Top 15 Hottest Pictures Of Tomi Lahren You Need To See

If you follow politics at all, you're likely familiar with the name Tomi Lahren. If not, we'll fill you in, and then treat you to some gorgeous pics of this conservative hottie. Now 24 years old, Tomi Lahren is a conservative political commentator who hails from South Dakota. She graduated from the University of Nevada a few years ago, and already had a name for herself having been active in the political community on her campus.

After graduation in 2014 she quickly got her own show on One America News: On Point with Tomi Lahren. Her fanbase grew, thanks to her on-air confidence and her passion for news and commentary. Just a year later she left OAN and joined Glenn Beck in Texas on The Blaze, hosting a new show and continuing to explode in popularity, thanks to her furious tirades and impassioned rants.

She causes controversy wherever she goes and often gets labeled as a racist, a misogynist, and other synonyms for "bigot", but insists that her commentary falls under no such categories. A self described constitutional conservative, with strong support for the military, little patience for left wing groups like Black Lives Matter and nothing but rage for NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his national anthem kneeling routine. A recent appearance on The View, in which she announced pro choice views, and insinuated that conservatives who weren't pro choice were hypocrites, got her suspended for a week and then banned from The Blaze altogether.

For our purposes though, we're less interested in a serious political debate, and more interested in sexy, controversial blondes. After all, life shouldn't be taken too seriously and this site isn't about the dirty game of politics. Her are fifteen absurdly sexy pictures of Tomi Lahren that will make you want to register with the Republican Party.

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15 A Fox In The Henhouse?

via twitter.com

A couple of weeks ago, Tomi Lahren went on the talk show The View. The reason we titled this picture "the fox in the henhouse" is because that phrase refers to someone "with bad intentions". A young conservative woman walking onto that show, which is a near-echo chamber of middle aged democrats is the equivalent of Bernie Sanders walking into a bar to meet with Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter.

She composed herself well on the show, but admitted to having pro-choice views with regard to abortion, and was subsequently suspended by Glenn Beck for doing so. She explained herself by saying that as a small government conservative, she believes government should not interfere with a woman's right to choose. Some critics have argued that this is a turn from her previous views. As we said earlier, this was what originally got her suspended from Beck's The Blaze, and more recently (Sunday afternoon) fired altogether.

We have a feeling that given her fanbase, she'll be fine. For our purposes though, we just like how she looks here and won't bother touching on the abortion debate.

14 Blue Dress

via wikifeet.com

She wears a lot of blue and given her politics, red may be more fitting, but we won't complain about the blue because it looks great and matches her eyes. In this pic she's taking a quick break from reading (we can't identify the publication) for a selfie, something all of her millions of fans likely appreciate.

Speaking of fans, we can't help but post some stats from her social media pages. It can be tough for a political figure to get much of a following in their twenties, but Lahren has managed to get over 700,000 on both Twitter and Instagram along with over four million on Facebook. The looks are part of it, and the brains are too. While we don't necessarily agree with her on everything (most things?) she's a sharp girl, even if her emotions do bubble over from time to time.

13 Cowgirl

via personaldefenseworld.com

This shot was taken when she was doing an interview with Personal Defense World. For those who are unfamiliar, this is a defense-themed magazine that deals with handguns, knives, and related topics such as open/concealed carry other gear, laws and the culture surrounding these issues and interests. This may go without saying but Tomi is a dedicated supporter of the second amendment and has some experience with firearms, having been raised in a military family.

For the photoshoot to accompany her interview, she had her picture taken with a few firearms and was drop dead gorgeous in all of them. The cowgirl look with her flowing blonde hair is a look that works for her.

12 Hello, 'Merica

The use of the Stars and Stripes as a bandana sometimes leads to an interesting debate. Obviously many conservatives are against flag burning, stomping the flag and other acts of abuse, but from time to time a critic will ask why it is okay to use the flag as a piece of clothing, whether a cape, a bandana or even something like a thong?

This is, of course, one of the most comically trivial debates out there, but it does pop up on political Facebook pages and other forums from time to time. Leaving the topic of stupid topics of discussion and getting back to what really matters in the world: check out the smile on the beautiful young lady wearing the red white and blue on her head.

11 Open-Mouth Smile

via wonkette.com

Everyone, even the most vocal critic of liberalism and socialism, needs to occasionally take time out of their normally serious day to unwind with a good open-mouth smile and thumbs up. We're not sure of the context of this shot to be honest, but for novelty's sake, we'd like to believe that she just won a debate against a guy wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt. Of course, it helped her case that the lad wearing said shirt thought that the image was of Rage Against the Machine singer Zack De La Rocha and had no idea who Che Guevara was.

Unfortunately, this likely isn't the case but we like to indulge our imagination. It is far more likely that she took this picture just because her social media fans would have eaten it up.

10 Her Jersey

via twitter.com

Her smile and striking good looks red white and "blew" us away in this shot and we had to include it. It helps because the jersey was for sale and the proceeds went to a good cause. This was part of her involvement with Folds of Honor, which is a charity that provides scholarships to the family members of wounded or fallen American service people. The organization was founded back in 2007 and runs on the motto "Honor their sacrifice, educate their legacy" referring to remembering fallen soldiers but also providing for their children and spouses in their absence.

Political views don't matter much on this one, it is a pretty good cause. We believe that the number on the jersey is 11 because she is an 11 on the 0-10 scale, but we have no source to back that up.

9 Looking Great in White

via pinterest.com

This is the face a gorgeous conservative girl makes right before she says "hey stud, want to go fight against socialism?" Right now, many media outlets that have branded her as everything wrong in the world are reveling in the fact that she has recently been suspended. Some critics seem to think that this will be the start of a quick end to her career. We're skeptical, but they do make a point, given that Glenn Beck acknowledged (before he fired her) some issues with her behind the scenes and some who work at The Blaze have insinuated that she is an awful person to work with and an absolute diva whose fame has gone to her head. We could see how fame and fortune could lead to some personality issues, especially if you're already stunning.

8 Angry Face

via theodysseyonline.com

Some women are very sexy when they're angry. Depending on which rant it is and whether you agree with her, Tomi can really go either way. Sometimes she takes on the mannerisms of an angry teenager while making a diatribe about whatever, but sometimes she is able to keep her cool in spite of what is going on inside, and make a decent argument and almost be eloquent. That "almost" is the key word here, because we all know she isn't trying to impress anyone with her linguistic prowess, she's trying to get people angry and to get a point across, that's it. But looking at this picture, it looks like Tomi is once again fed up with some liberal nonsense and is ready to righteously vomit words at a camera.

7 Halloween

via abphy.com

This shot was snapped shortly before the 2016 election and we don't think she was concerned about how many people would be offended. Yes, that's right, Tomi Lahren dressed up for Halloween as a sexy border patrol agent in late October, 2016. She shared the photo with the comment: "Couldn't help myself. Had to go political for Halloween. Probably not politically correct but that's not exactly my style anyway. #TeamTomi #borderpatrol #buildthatwall #halloween". Obviously her haters called it tasteless, some of her supporters called the move awesome, but we just call it what it is, sexy. We have to admire a girl who does what she wants and isn't afraid of criticism.

6 After a Run

via abphy.com

The after-workout (in this case after-run) selfie is one of those rare and elusive times when fans can see a celebrity without makeup, usually sweaty and looking natural. She took some hate after posting this with guys saying things to the effect of "put on some makeup". While it is likely that most of those saying that garbage were trolls, it shouldn't be news that some dudes just don't dig natural beauty and prefer women to have makeup on 24/7. Their loss, screw 'em, Tomi looks fantastic with or without makeup and check out those abs. When she posted this she said it was after an eight mile run, which is no marathon, but still a decent distance and pretty impressive. She has posted a few post-run pics and has said that her morning ritual involves a lengthy run and that it is something she has done for years and never wants to stop.


via thesun.co.uk

The sentiment expressed in this shot is a common theme on any of her social media accounts. RED: Remember Everyone Deployed is an initiative that aims to have people wear red on Fridays in honor of everyone overseas. It isn't much more than an act of solidarity and a small one at that, but Tomi holds this one close for a couple of reasons. She was born into a military family and has great respect for service people. Furthermore, she used to date a Navy SEAL and he was apparently the inspiration for the rant against Barack Obama's policies regarding ISIS that first made her famous. It is widely believed that she and her SEAL boyfriend have since gone their separate ways but she still holds military members in the highest regard.

4 Yoga Pants and a Rifle

via thenarrativetimes.org

How does a 110 lb woman defend herself from an attacker over double her size? Jiu jitsu or judo are both good bets but learning to responsibly and effectively use a firearm is a better bet, next question please. Even someone who goes out of her way to praise law enforcement and military members knows that if they aren't physically present, those people can't do anything and self defense is up to every individual. But all we really had to say was that she is a supporter of the second amendment and knows how to handle weapons, you probably already figured that out. We aren't gun enthusiasts, so we can't tell you accurately what exact firearm she is holding (we tried to look it up, but anywhere we found this picture people were just talking about how hot she is), and besides, we're more focused on her legs and the look on her face with that gun in her hand.


via dailymail.com

Big surprise here, she enthusiastically posed with her MAGA hat back during the election. These hats have caused some controversy, given that anyone seen wearing them is instantly either considered awesome or a complete monster. There have been reports (who knows if they are true) of university and college students facing harassment and even violence for wearing these hats along with other reports of students feeling "triggered" and threatened at the sight of someone else wearing a MAGA hat. Guess who we feel worse for. These are exciting and funny times to be alive, when people are threatened by a hat.

But the hat is just half of what is going on in this shot, and the other half is a hottie who is ready to tear up the Washington D.C. establishment with her boy Donald. That's what he's been doing, right? Tearing apart the D.C. establishment?

2 The Girl's Packing Heat

via ign.com

Like we said, we are not firearm enthusiasts by any means, but Tomi is practicing very respectable trigger discipline here. The weapon is not pointed at something she wants to put a hole in, so her finger is extended along the barrel of the gun, and not wrapped around the trigger. This is one way to know if someone is completely useless around a weapon (again not enthusiasts here, but it is common sense) if their finger is on the trigger and they are not aimed down a range, they need to have the weapon taken away. None of this should be news to anybody.

But again, getting back to the reason you're here: Tomi is ready to defend herself if need be, but clearly wants to look phenomenal while doing so. The cut-off shorts and plaid shirt are both good choices.

1 The Little Black Dress

via twitter.com

We should have titled this entry "the little black dress that we all wish was much smaller and covered less". But again, she's a conservative icon and if she were to show off too much skin, it would likely cause problems for some of the older and indeed more conservative among her fanbase. We imagine that she was originally supposed to be looking at the camera for this shot, but saw in her periphery, that someone on the set of the photoshoot was distributing Karl Marx literature and the photographer snapped this gem right as she was getting ready to tear across the room and force feed that person economics books. We have a vivid imagination, but like to believe that anything can happen.

So after seeing fifteen pictures of this sexy firebrand, do you want to make America great again? We hope not, because fifteen pictures of an attractive blonde should absolutely not change someone's political outlook.

Sources: Twitter, Instagram, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, Independent

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