Top 15 Hottest Playmates Of November

As the holiday season enters full swing, it's not just football, turkey and holiday parties that permeate the air. Thoughts of Playboy Bunnies enter the consciousness of men all around the world. In f

As the holiday season enters full swing, it's not just football, turkey and holiday parties that permeate the air. Thoughts of Playboy Bunnies enter the consciousness of men all around the world. In fact, the highest selling Playboy magazine issue ever arrived on the stands in November of 1972. The article featured Pam Rawlings on the cover and sold a whopping 7,161,561 copies. The centerfold in the issue was sexy Lena Soderberg. The record selling issues is a mark that has never been beaten.

November is a special month in the hearts and minds of many. There's not only Veterans Day in the United States, a celebration of the country’s military vets, but Thanksgiving occurs during the last Thursday of the month. This spurs feelings of family. And of course, in America, you can't have a holiday without commercializing it into a massive spending spree. Thus, the United States (and by proxy the rest of the world) gets Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The month of November always spurs massive amounts of spending ahead of that mightiest of spending holidays, Christmas. Our Playboy Bunnies have always been quite playful in the month of November, and are a joyous preview of holiday fun to come. So without further ado, here are the top 15 hottest Playmates in November.

15 Tiffany Taylor– 1998


1998 gave us Tiffany Taylor, a sultry and sexy brunette from Leesburg, Virginia. Tiffany was a Catholic school girl growing up, the kind of background Playboy loves to exploit in sexy photoshoots. And for those who have twisted minds, yes, Tiffany admitted to Playboy during her shoot that she could still fit into her high school Catholic school girl clothing. Tiffany attended the University of Maryland and took on the major of criminal justice. She wanted to be a police officer and knew how to handle a gun as her father used to take her on hunting trips during her childhood. After high school, Tiffany was a Hooters Girl, allowing her to make a good buck while exploiting her beauty. Tiffany took part in Playboy’s College Girls Special Edition after she was spotted competing in the Hawaiian Tropic national finals. Shortly thereafter, she became Miss November back in 1998. Tiffany is a fan favorite for Playboy and has done 30 pictorials for them for both the magazine and online publications. 36C-25-35.

14 Lindsey Vuolo- 2001

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Lindsey Vuolo makes an impressive entrance every time she enters a room. The Princeton, New Jersey native grabbed the 2001 honors for Playboy. Despite an incredibly impressive hour-glass physique that drives men insane, Lindsey wants to be known more for her brain than her good looks. Although she had modeled for a swimsuit catalog in the past, Lindsey never thought Playboy would want her. It was her best friend who was insistent and this communications major and business minor in college all of a sudden was posing for Playboy. She bartended to put herself through school and we are pretty sure the men were tipping her out with 20s! It's her 36DD figure that most likely drove them mad. 36DD-24-35.

13 Buffy Tyler- 2000

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Buffy Tyler was born in Fredericksburg, Texas and does justice to that famous vampire slayer. The extraordinary Texas beauty is blonde with blue eyes, a stunning presence only further enhanced by her bountiful chest. Her German ancestry is very prevalent when you see Buffy. In addition to her daily hotness, Buffy enjoys outdoor water sports and hanging out on the lake. She puts her near-perfect body to work in her swimsuits while enjoying the great outdoors down by San Antonio. And to prove further that Buffy is a true Southerner, for her birthday, her family brings home 200 pounds of crawfish and they go to town. Now that's a girl we can get on board with! 36D-24-34

12 Lena Soderberg- 1972


We must give credit where credit is due. Lena Soderberg was part of the most successful Playboy magazine of all time. With over seven million copies sold, she helped catapult herself into the mainstream with her epic appearance. Born in Sweden, the 5’6” beauty was immortalized in Woody Allen’s 1973 comedy Sleeper. In the film, it is Lena’s centerfold spread that is used as a prop for a character that had been frozen for 200 years. The character, played by Miles Monroe, studies the impressive spread with the instructions of thoroughly studying it and giving a full report (that's a job I can sign up for!). A portion of Lena’s centerfold is often used to test algorithms in digital image processing. Due to the ubiquity of her Playboy scan she has been referred to as the “first lady of the Internet.” 36-24-36

11 Cara Zavaleta- 2004


This Ohio native is a true brunette beauty with a gorgeous smile and a girl-next-door feel. Cara originated in Bowling Green, Ohio and she managed to carve out a career as a reality television star. With numerous appearances on MTV’s Road Rules series, Cara used her 15 minutes of fame there to do a 10-month tour for Reality Bar Crawl. Cara and her tour hosted butt-shaking contests while guest bartending and hanging out- good old bar fun. Cara has done numerous Playboy shows as well and is hoping to launch her own fashion line. Whether she can continue to capitalize on her good looks or not, we applaud her for all of her efforts and a devastating smile. 34C-25-34.

10 Britany Nola- 2012

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Blonde and beautiful are the first words that come to mind with Britany Nola, a Canadian beauty to die for. Born in Toronto, Ontario near the US border, Britany’s fans would be shocked to know that she is from a bi-racial family. Her fair skin and blonde hair pop on this beauty who has a black father and a white mother. Both of Britany’s parents were therapists which have led to her having a “good head on my shoulders” according to Britany. Interestingly enough, Britany grew up in a home where her parents did not allow her to watch television. Instead, she would watch movies with her family as evening bonding time. Britany is a big music fan whose favorite book is Lolita by the famous author Vladimir Nabokov. Her Playboy spread was taken in a retro-style bedroom as she listened to some of her favorite music classics: jazz, blues and Motown Records. 34B-26-36.

9 Cara Wakelin– 1999


Another Cara hits our list, but Cara Wakelin plays second fiddle to no one. This Australian hottie was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her blonde hair and petite figure bring the men out in droves. Cara actually grew up in Toronto, Canada and it would be her mother who urged her to audition for a traveling Playboy bus that was making its way to their city. She did and Playboy was impressed. Cara didn’t come from a family with great means; she and her family were homeless for a year. Her family moved over 15 times, going from rental to rental and barely surviving. There were many days where food was scarce in her home. Despite having serious financial issues, Cara’s nickname in school was “Skippy.” She used to skip around all day long with a positive energy that caught other students' eyes. And as an adult, she caught many eyes with her beauty. Aside from her beauty, Cara loves hockey, animals, and drawing. She went to art school for five years and loves to create. She also graduated from her university in Canada with degrees in both philosophy and sociology. We philosophically agree that Cara is beautiful and socially hope to see her much more often! 34C-24-35.

8 Ciara Price– 2011


We start to split serious hairs as we approach the top spot. Ciara Price is indicative of this fact. This absolute stunner is blonde with green eyes. Her eye-grabbing looks originated in Portland, Maine. This snow bunny became Playmate of the Month for November 2011. But once wasn’t enough for Playboy and Ciara. She also appeared on the magazine’s cover in April 2013. Despite being drop-dead gorgeous, Ciara was a closet nerd who reminisced about being the only girl in her computer class and having a secret love of video games. Mortal Combat was her absolute favorite. When she was just 18 years of age, a professional photographer and family friend encouraged Ciara to send pictures into Playboy Magazine. Just a month after submitting the photos, Ciara was chosen for the magazine and became Miss November 2011. Ciara has modeled numerous times including for Maxim Australia. In addition to modeling, Ciara likes getting involved in charitable causes. No matter what Ciara is doing, we imagine she looks beautiful doing it. 32C-25-35.

7 Serria Tawan– 2002


Mysterious and sexy are two adjectives that describe this striking beauty. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Serria grew up in the difficult south side of Chicago. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. Serria graduated from college with a degree in finance. She used her finance degree to became a licensed security broker. While she had her “day” job, Serria never gave up on acting. She kept trying out for different parts and started writing screenplays. In addition to her participation in the arts, Serria ran into another beautiful woman who had appeared in Playboy and Serria was encouraged to do so. Also, Serria got into self-defense and knows karate. She knows how to flip a guy and did so when one got out-of-hand. Serria has done quite a bit of acting after she appeared in Playboy. Either way, Serria draws a tremendous audience and is a beauty worth watching. 34C-25-34.

6 Kelley Thompson– 2009


Another Texas beauty hits the list and with good reason. Kelley Thompson was born in Gilmer, Texas and sports some beautiful big brown eyes. The brunette also spots a stunning figure. Naturally, Kelley was an impressive cheerleader and the homecoming duchess in high school. Kelley amazingly got married at the tender age of 17. While working at a bar in Longview, Texas, Kelley heard about the 55th Anniversary Playmate search. Kelley did a test shoot and it didn’t take long for the Playboy brass to be impressed. They grabbed this Southern Belle and got her on camera for a shoot. She was jet-setted on a plane to Los Angeles, California and then appeared at the Playboy Mansion where she met Hef, himself. Kelley became Miss November 2009 and the rest is history. 34D-25-34.

5 Grace Kim– 2008


We get some beautiful Asian flavor from Grace Kim, Playboy’s choice for Miss November 2008. Grace became the first Korean-American Playmate. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, a mere stone’s throw from the Playboy Mansion itself. Grace grew up in a home that featured the arts. Her father was a highly talented musician, a violinist, her mother a calligrapher and her brother a classical pianist and guitarist. Grace’s love of the arts come through her writing but it is her looks that got her noticed by Playboy. She is smart, with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Education from Cal State. Grace wasn’t initially looking for a shot at posing for Playboy, but while working as a fashion industry publicist, sent in a photo hoping to get through the Playboy Mansion door for a Halloween party with the goal of networking. Grace was shocked when Playboy came calling and the rest is history. 34C-21-32.

4 Raquel Gibson– 2005


Raquel Gibson has an extraordinary blend of beauty and intrigue in her background. Her father is a New Yorker with an Italian background while her mother is Filipina and it is this extraordinary combination that gives Raquel her amazing olive skin and eccentric appearance. Raquel doesn’t just have interesting family ties- she even fluently speaks Tagalog. With family in both Japan and the Philippines, Grace herself was born in Clearwater, Florida. Growing up by the beach, Raquel is well-versed on wearing bikinis and looking just plain hot. She became a member of the USA National Bikini Team and that exposure led her to being selected as a Playboy Playmate. Raquel would surprise many with her numerous talents, such as obtaining a real estate license while carrying a degree in culinary arts. Raquel now lives in the Tampa Bay area in Florida and continues to stun the beaches with her amazing looks. But make no mistake about it, when she isn’t modeling or looking beautiful, she is not partying. She is a self-professed homebody and loves family. 34C-23-35

3 Lindsay Wagner– 2007


Stunning. Insanely beautiful. Just…wow! This is Lindsay Wagner, a Midwest girl who was born in Omaha, Nebraska and looks like the ideal farmer’s daughter. Lindsay isn’t just an amazing looking beauty either. Boys better not grab her backside unless invited, she knows self-defense and was a ring girl for the Omaha Fight Club. In addition to that, her brothers were both competitors in MMA and UFC, two organizations that Lindsay is a big fan of. While working as a receptionist at a tanning salon, a local photographer was struck by Lindsay’s undeniable beauty. She started modeling and Lindsay was soon on Playboy’s radar. She was chosen for Miss November 2007. The decision was easy and she continued to work on various Playboy supported projects. Lindsay is now married with children and Playboy has opened many doors for her.

2 Gemma Lee Farrell– 2013


Gemma Lee Farrell is a stunning brunette with deep sea blue eyes. If her eyes don’t get you then her smile will. Gemma is beautiful and originates from Pirongia, New Zealand. Gemma became the first playmate from the Kiwi nation. New Zealand knew what they had with her. At the tender age of 17, Gemma was tabbed for a reality show in New Zealand entitled Girl Racers. The show featured contestants competing in high-risk motorsports including drag racing. Gemma is not shy and she is one of the most recognizable faces in extreme sporting events. Monster Energy took notice and brought Gemma aboard to help represent the company. In 2013 at just 18, Gemma stormed the modeling industry and drew suitors all over the world. She was a regular in many major magazines and Playboy came calling. Gemma describes herself as an “ugly duckling” back during her childhood but many in the world would beg to differ. 33C-26-34.

1 Divini Rae– 2003


And we arrive at our number one choice for the hottest Playmate to adorn November’s pages. We travel to the furthest point north for this Playmate. Divini Rae was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. She became the first ever Alaskan Playmate when she graced the pages of Playboy back in November 2003. Divini grew up in a small fishing village and then went to college in Oregon. From there, she moved to Australia and began modeling there. Ironically, Divini ended up interviewing Hugh Hefner while she was in the land down under for a magazine she had started. The rest is history. Things started very small for Divini- living in a log cabin, her father a fisherman, and hitching rides to school on a dog sled. In Australia she spent five years in Sydney and started a small magazine called Sway. Once Divini landed her Playboy spread, the magazine kept her active, having her tour the world on Playboy’s behalf. She visited Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Europe, Mexico, and even South Korea. Divini now has settled down in Oklahoma City where she has two children and is a health and fitness coach. One thing is for certain, we definitely dig Divini’s divine fitness! She is our number one choice! 36C-24-36.


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Top 15 Hottest Playmates Of November