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Television offers a multitude of programming dealing with every kind of genre imaginable, and no matter what the genre is, there are always certain shows that develop such a following that they either end up airing for a long time or are highly regarded after they come to an end. During the 1980s and 90s, there were many shows aimed at kids, such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, Pokemon and the Spider-Man animated series; but all those shows share the common thread that they are all animated in nature. It is true that animated shows have dominated the kid market, but there are also certain live-action shows which have captivated young audiences, and of all of them, the Power Rangers franchise is both the most popular and enduring.

The superhero franchise has had several different iterations, and each one revolves around a group of teenagers who are chosen and then trained to become Power Rangers who can use special powers as well as pilot large robotic vehicles known as Zords. The goal of these Rangers, is to defend humanity against the threat of evil monsters or aliens, and it is a concept that has remained popular among its fans (both young and old) as the series has now had 23 seasons since the first episode aired in 1993. Plus, it will have a third feature length movie to be released in 2017.

Every single Power Ranger team consists of at least three core members, and there is always at least one female Ranger within that core group. Over the span of two decades, there have been quite a few attractive women who have put on the spandex suit, and the goal of this list is to go through the entire series to showcase the 15 hottest female Power Rangers.


15 Catherine Sutherland - Kat, Pink Ranger

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With this entry we have Kat, played by Catherine Sutherland, and not only is she attractive, but she is also considered to be one of the greatest Power Rangers, regardless of gender, in the entire franchise; and she also holds the record for appearing in the most incarnations of the series. Kat was first introduced in the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but she started out as an evil character who was under the control of the villain Rita Repulsa, but once she was freed from her control, Kat was chosen to become the franchise’s second ever Pink Ranger. She would go on to reprise the same character as the Pink Ranger in both the Zeo and Turbo seasons, where she continued to stand out due to her Australian accent, blond hair, and shining personality; and Sutherland also incorporated her real-life ballet background into her fight scenes, which is just another reason why fans still appreciate her today.

14 Gina Varela - Charlie, Red Ranger


Power Rangers S.P.D., which debuted in 2005, was the franchise’s thirteenth season, and was set in the year 2025 when the Earth welcomed aliens to come live peacefully with the human race; but the planet soon becomes threatened by an evil alien empire. Like every series, the Power Rangers in this story serve as the Earth’s defenders, but in this series there were two Ranger squads to battle the invaders, and we start this list off with a member of the series’ A-Squad. Charlene "Charlie" Haywood, who was played by Gina Varela, was the leader of A-Squad, making her the first ever female Red Ranger, and although she was considered to be a very fierce and capable fighter, she suffered from the same attribute shared among all Red Rangers: arrogance. It is because of her arrogance, that she ultimately led her team to join forces with the enemy invaders, becoming traitors and eventual opponents for the B-Squad Rangers who had an attractive Ranger of their own.

13 Brittany Anne Pirtle - Emily, Yellow Ranger


Power Rangers Samurai is the eighteenth season of the franchise, and as you might guess from the title, the season was heavily influenced by the honorable Japanese warriors. The story of this season dealt with monsters that invaded our world, and who were defeated by samurai who possessed special power symbols which allowed them to each control a specific element. In the modern era, a new group of Samurai Rangers were needed to combat the monsters once again, and that is where Emily, played by Brittany Anne Pirtle, came in. Emily came from the country, and went on to become the Yellow Ranger after her sister was unable to take on the role due to an illness; and although her character started out with rather low self-esteem, with the belief that she was too clumsy and unfit to be a Ranger, she became much more self-confident and braver as the story progressed. This was not the only season that viewers got to see Emily though, as she continued to play the Yellow Ranger in the following season titled Super Samurai.

12 Sally Martin - Tori, Blue Ranger


In the previous entry, we had a season inspired by the samurai, but in this entry we have the Power Ranger season known as Ninja Storm which unsurprisingly takes inspiration from the feudal-era Japanese mercenaries. This season may have had six Rangers in total, but it mainly focused on a core group of three which was comprised of extreme sports athletes, with one of the three being Tori, who was played by Sally Martin, and who served as the season’s Blue Ranger. Tori was a professional surfer which meant that she possessed powers which were based on water, and she was known for resolving conflicts more with her words than with her fists; Tori briefly appears in several other seasons, including Dino Thunder where she and her teammates are temporarily turned evil until they are rescued, but in every appearance she made, she always looked good with her blue eyes and long blond hair.

11 Camille Hyde - Shelby, Pink Ranger


Next up we have Shelby, who is played by Camille Hyde, and who is serving as the franchise's current version of the Pink Ranger on the current running season known as Power Rangers Dino Charge. In Dino Charge, the dinosaurs went extinct thanks to an alien bounty hunter who crashed his ship into the Earth in search of legendary alien items which were entrusted to ten dinosaurs; and this same bounty hunter has returned to Earth to obtain the same items so he can destroy the planet. In this story, the focus is primarily on a core group of five Rangers which includes Shelby, who also happens to be the only main female Ranger in the cast (there is another, but she becomes a Ranger much later on). Now her character tends to come off as both annoying and selfish at times, but she makes up for it by being a skilled and athletic fighter who actually becomes the Pink Ranger completely by accident, and fortunately for us older fans, it was an accident that once again put an attractive girl in the pink suit.

10 Caitlin Murphy - Ronny, Yellow Ranger

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Operation Overdrive served as the franchise’s fifteenth season, and as you might have guessed, the season focused upon both cars and speed, and Ronny, played by actress Caitlin Murphy, served as the Yellow Ranger. Ronny was sort of the Danica Patrick of this Earth, as she was a professional race car driver who loved to compete against her male counterparts, and it was because of her racing job that she was an overtly competitive individual; which was a quality that at times annoyed her fellow Rangers as she had an obnoxious tendency of gloating and showing off whenever she beat them at games; but over the course of the season, she comes to learn that winning is not the most important thing in the world. Anyone watching could tell that Ronny loved cars, as she was always thrilled whenever she spent time with the team’s vehicles, and she always tried to serve as the team’s main driver; and it is her affinity for cars that adds to how attractive she already is.

9 Melody Perkins - Karone, Pink Ranger


As evidenced by Kat earlier on this list, not all Power Rangers start out as heroes, sometimes they begin as villains, which is exactly what happened with Karone who went on to become the Pink Ranger in the Lost Galaxy season. Karone, played by Melody Perkins, may have become Lost Galaxy’s second Pink Ranger after the original sacrificed herself to save a friend, but the character actually made her debut in the franchise’s previous season known as In Space, where she started off as a good character, but later turned bad after being brainwashed by the enemy; but fortunately, she was able to be rescued by story’s end. As it turns out, the audience really liked Karone, due to her ability to make fans laugh and the development that she received throughout the season, and it is because of how well received she was, that she was brought back the following season.

Even now she remains as one of the franchise’s most popular Rangers, and rightfully so, seeing as the Pink suit suited her quite nicely.


8 Cerina Vincent - Maya, Yellow Ranger


The seventh Power Rangers season was titled Lost Galaxy, and as the name suggests, it was in fact set in outer space, and deals with a space colony trying to find a new home for what remains of Earth’s people. This season had five Rangers, with Maya, played by actress Cerina Vincent, serving as the Yellow Ranger, and she wanted to be a Ranger from the time she was young, a goal that was reached after she had to flee her homeworld after it was attacked by evil aliens. Cerina looked great in both the yellow suit and her non-Ranger attire. Cerina is undeniably attractive, and if anyone wants to refute that, all they have to do is watch the comedy film Not Another Teen Movie, where she played the role of the naked foreign exchange student; and her scenes were definitely some of the main highlights of the movie.

7 Alycia Purrott - Syd, Pink Ranger

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We started this list with Carlie from the S.P.D. season, as mentioned in that entry, she was not the only attractive Ranger to appear in that season, as Syd served as the Pink Ranger assigned to B-Squad. Syd was portrayed by Alycia Purrott, and the beautiful blond possessed slightly altered DNA which allowed her to change her molecular structure into whatever element she touched with her hands, which provided her with enhanced physical strength when fighting. She was actually a somewhat vain and at times selfish character who came from a wealthy family, and before becoming a Ranger, she was a skilled fencer, as well as a singer and model. She may have acted like a spoiled rich girl from time to time, but Syd turned out to be the very heart of the entire Ranger team, who was actually a caring and compassionate person who by the end of the season, learns how important friendship really is.

6 Rose Mciver - Summer, Yellow Ranger


In Power Rangers RPM, our heroes have to do battle with a computer virus that has almost conquered and ravaged the entire planet, and just like in Operation Overdrive, the Rangers utilize advanced vehicles for their Zords. On this Ranger team, we have Summer who served as the Yellow Ranger, and she started the season as a spoiled rich girl who was far more interested in clothes, but after the world was attacked and she was left scared and alone, she turned into a much more caring individual who is willing to give anyone the better of the doubt. After being rescued, she ditched fine clothes for a more ordinary look with a leather jacket, and learned to ride a motorcycle, which adds a certain hotness to her character. Summer was played by actress Rose Mciver, who has gone on to possibly have the most successful post-Ranger career, as she starred in Showtime’s Masters of Sex, and currently stars in the CW series IZombie, as the main character.

5 Emma Lahana - Kira, Yellow Ranger


Dino Thunder was released in 2004, and served as the franchise’s twelfth season, and it dealt with an evil group of mutated dinosaurs who wanted to cause the extinction of the human race in order to give the planet back to the dinosaurs. Kira, played by actress Emma Lahana, who was both the season’s Yellow Ranger, as well as the sole female Ranger, which makes some sense seeing as Kira’s looks would garner most of the attention away from any other female lead. In the story, Kira was the lead vocalist and guitarist of her own band, which helped to show off a more passionate and sensitive side of the character who was mainly seen as having a tough exterior filled with attitude. Kira wore a neo-punk style clothing, which caused Lahana to look great both in her suit and out of it, and after Power Rangers, she went on to star in several other TV shows such as Haven, and the CW series Hellcats.

4 Anna Hutchison - Lilly, Yellow Ranger


Jungle Fury was the sixteenth season in the franchise, and in this story the Rangers gained the power of animal spirits so that they could try and stop an evil emperor from taking over the world. With this season, there was a core group of five Rangers, of which there was only one female Ranger in the form of Lilly who served as the Yellow Ranger, and of all the animal spirits, she was given the power of the cheetah. Lilly, with her blond hair and blue eyes, looked great in whatever outfit she wore, and she loved to have fun with her teammates in the pizza shop they all worked in. It was Anna Hutchison who played Lilly, and if you question her positioning on this list, all you have to do is watch either the final season of Spartacus or the movie Cabin in the Woods, where she has some entertaining nude scenes.

3 Erika Fong - Mia, Pink Ranger


At this spot we have Mia, who was played by Erika Fong, and who served as the Pink Ranger in both the Samurai and Super Samurai seasons of the franchise, and she was basically the heart of the entire team. Prior to becoming a Ranger, Mia was raised in an orphanage along with her brother, and it is because of this experience that she grew to adore children, and why she acts like the team’s caring and protective big sister. Mia was a mature and optimistic individual, who hoped to one day find true love, and she also considered herself to be a fairly competent cook, even though most of her teammates think the latter. Her teammate Emily, appeared earlier on this list, and although it is true that Mia is the most attractive of the two in the samurai seasons, she is still only the second hottest Pink Ranger on this list.

2 Ciara Hanna - Gia, Yellow Ranger

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At the number two spot we have Gia, who was played by Ciara Hanna, and she is the hottest girl to wear the Yellow Ranger suit, and she did so as a member of the team in both the Megaforce and Super Megaforce seasons. As a character, Gia was considered to be ‘miss perfect’ as she was a pleasant and incredibly strict individual who was a very accomplished martial artist, and who was also both very confident and smart. The reason why Gia ranks so high is because she looked stunning in whatever she wore, and it should come as little surprise that she looks like a model seeing as Ciara has modelled in real-life, where she showed just how good a Power Ranger can look in a bikini when they are not saving the world from some kind of monster or alien being.

1 Amy Jo Johnson - Kimberly, Pink Ranger

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At the number one spot we have Kimberley, who was the original Pink Ranger who debuted in the very first season of the franchise, and she remained in the pink suit throughout the first three seasons of the series, as well as the original two feature films. Kimberly was played by actress Amy Jo Johnson, and to this day she is still considered to be the franchise’s most popular female Ranger, and with good reason, seeing as she made most little girls who watched the show at the time want to be her. In the show, it makes sense why young girls liked her so much, seeing as Kimberly was a cheerful girl who liked to go shopping and wear nice clothes, who was also into gymnastics; and it is because of the real-life gymnastics skills that Amy used during her fight scenes that boys loved her too. Thanks to her Pink Ranger role, Amy was able to make a name for herself on other television shows like The Division, Felicity and Flashpoint; but she will always be known as the hottest Power Ranger.

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