These 15 Photos Of Rita Ora Will Make Her Super Famous

There are a number of celebrities that have become famous through unconventional methods. From Paris Hilton becoming famous for being famous to Kim Kardashian’s debut through her sex tape with Ray J, not every celebrity has the same sort of start into the business. In the case of Rita Ora, it seems like American audiences didn’t become acquainted with her until news of the antics in her personal life dominated the headlines. While this British singer had already created a huge following in the UK, it wasn’t until some of her exploits in her love life that people truly became fascinated with this blonde beauty.

Yet, not all of the stories surrounding Rita Ora painted her in a favorable light. There were actually a number of damaging stories surrounding Ora, with the most infamous being the Twitter war between her and Rob Kardashian. While the two were going through a tumultuous breakup, Kardashian called her out on social media and alluded to her cheating with multiple men while the two were dating. More controversy came when Beyonce released Lemonade and referenced, “Becky with the good hair,” which many speculated may have been Rita Ora. With Ora’s reputation of having an adventurous sex life, rumors of her having an affair with the married Jay-Z didn’t exactly sit well with the Beyhive. Regardless of her burgeoning career as a television personality and music artist, people still continue to ask about why she’s even famous in the first place. Check out our list of the 15 photos of Rita Ora that explain why she should be famous and see what you have been missing out on while the rest of the world was falling in love with this British beauty.

15 That Physique, Though

Although there are a number of celebrities that don’t exactly fit the mold when it comes to their physical appearance but that doesn’t mean that Hollywood has completely foregone their stereotype guidelines. Rita Ora may have a standout style for the rest of her look but her physique is exactly what Hollywood expects from its celebrities. While posing for Shape magazine, Ora showed off her incredible legs and derriere in a stripper pole workout routine that had tongues wagging. Stripper pole workouts had been a huge fad in the exercise world for a while since it really did help to tone areas of the body and it was a fun way for women to feel sexy while working up a sweat. There’s no telling if Ora truly does a stripper pole workout during her off time but seeing it in the glossy pages of Shape magazine seemed good enough for most.

14 And The Cleavage...

Celebrities often have a particular demographic that resonates well with their style and it’s important for them to understand what type of fans they have. This is relevant to what they post to their social media accounts, as well as the type of events they choose to attend. In the case of Rita Ora, her over-the-top style and outlandish style choices have created a huge following from the LGBT community. She proved that she was cognizant of her fanbase when she headlined the London Pride Event in 2015. Filling the stage with hot shirtless background dancers and donning a Madonna-esque ensemble, Ora knew exactly how to play up to her key demographic. She also proved that she was sensitive to LGBT issues and felt that it was an event worthwhile attending and headlining.

13 Not Afraid To Bare It All

One of the downfalls of being a celebrity is the fact that they really forego the whole concept of privacy and are held to a different standard when it comes to how they show off their persona to the world. In a world where Kim Kardashian is raising the bar for celebrities by posing completely nude for Paper magazine or posting topless photos on social media, there is an expectation for many stars to follow suit. Rita Ora doesn’t seem to have a problem with letting it all hang out in order to amplify her fame status and she proved it when she posed for a nude shoot with the famed photographer, Terry Richardson. The spread was featured for Lui magazine and Richardson even took to social media to share some of the shots with his followers. The poses ranged from lying in bed to squatting in front of a door but they were all perfect for showcasing her amazing physique and incredible sex appeal.

12 Knows How To Wear The Right Clothes...

One of the industries that was hit hard by the advancement of technology is the music industry. While album sales were once thought of as the main source of income for music artists, digital downloads and increased bootlegging sites have made it extremely difficult to rely solely on their records to bring in the bulk of their income. Touring has become known as a must for music artists and endorsement deals have become a major bonus. Yet, it’s important to understand that the brands that they endorse should be able to rank up their fame status, rather than cheapen it. Rita Ora knows exactly what she’s doing when she puts her stamp of approval on certain brands and this was definitely evident when she posed for the Tezenis Lingerie campaign in 2015. She posed in a number of lingerie ensembles for the campaign and showed off her amazing physique while promoting the brand and adding to her bank account.

11 Embraces Her Sex Appeal

There are some celebrities that seem to shy away from being seen as a sex symbol, since it can sometimes take away from their credibility in the industry. When Kim Kardashian became known for starring in a sex tape and then went on to pose nude on a regular basis on her social media site, there were a number of other celebrities that came out to publicly bash her life choices and further the idea that she isn’t deserving of being considered a true celebrity. While she may not be getting movie roles or being nominated for a star on the Walk of Fame, there’s no denying that Kardashian has built herself up to being considered one of the highest paid reality TV stars through her brand endorsements and social media presence. Ora seems to be going the same route since she has never shied away from showing off her sex appeal in order to build up her own publicity. This particular photo was shared on her social media and it showed off her fun and sexy side as she posed for LOVE magazine.

10 She's A True Entertainer

There are a number of different categories when it comes to music artists and not all of them are for every single budding star. While Madonna chooses to shock with her performances and Beyonce has grueling dance routines, Mariah Carey is known for a much more subdued performance style. Yet, not everyone has the voice of Mariah Carey to allow for a performance that consists of just a sparkly gown and standing at the microphone. For the music artists that can’t boast the vocal abilities like some of the other iconic singers in the industry, it’s crucial to be able to perform like a true entertainer. Rita Ora gives it her all when she goes on to perform and she truly puts on a show for her fans. She isn’t afraid to completely go for any dance routine on the stage and she doesn’t mind getting utterly into the groove while she performs.

9 Not Afraid To Show Her Edgy Side

While there was a time when the world wanted their celebrities to maintain a squeaky clean persona, recent years have shown that the public respects when a celebrity is just as sloppy as the rest of the world. Having an edgier side and showing off her ability to stand out from the pack is just one of the many reasons why the world has become so fascinated with this British music artist. While other artists may keep their tattoos relatively modest and out of sight, Rita Ora doesn’t seem to be bothered with inking up every inch of her body. Each new year seems to bring on more and more tattoos for Ora and it doesn’t seem like she’s stopping anytime soon. The tattoos only help to show off her standout style and it really seems to go along with her rock star personality.

8 Many Famous Lovers

There are some celebrities that let their talents speak for themselves and build their fame through their own skills. Yet, not all celebrities have achieved their fame through the accolades they have received for their talents. In fact, some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood got their start from being the “plus 1” or red carpet eye candy. Rita Ora is a great example of how an active love life can actually help a virtually unknown celebrity gain fame when their talents aren’t enough to peak people’s interest. Long before she was ever even known for her TV personality skills or music career, she was known for her bed-hopping habits. Being linked to everyone from Rob Kardashian to Calvin Harris, Ora definitely knows how to keep her name in the headlines.

7 Knows How To Work The Red Carpet

When it comes to red carpet appearances, it’s important to note that there is a definite art form to achieving the perfect look and persona. Many celebrities have undergone all that preparation and nervousness, only to wind up on the “Worst Dressed” list on more than one occasion. Yet, there is something even worse than being named one of the worst dressed celebrities since at least they would be talked about on various daytime shows. Part of attending a red carpet event is the ability of a celebrity to make an impression and that’s exactly what Rita Ora has done over and over again. She has proven that she definitely knows how to make an impression and she can work the red carpet like none other.

6 Can Perform With The Best Of Them

Unlike other music artists that skyrocketed to fame through a particular hit single or album, Rita Ora has had a slow moving music career. It wasn’t until after she started receiving some publicity through the antics in her personal life that people started to search out her music and see what all the hubbub was about. Yet, once she started collaborating with some of the other big names in the music industry, people started to see that she wasn’t just going to let other artists outshine her on the stage. In 2014, she performed with Iggy Azalea to promote their hit single and people instantly saw the star quality in Ora. She didn’t let Azalea take over the stage and definitely held her own while they performed. From her grinding dance moves to her over-the-top ensemble, Rita Ora showed off her skills as an entertainer and proved herself in the eyes of the public.

5 Knows How To Glam Up Her Look

While there are some celebrities that can get away with having a low key profile and staying under the radar, Rita Ora doesn’t have the star power to let her limelight fizzle out. Instead, she chooses to glam up her look at every occasion. Whether it’s attending a red carpet event or just stepping out on the town, Ora has perfected how to appear ultra glamorous even if she isn’t exactly on the same level as other stars in Hollywood. Her signature blonde locks are perfect for creating an Old Hollywood look and she doesn’t skimp on the flashy gold accents. From a gold Chanel belt to a full-on gold ball gown, Ora knows how important it is to create the persona of a full-on celebrity in a way that heightens her fame status.

4 Self Confidence To Spare

While there are some celebrities that are known to harbor some secret insecurities, it doesn’t exactly bode well for the public to think of them as lacking in self-confidence. Anytime a celebrity is seen being rude to the paparazzi or shooing off a fan, the public quickly thinks of them in a negative way for trying to shun their time in the limelight. Yet, Rita Ora doesn’t seem to have any issues when it comes to her self-confidence. One of her tattoos is the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. This giant tattoo fills the entire space from her underarm to her elbow and she poses proudly with it whenever she can. With so much controversy coming from her personal life and the many men she’s been linked to over the years, Ora doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that she’s known for having many lovers. In fact, she’s embraced it and has the confidence to wear that badge of honor proudly for all to see.

3 Versatility In Her Look

With Rita Ora having such a standout look, it seems difficult to think that she would have versatility in her appearances and poses. From the blonde Marilyn-esque hair to the signature red lipstick, it would seem almost impossible to mistake her in any photograph or appearance. Yet, this particular photo is major proof that Ora has a type of beauty that lends well to varying looks. Showing off a workout look, it’s actually pretty difficult to even recognize her in this gorgeous pose and ensemble. Having a versatile look is ultra important for a music artist since it will allow them to continue to evolve as the tastes of the public evolves. Just like how Madonna no longer walks around in the cone-shaped bra or “Like A Virgin” ensembles, Ora can evolve her look with ease since her incredible beauty will translate to any style she adopts.

2 Trendsetting Style

One of the biggest perks of being a celebrity is the fact that they have access to all of the newest and hottest products out on the market. From nabbing up all the shoes and purses that aren’t readily available to the public to getting sent the latest electronic devices for free, all of the top brands understand that having a celebrity endorse their products is best done through their regular usage rather than through an ad campaign. Rita Ora knows exactly how to do this the right way since she’s known for being a trendsetter in her style. This particular ensemble may not be something the regular soccer mom would wear to watch her kids game but it certainly helped her to stand out and it set a major trend. Pairing up a skintight sexy ensemble with a pair of ultra comfortable Adidas gym shoes, Ora proved that she can do no wrong with this look.

1 Nostalgic Look

Oftentimes, the most successful and sought after celebrities have a look that is reminiscent of a former star in the heyday of Hollywood. Every blonde is compared to the iconic Marilyn Monroe and even Kim Kardashian has been compared to Elizabeth Taylor, due to her striking dark hair and numerous failed marriages. There seems to be a trend in Hollywood to create a look of nostalgia, from Katy Perry creating the look of a pinup girl to Beyonce conjuring up the glory days of the ‘60s beauties. Rita Ora also has a tendency to create a nostalgic look and she seems to be able to master looks from all different eras. This particular look is from her GQ spread where she looked like one of the sexiest flight attendants from Pan Am. Yet, this wasn’t the first time she’s donned a nostalgic look to exude major sex appeal. Conjuring up memories from the glory days of Hollywood is a huge factor in what can make a celebrity into a true star in the minds of the public.

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