The Top 15 'Bare It All' Movie Scenes Of 2016

With another year over, it’s time to look back at the films of 2016. There were tons of major disappointments (Ghostbusters, Batman v Superman, Independence Day Resurgence) but slews of surprises (Zoo

With another year over, it’s time to look back at the films of 2016. There were tons of major disappointments (Ghostbusters, Batman v Superman, Independence Day Resurgence) but slews of surprises (Zootopia, Deadpool) to mark the year. That also includes looks at the sexiness that movies brought in 2016 which seemed a bit lacking compared to 2015. There weren’t as many cases of mega-stars doffing it all in scenes and not as much in hot films like 50 Shades of Grey to spark up moviegoers. Indeed, men seemed to go naked more than women like Viggo Mortensen among others. TV was sensational in showing off some intimate stuff but movies appeared a bit more lacking, especially in the case of more famous actresses baring some skin.

That’s not to say that there weren’t any hot scenes to enjoy. Several women surprised by giving moviegoers some very steamy scenes and the fact many came from women not previously thought of as super-sexy is impressive. Several older names popped up but some newcomers showed their stuff as well. That’s not to mention a few ladies who’d long resisted nudity but finally cut loose this year. Most of these came from smaller indie movies than big-budget studio flicks but still showcased a variety of sexy ladies willing to show off nicely. Here are the 15 hottest times ladies bared it all on film in 2016 and hopefully the next year will lead to some even steamier stuff.

15 Vail Bloom (Too Late)

This indie movie got attention for its unique shooting as it was filmed in twenty-two single takes with no editing. It’s a classic noir of a private eye looking for a missing girl and uncovering a massive scandal involving hookers and drugs. While Crystal Reed and Dichen Lachman keep their clothes mostly on as strippers, Vail Bloom doffs it all for some notable scenes as a woman clearly in over her head with the criminal enterprise. First, she strips in her home to try on a nice dress and show off a good body with nice chest. Then there’s a long sequence of her fretting about her home, going from room to room, screaming at the detective and even walking around outside… all while wearing no pants. The movie was something of a sleeper among critics but Bloom sure wakes it up and showcases one of the more daring nude scenes of 2016, so it’s not too late to still catch it.

14 Dakota Johnson (A Bigger Splash)

In her career, the Oscar-winning Tilda Swinton has showcased a fantastic ability to take on any role and look amazing in it. She’s also shown no shame in doffing her clothes to show off a very hot body in great scenes. For this indie drama, she’s matched by Dakota Johnson who’s also shown no shame in going naked herself in the 50 Shades films. Swinton plays a rock star who decides to take a break and hang around an Italian island with her boyfriend. It’s marred by the appearance of her old lover (Ralph Fiennes) and his new girlfriend (Johnson) and the two couples are soon switching around for fun. Swinton is a marvel in her scenes, both in bed and a hot scene with her boyfriend in a pool. Johnson matches her with a bikini and going full frontal diving off some rocks. Their chemistry is great, Swinton showing the younger actress the ropes and the age divide adding to the film’s power. Both ladies are amazing on screen and showing their bodies off just elevates this indie to a must-see.

13 Pamela Anderson (The People Garden)

It’s always something when a veteran sexpot reminds you how hot and sexy she can still be. The Canadian indie drama The People Garden focused on a woman who travels to Japan to break up with her rocker boyfriend only to find he’s shooting a video in a forest infamous for people committing suicide. Anderson plays off herself as Signe, a sex symbol worrying her power is waning and thus takes to a forced elegance. It’s a different role than usual for Anderson but she handles it surprisingly well. Naturally, she does doff it all, undressing in her hotel room to show off a still amazing body with nice rear end and chest. Her role in the movie isn’t large but it's still quite remarkable to showcase Anderson has more acting talent than most give her credit for and is still looking great. At 47, Pam can still wow the viewer and show how some ladies get great with age.

12 Kristen Stewart (Personal Shopper)

Kristen Stewart is proving she’s far more than merely a Twilight actress, earning raves for her fantastic work in various indie movies. Personal Shopper was another of her unique choices that shows off her talent. She plays a woman mourning her recently dead twin brother and living in his house. She soon gets messages she thinks are from his ghost, daring her to exit her comfort zone and live life more. This includes her going to a risqué shop and donning a leather outfit that bares her breasts. Stewart follows it up with some hot hookups that give her more opportunities to show off her body. Stewart has shown her rather underrated body before but this still stood out nicely to enhance her surprising sex appeal. She may not smile much but Stewart is amazingly bright in other ways to make her nude scenes more appealing than one might have guessed when she started out.

11 Rose Leslie (Sticky Notes)

The red-headed actress is well known for her role on Game of Thrones that had her and Kit Harrington sharing one of the series’ steamiest sex scenes (as well as turning “you know nothing, Jon Snow” into an Internet meme). She’s moved on since to various indie movies and is due to make a return in the upcoming TV series The Good Fight. In Sticky Notes, she plays a dancer who returns to her home to care for her ailing father. Things get steamy between her and a neighbor as they have a very scorching sex scene. The film moves about ideas of romance and starting over with Leslie showing she doesn’t need the dresses of Downton Abbey or the furs of Game of Thrones to be scorching. Redheads are always something hot and Leslie proves the British kind are even better to spark this indie drama up and put herself more on the map.

10 Sugar LynnBeard (Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates)

This wild comedy has Adam DeVine and Zac Efron as the title characters, brothers who cause chaos at their family gatherings. Their families are tired of it and demand they bring “nice girls” for the wedding of their sister (Sugar Lynn Beard) in Hawaii. They thus find a pair of seemingly nice girls (Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza) to bring there, only to find the gals are even bigger hell-raisers than the guys are. A big scene has Plaza convincing Beard to do some drugs and soon they’re running naked through a ranch. Kendrick has confirmed the shots of her character nude are a body double and used a horse to block herself. However, it’s clearly Beard going full frontal and nutty to help steal the movie. She also gets a wild bit of a naked spa treatment that takes a new meaning to the term “full body massage.” For Beard to throw herself into this is impressive and sparks this hot comedy to new levels.

9 Sienna Miller (High Rise)

Some books may be a bit too tricky to film and so far High Rise seems to be one of them. The idea is a luxury building in London where the higher up you go, the more into society you’re accepted. Tom Hiddleston starred as a man rising up this way as the tower starts to come apart with the various factions tearing into each other. Sienna Miller plays Charlotte, a single mother taking up with Hiddleston which includes some very energetic love scenes. The film bounces around in time, making it more confusing to follow and lays on the “society corrupts” bits a tad too much. That no doubt aided in its terrible box office take with Miller also getting a rather gripping dark sequence that came off way too gratuitous. However, her earlier scenes show that under Miller’s cool British exterior is a fantastic sexy woman and help enliven an otherwise muddled movie in a great way.

8 Jena Malone (The Neon Demon)

This incredibly controversial film has divided critics and audiences majorly. Some see it as a clever satire that showcase the modelling world as a literal horror show. Others see it as too dark and would be clever for its own good. It does boast a great cast like Elle Fanning and Christina Hendricks to help liven it up. Jena Malone is a great highlight, an actress used to stealing scenes in The Hunger Games and other films. She plays Ruby, a makeup artist who gets involved in the bizarre sequences involving an occult serial killer and some rather twisted murders. Malone is always a great presence and gives it her all, including the incredibly wild scene near the end where she’s shown topless and spraying a hose. That’s followed by her involved in a truly impossible to describe “birth” scene and a lesbian encounter that helped turn a lot of viewers off on the film. The movie itself is either a disaster or a classic but there’s no denying Malone’s body baring is at least one reason to sit through it all and endure the demonic storyline.

7 Malin Akerman (Misconduct)

2016 was a busy year for Malin Akerman. She appeared in the Showtime series Billions as well as the Netflix show Easy, both of which involved her going nude in some intimate scenes (recall our other awesome article The Top 15 'Bare It All' TV Scenes Of 2016). Yet Akerman was still able to work in another hot turn in Misconduct. This thriller focuses on her as the girlfriend of a big-shot businessman who abuses her. She goes missing, kicking off a complicated case of murder and revenge with a cast that includes Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins. Naturally, Akerman shows off with a hot scene of her in front of a window in nothing but a thong. The movie is a bit complex overall with twists and turns and the talk of how Akerman’s character isn’t as innocent as she appears to be. Yet that hot nude scene showcases how beautiful and sexy Akerman is and why any role with her is going to be notable in its sexiness.

6 Shailene Woodley (Snowden)

Shailene Woodley’s film career has been interesting. After breaking out on the ABC Family show The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Woodley got acclaim for her turn on The Descendants. This led to movies such as the Divergent film series (sadly, the box office failure of the last one seems to have ended it) and other dramas. Snowden focuses on the infamous hacker and how he’s become a wanted man for exposing government secrets. Oliver Stone adds in a subplot where Snowden meets Lindsay (Woodley) online and they have some encounters. This includes a wild sequence of Woodley blindfolded and cuffed for some sexy hijinks. Woodley nicely shows her underrated body off for the brief scene, a highlight of the otherwise rough drama as the relationship between the two quickly sours thanks to Snowden’s obsession with uncovering secrets. Her big franchise may be over but Woodley shows her beauty and talent can still carry her on well.

5 Ellen Page (Tallulah + Into The Forest)

Ellen Page has long been a favorite on film from her breakout in the indie drama Hard Candy. She got studio fame with her role as Kitty Pryde in the X-Men movies before her Oscar-nominated role in the comedy Juno. She’s bounced between movies big and small and also came out as gay, which got her some major attention. In 2016, Page finally doffed it all in not one, but two movies. First, the Netflix film Tallulah had Page as the title role of a crook who impulsively adopts an abandoned baby. The opening had her with her boyfriend, allowing Page to show off a surprisingly nice chest, a brief but notable scene. Then, Page teamed with Evan Rachel Wood for Into the Forest, playing sisters handling the collapse of all power. This includes another love scene showing her body off nicely. It’s been an interesting path for Page but nice to see her finally showing her underrated body off.

4 Michelle Derstine And Melissa Rauch (The Bronze)

There was much excitement when it was announced this wild comedy had a fantastic sex scene in it. That’s because of the star, Melissa Rauch. Rising to fame as the quirky Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory, Rauch showed she was a real sexy presence with magazine layouts and being far hotter in real life than was shown from her role on The Big Bang Theory. The film has her as a former Olympic gymnast who’s fallen into a rough life but arrogantly acts like she’s still a star athlete. A hook-up with a guy leads to a spectacular sequence that has the character doing a split upside down in bed and totally nude while also hanging off rings. However, Rauch quickly made it clear in interviews that it wasn’t her in these scenes but actually body double Michelle Derstine. Her resemblance is remarkable as a viewer could have easily confused the two from the way the scene is shot with close-ups of Rauch moving to Derstine handling the wilder stuff. While some may be disappointed it wasn’t really Rauch, Derstine still gets props for one of the hottest movie scenes of 2016 and the highlight of the raunchy comedy.

3 Tatiana Maslany (Two Lovers And A Bear)

2016 was a terrific year for Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany. After four seasons of playing multiple clones on the cult series Orphan Black, Maslany finally won a well-deserved Emmy Award. The Internet went crazy over Maslany’s victory as it proved her worth with her great talent. Meanwhile, she took a step forward in breakout movies with the indie romance Two Lovers and a Bear. She plays Lucy, a woman living in a small town near the North Pole where being cold is a way of life. She soon falls for Roman, a handsome drifter who claims he can talk to bears. The movie seems to bounce between romance and even a bit of thriller elements, but Maslany manages to keep it grounded. Given the setting, you wouldn’t expect her to strip down but she does in a pair of very steamy love scenes. She shows off her underrated body well and in fine style to provide true heat to the cold setting. Maslany is an incredibly talented actress and this film gives her a chance to show that she can be memorable even when playing just one part.

2 Morena Baccarin (Deadpool)

Deadpool has established itself as one of the biggest box office hits of 2016, boosted by the incredibly wild action and reveling in its R-rating. With Ryan Reynolds’ great performance and the nutty humor, the film was just what comic book fans wanted. Aiding it was Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, the hooker Wade Wilson meets and quickly falls in love with. Baccarin is well known for her sultry roles in TV series like Firefly and Homeland and really gives her all here. This includes the fantastic montage of them going at it for months on end, Baccarin showing off her body briefly but memorably. The bits of them theming their encounters to holidays are unique (from him wearing Halloween teeth to them “taking a break” for Lent) and she brings true heat but also heart to the film. Her work in the final scene shows no damsel in distress and why Deadpool (despite being an insane killer) is still a hero wanting to get with her. The movie is one of 2016’s best and Baccarin is a great highlight of it.

1 Yvonne Strahovski (Manhattan Night)

It’s been a decade since Yvonne Strahovski rose to fame playing sexy spy Sarah on the geek-flavored TV show Chuck. Since then, the Aussie actress has shown up on various TV shows like 24 and Dexter, expertly playing a great sexy blonde. She’s even found fame in video games as Miranda Lawson in the hit Mass Effect series. Finally, Strahovski doffed it all in 2016 in the thriller Manhattan Night. She plays Caroline, a rich woman who hires private detective Adrien Brody to investigate the death of her husband, which she’s accused of causing. Naturally, it doesn’t take long for tensions to rise between them that come loose in some very nice love scenes where Strahovski shows off her still toned body. The plot takes several twists and turns to leave you wondering whether Caroline is a victim or a killer and finally gives viewers a good ending. But it’s Yvonne’s nude turn that gets attention and showcases a fantastic body well worth the wait to finally see shown off on screen.


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