Tinder Love: 15 Celebrities Who Met Their Partner Online

Long gone are the days where couples all met in person or through a common connection to see if they are compatible before dating. In the past few years, the phenomenon of online dating has taken over the world with its popularity rising on a yearly basis. There are thousands of dating sites with millions of users, among them are Tinder, OkCupid, POF, Bumble, and many more.

They allow users to pick and choose from potential matches, based on some criteria from looks to interests to personality. Online dating saves us time as we don't have to go on a disastrous first date since we get to briefly get to know them. It has become even easier to find our dream partner, which means fewer people are settling for any old relationship.

Not only are people meeting through dating sites, but there are plenty of relationships coming to fruition through social media. While it may be creepy to add strangers, some don't mind it since they are open to meeting new people. Celebrities are no exception to the rule and the majority of them are active. It's easier for them to get dates due to their fame and riches, but many of them aren't so lucky as they also have to go out of their way to find a compatible partner.

With today's list, we will be exploring 15 celebrities who met their partner online. You may be surprised to find some of your favorites!

15 Amy Schumer And Ben Hanisch

It appears that Amy Schumer is a big believer in finding love through the cyber world. For nearly two years, she had been in a relationship with Ben Hanisch but that came to an end earlier this year. When the media found out about the relationship, it was initially speculated that the couple had met on Bumble.

Schumer has explicitly denied it through many statements and tweets although she hasn't cleared things up. Many sites would later reveal that they had met on Raya, which makes slightly more sense since many celebrities can be found there.

While they remained friends, it appears that their lover days will remain behind them. Schumer hasn't spoken much about the break, aside from a few jokes on Instagram and stand-up shows.

14 Lauren Bushnell And Devin Antin

Lauren Bushnell and Devin Antin may have the record for longest Tinder match before dating. The actress, best known for her role on The Bachelor, had matched with him years ago and met him in person, but it didn't result in a relationship.

They opted to remain friends until two years later when they reconnected again once she moved back to Los Angeles. They're still together as of today and spamming our timelines with adorable couple photos — all thanks to Tinder.

According to Bushnell, Antin was the only match out of hundreds that she decided to meet up with. For whatever reason, things moved at a slower rate than usual as they both went their different ways to find new partners, but as it turned out, it was their destiny to be together after all.

13 Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose made all the headlines a few years ago but their relationship didn't last as long as some fans had anticipated. Although they have a kid together, they went different ways following some issues between them, but they have remained on good terms since then.

It was Rose who approached Khalifa on Twitter once she watched one of his interviews in which he listed her as his crush. She thought it was a sweet move on his part, and considering the fact she was already into him, she didn't hesitate to break the ice by tweeting him.

Rose should serve as an example to all shy folks who are afraid to make the first move, you will never have the answers if you don't take action. Even a simple tweet could lead to a relationship these days.

12 Mandy Moore And Taylor Goldsmith

When Dawes released their 2015 album All Your Favorite Bands, Mandy Moore took to Instagram to talk about her excitement for their latest work. She was simply a fan at the time until Taylor Goldsmith, the singer and guitarist of the band, took notice of the Instagram post and hit her up with a personalized note.

For the next few days, they traded emails back and forth to reveal their admiration for one another, and it was one of those cases where there was instant chemistry between them. It wasn't long before the couple met in person and went on their first official date.

What began as an admiration post turned into an engagement, Moore and Goldsmith are set to be married soon — they haven't forgotten where it all started as they have been outspoken about how thankful they are for the social media platform which united them.

11 Emmy Rossum And Adam Duritz

In 2009, Adam Duritz from the band Counting Crows hit up Emmy Rossum on Twitter to sing with the band. Although they didn't personally know each other at the time, she was intrigued by the offer and accepted it. They ended up dating for a short period of time, although it's unknown what exactly caused them to split up.

It appears that she realized the invitation was meant to be beyond a performance as Duritz didn't hold back with the flirtation. Rossum certainly didn't mind due to her admiration. After having joined the band on tour, she was spotted sharing a kiss with Duritz as well as just hanging out.

Considering that 2009 was still the early beginnings of Twitter, this is possibly one of the earliest hookups to rise from the platform. While many have followed over the year, not many occurred in similar circumstances as this one did.

10 Ryan Lochte And Kayla Rae Reid

Before Ryan Lochte made the headlines for all the wrong reasons in Rio to become one of the most hated men in America, his fiancee Kayla Rae Reid revealed that the couple had met through Tinder. It had been rumored for a while after Lochte revealed that he had been using Tinder, but Reid confirmed it during an interview.

While Tinder is mostly seen by people as a platform to seek casual relationships, this one has gotten pretty serious after having welcomed a son in June. Lochte has opted to stay away from the spotlight since the Olympic scandal in which his reputation took a severe hit, but Reid remains active on social media with updates about their relationship as well as their newborn child. While Lochte did indicate that he has moved on from the Rio case, it seems like Brazilian court may not have since they recently reopened it.

9 Justin Bieber And Audreyana Michelle

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber was linked with another famous model, Audreyana Michelle, as they were spotted together a number of times. Michelle even shared a photo of them hiking together much to the dismay of millions of Beliebers.

It is unknown how long that relationship, or should I say, fling, lasted since we haven't heard about them for long. It's been rumored that Bieber had slid into the model's DMs as he previously has on so many occasions.

It makes sense from his perspective since you won't find plenty of single women turning him down despite having developed the reputation of a player in recent years. With Bieber and Selena Gomez appearing to have recently reunited, that will likely keep him on his best behavior for the time being.

8 Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks

Jai Brooks accomplished what millions of men wish they could do when he won a date with Ariana Grande by tweeting her. At the time, he was running a YouTube channel and made a video listing all the reasons that would make him a great boyfriend.

He provided her with several reasons attempting to convince the star to give him a chance, and when the video made its way to Grande, she decided to go ahead with it. The couple lasted much longer than most had predicted as they dated on and off for two years before they permanently broke up.

Ariana Grande has moved on to date several other celebrities since then while Brooks' following increased. Although there was no happy ending for this couple, it was a memorable story that neither will ever forget and should serve as motivation to all of us with big dreams.

7 Amy Schumer And Dolph Ziggler

Amy Schumer and Dolph Ziggler may be the most random couple ever, and if you haven't heard about the pairing, it's because the relationship was short-lived. We know they met online but the circumstances haven't been revealed, although we do know why Schumer broke up with the WWE star.

According to the comedian, he was too athletic in between the sheets as she couldn't keep up with him. While she did admit to having enjoyed the experience, it simply wasn't a long-term thing for her. As for Ziggler, he didn't seem to have been bothered by the break up as he just moved on to the next one.

It's safe to say that Schumer probably won't be entering a WWE ring anytime soon, especially with her ex-boyfriend around.

6 Iggy Azalea And Nick Young

At one point, making someone your "Woman Crush Wednesday" may have paid off as evidenced by the relationship between Iggy Azalea and Nick Young. When the singer got word that the NBA star had been posting her as his #WCW, she was interested in pursuing a date since she thought that Young is attractive.

They dated for approximately two years and got engaged at one point, but the plans fell through once she discovered that Young had been cheating on her. According to Azalea, she caught him bringing women to their house by using security footage.

She couldn't overlook his cheating ways and decided to call off the wedding. They have both moved on since then, and it doesn't seem like an Instagram post could unite them this time.

5 Zara Larsson And Brian Whittaker

Zara Larsson has given people plenty of reasons to talk about her in recent years with so many hits to her name in such a short period. A few months ago, she made even more headlines when it was revealed that she was dating British model Brian Whittaker.

Their relationship is unlike any other — what started out as Larsson tweeting out a photo asking about the model's name and how he likes his eggs cooked in the morning — resulted in a date. Since then, we have seen them share photos with each other as well as exchanging cute posts.

When Larsson took to Twitter, she probably didn't expect a relationship to be the result of her post. She certainly won't be disappointed that Whittaker was located as he has become the crush of plenty of women since rising to fame.

4 Robert Griffin III And Grete Sadeiko

Last year, Robert Griffin III made headlines for a non-NFL related play after he tattooed the name of his new girlfriend Grete Sadeiko on his arm just a few months after dating. They met through Instagram before it blossomed into a real relationship, and they recently welcomed a child together.

They have also gotten engaged which goes to show that sometimes it's good to acknowledge those who slide in your DM as it may lead to more than you expect. Robert Griffin III had been previously married and had only recently separated when he got to know Sadeiko on Instagram.

They hit it off immediately, which explains his decision to permanently ink her on his body. The couple is set to get married in the upcoming months - if that doesn't show how powerful social media has become in today's world then nothing will.

3 Jake T. Austin And Danielle Caesar

One would think that fangirls never have a shot to actually meet a celebrity, let alone end up in a relationship with him. Danielle Caesar was one of the few lucky ones as her dream came true. For years, she had been constantly tweeting Jake T. Austin to express her admiration.

She eventually received a follow back from her crush although she had to wait a bit longer for a date. Austin met her during an autograph signing session in which he apparently recognized the fangirl, which led to some Twitter messages being exchanged.

Following years of hard work, they went on a date to prove that persistence pays off. Speculations began about how they met before Austin gave an interview to narrate the entire story, giving hope to all fangirls (or fanboys) who wish to be in the shoes of Danielle Caesar.

2 Joel Dommett And Hannah Cooper

Comedian Joel Dommett has never been one to shy away from his personal life. Known for his role on I'm A Celebrity and Impractical Jokers UK, the star has been in a couple of relationships born in the online world.

He has also been a victim of catfishing, which resulted in the leak of an adult tape. More recently, he met his current girlfriend and model Hannah Cooper through Instagram after she messaged him with an emoji - the smiling cat with heart-shaped eyes.

Now that's a pretty unique way to start off a relationship as all it took was one emoji for Dommett to be head over heels into his newest admirer. They remain a couple as of now following a couple months of dating, which probably involved more than emojis. I guess it's a good thing that didn't turn out to be another catfish scandal.

1 Jennette McCurdy And Andre Drummond

Jennette McCurdy and Andre Drummond is another random pairing that people were shocked to hear about. It began when the NBA star repeatedly made her his "Woman Crush Wednesday" which gained her attention. She decided to give him a shot and they went on a couple of dates after McCurdy had also tweeted him.

The relationship didn't last long and ended up as a bitter situation with McCurdy claiming there was no spark between them, noting that Drummond was an awkward kisser and a bit too cheesy for her taste.

According to her, they had a dinner at a restaurant in which he got down on one knee to ask her to be his girlfriend, which obviously didn't gain as many points as he had thought. Drummond replied by denying McCurdy's side of the story but chose to stay silent on where things went wrong.

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