The Top 15 Hottest Resident Evil Babes

Resident Evil is a survival horror third person shooter game that has been around for over a decade. It surprises us, scares us, and charms us in many ways. With some of the most well developed female

Resident Evil is a survival horror third person shooter game that has been around for over a decade. It surprises us, scares us, and charms us in many ways. With some of the most well developed female and male characters they give us interesting back stories, realistic relationships and troubles we can relate to, the deadly viruses and parasites aside.

Resident Evil is having its exciting long overdue 7th game released this January in 2017. It has been 4 years since the 6th one has come out, taking more of a hard core action game approach rather than the horror game route it usually follows. It got mixed reviews but we loved the characters and some elements all the same. It only seems polite to revisit our favorite sexy ladies who have helped us throughout all of the other games. Whether it is their wit, charm, experience or other hard-to-forget factors, they draw us in and keep us glued to the screen. They all have something different to offer and with all the different types of personalities there is something for everyone, but it’s hard to pick a favorite. This list is based on the most impressive, accomplished, and beautiful women the game has to offer. Only the female characters from the games past to present will be included in this list to keep things pure.

This list is in no way rating who is the best.

*Spoilers ahead*

15 Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca was a child prodigy and graduated college at 18. She was one of the first sent to the Arklay Mountains to investigate the cannibal murders and was the sole survivor of her squad. She survived Resident Evil Zero only to immediately continue on with her mission into Resident Evil 1. She’s got that extra smart girl next door vibe. There is something about someone so young and being so successful; she is kind hearted and a beautiful brunette. Even though she goes through literal hell she fights on and keeps moving forward. Rather than how in most video games stressful situations cause some female characters to break down and fall apart (which does happen in this list), Rebecca knows better and tries even harder when faced with something stressful. This is something she was meant to do.

14 Jill Valentine

Jill is recognized as one of the first female characters in survival horror. She was one of the first members and also one of the toughest in her crew. She was originally a US army Delta force operative before she became a stars member. Being one of the only characters in the game to go through that transition, but we can see how useful and valuable her skills are when she is in battle. She also has surprising skills like playing the piano and she’s good at puzzles. Jill one of the only characters to take a bad-guy turn, albeit against her will. She can hold her own to any of the men on her team and is considered one of the strongest.

13 Claire Redfield

Claire is one of the main characters of the RE series and she is the sister of the series' most famous protagonist Chris Redfield. She’s depicted as a badass biker chick right off the bat searching for her brother after she traveled to the city. Being trained in military combat and already having joined the US Air force, she was ready and able to take on the challenge. She has a vast knowledge of different weapons from firearms to knives that you use throughout the game. Claire became a vigilante against bioterrorism after her survival of Resident Evil 2. Claire is determined and confident; she’s extremely passionate and dedicated to her cause. Claire is a girl who is not afraid to get the job done and protect the ones she loves.

12 Sherry Birkin

She started as a young girl in RE2, the daughter of Annette and William Birkin who was the creator of the G-virus. Sherry has inside of her the G-virus after being infected by her transformed father. She was given the antivirus which prevents her from mutating but she still carries the G-virus inside her which grants her an immediate healing ability. After the events of RE2 she chose to devote her life to fighting bioterrorism. She is one of the world’s saviors in RE6 for escorting Jake Muller who has antibodies to the C-virus. She has the girl next door vibe that can also save you from dying kind of feel. Someone very sweet but if someone tries to take advantage of her sweet nature she is ready and able to take them down with her wit.

11 Ashley Graham

We have a lot of independent ladies on this list, which is great and plays out great fantasy. But it's nice to change things up by keeping things traditional with Ashley. She is our typical damsel in distress; she needs to be rescued from Osmond Saddler and you get the honor to try and rescue this girl. One of the inside joke of the game is unfortunately how useless in the game she really is. You literally have to take care of her, making sure she has good health and doesn’t run off into danger otherwise you both die. You force feed her different items until she is home safe and sound. She goes through a lot of trauma and near the end of the game when she offers herself to Leon, one of the main characters of the game, in a very suggestive manner, she gets rejected. To our delight she takes it gracefully and doesn’t get offended that she is being denied her damsel in distress typical ending. She can take a joke, many of which are about her big boobs.

10 Ada Wong

She is always a mystery and always gets what she wants. She never is quite clear about whose side she is on or what she really wants, which is what we hate to love about her. She has a very sleek aesthetic and is the strong silent type. With something naturally alluring about her there is a reason why she has one of the series main characters wrapped around her finger. It’s almost charming but the poor guy turns down every other woman that throws themselves at him because he is absolutely loyal that Ada, without much promise of a future. She gives hints but always backs out at the last minute. It’s one of the reasons she is able to play multiple sides at once— she leaves them wanting more without giving away too much. Ada is a manipulative sexy tease.

9 Excella Gionne

Excella is the regional director of TRICELL’s African division. She is a really pompous girl who has the dangerous knowledge of knowing that she is attractive. She used this power and advantage all her life to advance through university quickly. She is smart and knows how valuable her family name is. She also heightens her looks by wearing tight revealing clothing. She ultimately wants to be Wesker's queen of the new world and stops at nothing to achieve that goal giving him everything he could possibly need. Eventually she gets betrayed by Wesker (naturally). With him stringing her along the whole time he wanted to use her one last time by letting her become a sacrifice. She did know what she wanted and stopped at nothing to get it, until it was too late.

8 Ingrid Hunnigan

Ingrid is our sexy librarian/teacher/secretary type . In the RE series she is a US government agent for the field operations support, her role basically comes down to be Leon’s handler. She provides him with lots of information throughout the game by communicating via headset and checks in on him from time to time to see how the current mission is going. Incredibly smart and professional, the way she communicates with Leon shows they have a special bond. At one point during the game Leon even makes a joke about the two of them getting together, which is kind of a big deal since he is very hung up on another character in the game (Ada Wong) and has turned down advances from other girls himself. Of course she turns him down flat. She cares but wants to keep everything strictly professional.

7 Helena Harper

Helena is a family-centered character. She has a younger sister named Deborah for whom she would go to any lengths to protect, which includes actually shooting her sister's abusive boyfriend. Helena is an agent of the United States Secret Service, showing that even with her position and power, it is her sister that comes first for her. In Resident Evil 6 during her story arch you find out that she is the reason for the Tall Oaks outbreak, because of her need to protect her sister after they were both kidnapped, she was left no other choice than to be manipulated by Derek C. Simmons. But she has to try and save her sister, it is her motivation and the reason for her and the city's downfall. She may not be as well liked as others, but at least we have that sexy cop mercenary outfit.

6 Sheva Alomar

Sheva is an agent that worked with Chris in Africa. She is part of the organization Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance in the West African branch. She decided to join after her parents were killed by a bio-outbreak. She is tough and can hold her own next to Chris; they are constantly helping each other throughout the game. They each hold different skill sets since with her nimble frame she is able to be much more flexible than Chris. At one point during the mission that she is working with Chris, he tells her to go home and that this isn’t her fight anymore. She refuses to leave him and continues to help. She’s dedicated to the cause and loyal to her fellow agents. She always tries to make herself available to help in any way possible. Plus some of her costumes are scandalous which makes us even more grateful for her sacrifice.

5 Moira Burton


Moira is the typical punk, goth girl with sort of a pixie aesthetic while having lots of daddy issues. Her father being Barry Burton is a combat specialist from BSAA and one of the original survivors of the Mansion incident. Their relationship is contrived to say the least, after it is revealed that Barry accidentally shot Moira’s sister Polly then blamed it on Moira, its hard not to have issues after that. Moira is generally thick-headed, stubborn and brash and does what she wants in a very rebellious teenage fashion. She is still innocent and puts up a tough face, but with everything that she has gone through she is sensitive to combat and weapons. She will do what she can to help but will try and stay out of the way. Most situations she will still allow someone’s life to be in danger since she has these difficulties. Despite sometimes being a generally unlikeable character she manages to hold her own. Her DLC costume is also a cute ninja outfit “Urban Ninja”.

4 Rachel Foley

Rachel is probably best known as the agent with the skin tight costume and leaving little to the imagination. She works for the United States Federal Government anti-bioterrorism task force. Sent on a mission to investigate Queen Zenobia, she had very little hope of returning and maintaining the safety of the mission. You can see her realistic ideals and awareness of the situation but you have to do what you have to do. She does get infected and transforms into a contorted, congealed mess. When she gets infected and transforms she carries her looks with her, keeping the skin tight clothes while they melt into the rest of her look. Resident Evil has a great habit of taking horrifying situations and keeping the sex appeal alive.

3 Alyssa Ashcroft

Alyssa is a reporter who managed to escape during the outbreak in Raccoon City making her one of the very few civilian survivors. She overcame lots of different obstacles but with her motivated nature she made it through. She is however also very self-centered and takes pride in her looks as she actively works out and makes her beauty her number one priority. She is a reporter first and uses her bold over-ambitious attitude to do whatever it takes to get the story. Out of almost all the other females listed here, Alyssa can easily be the most aggressive. With her dominant personality she is still caring towards others, she is self-serving but not completely closed off. Alyssa has one of the most useful starting items which is a lock pick.

2 Cindy Lennox

Cindy has a very cheerful girl next door personality. She is a bubbly and friendly blond waitress that worked at J’s bar in Raccoon City. She isn’t aggressive or quite meek. Her personality reflects her being supportive and picking you up when you’re down. She puts others ahead of herself and understands that in stressful situations someone needs to keep their head and that is what she does; she demonstrates this by playing medic during the Raccoon City incident helping a fellow group of survivors. We also get to see this cheerful girl dress as a playboy bunny for one of her extra costumes, along with vacation-wear, nightlife outfits and coquette which features a white bikini top and short jeans.

1 Deborah Harper (transformed)

Deborah Harper once transformed turns into a naked monster lady. Once in this form, you find that she moves in suggestive ways while she attacks you— a tad awkward considering she wants to eat you, but somehow still appealing. Deborah was Helena’s sister, and they got really close when their parents died when they were very young; they have stuck together and have been looking out for each other ever since. Deborah is the sweet naive younger girl who falls into bad situations. She was a pawn used by Simmons in order to manipulate her sister into following his plan. When Deborah transformed, it was definitely for the fans, despite the sad nature and the heart ache attached.

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The Top 15 Hottest Resident Evil Babes