Top 15 Hottest Jessicas In Hollywood History

Jessica, for some crazy reason, that name always seems to be hot.

Certain names come with certain stereotypes. Like Wendell, for example, that kind of sounds like a nerdy dude, right? Or Jim or Joe, those names are solid and traditional, but so normal they may just blend into the crowd. A name like Nancy sounds like an old lady from your grandma’s card club with bad teeth and a smelly cat. But Jessica, for some crazy reason, that name always seems to be hot (well, most of the time at least).

Jessica is one of those names that carries a little magic with it. Just saying the name aloud evokes attractiveness: Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. It seems like there’s a higher percentage of hot Jessicas, Jess’s, or Jessies than any other name. It doesn’t make sense, right? Oh, yes it does, my friends, because lists don’t lie. And this list contains all the hot and famous Jessicas that you'll ever need to know.

But aren't there other hot names? Why just stick to Jessica? For example, why not make a list about hot Jennifers? (That’s like Jessica’s name-twin.) There are a lot of hot Jennifers too. Well, we do have to follow a certain standard here at The Richest, and you’re not going to believe this, but Jessica is Hebrew in origin, and the name actually means Rich. Crazy, right? Maybe you thought the name was going to mean hot, but no, even more relevant to this site than you thought.

And if there’s one thing the women on this list have in common, besides being hot, is that they are very rich. Some are super-duper-crazy rich, and others are just so-so, but they are all richer than you, and way prettier too. Here are the hottest celebrities named Jessica who ever became rich and famous.

15 Jessica Simpson

Let's start things off with a good one. Jessica Simpson is a tremendously well-known, and very hot Jessica. Simpson first made a showing as yet another bubblegum pop singer, back in that old school class of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Those three were competing for the top spot, and Simpson was a distant third place. Then she got married to a bubblegum boy-bander Nick Lachey, and they aired their dirty laundry for three seasons on their hit MTV reality show, Newlyweds. But why would anybody choose these two D-list pop stars to star in a show? Well, it was actually Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley who were originally booked, but when they dropped out, The Lacheys swooped in. The Lacheys eventually divorced and Nick and Jessica both remarried. Nick is scraping by hosting cancelled game shows and doing Lord knows what else, and Jess is raking in the cash via her highly lucrative fashion label.

14 Jessica Lowndes

This girl is smoking hot, and you may recognize her from the rebooted 90210, from 2008-2013, in which she starred as Adrianna Tate-Duncan, in an impressive 114 episodes. In that first season of 90210, Jessica Lowndes' character was nuts, with drugs and pregnancy, and it only got crazier from there. The Canadian beauty has dabbled in both acting and singing, but the past few years haven’t been the best for her. A low point was when she sang a song called, “I wish I was Gay.” Um, not sure who she was trying to appeal to there. Usually with such touchy topics, artists use vaguer lyrics, and take a more poetic approach, but not Lowndes. Acting-wise, she’s been stalling, with Hallmark made for TV movies, and Lifetime network projects. Let’s hope this Jessica can turn her career around soon. She definitely has the looks for it.

13 Jessica-Jane Stafford

This hot brunette has spent her early career in the UK, but has since come to Hollywood, especially when she posed for Playboy when she was  just 18 years old. Jessica has starred in reality TV shows, including the British version of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, as well as films like Devil's Tower. Besides being super hot, Stafford, also known as Jessica-Jane Clement, is a philanthropist. She met her husband while cutting hair for charity, on a show called Celebrity Scissorhands. Also, she is deaf in one ear, and does charity work for hearing loss. It may be a good thing that she can’t hear too well, since she’s been in a number of music videos for some extremely lame British music.

12 Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes is so attractive, everybody wants more. The model hails from Australia with a Portuguese dad and Chinese mom, and her international appeal has served her well, appearing in ad campaigns throughout the world. Her figure is flawless, and she’s appeared in eight Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. And, by the way, this girl will wear absolutely anything, or lack there of, in those photoshoots. Whether it’s mud, body paint, handprints, or nothing at all, she looks great. And the cool thing is-- this girl is connected, especially on the east coast rap scene. She did ads for Jay-Z and Puff Daddy clothing lines, Kanye West has dropped her name in his raps. And on a creepy side-note, she had dinner with Heath Ledger the night before he died.

11 Jessica Chastain

This Jessica has one of the hottest careers going right now in Hollywood. After making a huge splash in Zero Dark Thirty, this seasoned actress finally started to get some attention. By seasoned, I mean both trained and old-- Jessica Chastain is 39 but looks like she’s mid-twenties. With her training she didn’t mess around, attending college at the famous Juilliard, and performing in all the classics from Chekhov to Shakespeare. But let’s refocus here. The girl is hot. Whether you need a supporting actress or a lead, she will add depth and character to any project. She showed up briefly in Matt Damon’s The Martian and she totally stole the show. She made Matty look like a dufus, and he was supposed to be the lead.

10 Jessica Day

So what the hell, we might as well include some fictional Jessicas while we’re at it, right? The beautiful Zooey Deschanel plays Jessica Day, on New Girl. She’s a schoolteacher who lives in LA with a bunch of goofy roommates. Zooey has that girl next door hotness all locked up. She has the beautiful eyes and the hair, and she doesn’t show off her body too much, which makes most guys want it even more. What’s cool about Zooey is her unique sense of style. She seems different than a lot of other actresses in Hollywood. Her quirkiness works well with her Jess character, leading to the success of the sitcom, which is in its 6th season. When Jess was briefly written out of the sitcom (for Deschanel’s maternity leave) there were some big shoes to fill, and so she was replaced by Reagan, played by Megan Fox.

9 Jessica Szohr

You may recognize this hot Jessica from Gossip Girl, but she’s been in show business for a while, starting with modelling at the young age of six. From there Jessica Szohr starred in numerous television shows including That’s So Raven and CSI Miami, before appearing on the CW gem. Szohr hasn’t had the biggest career in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have plenty of connections. She helped Panettiere prank Dianna Agron on an episode of Punk’d, and she is also a member of the Taylor Swift posse, after appearing in her video for “22”. The Wisconsin native is a huge Green Bay Packers fan, which is usually inexcusable, but for beauty like hers, we’ll make an exception.

8 Jessica Pare

This hot Canadian Jessica has been in Hollywood for a while now, but really got her career going with her role in Mad Men. Jessica Pare's character, Megan, started out as an aspiring actress, who wound up as Draper’s secretary, and after a couple of sexual encounters, she became his wife. If you haven’t watched Mad Men, you may recognize Pare’s assets from the cult-classic comedy Hot Tub Time Machine. Pare is the beautiful young thing that grinds on Craig Robinson in a bathtub, totally topless, until he begins to cry and mentions his wife. She dismounts the man and then he tells her that he’s not married yet, but he will be, and that his wife is nine years old. Tara, Pare’s character is dumbfounded. Robinson did not explain the whole going back in time idea very well at all.

7 Jessica Brown Findlay

Many of you may recognize this next hot Jessica from the most popular PBS series in years, Downton Abbey. Jessica Brown Findlay played Lady Sybil, the youngest daughter, who ignored all rules of wealth and class and fell in love with her Irish chauffeur. They ended up getting married, and then she became pregnant, and died during childbirth. She surprised everyone leaving the show when she did, and here’s how she explained her exit: "My contract was ending and I was unsure about signing away another year. Leaving me terrified, and that's what made me [leave].” She also said that, “Being afraid and going into the unknown excites me, and what scared me more was to keep going, and then one day discover it was all I could do, and wish I had pushed myself more. I'd prefer to fail and fall flat on my face." Seems like the risk may not have paid off. Her career is currently stalled. There were also some very explicit fappening leaks, which surely didn’t help her cause.

6 Jessie Spano

We’re going to sneak in one more fictional Jessica here, because this one is too good to pass up. Jessie Spano, was the hot overachiever on the 80s classic kid show, Saved By The Bell. Jessie was leader of the cheerleading squad, Slater’s (Mario Lopez) girlfriend, and an admitted pill popping addict who was “So excited! So excited! So scared!” The iconic character, was played by Elizabeth Berkley, who went way over the top when she tried to shed her goody-goody Saved By The Bell image. Berkley is a beautiful woman, with a killer body, but she got naked so many times in Showgirls that nobody wanted to see her body ever again. What was the girl thinking taking that part? If you’re reading through the script and it says ‘character gets naked’ a bajillion times, you might want to pass. The Showgirls script was penned by Joe Eszterhas, who wrote the sexy hits Flashdance and Basic Instinct, but Showgirls missed the mark, big time.

5 Jessica Lange

Here is some Hollywood nostalgia for you. We’re including Jessicas, from past and present, so Lange is surely on the list. King Kong is back in theaters and getting some great reviews, but not too many people know that Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges did King Kong back in 1976. This actress was in the peak of hotness back in those days, and you couldn’t blame that giant monkey one bit for falling in love with her. Jessica Lange, like Bridges, went on to remain relevant in Hollywood for decades. She was awesome in Cape Fear, and Prozac Nation. Then she disappeared for a while and came back with a major role on the television hit American Horror Story. Currently Lange stars in Feud, as classic actress Joan Crawford, arguing with Bette Davis, played by another Hollywood mainstay, Susan Sarandon.

4 Jessica Cribbon

Now let’s get back into the heat of it, with a fiery Jessica that’s so hot it will make you blush. That’s what we have here, with firecracker, Jessica Cribbon. Cribbon is an Australian model who started out posting pics of herself on social media, and pretty soon she appeared in Maxim. Since then she’s been winning modelling contests and appearing on TMZ and Playboy. She has gotten loads of pick up lines over the years, and said that her favorite was, “Are you a parking ticket? ‘What?’ Because you’ve got fine written all over you.” She has also spoken out about being a Type 1 Diabetic, but insists it hasn’t bothered her one bit. She also insisted on finishing her Bachelor’s degree, despite several offers for a modelling contract. Wow, this girl’s a regular role model.

3 Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is the basically the face of cosplay. Even people who don’t know anything about cosplay have heard of Jessica and seen her in at least one outfit or two. She explains her love for the popular dress-up pastime here: “Cosplay to me means friendship. It means finding other people who totally dig what you dig and getting along because of the intense amount of likeness between the different groups of people. As far as describing myself as a cosplayer? I would say I am very new and laid back. I still have so much to learn.” She forgot to mention the word 'hot.' The displaying of her ample bosom in nearly every outfit, has definitely been a factor in her rising popularity. But it’s not all sex appeal, and she truly does love what she does. Many fans don’t realize that, besides dressing like them, she has also voiced different anime characters.

2 Jessica Alba

There is no hot like a Jessica Alba hot. Here’s another famous Jess who needs no introduction. The question is, can you name three of her movies? Most dudes can’t even name one, but hey, that doesn’t stop us from admiring her beauty. Like other Jessicas on this list, Alba may have entered the business for acting, but she left as a model. And more than anything else, she thrived as a businesswoman. Alba’s Honest Company is taking over. They started with mommy products, like lotions and soaps with nontoxic ingredients, and then they developed into the grocery market. The growth of this company is beyond huge. They went from a very impressive $50M in sales in 2013, to an absolutely outrageous $1.7B in 2015.

1 Jessica Biel

Yeah, this was a close one, but a Jessica Biel hot is hotter than a Jessica Alba hot, right? I mean, the whole reason you clicked on this list was because you knew they'd both be here and you wanted to see who won. But haven’t you seen enough pictures of this woman already? No. The answer is no, and will forever remain no, because Jessica Biel is just that beautiful. Ever since her days on 7th Heaven, most dudes have been infatuated with Biel. She’s had an up and down career, and her acting is mediocre, but the looks beat all. Remember Chuck and Larry, that terribly homophobic film with Adam Sandler with Kevin James? Well, Biel starred in that dumb flick, and she got really wet in a rainstorm, then entered Sandler’s house and disrobed, all while Sandler tried to maintain his bogus gay identity. That is one of the most underestimated hot Jessica scenes of all time. But they're all good, really.

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