TheRichest's Top 20 D-List Celebs Of All Time

These D-list celebrities just won't go away. And when you think about it, do we even really want them to?

We all know what D-list celebrities are. They're people who are super famous and hang around the entertainment industry even though they've never really done much of anything to make themselves famous. Or, if they've done something to make themselves famous, it was so long ago that no one ever really remembers it anymore. Still, they keep hanging around, making personal appearances, showing up on random reality shows, and possibly doing something totally ridiculous and embarrassing in their personal lives.

These people are about as minor as celebrities can get, but they just won't give up trying to become more famous. And why should they? Pretty much every person on this list wouldn't be able to get a real job if they tried. It's pretty much D-list or homeless.

These D-list celebrities just won't go away. And when you think about it, do we even really want them to? Having these dubs around helps us feel way better about ourselves. On the one hand, if these clowns can be famous, then maybe our lives have a chance of being special, too, and on the other hand, it's super fun to see all these supposedly famous people act like total tools.

Here are some of the most famous D-listers/bags of all time:

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20 Snooki - Talentless Has-Been

We all know who Snooki is, she was one of the stars of Jersey Shore, that amazingly awful show that was on MTV. We could probably use any one of the stars of that show for this, but most of them have even fallen off the D-list into complete obscurity. Only Pauly D and The Situation can even get any sort of work at this point, as humiliating as that work may be. Snooki isn't attractive, used to have a serious issue with booze, and has one of the most irritating personalities that I have ever come across in my life. Welcome to the D-list, Snooki. I hope you saved your cash.

19 Audrina Patridge - Hated on The Hills

Audrina was one of the cast members of The Hills. She was arguably the least-liked person on the show, so you would expect her to just vanish, right? Nope, so totally wrong. Since that show, she had her own reality show called Audrina (which was canceled pretty much right away), was on Dancing With the Stars, and hosted a travel show on NBC called 1st Look. How does this keep happening? She isn't particularly hot, she isn't talented at all, and people don't like her a whole lot. How is she still around? Well, she's on the D-list, and that's forever.

18 Courtney Stodden - Total Train Wreck

Sometimes, someone gets on the D-list simply by being totally pathetic, although having a big rack doesn't hurt either. One of those people who have both of those qualities is Courtney Stodden. She first came to fame when she married her acting coach, Doug Hutchison, who is a fairly well-known actor. This wouldn't have been such a big deal, except for the fact that she was 16 years old and he was 53, which is obviously totally nasty. She's stayed in the public eye by appearing on reality shows like Couples Therapy and Celebrity Big Brother, proving that being an insane loser can be profitable.

17 Holly Madison - Vegas D-Lister

Holly Madison is another woman who starred as one of Hugh Hefner's possessions -- oops, I mean "girlfriends" -- on The Girls Next Door. She then went on to star in her own show called Holly's World and appears often in Vegas. I'm sure that Holly will have a long career, at least on the D-list. If she were a true star, once she lost her looks, she would've vanished, but on the D-list, she can just keep appearing on reality shows. The only qualities one needs to be on the D-list is to be a little bit famous and to have no pride at all, and Holly qualifies on both counts.

16 Brooke Hogan - On Her Way Down

A few years ago, Brooke Hogan had a slight chance to not be on this list. Hogan Knows Best, the reality show that she did with her father (wrestling legend Hulk Hogan) and the rest of her bizarre family, was doing pretty well, and she even tried her hand at a singing career. At this point, though, it's pretty clear that Brooke and her Amazonian body belong firmly in the middle of the D-List. She probably has more money than a lot of these others, but I would imagine that in 5 years or so, she would be willing to do pretty much anything for a dollar.

15 Janice Dickinson - Used To Be Hot

Janice Dickinson used to be really hot. She was a very successful model in the '70s and '80s. Some have actually said that she was the world's first supermodel, and one of those people who said that was Dickinson herself. She also was a judge on some of the early seasons of America's Next Top Model. Janice could've chosen to age gracefully and just go away, but instead, she's decided to hang on for dear life, releasing a series of memoirs, appearing on any reality show that will have her, and aging horribly. Her face looks like a cross between a trash bag and a catcher's mitt.

14 Dustin Diamond - Lame Former Child Star

Dustin Diamond is one of the more pathetic people on this list, and that's really saying something because there are a lot of total losers here. It's sort of pointless to sum up his accomplishments, but let's do it anyway. He was Screech on Saved By the Bell, then had a failed career as a stand-up comedian, then released a sex tape, and then appeared on some reality shows. Since then he's been arrested a few times for acting like an idiot. Screech -- I mean "Dustin" -- seems to be sitting pretty firmly on the D-list, and he'll probably never totally go away.

13 Aubrey O'Day - Danity D-List

Aubrey O'Day was the lead singer of the band Danity Kane, which was the focus of MTV's Making the Band. Since then she's posed for Playboy, appeared on a ton of reality shows, one of which was Famously Single where she started dating Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame. The two have since broken up. When the heck will Aubrey O'Day go away? Why is she even famous in the first place? The thing is, though, she'll never go away. It's harder to get someone off the D-list than it is to kill a zombie. Aubrey and her enormous rack are here to stay.

12 Brigitte Nielsen - Amazon D-Lister

Nielsen is an enormous woman who used to be a model and, at one point, appeared in the movies Red Sonja and Rocky IV. She was even once married to Sylvester Stallone and was considered hot at one point, although it was kind of in a carnival sideshow kind of way. It was all downhill from there. She struggled with alcohol and drugs, which might explain why she was in a relationship with Flava Flav at one point. To be honest even picturing those two together gives me nightmares. She also appeared on pretty much any reality show that would have her. In fact, if you were doing a home movie and had a grand to throw at her, she would probably do it.

11 Corey Feldman - Used to Be Someone

Corey Feldman is one of the more pathetic D-listers in this article. In fact, he's one of the more pathetic people around. He once was a huge star who was in The Goonies, Stand By Me, and Lost Boys, among many others, but he soon became a huge joke, hanging out with Michael Jackson, developing a heroin problem, and basically just hanging around showing everyone how many problems he had. Recently, he tried to start a music career and appeared on the Today Show and basically made an enormous fool of himself. The YouTube video entitled "Corey Feldman & the Angels - Go 4 It - Today Show" shows more than anything I could say about what it's like to be on the D-list.

10 Heidi Montag - So Last Year

Heidi Montag is really something else. She first came to fame as a member of the super fake reality show called The Hills, where she and her boyfriend and now-husband, Spencer, feuded with Lauren Conrad. Since then, Heidi has done pretty much everything in her power to stay relevant, including getting a lot of plastic surgery and appearing on any reality show that would have her. She's what being a D-lister is all about. First, she became somewhat famous, and people thought she might be kind of cool. Then, she turned into a ridiculous joke.

9 Tila Tequila - Totally Insane

Tila Tequila first became famous as a social-media personality, then was given her own reality dating show called A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila. This may have been the end of her career, and she may have just faded away, except she's so ridiculously insane. A case in point is some of her tweets, including one about how she could prove the Earth was flat: "Why are all the buildings in NYC standing straight up? If earth was round, then some of the buildings would have a slight tilt." There you go, Tila. You sure are a genius, probably the smartest person on the D-list.

8 Kendra Wilkinson - Will D-List For Cash

Kendra Wilkinson was one of Hugh Hefner's main girlfriends on The Girls Next Door. She's since gone on to become a reality star of her own. This is actually kind of a blueprint on how to become a famous D-lister. First, you get on a reality show by doing something that's completely humiliating, such as hanging out with a really old man with a bunch of other hot chicks just because he's rich. Then, you follow that up by doing more humiliating things on your own because someone pays you money. You also justify all of these because you're hot and because you're a "star."

7 Tonya Harding - From Hero, To Criminal, To D-Bag

Good old Tonya Harding. For those of you who don't recall, she did one of the worst things in sports history. When she was preparing for the Olympics, her ex-husband and a hired thug attempted to break the leg of her rival Nancy Kerrigan so that Nancy couldn't participate in the Olympics. Harding ended up pleading guilty to hindering prosecution. One would think, at that point, Tonya would just vanish from the public eye in shame, but no. She just won't go away, as a star in a sex tape, as a professional boxer, and as a commentator on TruTv. From Olympic star, to criminal, to D-lister. Only in America.

6 Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice D-Bag

Vanilla Ice is either someone to feel really badly for or he's someone to be envious of, depending on your perspective. He had a huge number-one hit with the song "Ice Ice Baby," which made him a huge star and also someone to be mocked by many. A lot of people think of him as a total joke, but on his side of things, he had a big hit, he can dance really well, and as far as I know, he hasn't had to work in a really long time. He appears regularly on reality shows and still puts out albums and still tours. Vanilla Ice is D-list for life! Ehh, it could be worse.

5 Tawny Kitaen - Even the Name Screams D-List

Tawny Kitaen? Are you kidding me? What a D-list name. Tawny first became famous when she was in the movie Bachelor Party, but her career really picked up when she was the star of many videos in the '80s of the band Whitesnake, such as "Is This Love?" and "Here I Go Again." At the time, she was dating David Coverdale, the lead singer of the band. And that's pretty much it. Talk about a D-lister... It's now 30 years later, and she's still trolling around, appearing on reality shows and hitting up the occasional party. I guess it beats working, but not by a whole lot.

4 Daniel Baldwin - Druggie D-lister

All of the Baldwin brothers are handsome, and all have had success acting in one way or another, but have all of them been arrested while naked, high on cocaine, and running through the lobby of New York's Plaza Hotel yelling "Baldwin!" over and over again? No, that distinction just belongs to Daniel. While Alec Baldwin has become a huge star and Stephen and Billy Baldwin have settled into wealthy middle-aged bliss, Daniel has hit the D-list hard, alternating stints of getting arrested for really dumb stuff with stints on reality shows. Don't go changing, Daniel.

3 Flavor Flav - Sellout D-Lister

A long time ago, Flavor Flav would've been one of the very last people you would ever suspect to be on the D-list. He was the hype man for one of the best and most influential rap bands that ever existed, Public EnemyBut when the money dried up, so did Flav's desire to have any pride. He's been on a ton of reality shows and was the host of the show Flavor of Love, which was a totally ridiculous but very entertaining show where a bunch of women actually pretended they were slightly interested in hanging out with him. Some did it a lot better than others.

2 Bret Michaels - Aging Rock Star D-Lister

Bret Michaels wasn't someone who would've seemed like a D-lister in his younger days. He was the lead singer of the band Poison, which, at one point, was incredibly popular. Their biggest hit was "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." But then, the band sort of faded away and Brett probably didn't put away enough cash, so he wound up starring in the reality show Rock of Love, in which a bunch of women competed to go out with him. This wasn't quite as ridiculous as Flavor of Love since Michaels is fairly attractive, and Flavor Flav looks like a troll dressed up for Halloween, but it still was pretty pathetic.

1 Tiffany Pollard (New York) - Contestant to D-Bag

Tiffany Pollard was a contestant on the show Flavor of Love and was so bizarre and hilarious that she ended up getting her own dating show that she starred in called I Love New York. She really is the perfect example of the D-list. She had never done anything before she was on Flavor of Love, and it doesn't appear she's done anything of note since I Love New York, but she's still famous, and most people know who she is, and apparently, she doesn't have to work. Some might think that's lame, but to me, it's a job well done.

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TheRichest's Top 20 D-List Celebs Of All Time