Top 15 Hottest MLB WAGS Of 2017

When we are kids, most of us are asked at one point or another what we want to be when we grow up, and for the most part, the answers are almost always the same, as most of us will say we want to be a police officer, a doctor, a veterinarian, or even the President. Some kids though, give somewhat different answers, as some kids say that they want to be a professional athlete, which is good in a sense because they want to make a career out of a game that they love, but it is also bad in a way because many of these kids do not realize that only a very select few can play a sport at the professional level. In North America, a kid can choose to be an athlete within any of the four major sports, and although many choose to play football and basketball, many attempt to get into baseball as well.

The sport of baseball has been played in the United States since the mid 1850s, and the game resulted in the creation of Major League Baseball, which consists of thirty individual teams made up of the best players from all over the world, who are all trying to win the coveted World Series title. Baseball is different from the other sports in regards to how difficult it is, as even the best players usually fail to make contact with the ball seven out of ten times, but what baseball players share with athletes from other sports is the fact that they manage to either date or marry some very attractive women. Although every baseball wife or girlfriend is attractive, there are those who stand above the rest in terms of appearance, and the whole point of this list is to identify the hottest WAGs in the MLB for the year 2017.


15 Kim Dejesus

The sporting world is filled with athletes who are considered to be journeymen, individuals, who regardless of skill level, find themselves playing for a variety of different teams throughout their careers. In baseball, outfielder David DeJesus can be considered a journeyman, as he has played for six different teams during his thirteen years in the big leagues, with eight of those years being with the Kansas City Royals who first called him up in 2003. When 2010 came, he was traded to Oakland, and from there he went on to play for the Cubs, Tampa Bay, Washington, and the Los Angeles Angels; but despite moving around so much, he managed to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife Kim. If Kim looks familiar, that would be because she is a model and aspiring actress, but most people would probably recognize her from the reality show The Amazing Race, where she participated as a contestant in the show's 23rd edition in 2013.

14 Alissa Wong


The New York Yankees are without a doubt the most successful franchise in all of baseball, which means that the St. Louis Cardinals, with their 11 World Series wins, are second. But in terms of player development, they are the best of the best. Since 1882, St. Louis has assembled some pretty good teams, with each roster spot filled with a fairly capable player. Which is why the team is considered to be a contender virtually every year; and their current roster is no different, with their second baseman, Kolten Wong being a very valued member of the team. St. Louis drafted Wong in 2011, and made him a part of the active roster in 2013, and ever since being called up, he has had the team's hottest WAG in the form of his wife Alissa. These two first met in 2011 while attending the University of Hawaii, where this gorgeous brunette was a member of the school's track and field team, and she left college with a business degree; plus she happens to be an avid snorkeler and scuba diver.

13 Amanda McCarthy

In baseball, the only way for a team to be truly successful is to have at least three quality starting pitchers, individuals who can throw hard and get strikes, and who can also go multiple innings without losing much pitch velocity or command. The Los Angeles Dodgers are fortunate enough to have Clayton Kershaw, who is without a doubt the best pitcher in the MLB, but the rest of the team's starting rotation is a bit iffy, especially when you take into account that the rotation includes Brandon McCarthy. Now to be fair, McCarthy is good enough to pitch in the majors, just not as a starter, and his numbers indicate that, but even though he should be relegated to the bullpen, he still gets to go home to his attractive wife, Amanda. This hot brunette has been married to her husband since 2010, and aside from taking care of their two dogs and participating in charitable organizations, she likes to cook and to throw parties for her fellow baseball WAGs.

12 Kayla Varner


2005 marked a dark year for baseball in Canada, as that was the year that the Montreal Expos were relocated to Washington and renamed the Nationals, and although many Expos fans will hate to admit it, the franchise has been more successful since leaving Montreal. In the twelve years since the relocation, Washington has come into possession of some very good players, including Bryce Harper who is not only considered the team's best player, but one of the best five players in all of baseball, and it is because he is so talented, that many insiders believe that he will be the first player to get a $500 million contract; and Harper also happens to have one of the hottest wives in baseball now, as Kayla Varner is a very attractive individual. Before they started dating, these two communicated with each other for years through social media, and barely three months ago, the two finally tied the knot. Kayla attended Ohio State University, where she served as a part of the school's women’s soccer team, so she knows what it means to be an athlete.

11 Maria McCutchen

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been around since 1882, and for a good twenty-year span (1992-2013), the team was incredibly bad, but for the past few years, things have greatly improved, as the Pirates are now far more competitive. A big reason for their recent success is their All-Star outfielder, Andrew McCutchen, who the team drafted in 2005, and waited until 2009 to be called up, and since his debut, he has gone on to become one of the best outfielders in the game. He may have won a Gold Glove, multiple Silver Slugger Awards, and been named the 2013 National League MVP, but he also managed to win the heart of his wife, Maria Hanslovan. Maria has her own athletic background, as she is a former gymnast, soccer player, and cheerleader; but she is also incredibly smart as she possesses a bachelor’s degree in both cosmetic chemistry and biochemistry. Those degrees allowed her to nab a marketing job, and since 2014, McCutchen has been lucky enough to be married to her.

10 Molly Beers


Two seasons ago, the New York Mets managed to find themselves in the World Series, a series which they ultimately lost to Kansas City, and with the team they currently have, expectations are high regarding their ability to make the post-season this year and to go deep. The Mets’ roster is currently led by David Wright, who is both the team’s captain and every day third baseman, and since his debut in 2004, he has without a doubt been New York's most reliable player. In regards to the franchise itself, Wright now holds multiple team records, but what the record books do not show, is that he is also married to Molly Beers, who is undeniably the hottest of all the Mets' current WAGs. The couple first met sometime in 2008, and got married in 2013, and even though her husband still has a few years left in a very lucrative contract, she continues to work as a model in New York City, and has appeared in several marketing campaigns for JCPenney.

9 Renee Dozier

Last season was a complete and utter travesty for the Minnesota Twins, but then again, the season before was no better, which is not all that surprising considering that their division is home to three teams who can contend for a World Series in any given year. The Twins may be viewed as a bad team, but they have their fair share of decent players, with their everyday second baseman, Brian Dozier being one of them, as he has been a reliable player since debuting with the team in 2012. Now, in 2014, he did not have a good year offensively, but it is hard to believe that he dwelled on it for long, because that same year during the off-season, he finally married his long-time girlfriend Renee. Prior to getting married, Renee attended the University of Southern Mississippi, where she played as a midfielder for the school’s women's soccer team; and although she is done with school, she continues to be very active, as she has become an avid cyclist since moving to Minneapolis, and every now and then, she enjoys to go hunting.


8 Alexis Pence


No one can argue the fact that the San Francisco Giants have been the most successful team in baseball the past decade, seeing as the team has won the World Series three times since 2010; and they have won so much simply because the team is very well built. Right fielder Hunter Pence, originally debuted with the Houston Astros in 2007, and then spent a few months with the Philadelphia Phillies before being traded to San Francisco in 2012, where his awkward looking defense and batting stance has so far helped the team to win two of those championships. This past off-season, Pence married Alexis Cozombolidis, a Greek goddess who once worked for the gaming-news site IGN, making her rather well known within the video game community, especially since she sometimes streams herself playing video games with her husband. Since leaving IGN last year, she has become heavily involved with social media, and she currently hosts her own YouTube channel called LetsGetLexi, where she primarily vlogs about coffee and being in a relationship with a baseball player.

7 Tiffany Nicole Smith

During the trade deadline two seasons ago, the Toronto Blue Jays made headlines when they managed to make a trade with the Detroit Tigers which saw them acquire starting pitcher David Price. And these headlines were well justified as Price has been a sensational pitcher through most of his career. He originally started his career with the Tampa Bay Rays who drafted him first overall back in 2007, and he stayed with the team for seven years until being dealt to Detroit in 2014; and although he said he wanted to stay in Toronto, he ultimately went on to sign a big seven-year contract last off-season with the Boston Red Sox. Price has been in a relationship with girlfriend Tiffany Nicole Smith for years now, and although she is currently the hottest WAG the Red Sox have, she has actually told off Red Sox fans in the past through social media, simply because she did not like the way they talked about her man while he was with Tampa Bay-and based on Price's rather poor performance last season, she may end up telling off more of the team's fans in the near future.

6 Chelsea Goff


As a franchise, the Atlanta Braves were founded in 1871, but the team was actually originally located in Boston and then Milwaukee before moving to the city of Atlanta in 1966. From 1991 to 2005, the Braves basically ruled over their division with an iron fist, as they won the division fourteen years in a row, with the only downside being that all these post-season appearances resulted in just one World Series win in 1995. This season’s roster wishes they were that good, because the team is likely going to have another terrible year this upcoming season; but at least the Braves have an All-Star caliber player in their everyday first baseman, Freddie Freeman, who has been with the team since the 2007 draft. Since his debut with the team in 2010, Freeman almost has 1,000 hits for his career and over 500 RBI; and he is also currently married to Chelsea Goff, who is a stunning blond who currently works as a realtor, but prior to selling houses, she worked as a bikini model.

5 Larisa Fraser

The Milwaukee Brewers have been around for almost half a century now, with no championships to show for it, but just because the franchise has not won anything of note, it does not mean that the team is devoid of good players. Ryan Braun has been with Milwaukee since 2007, and over the course of the last couple of years, this right fielder has become the team's best and most important player. In 2011, Braun was named the National League's MVP, but because he was caught using performance enhancing drugs in 2013, his career will now forever be marred and tarnished; but fortunately for Braun, he is married to a woman who is so attractive that she can make any cheater forget that they were caught red-handed. Her name is Larisa Fraser, and this gorgeous Canadian-born brunette works as a full-time model, but she has also appeared on television on shows like CSI; and when she is not modelling, she works on her blogs which offer advice regarding nutrition and fitness.

4 Jaime Edmondson


Last season, the Tampa Bay Rays suffered from poor attendance records because of their poor performance, but even though they had a bad year last season, the team is still a force within their division thanks to how good they are at cultivating young and talented pitchers. Evan Longoria was drafted by the team in 2006, and although he is not a pitcher, he was in fact developed by Tampa for two years prior to his 2008 debut, and since that debut, he has become one of the best third basemen in the game. There is no denying that Longoria is Tampa's best player, as he has earned numerous accolades for his play, but he also deserves praise for marrying Jaime Edmondson. This knockout is a former Playboy Playmate, who once worked as a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, and she has also appeared on the reality show, The Amazing Race twice. The couple have been married since 2015, and now share two children together; and Jaime also happens to be quite smart, as she earned a college degree in criminal justice.

3 Marikym Hervieux

Thanks to the Expos leaving, the Toronto Blue Jays are now the only Major League team in Canada, but at least the franchise has already given Canada two World Series titles with back-to-back wins in 1992 and 1993; and the team has come close to winning again the past two seasons. Since the Blue Jays are located in Toronto, it should come as little surprise that several Canadian-born players have worn the uniform, with a perfect example of this being the team's current everyday catcher, and Montreal-native, Russell Martin. Martin is an eleven-year veteran who has not won the World Series yet, but that does not diminish how influential he is behind the plate, as he has brought every team he has played for into the post-season. Every athlete needs something to stabilize them, and in Martin's case, that stabilizing force is his girlfriend, Marikym Hervieux, who in all honesty can probably stabilize the life of any man. This ravishing blond is a French Canadian who was born and raised in Montreal, and you may have seen her on HBO as she appeared in an episode of Entourage, but she makes her living through modeling.

2 Brittany Binger


A few months ago, the sports world sat and watched as the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians to put an end to their World Series drought which had lasted for over a century. The Indians would have actually put up much more of a fight if their best player had not been injured, and Grady Sizemore probably thought that he could have helped as well if he were still playing. Sizemore played in the MLB for a combined ten years, eight of which he spent with Cleveland, but after signing with Boston in 2014, he went on to play for Philadelphia and Tampa Bay before calling it a career earlier this February. If you are wondering why a retired player is on this list, it is because Sizemore currently still works for Cleveland as a special adviser, which is why his breathtaking wife Brittany, is on the list. As you can probably guess, Brittany is a model, and a good one at that, but she has also appeared on TV, and best of all, she is a former Playboy Playmate.

1 Kate Upton

The Detroit Tigers have been a good team for years now, and a big part of their winning ways is due to the fact that they were lucky to draft Justin Verlander second overall back in 2004. For most of his career, Verlander has been a starting pitcher, and a phenomenal one at that, to the point that he is viewed as one of the best in the game, and has most of the accolades to show for it. Last season saw a resurgence in Verlander's career, a performance which should have earned him the Cy Young award for best pitcher, but when he did not win, his fiancee expressed her disappointment on Twitter. Verlander is currently engaged to professional model, Kate Upton, who is by far the hottest and most well known WAG on this list, and she rose to popularity after appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated's 2011 Swimsuit Issue. Kate has also tried to develop her own acting career, as she has so far starred in Hollywood feature films such as The Other Woman and Tower Heist.

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