The Walking Dead: 15 Major Problems Fans Don't Want To Admit

Over the course of thousands of years, humanity has managed to come a very long way, with many advancements in different fields, including medicine, science, politics, and entertainment. When it comes to entertainment specifically, we have gone from telling stories around a campfire, to watching individuals perform in plays and coliseums. And now, we mainly get entertained through television and movies. In terms of television, this is by far the best era to live in because there are literally hundreds of different shows to watch, shows that cover every single genre imaginable and which generally tell good stories with interesting characters.

On October 31, 2010, The Walking Dead made its awaited debut on television on AMC, and over the past seven years, the show has had eight seasons. But more importantly, it has become one of the most popular shows on TV. The show revolves around a core group of people trying to live after a zombie apocalypse devastates the entire United States, and it has been praised for certain characters and for the amazing special effects. Like all popular shows, The Walking Dead possesses millions of hardcore fans, many of whom will go out of their way to defend the show from those who say anything bad about it. What those fans do not seem to understand, though, is that just like everything else in life, the show is not perfect, and that it has certain issues associated with it that are too big to ignore. This article will identify 15 of those issues.


15 The Characters Are Just Too Clean

The show has been on for 8 seasons now, but time inside the show moves at a much slower pace, as the case can be made that only about 3-4 years has passed since the start of the outbreak. Over the course of the series, we have seen our main group of survivors on the road for long stretches of time, where they sleep outside in the dirt and mud and where they have to fight off rotting corpses trying to eat them. The problem, though, is that despite getting really dirty and generally being unable to bathe at least once a week, the characters have always looked perfectly clean when not around zombies. Fans do not want to admit this because it is TV, and actors need to look good on screen. But having people, especially in the earlier seasons, walking around with no dirt, no visible sweat stains, no greasy hair, and for some reason, perfectly white teeth are aesthetics that make very little sense in an apocalypse.

14 They Ruined Carol

Of all the characters on The Walking Dead, Carol is by far the best, as she has evolved more than anyone on the show during its 8-year run, going from a seemingly helpless victim of domestic abuse pre-apocalypse to a brave and brilliant tactician, who is both a cold-hearted killer and a very caring individual. At the end of season 6, Carol decides to leave Alexandria and her friends because she could not deal with having to make the cold violent decisions anymore. In doing so, she effectively allowed everything that happened in season 7 to occur. She knew full well that her group was likely going to have to fight a new and dangerous group, and instead of helping to save lives, which she had done prior, she got up and left to live a less violent life, which goes against all the development she had made in the previous seasons.

13 Rick Could Have Just Killed Negan

Last season, we were finally introduced to Negan. And whether you love him or hate him, no one can deny that he was the best part of season 7 which, for the most part, was pretty bad. Negan is in charge of the Saviors and primarily leads them using strict rules and fear, which is interesting considering that he just has a bat while everyone around him either has a knife or a gun. In last season's premiere, after he disposes of Glenn and Abraham, Negan goes on a little trip with Rick so he can show Rick who's boss and to make him submit. And while on that trip, Rick could have killed him easily and put an end to the Savior's threat. Granted, Negan said all his friends and son would die if anything happened to him, but would anything have happened? The Saviors act as though Negan is a strong and vicious leader, so if another group's leader (Rick) were to take him out, would that not mean that he was stronger than Negan and more worthy of being followed?

12 Making Just One Bullet

The male fanbase is especially happy about one thing—Rosita made it out of season 7 alive. When we first meet her, she is in a relationship with Abraham, and although he went on to dump her for Sasha, she still cared a lot about him, which is why she was devastated after seeing him get his head bashed in by Negan. Such feelings are strong, so it makes sense that she wanted to get revenge, and considering she knew how to handle herself in a fight, viewers thought she had a real shot at getting Negan. Season 7 was filled with miscues, though, and Rosita took part in a major one because when she had Eugene make her a bullet to kill Negan, she literally had him make just 1 bullet. When the time came, she missed her shot. But if she had a second or third shot, Negan would be gone, which makes making one bullet a huge mistake for a character who clearly knows her guns, no matter how noble her actions were.

11 Robert Kirkman Kinda Sucks

No matter what the show is, it has to come from somewhere. And as we all know, The Walking Dead is based on the comic book created by Robert Kirkman, who also serves as one of the show's executive producers. It goes without saying that fans of the show owe a lot to Kirkman, since there would be no show if it were not for him. But just because he created everything about the world, does not mean he is without flaws. The show has deviated from the source material several times, much to the chagrin of comic book readers, like Shane having a different ending, Daryl (who was created only for the show), baby Judith actually living, and Rick's relationship with Michonne. Not respecting his own source material is not the only reason why he sucks, though, because in all his work, including The Walking Dead, he has been criticized for writing weak female characters and for having old-fashioned and even sexist ideas.

10 The Spin-Off Should Have Been More Interesting Than The Original


As we all know, Fear the Walking Dead is a spin-off, and it is currently heading into its fourth season. But just because it has lasted for quite a bit, does not mean that it is good. Anyone who has watched the show knows full well that it is basically The Walking Dead, but A LOT less interesting, with many characters that audiences do not really care about and who tend to make A LOT of stupid decisions. When the show was first announced, it was said to take place just when the apocalypse was starting, which was a good premise that left many fans hopeful, as we always wanted to see how the world ended, and that is exactly how the show started out. But a few episodes in, they did a time skip and turned the show into a weaker version of its predecessor. Based on how bad the spin-off actually is, people laugh at it, but they forget that it did have the potential to be better than the original show.

9 The Cast Is Too Big

Following the events of the second season, it became apparent that The Walking Dead was developing a problem, as there were suddenly too many characters to keep track of on a weekly basis. In the first season, the show did the right thing by eliminating most of the original group of survivors fairly quickly, a formula that the writers have not gone back to, which has, in fact, hurt the show. For example, T-Dog was a good character, but he was literally sidelined throughout the entirety of the second season to make way for more characters, while Beth was essentially made useless throughout her run by limiting her screen time and teaming her with other characters who ultimately did not matter to the story. Things have only gotten worse, though, as the show now has several large groups of survivors, all with named characters who the audience is supposed to remember and develop some kind of relationship with—relationships that will likely not bear any fruit.


8 The Scavengers Are Morons

The Scavengers are the worst, and any fan of the series has to admit that bringing them into the show was a terrible idea because as a group, they are simply too moronic to have survived for so long. First of all, they live in a junkyard, which works for seclusion, but provides very little in terms of food, medicine, and weapons, which they basically admitted to not having much of. Second, the group, for some reason, does not know how to properly communicate anymore, which is odd considering that civilization has been gone for only about three years. What really shows their stupidity, though, is their deal making skills because the deal with Rick ACTUALLY benefited them. But they chose to betray Rick for Negan simply because he offered to also give them more people, which is idiotic considering that they barely had enough supplies to support the people they already had.

7 We Still Do Not Know What Happened To The Rest Of The World

The Walking Dead paints a pretty bleak picture, as the entirety of the United States and presumably Mexico, have been completely overrun by zombies. But although those are two fairly big countries, they are still just TWO countries. In the first season, when Rick's group makes it to the CDC, we learn that every single person on the planet is infected, but that is where the global information stops because we still have no idea what happened to the rest of the world. Based on what happened to the U.S. and Mexico, fans just assume that the entire world has collapsed, but can they really be that naive without seeing any evidence to support that? With all the countries in South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, it is absurd to believe that no one was able to properly contain and manage the outbreak. Humanity is just too smart for that.

6 The Games Are Actually Better

When you are as popular as The Walking Dead, you are more than likely to get a spin-off, but that is not the only way that the series has made extra money, as there was a video game way before there was a spin-off. When I say game, I am not referring to the silly one you can play on your phone. I mean The Walking Dead made by Telltale Games which, in a lot of areas, is better than the show that inspired it. The game uses the same art style as the comics and manages to tell a riveting story involving an escaped convict named Lee and an orphan girl named Clementine. The game possesses several things that the show does not—it has great pacing, the dialogue is superb, time is not wasted in certain locations, the annoying characters do not stay around long, and the cast smoothly rotates following the deaths of key characters.

5 There Does Not Seem To Be An Ending In Sight

Unless a show gets cancelled right away or in its second season, there is a good chance that it will last for about five seasons, which is the perfect amount of time to tell a complete story. But then, there are shows that go on much longer. The Walking Dead is now in its eighth season. And like most shows that go past the five-season mark, things have started to drag on, and what makes things worse is that there does not seem to be an ending in sight. The show has no real story; it just follows the lives of people trying to survive in a world filled with zombies, with the occasional human threat, a cycle that has been repeated several times. When a show does not have a clear end point, it does not give the audience incentive to watch because they need to know that there will be some kind of payoff, and based on how the show is set up, The Walking Dead just wants to keep going until AMC decides to cancel it.

4 How Did We Lose To These Zombies Exactly?

When the show began, we learned that civilization ended within a few months, a statement which is fairly hard to believe considering that these zombies are technically very easy to beat. Granted, it is pretty much over if one bites you, or if you get swarmed, but Rick and his group have shown us that a small group using knives and other objects can take down a small zombie herd. These zombies move incredibly slow, so people can in fact outrun them. Plus, they are fairly weak since they do not actually use physical force to overpower people, and it should not have taken a genius to see that they are weak to fire and head shots, which then begs the question, how did the U.S. military get taken out so easily? It is true that people may have not known at the time that everyone was infected, but that revelation came shortly after the outbreak; at a time when civilization had already fallen so easily to zombies that are incredibly slow and, for the most part, blind.

3 Daryl Is Not The Best Character

The Walking Dead barely has anyone left from the first season, with only Rick, Carl, Carol, and Daryl managing to survive so far, so it goes without saying that they are all (except Carl) integral parts of the show. For the vast majority of fans, Daryl is by far the best character on the show, primarily because of his stoic and straight-to-the-point approach and because he exhibits most of the best qualities needed to survive out in the wild. Compared to the other characters, Daryl cannot be killed because many viewers will simply stop watching the show, like what happened after Glenn died. But much worse, whether his fans like it or not, he may not be the best character in the series. Why? Well, when he is with other characters, Daryl thrives, but when he is on his own, the story gets kinda dull and boring because he is, at best, a superb supporting character incapable of holding the reigns.

2 Doctors Are Apparently Not Important

The world has been through many wars and disease outbreaks, and although these events lead to many deaths, the numbers would have been significantly higher had there not been doctors around to help save lives. It is thanks to doctors that people are able to live relatively longer and healthier lives, which means that they are incredibly important in society—a fact that The Walking Dead seems to not care that much about. Over the course of the show's run, we have seen several doctors, most of whom are now dead, like Olivia in season 6, who was actually allowed to leave the safety of Alexandria even though she was their ONLY doctor. Last season, though, really showed how little doctors really matter during an apocalypse where there are no more antibiotics and medicines being made, as Negan had no problem burning his doctor alive when he thought that he had betrayed his trust in a fairly insignificant way, which is a stupid reason to kill one of the only people left alive who can actually save your own life.

1 Fighting To Survive Is Ultimately pointless

As mentioned earlier, The Walking Dead is basically just a story about survival, which would be a lot better if we knew that there was an end to the zombie apocalypse on the horizon. The show excels at showing the struggle to stay alive in a world where death can literally be around every corner. But when you sit down and think about it, the struggle is more or less pointless, and it has been pointless since the very first season. As soon as we learned that every single person was infected and would become a Walker when they die, regardless if they were bitten or not, the entire struggle became meaningless. We have seen Rick and his group fight and fight and fight to keep each other alive, and every time they get out of a predicament without losing someone, we cheer. But, fans do not seem to understand that those cheers are hollow because there is literally no hope for anyone.


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