Top 15 Cosplayer YouTube Channels To Watch For

As major conventions such as Comic Con get larger every single year, there has also been a rise in cosplayers. The art of cosplaying is creating outfits of your favorite comic book, movie, video game or anime characters and, in a lot of cases, acting in-character as the individuals in question. It’s almost better than Halloween, because Halloween only comes around once a year and cosplaying can happen as often as you would like it to - not to mention how it brings together a strong community and creates a place for people to feel like they belong. A lot can be said for that.

There are cosplayers out there who take their abilities to the next level; some perform at children’s birthday parties, some are cosplayer models and some are YouTube stars. We have searched through every nook and cranny of YouTube to find the top 15 best cosplayer channels that are on the rise - and we'll why you should be watching them. Have a look and see for yourself.

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10 The Warp Zone – 1,584,142 subscribers, 357,775,068 views

VIA: The Warp Zone YouTube Channel

The Warp Zone is known for its weekly uploads of music every Tuesday (personal favorite: the a cappella Ghostbusters theme song) and comedic skits and parodies every Thursday. This team of nerdy sketch comedy gaming guys is breaking records with their videos. With almost 2 million subscribers and ten years on the scene, they know and understand what works and what doesn’t. They also feature "Top 10" lists and humorous “What if” videos, like "What if Harry Potter had Facebook?" They love working together with other amazing musicians and artists to create unique content that is sure to raise a laugh. Their video production is quite good and they are getting more and more recognized by the main stream media. So, you should probably start liking them now before they get too big.

9 The Hillywood Show – 1,295,030 subscribers, 210,118,374 views

VIA: Hillywood YouTube Channel

The Hillywood Show has been around for over a decade and killing it every single year. They have been featured literally everywhere (recognized and approved by the cast of Supernatural, Chris Hardwick, Billy Boyd, Lady Gaga etc), yet for some reason some of you don’t know who they are. This team creates high quality parodies, sketches, skits, convention vlogs and so much more. They are one of the leading cosplayer channels out there. They also live stream Donate-A-Thons to help raise money for their channel. These beauties take on every different genre parody you can think of from current movies, to video games, to childhood classics like Hocus Pocus. There is something about these girls that will have you coming back time and time again. You can’t go wrong with The Hillywood Show.

8 Superhero Flicks – 691,290 subscribers, 559,643,815 views

VIA: SuperheroFlicks YouTube Channel

There aren't a lot of details available about these guys at Superhero Flicks which means they rely on content alone - a strong virtue within the YouTube community. However, these guys prove that content trumps all else. Their video production is great for what their channel is - which is basically just something a couple of good friends came with to help make people laugh. Their cosplays are average, but they have a lot of heart behind each of their masks. They aren’t afraid to get a little crazy in order to make you laugh. They have provided us with so many different series based on our favorite characters. You won’t find more classic comedy antics with your favorite DC or Marvel characters than you will here. You can’t go wrong with these guys.

7 The Sean Ward Show – 596,536 subscribers, 588,618,841 views

VIA: Niabuzz

The Sean Ward Show stars my hometown hero. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario (like yours truly), he has made a name for himself in not only the Toronto scene but across the globe. From sketches and skits to short films and pranks, he has taken over the cosplay parody scene in Canada. He now has his own spot at Toronto Comic Con and hosts panels with fellow webseries stars. He has recently cross collaborated with cosplayers Lee Howard, Violet Love, Corrupt Cosplay, Northern Belle Rogue, Makenzie Smith and the MELF crew (number 13 in this list). The channel boasts cosplayers dressed as characters ranging from Spider-Man to Batman (and virtually any other characters from Marvel and DC). Check this guy out! Sean also hosts a sub channel where he discusses everything from movies to comic books, don’t worry though, that charm and humor comes through even out of costume.

6 Ismahawk – 479,278 subscribers, 57,167,509 views

VIA: Kickstarter

Ismahawk’s video from a production level stand point alone are amazing. They don’t skip on the added details that are needed to make a video great. They take on the personalities of the characters they are cosplaying to help create original (and very hilarious yet sometimes graphic) content for the viewers. On top of making great parody videos, they have a HawkTalk series, where they discuss upcoming movies, video games, comic books and... well... you name it. A definite must-watch for anyone who wants to see different realities of nerdom. Maybe Joker Vs Joker? I went into this video not knowing what to expect and what I got was a thrill ride of great acting, amazing production value and some pretty intense violence. I was in shock, as it was totally awesome.

10. SuperHeroKids – 420,184 subscribers, 354,969,347 views

VIA: SuperHeroKids YouTube Channel

Alright, this show is getting tons of credit based on sheer cuteness. SuperHeroKids is a family of seven who all cosplay and love making videos. The ages range from 2 to 19 - and there is nothing cuter than toddlers wearing costumes. All cheek-pinching aside, these kids are creative and the parents are geniuses for letting this be their creative outlet. These kids and their kid-friendly show also like to incorporate positive messages to their audience, telling them to be nice and that good will always win, as well as the fact that family is the most important thing in your life. If you like any action hero from the Star Wars, Marvel or DC universe, you are in for an adorable treat with this family. As the saying goes, “a family that cosplays together, stays together.”

9. Sneaky Zebra – 160,386 subscribers, 28,007,149 views

VIA: SneakyZebra YouTube Channel

This team of good looking cosplayers have been getting views based around their “prop wars” videos in which they battle each other using the classic props and weapons you see through the nerdverse i.e. lightsabers, the glowing rings from Tron, Captain America’s shield etc. They are a group of friends just have a good time. Their videos are high quality, funny, and wildly original. They also provide prop humor from other films such as The Mask and Cast Away. They know how to work the camera and have fun doing it. If nothing else, you can tell that this team is just having the time of their lives making these videos. As well, they make music videos featuring local cosplayers when they attend conventions. Bringing the cosplay community together through SneakyZebra.

5 KamuiCosplay – 106,536 subscribers, 5,547,454 views

VIA: KamuiCosplay YouTube Channel

Kamui Cosplay is a channel based around “How to” videos to help you with your own cosplay making. From making your own weapons and armor from foam, horn tutorials and how to use feathers properly, this channel makes it easy for the first time cosplayer to have a terrific outfit with none of the hassle. Kamui teaches you how to make everything from foam weapons to leather pieces to intense full costumes. She loves showing off her amazing work space as well, featuring her famous wall of props and weapons that is sure to make any novice drool. Her tutorials are fun to watch and she makes things look so easy. If you are a beginner cosplayer looking to get more into better-equipped costumes, Kamui Cosplay is the way to go.

4 Nerd Caliber – 97,283 subscribers, 28,887,931 views

VIA: NerdCaliber YouTube Channel

Nerd Caliber is a fandom based talk show that is either shot at conventions themselves or on the streets. Cosplayers, actors, writers, directors, artists, you name it - everyone is welcome on this channel. They have a way of bringing out personalities in the people they interview. Especially within the cosplayer section. They give them a chance to BE that character. When you watch the videos you can see how some cosplayers truly just embrace their character and respond as that character would. This channel is a must watch for you if you're someone who likes to laugh and enjoy some nerdom. They make sure to stay non-exclusive and anyone and everyone can be interviewed. They are about community, no matter what your status might be. Nerd Caliber is all about bringing people together.

3 Superhero Chicks – 74,808 subscribers, 29,301,989 views

VIA: SuperHeroChicks YouTube Channel

Superhero Chicks proves two things: 1) That you can always have a strong female team no matter what the genre and 2) That you don’t need violence and swear words to have fun. These girls prove that this kid friendly show can make you love comic books and want to be your own superhero. They also don’t shy away from the fact that cosplay can include Disney characters - their focus is that every girl should be given the choice of superhero, princess or both when they grow up. These girls have proven themselves able to survive in the nerdverse and are extremely cute while doing it. Their kid-friendly shows prove that they can have fun and be a bit nerdy. Every little girl out there should be a bit nerdy.

5. Laura Gilbert – 36,380 subscribers, 2,160,943 views

VIA: LauraGilbert YouTube Channel

What can we say about Laura Gilbert? Well, right off the bat she is beautiful - straight up one of the most beautiful girls in cosplay. Not to mention she is totally underrated. Her channel consists of cosplay Q and A’s, Harley Quinn make up tutorials, photoshoots, ideas about where to buy cosplay pieces and touring around as her mischievous self. If you didn’t know she wasn't, you would also swear to high heaven this girl is Margot Robbie herself. One thing I really love about her channel is that she embraces her weight loss and fitness goals. A lot of women in cosplay struggle with their body image and hearing about how this bombshell also struggles shows us that she truly cares for her female friends in the community. Much respect to Ms. Gilbert. You empower us all.

4. RealTDragon – 35,456 subscribers, 19,349,986 views

VIA: RealTDragon YouTube Channel

When I first stumbled upon this channel, I initially overlooked it, but I was pulled in by the sheer amount of upside down Spider-Man kissing there. Thien Vuong not only takes on cosplay parody roles from anime, video games, comics and other aspects of nerdom, but his channel offers up everything from film rants, sketch comedy, music videos, and convention vlogging. RealTDragon is a great place to go for your one stop cosplay nerd fandom fix. He makes you want to watch all of his videos by just being a genuinely adorable person. He is confident in what he does and he has the video production quality to prove it. His channel should be on your must watch list ASAP. You might even end up kissing him at a convention dressed up as Spider-Man.

2 MELF – 30,086 Subscribers, 17,858,417 views

VIA: MELF YouTube Channel

MELF (aka Make Em Laugh Films) has one mission which they have chosen to accept: to make people laugh. It's also a mission they have accomplished greatly. Through the use of their dedicated team, creative ideas and seemingly endless supply of costumes, they have take over Florida’s cosplay scene. Plus, a little help from the local comic book shop Viera Comics doesn't hurt either. They even go out of their way to visit with children, entertain during charity events and host panels on web series-making at local conventions. They will do anything to make you laugh, and their creativity is endless. They have expanded to filming in other areas of North America such as New York and Toronto and have chosen to work with the local cosplayers for cross promoting. If you like DC or Marvel, these are the guys to check out for sure.

2. Cosplay In America – 17,515 subscribers, 1,942,832 views

VIA: Epic Cosplay

Cosplay In America is based around one man’s journey. From the beginning, Ejen Chuang attended conventions, taking wonderful photos of cosplayers and, by 2010, he published his first coffee table book of photos. Thanks to the way he shoots, he really captures the essence of each character through their cosplay. He’s creating this world where these characters are real and he does it through his photography. Through that success, he put his efforts towards a successful Kickstarter campaign which he used to fund his journeys all over the world taking photos of cosplayers. His work has been featured everywhere from Forbes to WIREd. His YouTube channel focuses on interviewing cosplayers and the general love of the community that nerdom offers. Check out his channel for millions of cosplay inspirations.

1 Joy Vision Studios – 476 subscribers, 110,079 views

VIA: JoyVisionStudios YouTube Channel

Joy Vision Studios are horribly underrated for what they are. The fact that their subscriber list currently sits at less than 500 is a travesty considering their unique content. Their cosplay focuses on comics, genre films and anime. They offer a "cosplay experience" at every convention they go to, helping to connect cosplayers to other cosplayers (and fans), creating amazing and unique content in the process. They create their own well shot music videos with beautiful cosplay outfits and they work with as many cosplayers as possible at any level of fandom. They create cosplays that are so realistic and detail-orientated that you would believe you were looking at the actual video game or anime series they were cosplaying. They are a beautiful team and that is not lost in their costumes.

With all of these wonderful channels to check out, we hope that you have a better idea of what you want to accomplish with your cosplay dreams. Host your own channel and let us see what you can do!

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