Top 15 Hottest Mortal Kombat Cosplays

It's no secret that cosplay is awesome. While mainstream sports media has a lot of hot cheerleaders wearing skimpy uniforms to help the audience cheer on the home team, geeks have an entire genre of m

It's no secret that cosplay is awesome. While mainstream sports media has a lot of hot cheerleaders wearing skimpy uniforms to help the audience cheer on the home team, geeks have an entire genre of men and women who are willing to dress up as their favorite anime, video game, comic book or any other geeky genre of media and go out in public to show it off.

And arguably, our women are hotter.

There are a lot of great cosplayers out there, and a lot of great media outlets that cosplayers will mimic and dress up as. That being the case, some of the hottest and sexiest cosplays to come out of the geek culture are courtesy of the Mortal Kombat cosplayers. There is something to be said about seeing a woman in person that you've watched decapitate their opponent after a sound beat down in your favorite video game.

In our list, we're not going to bother avoiding duplicates. In fact, you're likely to see the same one a few times but don't fret. The different women in this list will make you feel like you're seeing the character for the first time, every time. I'm just here to show you some of the hottest women of Mortal Kombat cosplay.

Game on!

15 Sonya Blade – Deanna Sarkar


I remember playing Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis back in the early 1990s and being in absolute awe of not only the combat system of the game but also the graphics. Every boy who witnessed these amazing graphics for their time inevitably got a crush on Sonya Blade. And who could blame them? She's a tough woman with legs for miles.

This cosplay portrays her in the perfect light, so to speak. Showing off with a perfect Sonya Blade pose, indicating her character's history in the game. Deanna Sarkar pulls of a flawless Sonya Blade in this cosplay, revealing just enough skin to leave it open for your imagination, and also staying true to the character concept. What more could any gamer ask for?

14 Cassie Cage – Narga Lifestream


A picture that really and truly brings on the notion that an outfit doesn't have to be revealing in order to be mind bogglingly sexy. This photograph shows Cassie Cage in an interesting light, so to speak. Her skin tight bodice and tights reveal that the actor here has the perfectly muscular body to portray the infamous Cassie Cage.

Truly deadly in the game, and disarming to meet in real life, this cosplay brings to life one of the newest and sexiest of any of the Mortal Kombat characters. Can you imagine being pulled over by Cassie Cage at a traffic stop? Who wouldn't love to get a speeding ticket from someone like this, or Sonya Blade? That'd be one fine worth paying, don't you think?

13 Mileena - Zyunka Mukhina


Who could resist this alien assassin? This is a revealing female ninja, Mileena, posing for the camera. Her suit seems to leave very little to the imagination, yet somehow can make the imagination run wild. With Mileena, you know that she is as sexy as she is deadly. That is, at least, until she takes off her mask. Unfortunately for anyone revving their engines over this picture, Mileena is an absolute bombshell, even in this picture. Once she takes off that mask, however, it's going to be a totally different story altogether. Are you really willing to risk being eaten alive by a psychotic cannibal just to get a glimpse at a little more of that skin under her magenta suit? You know what.. don't answer that.

12 Sonya Blade Vs. Mileena On The Beach


An iconic Mortal Kombat battle if ever there was one. Here, we see two cosplayers dressed as two of our favorite Mortal Kombat stars, Mileena and Sonya Blade. They appear ready to duke it out to the death in this beach scene. In the games, this would be an awesome match full of blood, gore and violence to spare. One of them would likely get an uppercut, knocking them into the spikes nearby. With Sonya's stance, I can't tell if they're going to be fighting, or doing something different. It seems more like Sonya Blade is trying to take off her pants while Mileena plays coy and gives the camera a hard stare. Maybe it's the beginning of something a lot more sexy than a battle to the death. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking. FINISH HER.

11 Jade - Giorgia Vecchini


I don't care if Mortal Kombat's creators saved money by color swapping the same character to make entirely different ones if it produces cosplay like this. This sultry, smokey eyed vixen is going to steal your heart right out of your chest and you're probably going to love it, too. While this suit makes her look like she's going swimming rather than doing battle to the death with incredibly strong, otherworldly opponents, you can still imagine her jumping into battle and beating someone to death with that metal staff of hers. I wonder where Jade goes shopping to get suits like that. Maybe they only make them in the Outerworld? Like Shao Khan has a personal seamstress he rents out to Outerworld royalty before the fight.

Checks out.

10 Mileena - Haruru Yin


Here she is again, the famous (or infamous) Mileena. This time she is tempting you to follow her into the woods. Now why on Earth do you think Mileena, the psychotic Outerworld cannibal assassin would be showing off all this skin? I'll give you two guesses and if neither of them involve your untimely demise, then you're going to be the honored recipient of the world's first video-game related Darwin Award. And congratulations be unto you because, if we're being honest, I can think of worse ways to die. Though you have to wonder if the Outerworld's young women really had a tramp stamp phase and if so, I can't even begin to imagine the daddy issues that come along with this raven haired beauty.

9 Kitana - Kitsune Ryu


This picturesque scene features one of our favorite Outerworld vixens showing off in a pose we gamers have seen hundreds of times, if not more. The suit is revealing in all the right ways, but what really sets her apart is her body. Loincloths never looked so good, am I right? At least when it comes to Kitana, you can be assured that if she takes off her mask, she doesn't immediately intend to kill and eat you. That isn't to say that the character couldn't off you without a thought because let's be honest. The daughter of Sindell carrying sharpened fan blades could probably kick our asses without even breaking a sweat. Fortunately for us, this is just a cosplay, even if it's a remarkably sexy one.

8 Mileena Vs. Sonya Blade


Whether this is a death match made in heaven or hell, I don't think any of the viewers are going to care. Here we see Mileena, the psychotic alien assassin with a smile to die for atop our beloved Sonya Blade, and I'll be honest, it's really not looking good for Sonya Blade.

Mileena has her by the back of the neck and looks like she's about to drive her sai into Sonya's chest. Sonya Blade doesn't look too happy about her predicament, either, and looks like if she ever gets out of this, she's going to lay a beat down on Mileena the likes of which she has never seen. One thing is certain though. These vixens look great while they try to kill each other.

7 Mileena - Tanya Korobova


I don't know what it is about Mileena. Maybe it's the fact that she's just so damned deadly in the game. Maybe it's the fact that she's one of the favorite playable characters in the Mortal Kombat series. Maybe it's the ironic sexuality that comes from being a woman with a body to kill for and a smile, well, to die for. Regardless of the reasoning, this beautiful Mileena cosplay is being performed by Tanya Korobova who, unsurprisingly, has taken two spots on this list which is alright since they're really just color changes, right? I think this might be the best Mileena cosplay yet. I can't blame you if you stare at the picture for a while. I know I did. Just try to remember what's under that mask.

6 Kitana - Tanya Korobova


You don't have to see the entire body of a lady to know understand how beautiful she is, but in cases like this it certainly helps. Tanya Korobova again, this time playing the color swapped Kitana. This outerworld assassin princess with smoky eyes and dark hair has a glance that's enough to stop Johnny Cage dead in his tracks. Those beautiful gray-green eyes outlined by the blue attire really gives Tanya the right stuff to play Princess Kitana. You can definitely see her as royalty in this cosplay. Coming to our world to battle her hated, demonic step-father in spite of mama Sindell's roaring disapproval. I suggest you go check out all of Tanya Korobova's cosplays because she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cosplayers this side of the 'verse.

5 Skarlet


Skarlet doesn't get nearly enough attention as she deserves, whether it's in the Mortal Kombat franchise itself, or even just to cosplayers. She is one of the creepiest, most horrific characters to come out of the franchise, and probably one of the most creative as well in spite of the fact that she's really another color swapped character that the Mortal Kombat franchise is famous for.

This cosplay is absolutely amazing. I mean what straight guy on earth doesn't have a secret, or maybe not so secret, weakness for a redhead? Especially a blood obsessed redhead with a penchant for cutting open her enemies and showering in their entrails? Well, okay maybe that last part isn't exactly accurate, but this cosplay makes it seem almost worth the risk.

4 Group Pose


Mortal Kombat does it again, this time in real life! Through some Matrix-like reality glitch, I'm sure, it seems that these three ladies have succumbed to the color swapped template of Kitana, Mileena and Jade! It looks like these three ladies were having a hallway brawl when the photographer showed up. Did he catch them fighting this way, or were they able to set aside their bloody differences long enough to give this lucky photographer the shot of his life? As a matter of fact, I wonder if the photographer even survived very long after this shot was taken. Either way, these cosplayers have really nailed the Mortal Kombat spirit in this picture, and we hope to see more from these three very beautiful ladies in the future.

3 Ladies of Mortal Kombat


I know you are probably not here for game information, but if you're reading this, I'll let you in on a secret. While many will claim that they are ninjas in the Mortal Kombat universe, the lady in the front is Skarlet. She's taking a front stance in this photograph because she is the only female ninja in the game, and in this picture, that can genuinely be called a kunoichi; a female ninja. This is due to the fact that she is the only character to possess the kodachi swords and kunais. In addition she is the only ninja who uses the taijutsu fighting style. Regardless of the technicalities, this row of lovely ladies dressed up in cosplay as the four leading ladies of the Mortal Kombat universe is truly a sight to behold.

2 Sonya Blade - Onaki


If you're anything like me, you can barely believe that this is a real photo. Granted, it is touched up with Photoshop to look a lot more like a game, but this gem is a photograph of the absolute sexiest and possibly the best Sonya Blade cosplay this writer has ever seen. Voluptuous beyond measure, she has a look that tells you that she means business. While her body type doesn't seem to be quite on par with the Sonya Blade from the video game series, I much prefer this one. She is curvy but toned in a way that would certainly depict her as a real fighter. If you can't help wanting to plug in your console and play some Mortal Kombat after viewing this picture, you're probably not alone.

You're welcome.

1 It's Great To Be A Geek


This series of Mortal Kombat cosplayers prove that the kingdom of geek, or Geekdom if you will, have grown up! These lovely ladies put cheerleaders to shame and, if you ask me, pictures like this make me glad to be a convention-going geek. I mean, just look at it! You've got three women truly depicting some of the strongest, most violent women ever to grace our televisions and they each look ready and prepared to shed each other's blood over the fate of Earth and their homes. These gorgeous ladies portray the genre well, and look absolutely beautiful doing it. If you have never been to a gaming convention, you might want to consider attending one if for nothing other than seeing cosplayers like these doing what they do best. BEING AWESOME!

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