the most powerful member of the Justice League is, but we can never know who for sure is the most powerful, because they hardly ever go up against each other. One way of trying to find out who among these superheroes is the most powerful is by assessing their weaknesses and strengths and ranking them in the order that makes the most sense.

However, it would not be fair to rank all these superheroes without putting them in different categories, because these heroes are all different. Chances of such lists leaving out the women superheroes are very high, yet they are also very powerful, and chances of having such lists dominated by aliens and metahumans are always too high.

This is a unique list because it ranks the women superheroes, the alien and metahuman superheroes, and human superheroes that have to overcome their human limitations to fight on the same level with their counterparts, separately. Here is the list of the most powerful Justice League members in their categories, starting with the women category...


15 Black Canary

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Black Canary is one of the most powerful women in the DC Universe and a member of the Justice league. Black Canary's alter ego is Dinah Drake, Larry Lance's love interest, who is a detective in Gotham City. Before we discovered that she had superpowers, she stood out as one of the best hand-to-hand fighters in DC, skills that she used to get out of any situation. She often infiltrated criminal gangs and brought them to justice, a role similar to that of Marvel's Black Widow. Black Canary has extensive training in Judo, Boxing, and hand-to-hand combat, as well as an expert motorcyclist, covert operative, and gymnast. The Canary Cry is Black Canary's superpower, a scream that creates ultrasonic vibrations that can damage inorganic and organic objects alike. This scream has the same metal shattering capabilities a sonic weapon has, and it gives her the ability to propel herself across huge distances and to glide.

14 Vixen

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Were it not for the 1978 DC Implosion, Vixen would have been the first female DC superhero from Africa to have her own series. However, Vixen's story saw the light of day in the Cancelled Comic Cavalcade prints, and later in a 2008, five-issue limited series. Vixen is on this list owing to her ability to connect with the earth and draw abilities of animals that once walked the earth and using those abilities in combat. Consequently, Vixen can channel the powers of extinct animals, dangerous wild animals, as well as mystical beasts such as dragons. Vixen simply needs to focus on an animal, draw its talent from the earth's morphogenetic field and acquire its abilities. This results in Vixen having almost limitless superhuman abilities, which result in making her one of the most powerful female superheroes in DC. Vixen can also use the abilities of numerous animals at the same time if she were to hold the morphogenetic trait of a forest.

13 Supergirl

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Supergirl is in every way the female version of Superman, arguably the definition of power in the DC Universe. Supergirl's alter ego is called Kara Zor-El, a cousin to Superman (Kal-El) who was also sent to earth during the destruction of Krypton to protect her then younger cousin Kal-El. However, Kara's pod was knocked off its course and when she reached earth, many years after Kal-El's pod had reached; she found he was all grown up. Just like Superman, Supergirl has superhuman strength, lightning speed, superior stamina, flight, and super freeze breath that can quench any fire. Supergirl has x-ray vision, microscopic and telescopic vision, super hearing, and everything else that Superman has. However, just like Superman, exposure to Kryptonite weakens Supergirl to a frail human girl whereas exposure to the yellow sun increases her strength and superhuman abilities. Some sources have even claimed that Supergirl is more powerful when compared to Superman, but this might not be the case. Superman has spent a lifetime suppressing his powers and putting them under control whereas Kara is reckless and uses her powers without holding back.

12 Power Girl


Power Girl who goes by her alter ego name Karen Starr is actually Supergirl from a different dimension and has similar powers to Supergirl, only that she is more mature and more levelheaded compared to Supergirl. Power Girl is not only older than Supergirl is but even her fighting skills are more aggressive and advanced, making her superior to Supergirl in every way. Just like Superman, Power Girl has all the powers of a Kryptonian including the powers of flight, super-strength, amazing speed, invulnerability to almost anything. She has microscopic, telescopic, heat, and x-ray vision, super hearing, freeze breath, and much more. The two superheroes look different, owing to their difference in age, costume, hair, as well as their alter egos. You would expect that Kryptonite would affect Power Girl the same way as it does Superman and Supergirl, but since she is from a different dimension, Kryptonite does nothing to her.

11 Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman is without a doubt the most powerful woman in DC and is a high-ranking Justice League Member. Wonder Woman, who also goes by the name Princess Diana of Themyscira, is a demigoddess who is also an outstanding athlete, fighter, acrobat, and strategist, trained and skilled in Amazonian martial arts, and in ancient and modern armed and unarmed combat. Wonder Woman's skill in using her bracelets to stop or deflect bullets is unmatched, and her lasso of truth gives her an advantage over all her opponents. Wonder Woman is resistant to extreme temperatures and concussive force, resistance that surpasses that of Superman's. A projectile or an edge weapon applied with extreme force can pierce her skin, but owing to her divine origins, she can heal quickly. Wonder Woman has super strength, super speed, the power of flight, access to an arsenal of technology, and has resistance to magical manipulation.

We now move on to the human category...

10 Cyborg

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The first look at Cyborg can tempt anyone to think that he is just a machine, but in the midst of all the metal, there is a human being by the name Victor stone. One day, as his parents were experimenting on an inter-dimensional portal at S.T.A.R. Labs, a monster passed through the portal, killed Victor's mother and mutilated Victor severely before his father fought the creature back to its dimension. In order to save his son, Silas Stone fits him with prosthetics that transform him into the Cyborg we know today. Thanks to these enhancements, Cyborg has superhuman strength, speed, durability, resistance, and endurance, he has advanced sensory systems, computer-interfacing capabilities, and he can assimilate technology into himself at will. Cyborg has flight capabilities, can emit EMP blasts, has Boom Tube Manipulation capabilities, he can regenerate, resurrect, and enhance mechanical function and much more. These enhancements transformed the genius Victor into one of the most powerful members of the Justice league.

9 Atom

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Ray Palmer, Ph.D. is the man we have come to know and love as the Justice League Superhero called Atom. Ray Palmer used to specialize in matter compression, a method of combating famine, overpopulation, and other problems facing the world. A mass of white dwarf star led to a breakthrough into his experiments and he eventually develops a lens that could enable him to shrink objects as well as himself to the size of his liking. Originally, he had to manipulate his size using the belt where he stored the white dwarf star remnants but he can now change his size using his brain. The 100% control over his body's molecular structure makes him far much more powerful than most Justice League members. He can manipulate his mass to simulate flight as well as punch through concrete, he can ride phone lines, he can shrink and get into a friend or foe's bloodstream to rearrange their molecular structure, and he can shrink others whenever the need arises. What makes Atom so dangerous is that no enemy can see him coming, and he can destroy any enemy from inside out.


8 Batman

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Unlike most other characters on this list, Batman needs no introduction because he is arguably DC's most loved superhero. What makes Batman so amazing is the fact that he is 100% human being, but his intellect, combat skills, and gadgets make him far more dangerous than most other superheroes and villains including aliens. Bruce Wayne, who is the man behind Batman's mask, is a billionaire who puts an end to criminal activities in Gotham, but when he is part of Justice League, he can fight crime anywhere on the planet. Batman has proven in the past that he has the ability to kill all the members of the Justice League, measures he would not hesitate to initiate in case the members went rogue. Batman's intelligence is arguably his most important asset because he always thinks ahead of all his opponents. All the gadgets in his belt, the Batmobile, his supercomputer, superior fighting skills, and even his money add to how powerful he already is.

7 Green Lantern

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Many people have worn the Green Lantern ring since we got to know about it, and the wearer of the ring becomes one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. Usually, the man wearing the ring has no superpowers or superhuman abilities, all they need is to be fit and be creative whenever they are using the ring. To this day, we have never fully understood the extent of power the ring gives its wearer because it is powered by willpower and different wearers have different levels of willpower. Some of the most common powers that the ring grants its wearer include the power of flight, ability to construct solid green objects, develop a shield, develop an impenetrable force field, superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, as well as the power of invisibility. The rings can enable wearers to travel across interstellar distances in record speeds, which enable them to patrol the universe, the wearers can survive in any environment, and the ring can heal injuries, replace injured body parts, block bullets, and do so much more.

6 Doctor Fate

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Doctor Fate is undoubtedly one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe, a role that different people have played over the years. The original Doctor Fate was an archaeologist's son by the name Kent, who revives Nabu the Wise from suspended animation, the result of which is the death of his father and Nabu offering Kent a sorcerer's powers for twenty years and then a mystical helmet, a cloak, and an Amulet. Other characters who have become Doctor Fate include Eric and Linda Strauss, Inza Nelson, Jared Stevens, Kent V. Nelson, among others. The Mystical helmet, a cloak, and an Amulet become the identity of Doctor Fate, who begins fighting crime and using his powers of sorcery to fight supernatural evil. The defining powers of Doctor Fate include casting spells, superhuman strength, flight capabilities, telekinesis and telepathy, invulnerability to almost all forms of attack, lightning manipulation, and pyrokinesis. Doctor Fate is arguably the most powerful member of the Justice League, but he does have his weaknesses.

We now move on to the alien and metahuman category...

5 Captain Atom

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Apart from being members of the Justice League, Captain Atom and Atom mentioned above have no relationship. Captain Atom is a metahuman who was once called Allen Adam, a former technician who got trapped in an experimental rocket that accidentally launched with him inside. Upon entering upper atmosphere, the rocket exploded and Adam's body atomized, the result of which was him gaining superpowers, which included the power to reconstitute his body. Captain Atom's senses operate in superhuman levels since he can perceive cell phone and radio signals, see the energy of different molecules, he does not need food, water, or air to survive, and he is nearly indestructible. He can absorb unlimited amounts of energy, his strength is second only to Superman's, his durability supersedes that of Superman, and he has high-speed flight and enhanced reflexes. He can project force fields, explosive bombs, and energy blasts, and he is capable of manipulating even magic and other exotic energies while retaining a high resistance to any form of attacks.

4 The Flash

Via DC Comics

Some people do not think that The Flash is powerful enough to be on this list, and the TV series The Flash does little to convince such people otherwise. However, the Flash, owing to his speed and intellect, is one of the most powerful members of the Justice League. Before acquiring superhuman speed, Barry Allen was and continued to work in the criminal and forensic science division of the Central City police department. Several other characters including Wally West, Bart Allen, and Jay Garrick have played the role of the Flash in different times. The Flash's primary power is his unmatched speed in movement, thinking, and reacting. The Flash can also phase through solid objects, heal super fast, he has superhuman endurance, he can steal speed, temporarily possess huge amounts of information, resist telepathy, use his momentum to apply significant force, and he can travel through time.

3 Superman

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Superman has for the longest time been the definition of power, the standard by which superheroes should act and control their powers, and the embodiment of all useful superhuman abilities. Superman's story is familiar to almost everyone who knows anything about comics and superheroes and therefore needs little to no introduction. Some people feel cheated when they discover that Superman is not the most powerful being in the DC Universe because there are superheroes and super villains who would stand toe-to-toe with the man of steel and even beat him. Superman's powers include his ability to fly with superhuman speeds, super-strength, invulnerability to attacks, and speeds that almost match up to The Flash. Superman has x-ray, telescopic, heat-emitting, infra-red, and microscopic vision, he has super-intelligence, super-hearing, super-breath, and the ability to produce high-speed winds. Superman's weakness lies in the presence of Kryptonite, which reduces him to levels that make him so weak that an average human being can beat him.

2 Captain Marvel (Shazam)

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Captain Marvel's alter ego is a boy called Billy Batson who transforms into a superhero after speaking the words Shazam. In order to have an idea of just how powerful Captain Marvel is, the word Shazam is an acronym that describes the power that he has. The S stands for the Wisdom of Solomon, meaning that he acquires unlimited knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and intellect on every field of study. The H stands for the strength of Hercules, which means that he has the strength to move stars and planets. The A stands for the Stamina of Atlas, meaning that he can withstand anything thrown at him because he is nearly invulnerable. The Z stands for the power of Zeus, meaning he can use a lightning bolt as a weapon and can resist magic and spells. The A stands for the courage of Achilles, meaning that he is impervious to intimidation and hopelessness and, the M stands for the speed of Mercury, meaning that he can move and fly with superhuman speeds. This description leaves no question as to how powerful Captain Marvel is.

1 Martian Manhunter

Via DC Comics

The Martian Manhunter or Green Martian goes by the name J'onn J'onzz and he deserves to be number one on this and every other list of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. Shows such as the TV series Supergirl hardly ever scratch the surface with regard to the Martian Manhunter's powers, making it appear as if Supergirl is as powerful or even more powerful than him. J'onn J'onzz has all of Superman's powers including superhuman strength, super durability, flight, and the ability to emit optic blasts. His amazing detective skills puts him on the same level with Batman. J'onn J'onzz is like the embodiment of Batman and Superman in one. In addition, J'onn J'onzz has powers unique to him including regeneration after any form of attack, he has the most powerful telepathy on earth, telekinesis, he can phase through solid objects, and he has extrasensory input, among other amazing powers. The only problem with the Martian Manhunter is his vulnerability to fire.,

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