Top 15 Most Annoying Video Game Bosses Ever

Video games. Who's never played some? The immersive worlds in which we are thrown give us a whole new perspective on life by placing us as the main character in a certain story which, most of the time

Video games. Who's never played some? The immersive worlds in which we are thrown give us a whole new perspective on life by placing us as the main character in a certain story which, most of the time, keeps us entertained but curious regarding the final battle our character will go through in order to save himself and, in most cases, his friends.

This action usually takes place in a specifically given area in which the battle will develop, and usually results in the player dying at least a couple of times due to the fact that boss battles prove to be particularly challenging. They need to impact the story substantially as this is the last impression we would ever have of the game, and the developers have to make sure it's remarkable, but sometimes it just doesn't work out.

In an attempt to offer you a battle you will never forget, they take it one step further and make it a memory you don't want to remember. Your final quest becomes a burden through impossible bosses and enemies you don't even want to battle, which sometimes take even days before you get the hang of fighting them manage to find their weakness. Usually it is just too complex and simply leads to uninstalling the game as you are cursed to never be able to finish it. What a cliff-hanger.

15 Yellow Devil - Mega Man


Who hasn't heard of the well-accredited series "Mega Man"? Developed by Capcom in 1987 for the NES and still standing today, the game brought joy to the eyes of millions who were excited to try out the newly launched game. While it proved to be especially difficult, the game was proportionately thought out and built so that players can easily stand a chance and advance towards its completion. One boss battle in particular stole the spotlight and received some negative attention from the numerous players which have gotten stuck against the ancient beast under the name of the "Yellow Devil."

The boss didn't prove to be such a threat but rather a burden to fight. The battle was a nightmare for speed-runners who tried to complete the game as fast as possible because of the weird attack pattern of the monster. The Yellow Devil teleported on your screen piece by piece, every fragment damaging Mega Man and thus slowing down the process of finishing the game as you had to procedurally dodge all of the 19 pieces in order to avoid being killed. After the monster fully regenerated, he would fire a bullet at you and then proceed back to fragmenting himself to another location.

The worst part? He could only be damaged after his teleportation was complete, making this boss a true pain to fight against and a good way to waste your time as you wait for him to arrive at his destination.

14 Pelagia - Shadow of the Colossus


Shadow of the Colossus was an all-time classic too good to miss which made use of the PS2's full potential by surprising us with the stunning scenery and visuals no one could ever forget. The final boss battle of the game was slightly different than the rest due to the fact that it required the player to think it through and use a different combat technique compared to the rest. Pelagia could only be defeated by being stabbed in the stomach, but that was also its most inaccessible area since there was no way to climb around to it.

After hours of thinking this through, people started realizing that hitting the titan's horns would make him head a certain way, in the end reaching the conclusion that the nearby islands could be walked on and the only way there was by leading the giant to them so that the player could be able to land on them and then jump back directly on the beast's vulnerable region. This process was pretty time consuming and required flawless precision, since falling into the water required you to start the level all over again.

That was not all, since the horns of the behemoth were targeting deadly lasers towards your location. You must avoid its attack, all the while trying to repeat the entire process three successful times before defeating the beast, which was annoying in its own way.

13 Binding of Isaac - Mom


The revolutionary rogue role-playing game which relied on escaping your mother's basement proved to be particularly challenging but fun at the same time. The final battle of this game was slightly more special since you require the arsenal, and the skills, to defeat this boss. The part where it becomes stressful is when you realize the items you've collected through your journey are not ideal and you need to replay all the stages again just to get back and try one more time.

Once you finally get the luck to be geared up correctly, you'll need to strategically dodge the endless attacks of "Mom" until she goes on a cool down, giving you the opportunity to finally attack and reduce a small portion of her HP. Even so, the various sides you are being attacked from puzzle your brain to limits beyond your comprehension, making you trip over your own thoughts and not process fast enough in order to dodge every single one of her attacks, all while keeping your eye out for the remaining health, which is always at its lowest by the time you reach the boss battle. Replaying the entire game if you die is just disquieting and not on the to-do list of the majority.

12 Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong


Donkey Kong was one of the first platformer games out there. Rarely during those times would you see a psychotic villain monkey throwing barrels capable of unthinkable destruction down a strategically placed ramp, while you try to avoid them on your quest to save the princess who invited you to tea just a while ago.

The classic ladder level known by millions was one of the hardest and most annoying stages in history due to the simple fact that people were just so new to this kind of mechanics as they required the player to create their own procedure in order to win the level. This resulted in hours spent strategically planning the safest way to get to Donkey Kong and save the princess, but this wouldn't be easy as even the slightest touch of a barrel would force you to restart the level and begin all over again, and that was something you did not want.

Doing so after each loss drove us insane and the simple fact that Mario's jump was so tiny. You had to time your jumps perfectly in order to avoid the barrels thrown at you by Donkey Kong, which made it even more annoying since the touch of a pixel resulted in your immediate death.

11 Joker - Batman Arkham Asylum

Oh God, The Joker, the name in itself is annoying on its own, but it wouldn't be a Batman game without him. Arkham Asylum received a lot of attention after people have acknowledged of the annoying final boss fight they were put through in order to complete the game.

The Joker injects himself with a substance which transforms him into an apparently invincible monster which struck fear into anyone who saw him. The battle mostly relied on keeping your sanity high while hearing the Joker mocking every single move you make as you are fighting his helpers.

Once they were eliminated, you were supposed to drag him down with your hook and repeat the entire process tree more times before the Joker would be dead for good. That's right, not once, not twice, but three times due to the fact that he would keep climbing onto a safe spot to mock you and the live TV helicopters recording the fight. On the third pull, the Joker is finally put down and the ground under him breaks, electrifying every tissue of what's left of his skin, but not before one last punch is delivered by Batman which made the sorrowful suffering end. What a relief.

10 Ganondorf - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Competing for the most annoying boss in the history of gaming is "Ganondorf" from The Legend of Zelda series. This boss was definitely not difficult, but annoying for sure. The history of Ganondorf summed up is about him being the villain some ancient spirits caught by piercing his body through the use of a soul sword which weakened him and sent him to another dimension. Ganondorf was sure to break free and return to the dark side so that he can defeat Link once and for all.

The battle is very confusing at first, leaving the player little to no clue regarding what he is supposed to do, but at some point, you are given a hint by your loyal fairy and are able to locate a weak spot on his stomach and head. The principle is simple, stun the enemy by aiming at his head and open up his wound so that he may be defeated, nothing too complex right? Add a few teleporters and you might just have created the most annoying boss battle in history.

That's right, not only do you have to repeat the process of aiming, knocking and slicing, but you also need to wait for the boss to run around in circles through portals, suddenly floating on top of your character and being impossible to hit at times. This created more of a show than a boss battle, in which you had to admire the beast's invulnerability and teleportation skills which ultimately slowed down your progress and elevated your stress levels beyond limits.

9 Enderdragon - Minecraft


The game which took the internet by storm - the award-nominated game Minecraft, which has over 100 million copies sold, had, from its launch date on May 17, 2009, been given an update which shocked many of us. The update included an apparent "ending" to the game in which you had to defeat a mighty dragon to get out of the Netherworld. This update did not only give the game a purpose and story, but has also introduced an annoying new boss under the name of the "Enderdragon." This made millions of players curious about where he can be found and how can he be defeated, and it wasn't just the dragon you were fighting, but also the numerous days in which you had to survive in order to find him.

The Enderdragon could only be found through the use of a "Nether" pearl which showed you the direction of his destination, which was always a plain field full of bleating sheep and snorting pigs and nothing but a few trees to stay under and wonder why you were brought here. The game expected the player to dig a few miles before finding a cave that led to a portal leading to the Enderdragon, which was a pain to defeat. Not only was he flying, but he was healed by multiple towers which the player had to destroy while being careful to not hit any of the Enderdragon's offspring, the enders, since they would take their revenge and attack all at the same time, leaving the player no chance of survival.

The battle required full armor, the greatest quality sword, and a bow since the dragon's HP was quite high and rarely did the dragon fly close enough to get hit by your sword. If you died, you'd have to go all the way back and gear up again. What a disappointment.

8 The Great Mighty Poo - Conker's Bad Fur Day

Conker's Bad Fur Day introduced us to the shocking appearance of the Great Mighty Poo, which made us forget what the game was all about. The player was enclosed in a sewer where he was expected to defeat the uncommon boss which had risen from the depths of the cave into an unusual form. His egregious appearance was presented to us through an intimidating opera piece which made him truly remarkable.

At the end of the performance, the player is required to do various movements so that he can avoid being targeted and so that he may get a chance to aim for his open mouth by throwing toilet paper into it in order for him to be defeated, but that was not it.

Every third of his life being taken away gave you the opportunity to hear the increasingly aggressive opera he sang for you with the purpose of threatening and expressing his unimaginable strength to you. The process is repeated three times until the beast is finally put to rest and flushed back from where it came, but not before a final unintentional duo between him and Conker, followed up by a really bad pun.

7 Hoyt - Far Cry 3


In an attempt to assassinate Hoyt Volker, the antagonist drug kingpin who is leading a powerful mercenary group dominating Rook island, the player is given a card mini-game he is expected to play in order to give Sam, his ally, an opportunity to kill Hoyt. This never happened as the villain outthought the two and managed to kill Sam, capturing you with a gun to your head. His rules; a finger for each loss.

The game gives you some good cards to play with but no matter what the player picked, Hoyt had them better and your first loss resulted in your ring finger being cut, making you fall into a deep trance which puts you into an unknown realm surrounded by darkness and a spotlight shining upon the two of you. This is followed up by a series of quick-time events which lead to Hoyt's brutal, yet satisfying death.

The most annoying part of this sequence of events is the fact that no matter how good the player played, Hoyt would always win the game of cards and this simple fact annoyed thousands of players who were searching for a way to keep their ring finger in one piece, but the developers of the game decided that this event should forever remind you of your mistakes, so you can advance further into the game as your character develops and becomes braver in the following missions to come.

6 Mogenar - Metroid Prime 3


Usually boss battles always require you to decrease the boss's health until zero so that you may win the stage, but Metroid Prime came with an ingenious idea of displaying this action.

The player, instead of damaging Mogenar, the final boss, is expected to empower him and overcharge his fusions since that is the only way he can be defeated. The more you fought, the stronger the boss became, but up until the point where he couldn't take it anymore and faded into time and space. Did that sound easy? Oops. Add a minimized area of action which is invulnerable every 5 seconds and you got yourself an annoying boss which takes ages to defeat and an in-depth attack pattern left for the player to learn.

5 Psycho Mantis - Metal Gear Solid


One of the scariest and most intuitive bosses of all time is sure to be Psycho Mantis from the Metal Gear Solid series. This boss did not only bring something new to the table but also caused us nightmares since the boss was a pain to beat without the aid of a helpful forum, but that wasn't so easy to do back in the day since the internet wasn't such a popular place to search for walkthroughs at the time of the game's release.

Psycho Mantis was no different, and the only way you could defeat him was to use your brain. Since only few would've figured out that unplugging the controller was the only way to defeat him, Konami broke the fourth wall with this radical concept which gave us a spine-chilling experience while trying to defeat him.

Psycho Mantis could predict your every move and was even able to read your Playstation 2's memory card, naming out games stored in your PlayStation console and even taking control of your joystick. Changing it to port two denied his telekinetic capabilities and therefore he became an easy target to defeat, but who would've thought of that over a decade ago?

4 Last Boss – Drakengard 3


Drakengard 3 was an amazing game which brought gaming to a new perspective by offering us a unique gameplay experience and a story few can forget, but the final boss battle in Drakengard 3 felt really annoying and repetitive.

This part felt rushed and with little to no effort put in it due to the fact that the entire boss battle consisted of getting a few timings right and avoiding a few spells. It wasn't interesting, nor was it challenging. Five continuous minutes of doing the same thing over and over again waiting for the game to end was just too much. It was nothing special or remarkable and that passed a few thoughts in the mind of the various players which were disappointed of the game's ending due to the poorly thought out boss battle only few enjoyed.

This was accomplished through the game developer Tako Yoko's mind, which was striving for creativity and a new way to approach boss battles by surprising the player with a surreal fight that innovated the way boss battles are seen. While some may have loved this attempt, others didn't, but the quality of the story and gameplay balances any other flaws of the game.

3 Sinistar - Sinistar


Sinistar, a name that got stuck in the minds of everyone who has ever played the game. The final boss of the game, "Sinistar," was twice more annoying than difficult due to the fact that you required perfect timing and fast decision making to defeat him. The risk of being insta-killed if you got too close to him made it even worse.

The final mission consisted of the main character being required to destroy asteroids in order to recover their health so that they can turn around and shoot a few bullets at the flying space demon chasing you through the galaxy trying to kill you. If you got too close while trying to shoot him you would end up dying a horrible death and the game would require you to start all over. On top of that, his HP level was so high you could barely do any damage as you didn't have enough time to shoot more than a few bullets before Sinistar could catch up with you.

The repetitive process of stopping, spinning, shooting, and returning to your flight made this battle even more annoying than it was supposed to be and that's not what people are searching for in a game. The challenge it offered attracted a few brave players to try the game out for themselves and defeat Sinistar, which was accomplished at some point, but the struggle and patience required was inconceivable.

2 Vlad - Max Payne 2


Who hasn't heard of the Max Payne series by the famous company Rockstar? The series continues to shock its audience with every release through the shocking final fights meant to end the reign of a mafia, but Max Payne 2 took it too far... In an attempt to innovate the way boss battles are presented, they created a whole new meaning for it.

On the console version of the game, the mission seemed almost impossible as your attempt to break the screws holding the platform Vlad was on was made difficult by the Playstation's choppy controls and the various grenades being thrown at you from above. This slowly destroyed the interior balcony your character was standing on, so you only had a few seconds to aim and shoot the screws down before a grenade exploded by your side, and that's not it. The screws took around 4 sniper shots to be destroyed and the annoying, repetitive dialogue of Vlad made it even worse. "Have no fear, Vlad is here."

1 Dr. Nefarious - Ratchet & Clank 3


The famous old-time PlayStation classic which we all loved had a troublesome end which few can forget. The main characters, Ratchet along with his friendly robot-backpack-partner Clank, had to defeat Dr. Nefarious in order to save the galaxy, but it wouldn't be as easy as a PEGI 3 game should be, oh no.

The stage required the player to use all of the skills learned from his adventure in order to defeat him, making use of every single bullet in your weapons until the point where you've got nothing left to fight with but your trustworthy wrench. Dr.Nefarious easily falls to the ground in the first place, but it wasn't long until his "prank" is revealed to Ratchet, using his power to fly over the map and send his troops to kill the player. The second stage of the fight follows various patterns which are hard to dodge and once you think you have defeated him... you were never so wrong.

Dr. Nefarious takes his final form in a colossal robotic suit which allows him to direct homing rockets at your location, forcing the player to focus on staying alive rather than attacking. This roller-coaster of emotions made us frustrated up until the point where we simply quit the game and broke our favorite controller on the room's wall after multiple attempts at trying to defeat this enduring boss.

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