Top 15 Hottest Moments of WWE’s Total Divas

Divas of the WWE are the hottest entertainers the world has ever seen. The standard maintained by the company to make sure the female wrestlers are tough along with the required hot appeal makes this

Divas of the WWE are the hottest entertainers the world has ever seen. The standard maintained by the company to make sure the female wrestlers are tough along with the required hot appeal makes this entertainment company one of a kind. In 2013 WWE launched a reality TV show Total Divas, giving their viewers a massive treat.

WWE's Total Divas gives its audience a good look at some of their favorite WWE Divas but it also ensures that the program carries a quality story-line to keep the interest of the audience alive. Not only that, you also get to see the girls inside out and their personal lives are dramatized in "the reality TV way." The most appealing part of the whole setting is the footage of these girls behind the scenes and backstage, much to the liking of their fans. Viewers just love to see their favorite superstars in their real lives, outside of the ring we're used to seeing them in.

The television show attracted a good number of viewers and blasted the TRP’s on the premiers. Obviously, who doesn’t want to see these hot women up close and personal? It’s an absolutely perfect blend of reality television with professional wrestling. When these gorgeous women appear on your TV sets for a complete hour, you just simply can’t miss it. Here’s the compilation of some of the hottest mouth-watering moments of WWE's Total Divas that you just can’t keep your eyes off.

15 No More Rack Attack


Nikki Bella is famous for her wrestling moves inside the ring and outside - hope John Cena would agree on that! The world of wrestling entertainment began to take Nikki seriously when she defeated Beth Phoenix to win the WWE Women’s Championship in April 2012 and since then she’s become a powerful force in the Diva’s arena along with her sister Brie Bella.

Her signature move the ‘Rack Attack’ is by far one of the most potent and skillful moves women’s wrestling of this era has seen, but this move exerts so much pressure on the spine and the vertebral column that it can cause serious injury.

Nikki has some disks behind her vertebrae causing her pain, and with that crucial part under lot of pressure, the ‘Rack Attack’ is disallowed by the doctors even if she returns back to that ring since it involves a greater resistance on that broken neck. Brie, however, thought of keeping that move alive and gave Nikki an idea to use her cleavage as alternative to suffocate opponents.

14 Bikini Mania


Bikini Mania, an event organized by the WWE where some of the girls head to a beach party and enjoy their time out in the waves with their swimsuits on. The pictures of the Divas would certainly raise questions in our minds like "Why is this not an official WWE event?"

The pictures hail from a beautiful beach where the Bella Twins, Paige, Renee Young and Lana made their presence felt with some of the most amazing snaps and alluring costumes. The girls were seen sipping bubbly and romping in the waves for a photo-shoot.

It’s absolutely a wonderful setting to have some beautiful ladies on the beach with their bikinis playing and having fun, giving their viewers some magical moments to savor. Don’t tap out! This body slamming show beats any signature moves of the biggest superstars on any given day! Watch out!

13 Big E's Prize in a Hot Tub


This happens sometimes when we get to see the supporting actors for a brief period and they just capture our hearts and minds. The same can be said for Nattie’s sister who was driving Tyson Kidd up the wall as a live-in houseguest, so Nattie thought the only solution would be to get her sister laid. And, guess who she chose for her cute little sister: Big E.

Yes, of all people she chose him to be match for her. Big-E also responds to Nattie’s commands and is buoyed over the prize he is about to get. He unleashed his chest and tricep meat in the show. People are used to seeing it on display in the ring, but this 285 pounder's scenes with Nattie’s sister were the sexiest scenes on the show and it makes us a little flustered.

12 Mandy Gets to Learn Branding The Real Way


Eva Marie, the red haired chick on the Total Divas show, is on the verge of getting herself proclaimed as one of the top models WWE has ever signed with her latest Maxim photo-shoot which was rated as the one of the best photo-shoots Maxim has conducted for quite some time.

Eva Marie is so conscious of her popularity and how she looks in front of the camera that she hired a social media guy to shoot her Instagram content and boost her brand. She also invited Mandy to join her for a sexy swimsuit photo session by the pool and both the girls ensured viewers stay in front of the screens till the very end. How cool is that!

11 Rosa And Her Baby Shower Guests Play “Suck the Nipple” Game


Rosa Mendes was seen complaining about the fact that nobody seems interested in her party, although she invited each and every Diva from the locker room. The Foxy Family’s re-union made them skip the party and Paige had to appear in some TV show. There were other issues surrounding Paige and her miscarriage before, so she felt going to the baby shower would rewind all that had happened to her in the past. Thankfully, almost all of the Divas managed to make it to the baby shower, giving Rosa an amazing surprise.

Finally, the stage was set and almost all of the locker room girls joined Rosa for a game absolutely unheard of before. The way they sucked the nipple of the bottles in the ‘suck the nipple’ game made the fans think "it’s just the nipple and nothing else." These Divas do everything the seductive way!

10 Eva Marie and Her Husband Jonathan's Captivating Moments


The women on the Total Divas show know a thing or two about love. Their relationships have more than a tinge of sex to them. From passionate smooches to sexy boudoir moments, you can absolutely have it all.

Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan Coyle – a popular figure in the fitness world - met when Eva started a Cross-Fit workout and the two have fallen for each other. Eva Marie and her husband seem to make this show spicier with everything sexy, from shooting their engagement photos to sharing innumerable kisses on national TV, there just seems to be no distance between the two!

9 Paige’s Relationship With Alberto Del Rio


Everybody seems concerned for Paige since the time when the news of her potential relationship with Alberto Del Rio became the headlines. Since Alberto is thought of as the ‘Bad Boy’ of WWE and considering the age difference between the two, it seems a mismatch, but you know love is blind, deaf and dumb!

Alberto and Paige were seen sharing some of the best moments of their life with both of them cuddling and exchanging kisses and smooches without even realizing that they certainly can get in trouble, as the WWE management isn’t happy with their relationship and threatened to fire Paige if she didn’t break up with Del Rio. No matter what, the couples are giving their fans and audience a treat on Total Divas with some of the sexiest moments on air.

8 Rosa Mendes’s Preferences !


WWE Diva Rosa Mendes take Natalya out to a bar - a lesbian bar to be precise - to have some fun as she seems to be so over with men. Natalya feels really uncomfortable and regrets getting herself into this situation. Rosa immediately starts kissing a girl that she just met making Natalya feel more awkward. Natalya leaves but after finding out that Rosa hadn’t reached the hotel till 5 am, Natalya confronts her about what actually happened. The bomb is dropped when Rosa tells Natalya she gets emotionally attached to guys when she is intimate, but has never been in a healthy relationship with men and is scared of love. She revealed that she isn’t just attracted to guys and loves the ladies too and isn’t afraid to show it.

7 Summer Rae Smashes Fandango with smooches


Summer Rae is the first WWE Diva to join the Hollywood elite by turning to acting, and the blonde bombshell is a part of The Marine 4: Moving Target. When asked in an interview about her relationship with Fandango and Dolph Ziggler, she replied that Fandango is still her good friend although the world saw the relationship between the two starting and stopping in very little time. They kissed, smooched shared the time together and then left. The moment became awkward but she is of the opinion that nothing is weird now and things are right in place. When asked about her situation with Dolph, she was open to say that they just shared a story-line together and there wasn’t anything intense.

6 When the Ladies Headed Cabo, Mexico


For season 2, Total Divas filming headed to Cabo, Mexico where Brie Bella’s bachelorette party was to be celebrated. The Divas were so excited when they packed their bags and headed up to the destination. The whole cast of Total Divas was seen flying to the airport and the audience was in for a treat as the cast was supposed to be on a holiday and partying hard. They enjoyed every bit of their time there and provided the audience with tons of appeal and joy with some of the sexiest snaps ever on the show. Obviously, when you combine the beach, sexy women, and partying, killer combination is on its way!

5 Behind the Scenes With Total Divas


You might be wondering if these are all the snaps and images the whole world got to see on national TV. The answer is no, but how about an some inside treat? The WWE Total Divas filming for the cover brought about some of the most amazing behind the scenes pictures of these hot ladies embraced in black attire. You just can’t miss this. Divas sitting and chatting backstage and having fun is a treat to watch and especially these mouth-watering ones. Take a look!

4 Rosa and Alicia Stage a Move


Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox are working pretty hard to get some airtime, and not just with some sexy moves in the ring. They were seen practicing some of their moves by staging a little impromptu playtime. Total Divas intends to try and pull off something that makes the camera stay on them for greater time than usual. Those moves will accidentally show of their ‘assets’ without being obvious and they have to think of some way where it looks absolutely real and not like they’ve staged it. The initial practice sessions didn’t get those fruitful results and the duo agreed on the fact that this seems like a hot mess - and not in the hot way they want to!

3 ‘The Couple’ of the Show


For some, the couple of Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan is the epicenter of the show, as they appear more than anyone else on WWE Total Divas, but for most of them the cutest couple of the show is undoubtedly John Cena and the other half of the Bella sisters, Nikki. Nikki is John Cena’s on and off girlfriend but both of them share some of the cheesiest moments aired on TV.

Although Nikki is out of action due to her injury, she never lags behind when it comes to anything intimate with John. She adds spice to the relationship by being absolutely clear and straightforward about certain things, with ‘sex’ being one of them. Whether dressing up as nurse to care for her sick boyfriend or giving him a surprise by wearing absolutely nothing under her coat, she gives John all the ways to relax and think "I’m so lucky to have her."

The couple had an intense breakup and fans were so disappointed to see things falling apart, but much to the liking of everyone it was followed by a makeup from both ends. John, without thinking much, asked Nikki to move into his house so that they could live together and spend more time together before eventually getting married.

2 Sister’s Love


Brie and Nikki Bella share a lot of airtime on the show and the audience just loves the episodes featuring the two together. The company is in love with the two ladies and gifted them with another show, Total Bellas, featuring just the two of them. Why not? The TRP’s shoot up and audience is seen right in front of the TV sets in anticipation of the two sisters giving them the treat they want. They were seen in a healthy discussion once about Nikki’s neck injury and Brie asks Nikki to see the doctor but Nikki doesn’t want to. The most captivating part of the scenario is that the discussion is going on in the shower and the two of them are in white towels, nothing else!

1 Paige - The Center of Attraction


WWE's Total Divas has a lot of seductive young ladies, but this girl who is the youngest of all seems to capture all the attention when they share screen time. With her amazing looks, a combination of black hair and absolutely white body, she just catches the eye even without doing anything.

Paige is as sizzling as one could get and her relationships with some of the men makes guys jealous as they just don’t want her to be with anyone. Her latest relationship with Alberto Del Rio got the two of them in a bit of trouble and rumors of a breakup surround the company. No matter what, Paige with her looks and body would headline every time she appears on TV.

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