Top 15 "The Richest" Articles of 2016

2016 was a year full of surprises and adventures which have led to the greater us we are today. No matter how you've spent your year, a celebrity will always spend it better, but you slowly start real

2016 was a year full of surprises and adventures which have led to the greater us we are today. No matter how you've spent your year, a celebrity will always spend it better, but you slowly start realizing that the responsibilities and possible outcomes of such a privilege just aren't for you and that you are better off away from all the attention.

There hasn't been a celebrity this year that didn't manage to get into at least a bit of drama due to the fact that the paparazzi are always hidden and ready to catch them at a moment no one was ever expecting, publishing the photos on different websites with the intent of making them go viral. But let's not forget, most of the time our favorite celebrities' personal lives are no different than ours. Their actions, however, are dramatized by the increasing exposure they receive simply due to the fact that they are very illustrious and therefore receive a lot of attention through the use of social networks or media websites.

In 2016, various celebrities revealed facts about their lives no one thought would happen, bringing them to the attention of the big screen, which is what they most often want. But this may not always go as intended and the celebrity is often put in a bad light. Either way, we should always be looking to the future and be keeping an eye on our favorite celebrities who we love seeing in trouble either by getting into a huge scandal, or caught on exotic islands with their secret significant other. There's always something new to keep you hyped throughout the year by offering you the most entertaining and unexpected outcomes no one thought would ever become real.

Here are's 15 most successful articles of 2016.

15  15. 15 Most Disturbing Parents In Hollywood

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Who would've thought that John Travolta could let his son, diagnosed with autism, die due to the fact that his religion did not believe in such mental issue and that therefore he was forced to never say anything about it, never discuss it, and most importantly, never treat it. As a result, his son died later on in 2009 due to a seizure caused by the untreated problem. Disturbing, right? That's what James Scrawler's article is all about, a definite must read.

Among this shocking "Top 15" are other celebrities which you wouldn't have expected to even be considered for this article. Madonna, Pamela Anderson and Woody Allen are just a few of the numerous celebrities that have unusual ways of parenting to say the least. What they did and how far they've gone is left for you to discover.

14 15 LGBTQ Celebrities You Didn’t Know Came Out In 2016

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This year various celebrities have come out to the public, shocking millions. Through them, we could find the gorgeous actress Kristen Stewart and the famous YouTuber Shane Dawson, who has finally discovered his sexuality after many years of contemplation. This broke the hearts of fans which were crushing on their favorite celebrity who now came out to a wide audience and ruined even the slightest of chances for their dreams to become a reality.

Even so, coming out is an important part in the life of a person. The day they finally figure themselves out is huge, and celebrities are not excluded from this, even if they might be more exposed to the increasing attention which may come in as positive or negative. Either way, most celebrities don't mind it and continue on with their life and future aspirations, but some may be greatly affected by the negativity, especially since it's at such a large scale not even they can handle. Check out the full article here.

13 20 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe Had Sensitive Photos Leaked

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With the significant amount of photos taken daily by the paparazzi, it is inevitable that some may not be as welcome as others, as they may interfere with the personal life of a celebrity and, further on, their career. The cause is not always the paparazzi, but hackers around the world too.

The increasing amount of celebrities hacked in the past few years has been astounding, with over 100 of them having their personal photos and information leaked. Among those celebrities, we have found Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and even Rihanna who had their privacy violated by a vulnerability in Apple's iCloud system. Those incidents sure led to numerous rumors and disputes in the lives of the affected celebrities, making social interaction for a few months extremely awkward.

12 15 People Who Confessed To Terrible Crimes On Their Deathbed

via The Hook

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What's the purpose of lying if no one will ever be able to blame you afterwards? This is the exact thought which has gone through criminals' mind right before their death. The appalling confessions brought them onto this "Top 15" in which their shadows are exposed to the thousands of viewers judging their actions even decades after their death. Some of the crimes listed in this article are so shocking that they make you wonder how their felonies were never discovered nor solved as the man in charge was walking freely in the outer world with most likely no regrets.

Most of them have died horrible deaths which paid the debt of balance and quit this world for the better, leaving their monstrous crimes behind and a dark history left to be discovered.

11 25 Must-See Photos Of A Young Jennifer Aniston

via Jesse Lynch

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Who would've known that going back in time would be such a good experience? Jennifer Aniston truly proved us right and led us to an amazing trip in the past where we could rediscover the unbelievable photos of her younger self before becoming the celebrity she is today.

Mesmerize your eyes with the sight of the stunning Jennifer Aniston which will keep you hooked until the end, raising your curiosity with each scroll through the unique images and catchy captions most readers were keen to discover, as nothing is better than finding out secrets you're not meant to know and even sharing it with friends, making sure that no one misses out on the beauty of our beloved Jennifer Aniston.

10 24 Celebrities Who Should ALWAYS Be Wearing Yoga Pants

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Let's be serious, who doesn't love yoga pants? They are the perfect outfit for women to wear at different occasions such as the gym or beach, and the perfect sight for men to secretly enjoy due to the fact that they outline every feature and bring out the best from its wearer, which is the reason why many choose them. Who wouldn't want to look good and be comfortable at the same time?

Some celebrities that go to the gym in their free time have higher chances of looking good in yoga pants and getting the attention they deserve, amazing everyone through their unique beauty and further on bringing them admiration they deserve.

9 16 Must See Pictures Of WWE’s Stephanie McMahon

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Wrestling has played a big part in last year's theme and it continues to be a trending subject for the enthusiasts. Granted the opportunity, this article has performed incredibly well due to the increasing number of curious people who were interested in what the article was hiding between the closed curtains of a click.

Stephanie McMahon has quite the admirers when it comes to her looks and surely the chance wasn't to be missed. The prolonged years of activity have led to various quality photos to be taken of her in various situations, whether embarrassing or sexy, and fans were not disappointed on their release to the public. Sadly, the only thing she can do at this point is to pretend they're not there since it is impossible for the photos to be removed after they've gained such exposure.

8 15 Female Nerdy Characters Who Are Actually Super Hot

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Most of the time, movie directors do a great job at hiding the beauty of an actress in order for her to get in the role of a certain character the script requires, but few would have known of the real beauty behind the hidden scenes of the camera lenses which are usually much different than our expectations.

From gorgeous blondes to hot international models, their beauty was successfully faded away so that they can achieve the required "nerdy" look they have been assigned to, and even if some may not get along with this look, they can sure change that with ease afterwards.

7 The 16 Ugliest Women From OITNB Who Look Hot In Real Life |

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Fans of the famous show Orange is the New Black were amazed by the stunning comparisons between their favorite characters and the actors behind their name. The way some are portrayed is unbelievable, from age to hair color, everything is changed to match their roles. Some of the hottest actresses were made to look very unsightly, with decaying teeth and messy hair no one would ever want to touch, but off-stage there is a whole new story to discover.

While some may receive more or less of a change, they have all been adapted to match their character through the use of makeup and special effects, turning them from the absolute goddesses they are when out of character, to the hideous nature they are displayed in throughout the show. Absolutely shocking.

6 15 Washed Up Celebs Who Are Still Richer Than You

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Long story short, they are all millionaires, but that doesn't mean their fortune isn't slowly decaying as their screen-time declines steadily and people start forgetting about them. Most of the time this is due to the fact that they've slowly backed out of the Hollywood life in search of a more normal one, but that will never be fully achieved as there will always be the few loyal fans who will stick by them for a long time.

Even so, these celebrities still have a stable income from fashion houses or investments from which they earn quite the money, but they will never compete with the salaries received from a massive blockbuster everyone is planning to watch, though they still manage to wear expensive clothing and jewelry on a daily basis, so there's nothing they can complain about.

5 13 Things Mature Women Don’t Do In A Relationship

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An article many would want to read as it consists of useful guidance toward forming a healthy relationship and even improving current ones. The accuracy of the article made thousands of people interested and curious enough to look through it and receive helpful information by giving them a different perspective on how others think a relationship should be seen. This resulted in over 50,000 people who have shared this useful information with their friends, hoping to help them out as well.

The article contains everything you might want to know about your current or future relationship, while also giving you some interesting facts that might concern you or your significant other as they might even strengthen your relationship.

4 15 Seemingly Normal Pictures That Are Actually Spine Chilling

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This truly eerie article is something you don't want to read before going to bed as it contains some of the craziest and most inexplicable happenings found around the world. From old family pictures to random selfies with your dog, paranormal occurrences are everywhere, and whether it was just a camera glitch, a bad joke or just an illusion, these images are sure to give you a truly spine-chilling sensation as you are scrolling through it. From shocking haunted photos to imminent disasters happening right after the photos were taken, this article contains them all.

Needless to say, this article is not for the fainthearted. It's a total terror inducer which might give you the chills as you are trying to explain what could've possibly happened in these photos and whether you should go to sleep or keep investigating the paranormal activities found within this article.

3 12 Actors Hollywood Just Won’t Cast Anymore /

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"The higher you rise, the harder you fall" is a quote every celebrity should take into account since real life examples do exist. People have gone from being a millionaire to homeless in just a couple of years.

The surprising amount of actors which are now refused by Hollywood is astounding, with celebrities such as Mel Gibson and Eddie Murphy simply not being wanted anymore as they no longer appeal to the wide audience as a result of a series of bad role choices in which they've played characters less appreciated by the viewers. This has resulted in a steep decline of their career which brought it to a sudden end from which they could never recover as they no longer meet the standards Hollywood is searching for, especially when the industry grows so fast and many new alternatives are available to the acclaimed directors.

2 The 15 Most Disturbing Acts Committed By The Joker


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The Joker, an uncontrollable psychotic murderer who manages to surprise even the most anticipating of enthusiasts, has shocked us with the unappealing reveal of the atrocious crimes executed by this criminal. From atrocities such as killing children to wearing his own severed face, there is a crime to shock us all.

He's not only a psychopath, but DC portrays him as one of the evilest murderers in the entire DC universe and the mastermind behind most of the organized crimes in Gotham City, giving fans a million reasons to be afraid of him while also keeping them curious of what's next on the list due to the increasing insanity of this character. For now, let's just have a throwback to the craziest acts committed by him in this disturbing article which will change your impression about the Joker.

1 18 Photos Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Want You To See

Via Pinterest / Bjj Eastern Europe

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We all know that things which are not meant to be seen are the most demanded, and this is just what this article offered. The most viewed article of the year "18 Photos Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Want You To See" has managed to raise the curiosity of millions which have seen and engaged with the article, and it didn't fail to disappoint.

Some of the most unique and never seen before pictures of Ronda Rousey have been displayed to the public in this interesting article about her life, from her crazy younger years to recently taken embarrassing photos, it's all there for you to discover and embrace as you peek into her personal life and discover photos you were never expected to see in this undisclosed article which you have yet to discover.

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