The Top 15 'Bare It All' TV Scenes Of 2016

It’s clear that there are more options for amazing TV than ever before. The networks still give us some good series and powerful drams with great comedies. HBO continued their winning ways with the ac

It’s clear that there are more options for amazing TV than ever before. The networks still give us some good series and powerful drams with great comedies. HBO continued their winning ways with the acclaimed Westworld (even as they misfired with Vinyl) amid other top cable dramas. And streaming services grew with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu amping up their slate of original shows. That means a lot more to enjoy this year in terms of entertainment, not to mention a slew of very hot actresses on screen. While mainstream programs offer their share of major starlets, cable and streaming shows are able to show them in a far better light. With the freedom to let loose, actresses can turn in more authentic performances, cursing and such while also showcasing some very hot times.

That does include baring it all on screen as several shows make nudity a focus a lot of the time. It says a lot how many actresses are willing to doff it all for their programs and get into incredibly intimate scenes. It helps if it’s not just for kicks but rather does serve the story and make it feel more realistic. True, you can cite some as “fan service” but many times, it does seem natural and not too obvious. The list of ladies to show off on TV this year includes some newcomers while others are ladies who have been around for a while and doffing it for the first time. Here are the 15 hottest ladies to bare it all on TV in 2016 and why the options for watching are better than ever.

15 Sasha Alexander, Shameless

2016 was a notable year for the veteran actress. After seven seasons, her TNT hit drama Rizzoli & Isles finished its run, ending Sasha Alexander’s terrific on-air chemistry with Angie Harmon. However, she made up for it by reprising her role on Showtime’s Shameless as a professor getting involved with student Lip. Her first scene of the season has her naked in bed as he sketches her, allowing Alexander to show off her chest and rear end and how she looks sexier now than she did on NCIS over a decade ago. They get more steamy stuff but it goes badly when Lip’s ex-girlfriend finds out and gets revenge by posting his pictures of Alexander in bed for all the school to see. She’s fired and dumps Lip to boot with the poor kid not understanding how she never really loved him. While her tenure on the show may be over, Alexander showed how age is only a number by being  among the hottest ladies on TV, with or without clothes.

14 Eliza Dushku, Banshee

Eliza Dushku is well known for her roles as Faith the renegade Slayer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as starring on Dollhouse. She’s taken time away from movies and television to concentrate on college in Boston but any sight of her with her sexy smile and lush dark hair is welcome. Cinemax’s Banshee was already notable as a hot and sexy crime thriller and its final season had them going truly all out to satisfy their fans. Dushku popped up as Veronica Dawson, an FBI agent hunting a serial killer. She was shown to be tough, funny and on the ball, impressive given how she was also a constantly high crack addict. Main character Lucas Hood comes to meet Dawson at her hotel room to talk about the case. She wanders out in just a towel from the shower, talking in a calm tone as she drops it, letting Dushku show off her toned rear end. Things soon get hot between her and Hood, leading to a very athletic love scene. Her time on the show was limited but Dushku made the most of it to remind fans how wicked she can get.

13 Thandie Newton, Westworld

The British actress has mastered being the alluring beauty in movies like Mission Impossible 2, Crash and many more. She’s also balanced TV work like the first two seasons of the crime drama Rogue that showed herself off nicely. Thandie Newton is now getting more attention than ever on HBO’s hit Westworld, playing Maeve, one of the robotic “hosts” at a theme park of the future. Like the others, Maeve believes she’s a human living in the Old West, the madam at the local saloon. A series of incidents causes her to realize what she truly is and how she’s been used by tourists for their own pleasures. A gripping scene is her being brought in for “maintenance” work, waking up nude on the examination table and holding a knife on the stunned technicians. She gets some steamy scenes in her regular “job” (as she’s been programmed to flirt with both men and women) while also becoming more manipulative as she figures out the truth. A major plot twist changes her character a lot but Newton is one of the most compelling figures in an already fantastic show and seeing her bare body just adds to the thrills.

12 Billie Piper and Jessica Barden, Penny Dreadful

It was a major shock for fans of Showtime’s gothic horror series Penny Dreadful when, right after the airing of the final episode, it was announced it was the series finale. With a great cast that included Eva Green and Timothy Dalton and mixing in characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein and more Victorian monsters, the series had long been a cult favorite. Helping was the ample amount of nudity, usually from Green. However, Billie Piper has supplied her own as Brona, a prostitute who is killed but then resurrected as Lily. She turns on her savior, Dr. Frankenstein, to unite with the immortal Dorian Gray. The duo are at a gathering where a young woman named Justine (Jessica Barden) is being used by older men. Dorian and Lilly kill them all and take Justine under their wing. This leads to possibly the wildest sex scene on TV in 2016 as they welcome Justine into her new life with a brutal sacrifice and then engage in a threesome with all three covered in blood. This mix of eroticism and horror is a key reason the show will be missed by its fans and a dreadful loss for genre lovers.

11 Jodi Balfour, Quarry

She may be the least known of the ladies on this list but that could change. Balfour rose to fame starring on the popular World War II drama Bomb Girls and showing a nice vibe for the 1940s setting. Cinemax’s dark drama Quarry centers on a Vietnam War veteran (Logan Marshall-Green) who returns to his small home town and becomes a contract killer for the local mob. Balfour plays Joni, his wife who knows something is off about her husband but can’t confront him as she’d been having an affair while he was on duty. From the first episode, Balfour goes all out for very steamy scenes with Marshall-Green from a pool to cooking breakfast completely starkers. She gets hook-ups with other men over the course of the series and handling her husband’s new occupation. The show continues to prove Cinemax loves to highlight some sexy ladies on their series and Balfour shows that you don’t have to be a big-name star to provide some memorable hot scenes.

10 Olivia Wilde, Vinyl

Already, Vinyl is getting the reputation of being one of the biggest letdowns of 2016. With the power of Martin Scorsese and HBO’s usual flavor, it was supposed to be a fantastic drama only to end up being a mess with Bobby Cannavale’s coked-up protagonist driving away viewers and not enough on the 1970s rock world. It’s truly amazing that the show managed to lure Olivia Wilde back to television and then saddle her with the simple character of “wife.” The series was axed after one low-rated season but it did provide some spark thanks to Wilde. Wanting to get out more, she goes back to her old modelling roots and soon gets involved with a flighty photographer. This leads to the scene of her stripping before him for some shoots, going full frontal and totally okay with it. Wilde is an incredibly hot lady and seeing her totally in the buff on the small screen is as impressive as in any movie. The show may have been a flop but Wilde managed to make it far more memorable than it deserved with her terrific skin-baring turn.

9 Lizzy Caplan, Masters...

Fans of Showtime’s acclaimed drama were disappointed to learn that the series had been cancelled after it wrapped up its fourth season. The story of acclaimed sex research pioneers William Masters and Virginia Johnson had won wide praise from critics as well as attention for its graphic erotic scenes. A key reason to watch was Lizzy Caplan as Johnson, going full out for the intimate scenes and having no shame showing off her body. Much of the season had her and Masters (Michael Sheen) having conflicts in their relationship and spending less time together. Caplan actually waited until late in the season before going nude but when she did, it was worth it as she and Sheen had one of their hottest scenes together ever. Boasting a blonde wig, Caplan got into it, making the entire scene believable and thus enjoyable for fans. She followed it up the next episode with another steamy scene to let the show go out in style. The series may be over but Caplan remains one of the hottest ladies on TV and a master of keeping viewers interested in a steamy study.

8 Riley Keough, The Girlfriend Experience

Stephen Soderbergh is known for his amazing films but he decided to give TV a try this year and did a great job. Adapting his own film, Soderbergh told the story of Christine (Riley Keough), a Chicago law student and legal intern who pays for her education by being an escort. Her encounters are notable with a variety of men who enjoy the company of a lady, sometimes for an evening, sometimes a weekend, and pay top dollar for it. Keough is famous already as the granddaughter of Elvis Presley and throws herself into the series remarkably. Every episode has her involved in some very hot and intimate scenes, most shot in a realistic fashion but also an artsy eye to make them stand out. From shower scenes to bedrooms, Keough handles outfits ranging from bikinis to hot lingerie, showing how Christine starts to truly enjoy this new life of hers. Thanks to Keough’s performance, this show is scorching even by Starz’s standards and is a true star-making performance to make this an experience to enjoy.

7 Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones

Since the first season, Emilia Clarke has been a highlight of Game of Thrones. As Daenerys, she handles talking in a made-up language, acting as the “mother” of some CGI dragons and plenty of the series’ famed nudity. But she outdid herself this season with the plotline of Daenerys being taken by a tribe of warriors called the Dothraki. As they debate what to do with her, she interrupts to announce that they’re all too weak to lead this tribe so she’s going to do it herself. They laugh until she drops a torch over to set their hut on fire, the men screaming but Daenerys (who has withstood dragon fire) just standing there with a smile. As the rest of the tribe gathers outside, Clarke waltzes out of the inferno, completely naked and surrounded by fire, looking like some incredible goddess. It’s no wonder they all fall to their knees and instantly accept her as their queen with her hair billowing and perfect body looking great illuminated by the flames. It’s a sensational sequence that Clarke pulls off brilliantly to remind viewers that while she’s hot as hell, she also shows the strength that makes the Mother of Dragons one of the best characters on the show.

6 Emmanuelle Chriqui and KaDee Strickland, Shut Eye

Emmanuelle Chriqui has long been a favorite on TV with roles on shows like Entourage, showing great humor and a sexy vibe. She’s resisted going naked in roles for a while but finally let loose for the new Hulu series Shut Eye. The drama revolves around the world of fake psychics and how they scam folks constantly with Jeffrey Donovan suddenly finding himself having real visions. His desire to change his ways doesn’t go well with his wife, Linda (Strickland), who prefers making money. Chriqui plays Gina, a hypnotist who enjoys scamming people with her skills. From the start, there’s heat between the two women as they clash but it soon becomes a lot more. This leads to a scorching love scene with both ladies showing off nicely and their chemistry is fantastic. To say more would be spoiling a major twist of the new show but suffice it to say that both actresses give it their all and enliven this series nicely.

5 Malin Akerman, Easy

Malin Akerman is known for showing off already on camera as in the infamous love scene in Watchmen. But she was still quite scorching to see on Showtime’s latest dark drama. The focus is on Paul Giamatti as a federal attorney trying to bring down hedge fund manager Damien Lewis. Akerman plays Lara, Lewis’ wife and her first scene has them chatting in a pool with her in a hot bikini. She takes it off to get with him and it’s the first of many such body baring scenes for her. Akerman shows some grit as she supports her husband even as she knows his dark side and is perfectly okay with his breaking the law to keep them rich. A fun theme is how she grew up poor and still has a rough side before adapting to a high-society life; she's totally unafraid to get dirty herself if it means maintaining her status. Akerman also showed off in a hot threesome on the Netflix show Easy with Orlando Bloom and Kate Micciu that most found a highlight of the entire series. Whatever the role, Akerman helped make 2016 a hot one for TV viewers.

4 Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld

HBO’s sci-fi drama has become a massive hit with critics and audiences loving its twists and the dark take on what identity means. Evan Rachel Wood has been a great indie movie actress for years with slews of credits like The Wrestler, Thirteen and more. She has experience with HBO as a vampire on True Blood and going nude as Kate Winslet’s daughter in Mildred Pierce. She truly takes it to a new level for this show as Dolores, one of the “hosts” (lifelike robots in a Western-themed park of the future). Her existence is to be a “farm girl” often used in brutal ways who realizes what she really is and sparks a revolution. Her first nude scenes are notable with her full frontal as she’s checked out for repairs. She also throws herself into the variety of very hot hook-ups that go around the park even as she wrestles with not being human. Seeing her break out from her innocent programming to a real person is one of the best parts of the show and Wood balances the heat of her nude scenes with a great acting skill that makes this one lady you wouldn’t mind hosting you in many ways.

3 Juno Temple, Vinyl

HBO’s Vinyl was promised to be one of the biggest shows of the year. Created by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, it was to focus on the 1970s rock scene with some great drama to it. However, it ended up being a major disappointment that only lasted one season with bad critical response. It’s a shame as the cast was top notch for it, including Juno Temple. The British actress played Jamie, an ambitious assistant at a record company, desperate to make a name for herself amid the “old boy’s network” of the era. This led her to some hook-ups with various rock performers and Temple showed off her chest a lot in some daring scenes. That included some drug binges and a fun sequence in pink mood lighting to enhance the love-making. The series was sadly short-lived but Temple showed grit as it went on and threw herself into the material quite well to make her skin-baring scenes truly rocking.

2 Ashley Greene, Rogue

Ashley Greene has been a favorite for some time as a highlight of the Twilight movies playing the psychic Alice. She had a role on the short-lived Pan Am and balanced out some hot magazine shoots but has never gone full nude before. It finally happened as she appeared on the DirectTV crime drama Rogue, playing a missing woman hunted by the cops. Flashbacks showcase her dark past and how she’s gotten in deep with a criminal conspiracy and Greene looking alluring to add to the mystery. The highlight is a very steamy love scene with Greene showing her body off in a very athletic fashion and looking hot as hell in the process. The series was a fun mystery with Greene playing the femme fatale role quite well for a major twist.

1 Emmy Rossum, Shameless

It’s impossible to go a season of Shameless without Emmy Rossum showing her body off. As the Showtime drama actually worked in two seasons in 2016, that meant giving her even more opportunities. The producers love to say “we don’t do love scenes, we show it how it is” and Rossum’s Fiona is always up for that. The sixth season featured her getting pretty steamy with her diner boss, various hook-ups in bed that allowed Rossum the chance to showcase her great body which manages to look sexy as hell even without going crazy on makeup and nice clothes. Fiona seemed ready for a wedding but, keeping to the show’s arc of tragedy, it ended badly. Thus, for the seventh season, Fiona decided to swear off men altogether and work on getting her life back together. But it couldn’t last as she eventually has an encounter with a new neighbor that leads to her slammed against a wall throwing away furniture. Rossum grounds the wild goings-on of the series with a style proving she’s truly shameless on TV.

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