Tiger Woods' 14 Mistresses And His Super Hot Ex-Wife: Where Are They Now?

10 years ago, no one would have ever thought to put Tiger Woods' name and the word "scandal" in the same sentence. He was as squeaky clean as an athlete could possibly be, and perhaps, he had the squeakiest of clean images. Insiders couldn't find dirt on the guy if they tried. In the eyes of the masses, his marriage to wife Elin Nordegren couldn't be more blissful. That was until November 27th, 2009, around 2:30 am when Elin chased Tiger out of his house with one of his own golf clubs, causing him to jump into his SUV and crash into a fire hydrant, a tree, and several hedges. As we'd come to find out in the coming days, the incident came as a result of Elin hearing word that her husband was cheating on her with not one, but several different women at the same time.

In a matter of days, numerous bedroom cohorts of Tiger Woods were named, one after another. Mistress after mistress after mistress, until viewers trying to keep track of Tiger Woods' body count could not help but lose track. Despite releasing plenty of personal statements and apologies, Tiger Woods's public image was instantly shattered and never recovered since. He lost all of his endorsement deals, lost his mojo on the golf course, was labeled a sex addict, and had to enter rehab for his addiction, and worst of all, he lost his PGA gaming cover spot. In light of his recent DUI arrest, we already know what he's been up to as of late, so for now, it's time to see what those former mistresses (and, of course, his ex-wife) have been up to in the past few years since. All in all, Woods admitted to bedding 120 women while married to Elin, but we're going to talk about 14 of his mistresses.

15 Elin Nordegren

After learning of her husband's infidelity, Elin Nordegren divorced Tiger Woods after six years of marriage on August 23rd, 2010. In the divorce, Elin Nordegren received $100 million, $12 million of which was dedicated to buying a prestigious mansion in Florida that was built in the 1920s. She wound up demolishing the house in 2011 due to hurricane concerns, but before she did, she allowed a non-profit organization called Habitat for Humanity to move in for four weeks and take anything they found of value in hopes of salvaging it. Originally a Swedish model, Nordegren used the fallout from Tiger Woods as an opportunity to focus more on her education. Years of attending Rollins College finally paid off in 2014 when she graduated with a degree in Psychology and an Oustanding Senior Award.

14 Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel was the first mistress name to be released to the press. Right before the SUV incident with Tiger and Elin, Uchitel was name-dropped by the National Enquirer as a nightclub manager who was having an affair with Tiger Woods. Uchitel would deny the claim, but she was suspiciously photographed outside of a hotel that Woods resided in. Then, in 2010, Uchitel was alleged to have another affair with Bones actor David Boreanaz. After leaked text message exchanges were released to validate the rumors, Uchitel admitted that the affair was true. It's worth noting that at the time of the affair, Boreanaz's wife, Jaime Bergman, whom he is still married to, was pregnant at the time. Despite calling herself the world's most famous mistress in a TMZ interview, the mistress became a wife when Uchitel married Matt Hahn, an insurance underwriter, in 2011. The two had a child in 2012 but filed for a divorce in 2013, which was finalized in 2014.

13 Jaimee Grubbs

Jaimee Grubbs' name was released back when she was still a cocktail waitress living in Los Angeles. She admitted to the affair publicly, an affair that was hard to deny when leaked text message exchanges were released in December 2009. An additional voicemail from Tiger himself was released where he panicked to Grubbs over the phone about his wife learning of their affair. From there, Grubbs admitted that the affair had lasted as long as three years, telling Us Weekly that the two had met in April 2007 and wound up having at least 20 sexual encounters in a three-year time span. In April 2010, she found herself arrested for driving without a license. She's kept a pretty low profile since then.

12 Kalika Moquin

A friend of Kalika Moquin once spoke on her behalf claiming that Tiger Woods told her that he was willing to leave his wife just to be with Moquin. As of late, after spending over 10 years in Las Vegas (originally to pursue a career as a gogo dancer, then working her way up the ladder), Moquin has spent the last few years as a nightclub manager, once for The Bank nightclub, now as the owner of Blackout Artists. In between owning the night club scene, she happens to be the proud mother of two children.

11 Jamie Jungers

Since being cited as a mistress of Tiger Woods, things have not been going well for Jamie Jungers. Like Tiger himself, Jungers wound up going to rehab but not for sexual addictions. Jungers' addiction was more lethal and damaging to her health and well-being as she was addicted to booze and pills, as she once explained in a 2014 interview with The National Enquirer. She claimed that waking up to a bottle of vodka with a Gatorade chaser was the only way that she could feel "normal." In her 2009 confessions about the affair, she mentioned that Tiger refused to help her with her addiction during their 18-month long affair. When she gave her 2014 interview, Jungers claimed to be 5 months sober, and considering we haven't heard much from her since, we can only hope that she's maintained sobriety in the last three years as well.

10 Mindy Lawton

When she first met Tiger Woods, Mindy Lawton was but a diner waitress working $8 an hour. Before she knew it, she was famously photographed in Tiger's Cadillac Escalade 4x4 during a sexual encounter in a church parking lot. Before the news broke of Tiger's many relationships, Lawton thought that the two were in love and she was the only woman in his life (apart from his wife, of course). Even before that, Tiger was quick to break off their pairing when the tabloids caught them in their precarious parking lot situation. In 2011, Lawton was sentenced to a year in jail following a DUI arrest.

9 Cori Rist

In 2006, then-lingerie model Cori Rist met Tiger Woods at a celeb hangout spot called "Butter" and hit it off from there. Rist quickly dumped him after six months of fooling around after getting tired of their relationship being kept a secret from the world. Despite ending on bad terms, Rist wished Tiger nothing but "compassion" in light of his recent DUI and hoped that people would be more "empathetic" on the situation. Now, she works as an associate producer and beauty/fashion correspondent for CBS Television Studios, which she's been doing since 2014 in addition to owning her own New York design business called My It Things, LLC.

8 Holly Sampson

In her heyday, Holly Sampson appeared in several mainstream pornographic films and also did some modeling on the side. She even has a small handful of legit film appearances under her belt, such as in Angelina Jolie's Gia and in Christian Slater's Pump Up the Volume. When news broke that she was one of his mistresses, she went on record as saying that the two did not have an actual prolonged affair, but they did have sex at Tiger's bachelor party. Sampson has not acted in a pornographic film since 2014.

7 Julie Postle

Former model and eleventh released name of mistresses on Tiger Wood's list Julie Postle met Tiger at a Roxy nightclub back when she worked there as a waitress five years prior to the mistress allegations. Apparently, whenever he called her on the phone, he called her under the name Mr. Brightside, which ironically references the famous song by The Killers about a jealous lover. According to a bartender friend of Postle, Tiger confided in Postle that he only married Elin for the money, not love. It was also reported that as much as he enjoyed Postle in his company, he still texted flirtatious messages to other women while in bed with Postle. Postle is one of the few mistresses to have kept a super low profile in recent years, so there isn't too much to report on her recent going-ons.

6 Theresa Rogers

Theresa Rogers was reported as the 14th and oldest mistress of Tiger Woods. While the two hooked up before Tiger was married, the affair continued after the wedding ceremony and while he claimed Elin as his wife. She spent at least five years with Tiger Woods and often traveled with him around the country. The five-year time span is cited to be the longest time frame that Tiger Woods spent with any of his mistresses.

5 Loredana Jolie

Loredana Jolie (born Ferriolo) was quick to profit off of the publicity that came with being a mistress of Tiger Woods. Just slightly under a year since she was cited as one of his mistresses, Loredana attempted to release a tell-all book called Kiss & Tell, where she spilled all of the beans about her relationship with Tiger Woods, specifically concerning how the golfer performed in bed. Jolie claimed that Woods was well endowed, loved three ways with women, and even fantasized about men on occasion. For unknown reasons, Jolie didn't release the book, and we haven't heard much from the Playboy model since she tried to market it.

4 Joslyn James

In addition to her escapades in the adult entertainment industry, Joslyn James is best known not just as a mistress of Tiger Woods but for the text messages that he sent her that graphically detailed what he wanted to do to her in bed and, even more graphically, what he wanted her to do to him. To add some more spice to the sordid affair, James appeared in a porno called 11th Hole that parodied her liaisons with Tiger Woods. James is still active in the pornographic industry, having just wrapped up an appearance on a porn tv show called Moms in Control.

3 Emma Rotherham

Emma Rotherham is a British mother of two who, whenever she wanted to sneak off with Tiger Woods, claimed that she left to have golf lessons with "Jose." The two allegedly had an 18-month fling where Woods paid the woman off more than $500,000 in hush money to not tell anyone about their affair. She was also allegedly the most recent mistress when news broke of his mistress list. She refused to comment during the whole fiasco and, to this day, steers away from the press.

2 Devon James

As one of the final mistresses to be revealed, Devon James famously explained in an interview that Tiger confided in her that she only cares about two things in this world: sex and golf. The world soon found that out when the name of James, as well as many other names, were released in light of the Tiger Woods controversy from late 2009. Considered the resident "Porn Queen" of Florida, James admitted in a radio interview with Bubba the Love Sponge that while she was seeing Tiger Woods, she had a drug problem and was arrested in 2008 for soliciting prostitution. During their two and a half year affair, Woods had consistently paid generously for James's sexual favors. She also said that sex with Woods was "rough... degrading and raunchy" to the point that she became disgusted with the man.

1 Raychel Coudriet

Raychel Coudriet was the 21-year-old daughter of a neighbor. Tiger Woods was having sex with her when he was in his mid-30s. Coudriet was a college student at the time, and Woods was merely looking for a one-night stand. In May, just a few months before all of the mistresses' names were released, Coudriet had spent a two-hour long sex session with Woods while in his private office. When she returned from college for spring break at the time of her name being released to media, she was reported to have confronted him angrily at his mansion, while he was apologetic about the whole thing. This occurred when Tiger Woods was fresh out of sex rehab. According to the National Enquirer, what makes this whole thing even creepier is that Woods had known the girl ever since she was 14 years old. Seven years later, the two had sex next to a baby crib for Tiger's children.

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