The Walking Dead: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Pics That Ruin The Show

There are probably a number of you who are fairly tired of the whole zombie thing, and maybe you're now getting bored of The Walking Dead thanks to the incredibly slow pace of this last season. But hey, if the pace of the season didn't ruin the show for you, then maybe these photos will.

Some behind the scenes shots are really cool and fun and give you a real insight into the way a show is made. That's the same story with the shots below. But given that The Walking Dead is all about the way human beings use each other in order to fight against the zombies and eventually just come out on top as the selfish primates we are, these behind the scenes shots kind of ruin the show.

There is a certain type of illusion that exists in the world of The Walking Dead and looking at almost any behind the scenes photos could really mess up the way one looks at the show. It breaks the "realism" of the show. The shots below really do a good job at breaking that illusion. So if you don't want to break the spell, I guess don't look down. But you're already here so you may as well!

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15 The Fake Backgrounds

Ok, so this obviously makes sense. You can't always afford to shoot where you want. Or have what you want in the location where you shoot. So it is understandable that certain sections of a given area might be given the green screen treatment. That way anything you want can be added in afterwards. That doesn't change the fact that it looks ridiculous when looking at a shot of a group running past a bunch of corpses as well as several green screens. If you ever want a good way to ruin the illusion for someone when they're watching a heavily digital show, just find a few shots of the actual sets when they're shooting the scenes. They will almost always have some sort of green screen element in them. And they'll usually look silly.

14 Am I Seeing Double?

Wait, what!? don't worry, Carl doesn't actually have a twin. He does have a stunt double though. And seeing them both sitting together does kind of ruin things for the show. I mean unless Rick had never mentioned the fact that Carl had a twin brother that he sent away a long time ago...who happens to have the exact same wardrobe. Either way, it's kind of cool to see Carl and his stunt double hanging out with each other. But you can't deny that it ruins the reality for the audience member. And boy wouldn't Rick have been confused? So would have Shane...you know...if he lives long enough to notice. This one does look like an earlier season shot. You know, because Carl still has two eyes in this shot.

13 Just A Little Fun On Set But A Little Unbelievable

This doesn't seem like it does any harm, right? It doesn't really ruin the show, right? Wrong. First of all, Rick might smile occasionally. And same with Darrel, but they're definitely not about to get all chummy and tongue each other. And as for Hershel, it might be a little difficult for him to control sticking his tongue out since he has definitely been dead for some time. The whole slit throat thing might be a part of it. Obviously this was taken not long before his death scene (you can tell by where they're shooting). The playful photo was probably done not long before the death in a fit of nervous energy. But none of these characters have that same reaction when their nerves kick in. I kind of wish they did because then the show would be funny and worth watching still, but oh well.

12 Zombie Training School...

Yeah, if you ever wanted to be pulled out of The Walking Dead instantly, all you have to do is take a look at their zombie training school. It's ridiculous. This is actually a place where extras and key characters go to learn how to act like the undead, After all, they do need some consistency in the way the zombies move and act in the show. But let's be totally honest here. Seeing a bunch of grown adults stumbling around, pretending to be zombies while they all have name tags on them...it does make me think a little less of the zombies in the show. Because while now I think more about how each zombie is an individual human being...I'm also thinking about how they had to go to school to learn how to groan and limp around on set all day.

11 Give Us A Kiss!

There is no way that this would happen within the show. Not unless it was a guy who was giving his zombie wife one last kiss before she ate his face. And that would only likely happen if he was already bitten and knew there was no way out. At least he could be with his loved one in un-death. And while I'm thinking about this scenario, I guess it's more and more likely that this could be a story arc on the show. It is just ridiculous enough for the writers to run with it. But hey, at least it's better than having pet zombies for no good reason. Either way, as disgusting as this photo is, it does tell us one thing...that zombies are actually people. Seriously though. Just normal people in stage makeup. Obviously, no one is going to kiss a zombie on the mouth like that otherwise.

10 The Blue Man Tiger

Some of you might recall the part nearing the end of the last season where Negan was about to smash Carl in the head with Lucille. But he didn't manage to get the job done because there was a tiger attack. That's right. Why wouldn't someone keep a pet tiger? It's the perfect villainous thing to do in a world gone crazy with zombies. But since it's a tv show they obviously didn't use a real tiger for the attack (though that's what they used to do in some films - with trained tigers). Instead, in the actual filming, there is a man in a blue, skin-tight jumpsuit who jumps off a trampoline and tackles the first guy to get hit by the tiger. This was just to give reference to the digital tiger that would eventually appear in the show. But it really ruins the illusion when you see a man leaping in a blue unitard.

9 Bogus Kills - Where's The Stabby Part?

Everyone at least knows that The Walking Dead is just a tv show and therefore fake. There are obviously not real zombies and real slaughtering going on while shooting on set. That being said, getting a shot like this where you see a zombie getting stabbed in the throat with nothing at all does kind of ruin things. It really looks like she's stabbing in there. The look on her face and the tension in her arm. But she's ultimately just holding a rifle with a green bit of tape at the end. Why the green tape? Think of it as a reference for a green screen. Compositing is what they call it. This will allow them to edit out the end of the rifle and add the blade to it in order to build the digital effect of stabbing the zombie through the throat. But before the editing, it just looks silly.

8 Getting Ready For The Tiger Attack

So you may have watched the episode at the end of this past season where Carl is saved from getting his head bashed in by Lucille thanks to a tiger who pounces on Negan's little army. But you didn't actually think there was a real-life tiger attacking people in that scene, did you? Oh no. They haven't done that in film and tv for a while. At least not very often. In the actual shooting of the scene there is a man in a blue jumpsuit who starts the attack, and then there is a model like this tiger head that helps to give people reference as to what the hell is going on. Because once they shoot for reference, they have to clear everything and add the tiger in digitally. Which makes it a huge pain for the actors who have to pretend to be mauled.

7 Wow! Glenn Is Still Alive!

Oh my goodness! Glenn is still alive!? Just kidding. He's not coming back. Not even as a zombie. That is probably thanks to Negan bashing him in with his darling Lucille. If anyone remembers the scene where Glenn gets it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It was pretty brutal. Considering how much bloodshed there was and how definitely crushed his skull was, it's amazing that Glenn looks so good in this shot, right? Well, the truth is that this is the extent of the gore that was done to the actor's face. Everything after that was a mix of dummy and digital. And seeing him back up and fighting with all of the gore on his face kind of ruins things for me. It's cool that he makes one last stand after he is cut from the show but...

6 These Guys Getting Along!? No Way!

This is probably one of the worst photos for breaking the illusion of the show. It's nice that the actors get along. I'm sure it makes for far easier shooting. And it is a really good thing to have when working on set. But seeing Rick and Negan laughing together really throws me out of the story of the show. Especially since at the end of this past season Negan just about beat Rick's son. If it wasn't for that pesky tiger going around attacking people, little Carl would've been a goner. Not to mention that Negan has used his prized bat Lucille on several of Rick's people since he first showed up on the show. So, much as I love knowing that the actors are getting along, it's not something that people watching the show need to see.

5 Glenn Attacking The Camera Guy? 

So here's the thing. Obviously, Glenn is not actually attacking the camera guy. He's just grabbing at (who we're supposed to assume is), Rick. This is how so many lovely Walking Dead closeup happen. It's not like the other actor in the scene is wearing a camera so that we can get that angle. Nope. It's actually just Glenn playing to the camera and then it's all cut to make it look like the other actor is there. In the medium shot of this scene, you would see whoever the other actor is. But it kind of throws everything a little out of whack when you see a horde of zombies and Glenn standing in the middle of them, wrestling with a camera. Not to mention seeing part of the exposed lighting rig and the boom mic operator standing off to the side.

4 Rubber Zombies

It's definitely not a stretch to picture Norman Reedus... I mean Darrel Dixon giving a thumbs up after wasting a zombie. It makes perfect sense with his character. His brother could give a thumbs up but...well I guess he could only give one thumb up. Anyway, the bigger picture...about this picture is that it's really clear that the zombie here is completely rubber. This is the beauty of camera magic and blood effects. It's really easy to hide the fact that the zombie is rubber. You can shoot the kill from far away. Or you can do a quick cut in a medium shot. The blood will definitely help cover it up when the blood packs explode. And then after all of that, there is also colour grading. That's a really big fix in editing for sure.

3 Zombies Out For A Rainy Stroll

Alright, alright. I have to admit that this is a hilarious photo. I'm very happy that it exists. Mainly because I'm tired of the whole zombie craze and I think The Walking Dead is getting a little past its sell-by date. That being said, for anyone who is a hardcore fan of the show, there is every reason why they might not want to see this shot. It completely breaks the image we have of the zombies to date. They are mindless but for their hunger for flesh. So there's no reason why one would be dragging around a duffle bag. And there's even less reason why they would be strolling around with umbrellas on a rainy day. they don't feel pain, or cold, or rain. And if they do then they don't care about it. This just makes a joke out of the zombies. Which is actually totally fine with me.

2 The Magic Behind The Makeup 

This is a sure-fire way to pull people out of the make-believe world of The Walking Dead. Just show images of the makeup being done. When you can still see all of the rippled latex and the colouring process that goes into creating a wound or a facial appliance for zombies it tends to take away a bit of your care. I'm a sucker for all of that behind-the-scenes stuff, so I'd want to see it anyway. But there are definitely those viewers out there who just would never want to see how it's done. Because if they do it will just spoil the whole story for them. It makes sense. When you're watching the show you know it's fake. But that doesn't mean that everyone wants to go see how it's put together. They just want to enjoy the show and live in their ignorance.

1 Best Friends For Life...Or Afterlife...

Oh, there's nothing like seeing a good friendship right? Even in death? What's interesting here is that I actually can't even tell if that is a dummy or a real person dressed up as a zombie. And of course, without the post editing in this shot, the zombie looks fake either way. And one thing that wouldn't be happening, for sure, is some sort of buddy hug like this going on. If The Walking Dead wasn't all about zombies I could definitely see some of the characters picking up a corpse and wanting to take a selfie with them. But I don't think that's this character, and I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to do that with a zombie. Of course, plenty of characters in the show have done plenty of stupid things before, so I guess I shouldn't assume.

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