Top 15 Hottest Big Brother Contestants

When Big Brother first came to the United States,the first season was about conning the other contestants, forming alliances and being the best liar. After many seasons these basic elements are still in place, but the one thing that has changed is that houseguests are much, much hotter. One might say this show has turned into an orgy of hotness.

Big Brother has been on for 19 seasons in the U.S. and is based on a U.K. version of the show. The show was initially a hit and continues to bring ratings in the U.S. To give credit where credit is due, we’ve snuck three UK houseguests into the list. Okay, the truth is they were too hot to ignore. It’s clearly a win-win situation.

Limiting the list to 15 was challenging, there were a couple honorable mentions. Amber Borzotra, a hottie houseguest, was a self-described free spirit that would do pretty much anything for money. Her goal was to pay off her debts and work for ESPN: boring, hence the honorable mention spot. Audrey Middleton was a houseguest on season 17. She was the first transgender guest in the U.S. version of the show. Why is she being mentioned here? She was hot, but there’s nothing else to say.

It’s all fun, games and super hot girls in the Big Brother house. We’ve got southern girls, representatives from overseas, and even a set of twins. That’s right, we’ve got twins everyone. Here are 15 of the hottest houseguests from Big Brother.

15 Kaitlin Barnaby (Season 15)

Bartenders always make a good houseguest, that’s a fact. They are outgoing and often easy on the eyes. Kaitlin Barnaby was both. This Midwest girl from Minnesota described herself as tenacious and analytical, two good qualities when joining a bunch of liars and trying to win money. Had she won, she was planning to donate her money on a good cause. Yeah, she was never going to win Big Brother with that attitude. Going into Big Brother, you really need to have some evil in you. Barnaby didn’t have that dark side, but she was cute so at least there was that…

Barnaby was also afraid of the dark, spiders, and dying alone. Uh, I’ve got some bad news for you…it gets dark every night, spiders lurk, and in the end, we all die alone. Okay, on a more positive note, Barnaby believes people are as happy as they want to be. That’s nice.

14 Amanda Zuckerman (Season 15)

From Long Island, New York, or “strong island” as people who don’t live there refer to it, Amanda Zuckerman took the fifteenth season by storm as a gorgeous houseguest. Zuckerman came in as the full package. She was single (very important), employed as a real estate agent, and believed she was sexy. Oh, and she was hot! She was also worried about missing her dog – again, full package! Have you seen her in a swimsuit? I mean I’m not sure what it is about her, but it’s hard to take your eyes off her. Okay, I know what it is, her body is amazing and oozes sex. Good qualities when trying to win over male houseguests.

Zuckerman’s goal for Big Brother was to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. Essentially, Zuckerman was embracing the Godfather rules in the Big Brother house. Zuckerman was most afraid of a shark, which also fits her motto of not being fed to the fishes.

13 Becky Burgess (Season 17)

Maybe it’s being from Colorado, but there is something a little too perfect with Becky Burgess. Very competitive, it’s no surprise to find out she is into weightlifting, soccer, and hiking. She just seems like the type that could kick your ass if needed. Burgess was really the perfect contestant, coming across as the everyday girl next door, but really a cut-throat competitor who was strategic and super competitive.

Of course by season 17 a lot of people knew to be aware of the hot girls. Sure they come across as the total package and in many cases they are, but everyone was there to win the money and hotness can only get you so far. Burgess ended up being so emotional that she was known as the train wreck of the season. To be known as a train wreck on a reality show like Big Brother is a real accomplishment, really going the extra mile.

12 Bronte D'Acquisto (Season 18)

Take a look at the sweet and innocence of Bronte D’Acquisto, how can you say know to that…face? The bow in the hair, the Chuck Taylor sneakers... she was destined for great things. So D’Acquisto loves math, specifically calculus and probability so that should tell you something. Every minute in the house this sweet and innocent girl was calculating every move in her head. Does that make her even hotter? Yes, yes, it definitely does.

Unfortunately for her, book smarts wasn’t enough for the Big Brother house. D’Acquisto picked the wrong people to align with and ended up coming in 14th place. Ouch, you don’t need to be a mathematician to know that’s not a good result. Big Brother is a hard game to align with. Book smarts help, good looks help, but street smarts often win out. The Big Brother house is just like real life... okay, maybe that’s stretching it.

11 Michelle Meyer (Season 18)

Don’t let the glasses fool you: Michelle Meyer was a really super hot season 18 houseguest. Not only was Meyer super hot, but she was a super-fan of Big Brother. She had a plan going in and lasted a while, eventually finishing seventh place. Her personality was “bubbly” which can play a couple of ways, but she used it to her advantage, partnering with other members of the household to ensure no early elimination. Knowing a lot about how the game is played can be helpful, or hurt you. For Meyer it helped, but it wasn’t enough to go the distance.

When not involved with Big Brother in one way or another, which doesn’t seem often, she is a dietician and writes a nutrition blog. After her appearance on Big Brother, Meyer went blonde which makes you wonder if she has decided to just continue to play the game in real life? I mean it is reality television so reality is just an extension, right? Okay, this is getting a little too heavy for me.

10 Tiffany Rousso (Season 18)

You would think being a natural beauty with tattoos in all the right places would help, not to mention being incredibly attractive, but it didn’t. Tiffany Rousso ended up finishing in 13th place on season 18. Part of the reason may be that the other houseguests found out her sister participated in season 17, or maybe it was the jealously over how hot she was. Yeah, probably a little bit of both. If it’s any consolation, she did win the only Roadkill competition of the season.

A high school teacher, Rousso  is also into wakeboarding and strumming the guitar. Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, once anyone gets wind that you have ties to a previous Big Brother houseguest you are done. That’s the thing about reality television – people know people because they all watch. However, unless there is going to be a roadkill competition each week, people are going to vote you out, that’s just the way it is.

9 Nicole Franzel (Season 18)

Nicole Franzel is the girl that doesn’t know how hot she is. She looks like the girl that wants to cuddle and the girl you want to... What are Franzel’s favorite activities? Watching sports, coffee dates, and you guessed it, cuddling. You know what else happened? Franzel won season 18! That’s right, the innocent looking girl took on all the liars and deceit and won with cuddling. Okay, maybe not by cuddling, but she still won…

Franzel was a fighter, but she also took ideas from previous seasons. There is something to be said for “flying under the radar” in Big Brother as well as being strategic in who you form alliances with as well as making enemies. Franzel played everyone perfectly and it paid off. So how much did her looks play into it? It’s hard to say because season 18 was loaded with hard bodies, but her innocent hotness definitely didn’t hurt.

8 Paola Shea (Season 16)

Being a straight up hot “shorty” who is a little crazy seems like a good formula for Big Brother; however, for Paola Shea, it didn’t help, finishing 15th out of 16 houseguests. Maybe it was her strategy of “trying not to be herself” that got her eliminated. Shea, a DJ when not a houseguest, wishes she could have brought her equipment with her and thrown a house party. Would that have helped or hurt? Well, given where she placed, it definitely couldn’t have hurt.

Shea has been in Maxim magazine, not that she needed her beauty validated, but it’s all there. Her life motto is “When you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.” Anyone else visualize a picture with a cute kitten with this saying below it? Just me? Okay, well to be honest I’m picturing her spread in Maxim, you probably should check that out.

7 Liz & Julia Nolan (Season 17)

The producers of Big Brother figured out having sexy hot bodies was good television and good for the show, but that wasn’t enough. When Big Brother introduced “twins” they were always double the fun type twins, and the Nolan sisters, Liz and Julia, definitely fit the bill. Julia didn’t do very well, but her sister Liz was runner-up that season. Her formula for success was to lay low and win as many competitions as possible. When you win you can’t be voted off – hey, everyone should just do that!

Prior to joining the house, Liz stated that not walking around naked would be the most difficult part of being in the Big Brother house. I’m guessing the casting tape was paused and her form was stamped APPROVED at this point. Clearly, Nolan wasn’t just a pretty face (or two, if you count her sister), no, she knew how to play the game and advance, not quite enough for the win, but pretty damn close!

6 Victoria Rafaeli (Season 16)

Self-described as “exotic,” yes, looking at her, there is something exotic and hot about Victoria Rafaeli. During her stay as a houseguest she was the most nominated houseguest in Big Brother history, but she stayed quiet and low and behold she didn’t get eliminated until close to the end, finishing in 3rd place for the season. Her biggest animal fear is birds, which is strange unless she means owls because they are horrible creatures.

Rafaeli was into belly dancing and if that was me, I would have utilized that skill every chance I got. It’s time for nominations? Break out in belly dance! Someone is considering voting for me to be sent home? Break out in belly dance! Pretty much any time, all the time I would be belly dancing. No one would get a word in and there would definitely be belly dance-offs. I would also probably be sent home due to everyone being sick of the belly dancing.

5 Sophie Reade (UK Season 10)

Here is our first must-include from overseas. Sophie Reade was the winner of season 10 in the United Kingdom. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, it’s important to note she parlayed her success into a career that included a spread for Playboy. Good for her! During her time as a houseguest, she changed her name to Dogface and even got sexy with one of the other houseguests, winning over the viewing public. By the way, yes, only a hot girl would change her name to Dogface and become more popular by the move. The beautiful people really do get all the breaks.

In addition to Playboy, Reade also dated Man City player Mario Balotelli. He ended up cheating on her with her best friend and she took her frustration public, calling him out for being a douchebag every chance she got. If she had to do it all again, would she change anything? I sure hope not, sounds like a great time – especially the Playboy part!

4 Saskia Howard-Clarke (UK Season 6)

By season six, it was understood that if you got sexy with the other houseguests, well, let’s just say it was greatly encouraged. Saskia obliged, hooking up with Maxwell and maintaining a relationship while living as houseguests in the Big Brother house. The “climax” of her time in the house with Maxwell was when the two were put up against each other for elimination. She won! Was it because she was so hot? Yes, at least I like to think that was the primary reason she wasn’t sent home.

After Big Brother, Saskia continued her career in the public eye, using her outstanding looks to launch a modeling career. She also continued to date Maxwell, but it didn’t last. Shocking to many, I know… She also appeared in some small and big film projects, even playing a zombie version of herself in a series. Here I thought the ugly people had the stranglehold on the zombie roles, but no, the hot ones even snag those.

3 Sam & Amanda Marchant (UK Season 8)

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Twins! Twins! Twins! Yes, for our purposes they count as one! Sam and Amanda were runners up in their season. The two were more “cute” than “sexy”, but after their time as houseguests they didn’t disappoint, appearing in several “naughty” photo shoots that featured their "double your fun" hotness. It’s one thing to be super cute and another to be super sexy and these girls proved they can be both!

You always hear that one of the best things about being a twin is doubling your wardrobe, but I don’t think I’d really be into that. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but I just don’t want someone else, even my twin brother, soiling my denim or sweating through my collars. Seems very strange to me that people would see this as a perk, again, maybe it’s a guy thing. Sorry, I’ve digressed, where was I? Okay, let’s chant it one more time: Twins! Twins! Twins!

2 Vanessa Rousso (Season 17)

Known as the founder of The Sixth Sense alliance, a group of people she convinced to team with her and do her dirty work, Vanessa Rousso would eventually finish in 3rd place, but not before she sent a lot of people home. Her manipulation was a skill of beauty, as she made deal after deal and had a part in 11 of the 15 evictions in the household. Due to her competitiveness and excellent lying she is known as one of the all-time greats of Big Brother, often compared to classic houseguests Derrick Levasseur and Will Kirby.

Rousso, another DJ by day, is a Las Vegas girl in the truest sense: she is a professional poker player. Now it all makes sense. Take the hot blonde who makes a living bluffing and put her in the Big Brother house. Hell, Vegas should have had a line for that season, I’m guessing she would have been the favorite, probably a line of 2-1.

1 Jackie Ibarra (Season 17)

She finished 10th in her season, but if we are going by looks she finished first for us! Born in Los Angeles and living in Las Vegas (during the time of the show), Jackie Ibarra is a professional dancer. Yes, a professional dancer in Las Vegas. She has been a dancer for the Miami Heat and is a self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian look-a-like. She was also part of the show The Amazing Race, so like Kim K, she likes her reality television.

In her bio, it says she is most afraid of being buried alive. Yeah, if I really thought that was an option that would be my number one as well. How do you even think this is something that could happen? Did she fall in a hole when she was young and someone didn’t see and started to fill the hole? Most people are afraid of snakes, the dark, or politicians, you know, tangible, real things. Being buried alive though, that’s scary stuff.


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