Top 15 Hottest Photos On Paulina Gretzky's Instagram

Paulina Gretzky is first recognized for her last name, pointing to that most infamous hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Despite standing in the long and distinguished shadow of his fame, Paulina has held her own as a celebrity personality. Appearances in movies, CD releases and modeling gigs, all decorate her illustrious career, as do a few scandalous escapades in her social media presence. But recently Paulina has become recognized as the surefire bombshell she is. Her modeling shoots and consistent Instagram updates display an amazing body she should be (and appears to be) proud of. Her photos often boast pictures of boat rides in the sun or attractive - and generally revealing - new outfits, often featuring in the same frame her friends, her fiance Dustin Johnson, and her newly born son, Tatum Gretzky Johnson.

While the companions in the photos, the amount of skin her bikinis cover, or the scenic views behind Paulina may vary, the stunner herself seems incapable of taking a bad photo. Whether a professional photo or a casual selfie, dressed in a swimsuit or banquet attire, Paulina Gretzky is an unforgettable beauty. Here are the fifteen hottest photos from her Instagram.

15 Selfie With The SO

via:The Sun

In this pic, Paulina and her fiance show off their summer bods while riding a boat. Paulina's throwback half-moon choker and banging bikini top secured this photo's spot in the top 15. Gretzky and Dustin Johnson were engaged in 2013, after they had dated for seven months previous. While it's obvious Paulina is quite the catch, Johnson is no snooze himself. With numerous PGA tour wins and a host of top-tier sponsors, Johnson has established himself as a top international golfer. Though he decided not to attend the 2016 Olympics due to the Zika virus, he has secured numerous top-ten finishes throughout the year. After having a kid together and with happy pics like this one (and many more on her Instagram), it seems the two are on their way to a happy life together.

14 Petting A Tiger

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There are two stunners in this pick, and only one of them is the tiger. Though the tiger's trademark orange-and-black is gorgeous and regal, Paulina's tight-fitting top and skirt are stealing the show in this photo. More than being just beautiful, the pic also shows a sense of bravery or daring. It would take a lot of coaxing to get me into an enclosure with a tiger, let alone touch it. Kudos to Paulina on this one.

A lot of Paulina's career has taken some daring too, as she's dabbled in a couple different careers within the entertainment industry. While her modeling career is perhaps what she's best known for, she also released several pop songs and has had some public shows. One song, a cover of Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You", Ms. Gretzky performed at the 2003 Heritage Classic in Edmonton, Alberta.

13 Meeting A Tiger


Once again pictured with a tiger, and once again, Paulina steals the photo here, although this Tiger seems to be quite pumped to be standing next to her. Who could blame him, with her skin-tight navy dress and styled hair? I've already established how connected Paulina is with the golf world due to her husband, but here's just another photo to prove it. In addition to mixing with celebrity golfers, she's also modeled for Golf Digest and has numerous additional pics on the green, practicing her swing.

With skills in several professions, connections to professional sports through a number of ways, amazing looks and comfortability being in the public eye, it's no wonder that Gretzky's rise to fame has come on strong, and seems likely to continue in its meteoric growth.

12 On The Water With Some Friends

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If there are a few themes to all these featured photos, this photo encapsulates most of them. Scant clothing, water in the background, and beautiful friends or family around her make this photo pretty representative of what other treasures you can find on Paulina's feed. In this photo, Paulina's enjoying the summer heat. In the post she tagged Samantha Maddox and Jeremy Cohen. Cohen is a fellow model and someone Gretzky has called a best friend. The combined appeal from all three friends is pretty staggering. Paulina's rocking a bikini (once again - see a trend yet?) and showing off some amazingly flat abs, especially considering that this picture was posted after she gave birth! That's a pretty amazing comeback by even the toughest of standards!

11 Lingerie Shoot

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Based on how good Ms. Gretzky looks in her swimwear, it should be no surprise how dynamic she looks in lingerie, especially with lighting this dramatic. Paulina's modeling career started in 2005 when posing for Flare, and continued with shoots for other companies as well (you'll see some of those further down the list!). Her career hasn't always been squeaky clean though, especially where Instagram is concerned. Past (well-documented) photos on her social media site show her sitting spread-eagled, perhaps sloppily drunk, and sitting on a variety of men's laps. After her account was deleted (according to rumors, due to her father's involvement), Paulina seemed to have cleaned up her act, but is still as hot as ever. Only some other minor news, such as a quick trip poledancing in Las Vegas, has given weight to her history of more scandalous pictures.

10 Bikini Lounging


This photo barely needs, a caption, huh? While the perfection of Gretzky's body barely needs a mention with a picture like that, I will say that it seems her body has done more than earned her Instagram followers, in that she has also helped her win minimal roles in several films since 2000. What many don't know is that these roles, in a small way, show her following in her mother, Janet Jones', footsteps. Jones was an actress and won roles in such films as 1988's Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach, 2006's Alpha Dog, and perhaps her most famous work, 1992's A League of Their Own. In the years to come, we may see Janet Jones' daughter push her film career in new and interesting ways, as well. Heaven knows she can work a camera, as shown in this simmering shot.

9 Maxim Shoot


Paulina was featured on the cover of Maxim back in 2013. Her photoshoot with the magazine was full of hot shots, and she put a few of them up on her Instagram to impress the masses that follow her feed. Well, I'm impressed for sure. While it's a bit of a change of pace from the usual beach selfies she has all over her feed, don't get us wrong, she's still showing a lot of skin, which definitely seems to be her preferred style. And if you think this is the last bikini you'll see the gorgeous model in, well think again...

8 Miami Lookout


Geez, I think that makes five bikini pics in a row. This one couldn't be left out, however. The skimpy outfit seems to barely be able to squeeze past even the loosest social media censors, but we're glad it did. Not only showing another glimpse of Paulina's toned body, we also get a great shot looking out across a beach. Based on Ms. Gretzky's caption of "Hello Miami" beside the photo, we'll assume she's scanning the Atlantic in the picture. I hope that with all this picture-taking, Paulina still has a chance to have fun at all the beautiful places she visits. Life as one long photoshoot doesn't sound all that interesting to me, but whatever floats your boat.

7 Showing Off Her Kid


As mentioned previously, Tatum Gretzky Johnson features prominently in many of his mother's Instagram posts. And while he's a cutie, he still doesn't outshine his mom's beauty. Tatum's still not even two yet, as he was born in January of 2015. While some celebrity parents are really careful to keep their kids out of any kind of limelight, it seems Paulina and her fiance Dustin Johnson, aren't concerned about the exposure. Paulina has gushed about her son through a number of media outlets, and also has mentioned how good of a father her significant other has been.

Little Tatum seems to be inheriting his mother's aptitude for taking great pictures, too. She sizzles with a peaceful expression and a halo of golden hair, while he displays a playful smirk and looks up at the camera. Born to be a star.

6 The Full Body Shot

via:No Laying Up

Paulina's looking stunning and camera-ready in this waterside shot, sporting a barely-there yellow bikini and nothing else, besides her sunglasses. The bombshell's photogenic ability and care for her look have earned her parts in some movies, as stated before. While none of them have earned her a lot of critical accolades for her acting, it's notable that she could make the jump, despite her limited success. She made brief appearances in 2000's film In God We Trust and 2009's Fame, but the film that had the best commercial reception was Grown Ups 2. In the scene she was featured in, she was fixing a car while the male leads of the movie took "shifts" ogling her. It seems most of her roles in movies have involved men marveling at her good looks. While it's easy to see why this is, I hope different opportunities keep opening up for Paulina Gretzky.

5 Rocking An Itty Bitty Bikini (Again)


In this shot, taken in Los Angeles according to Paulina's caption on Instagram, the model shows off her amazing body, especially her slim waist, thin but athletic arms and legs, and a gorgeous cascade of brown-blonde locks. The clear water looks refreshing, and the weather looks amazing. We wish we'd have been there, but at least we get a pic.

Los Angeles, not just an apparent swimming attraction for Paulina, is also the city where her father continued his climb to fame with the LA Kings, after a highly contentious trade in the late 1980s. Wayne Gretzky reached another Championship series with the Kings, but never won with LA, though his move to California did help spread hockey's popularity to the west.

Whatever the reason for the Gretzky's draw to LA, we're happy if Paulina keeps taking pictures during her outings there.

4 Tequila Sunrise

via:We Run The Underground

Did I say that Paulina has a lot of waterside photos? I must have. Did I say she loves pics with friends while showing off sexy swimwear? I'm sure I did. There's not much more to do here than to admire the view, then. I'm not sure who Paulina's friend is, but it's pretty obvious she knows how to work a swimsuit, too. Paulina tagged this photo with a caption of "Bae Watch," which I think is pretty representative of the feel of the shot. The word play also shows the gorgeous woman has a little wit up her sleeve, too. Well, her figurative sleeve - we've seen she doesn't wear sleeves all that often anyway.

3 Trick or Treat


Halloween is generally a time where celebrities can get out make waves with creative and often really alluring costumes (just look at this list of some of the best celebrity costumes of 2016). Paulina dressed as a gladiator this year, and her fearsome costume earned her a lot of attention on the Gram. Skin tight leather studded with buttons accentuates her figure and inspires the simmering glare she sends at the camera. Her caption of "Slay, All Day" adds a bit more grit to this sexy outfit.

Paulina's no stranger to exciting costumes. Other Instagram posts include Paulina donning a skimpy school girl uniform or a circus ring master. It's clear The Great One's daughter is no stranger to finding ways to show some skin.

2 A Flower By Any Other Name


Okay, so there's a lot going on here. And all of it's pretty sensual. Paulina's skin looks amazing in the almost silhouetted lighting, contrasting with the pure white of the lingerie she's modeling. The nightwear draped over her hangs loosely and elegantly off her body. And of course, there's the rose, the symbol of romance in almost every conceivable book or movie created, backlit and beautiful, matching her underwear. Paulina's slightly opened mouth, her down-turned eyes, the light catching her hair: it's near perfection.

This photo is captioned with "Valentine's Day" on Paulina's Instagram, and we can't quite think of a more romantic picture. Good golly, Ms. Gretzky, please don't stop posting on your feed. It's a gift to humanity, pure and simple.

1 Wetsuit


I mean, pardon me as I catch my breath. This is one photo you can't possibly scroll past when perusing Paulina's Instagram. She looks absolutely stunning in a skintight wetsuit, showing off her impossibly thin waste and gorgeous figure. Her hair's pulled out of her face, and the wistful yet determined expression on her face is straight up beautiful. Maybe the coolest thing about the photo is that it seems like so many models and beautiful people make the things they photograph with look like props, but Paulina looks totally ready to take on the waves with her board and suit. We have no doubt she did soon after the photo was snapped.

You'll be hard pressed to find any photo more smoking on Instagram, period, and though her feed is full of other amazing photos of this amazing woman, this one rounds out our list of Paulina's hottest posts.

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