Top 15 Hottest Power Rangers Ever

Television offers a multitude of programming dealing with every kind of genre imaginable, and no matter what the genre is, there are always certain shows that develop such a following that they either end up airing for a long time or are highly regarded after they come to an end. During the 1980s and 90s, there were many shows aimed at kids, such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, Pokemon and the Spider-Man animated series; but all those shows share the common thread that they are all animated in nature. It is true that animated shows have dominated the kid market, but there are also certain live-action shows which have captivated young audiences, and of all of them, the Power Rangers franchise is both the most popular and enduring.

The superhero franchise has had several different iterations, and each one revolves around a group of teenagers who are chosen and then trained to become Power Rangers who can use special powers as well as pilot large robotic vehicles known as Zords. The goal of these Rangers, is to defend humanity against the threat of evil monsters or aliens, and it is a concept that has remained popular among its fans (both young and old) as the series has now had 23 seasons since the first episode aired in 1993. Plus, it will have a third feature length movie to be released in 2017.

Every single Power Ranger team consists of at least three core members, and there is always at least one female Ranger within that core group. Over the span of two decades, there have been quite a few attractive women who have put on the spandex suit, and the goal of this list is to go through the entire series to showcase the 15 hottest female Power Rangers.

15 Catherine Sutherland - Kat, Pink Ranger

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14 Gina Varela - Charlie, Red Ranger


13 Brittany Anne Pirtle - Emily, Yellow Ranger


12 Sally Martin - Tori, Blue Ranger


11 Camille Hyde - Shelby, Pink Ranger


10 Caitlin Murphy - Ronny, Yellow Ranger

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9 Melody Perkins - Karone, Pink Ranger


As evidenced by Kat earlier on this list, not all Power Rangers start out as heroes, sometimes they begin as villains, which is exactly what happened with Karone who went on to become the Pink Ranger in the Lost Galaxy season. Karone, played by Melody Perkins, may have become Lost Galaxy’s second Pink Ranger after the original sacrificed herself to save a friend, but the character actually made her debut in the franchise’s previous season known as In Space, where she started off as a good character, but later turned bad after being brainwashed by the enemy; but fortunately, she was able to be rescued by story’s end. As it turns out, the audience really liked Karone, due to her ability to make fans laugh and the development that she received throughout the season, and it is because of how well received she was, that she was brought back the following season.

8 Cerina Vincent - Maya, Yellow Ranger


7 Alycia Purrott - Syd, Pink Ranger

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6 Rose Mciver - Summer, Yellow Ranger


5 Emma Lahana - Kira, Yellow Ranger


4 Anna Hutchison - Lilly, Yellow Ranger


3 Erika Fong - Mia, Pink Ranger


2 Ciara Hanna - Gia, Yellow Ranger

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1 Amy Jo Johnson - Kimberly, Pink Ranger

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At the number one spot we have Kimberley, who was the original Pink Ranger who debuted in the very first season of the franchise, and she remained in the pink suit throughout the first three seasons of the series, as well as the original two feature films. Kimberly was played by actress Amy Jo Johnson, and to this day she is still considered to be the franchise’s most popular female Ranger, and with good reason, seeing as she made most little girls who watched the show at the time want to be her. In the show, it makes sense why young girls liked her so much, seeing as Kimberly was a cheerful girl who liked to go shopping and wear nice clothes, who was also into gymnastics; and it is because of the real-life gymnastics skills that Amy used during her fight scenes that boys loved her too. Thanks to her Pink Ranger role, Amy was able to make a name for herself on other television shows like The Division, Felicity and Flashpoint; but she will always be known as the hottest Power Ranger.

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Top 15 Hottest Power Rangers Ever