The Perfect Women: 18 Hollywood Stunners Who Are Huge Sports Fans

Attractive women who also love watching sports are like rare unicorns in the world. In fact, many people don’t even think they exist. This is how rare they are. However, they do totally exist, and man

Attractive women who also love watching sports are like rare unicorns in the world. In fact, many people don’t even think they exist. This is how rare they are. However, they do totally exist, and many of them exist right in Hollywood. That’s right, some of your favorite hot actresses also love cheering on their favorite team. What is sexier than that?

Some of the beautiful women on this list grew up rooting for said teams. Ladies from Massachusetts are big fans of the Celtics and Patriots, while ladies from New York are big on the Knicks. However, other women have converted to being Lakers fans since moving to LA. Seriously, it seems like everyone in Hollywood is a Lakers fan. But, even if it’s totally cliché, some of the ladies still look super hot while cheering on the Lakers. Of course, some of these women only became sports fans after marrying a sports fan or sports player. In all honestly, that’s cool too. It doesn’t really matter how you become a sports fan, it just matters that you root for your team.

The 18 Hollywood heavy weights on this list seem to have it all. They are successful in their career field. They are sexy. And, they root for their teams. When you start thinking that there may not be a perfect woman, just think of the 18 women on this list. They are the whole package.

12 Olivia Wilde


Olivia Wilde is beautiful. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The 32-year-old gained attention for her role on The O.C., in which she played Mischa Barton’s lesbian lover. Following that, Wilde had a role on the short-lived The Black Donnellys, then a role on the long-lived House. She has since transitioned to the big screen, with roles in the indie Drinking Buddies and the critically acclaimed Her.

The actress is not only professionally successful, but has also had success in her personal life. She’s been engaged to Jason Sudeikis since 2013, and the pair have had two children together. Yes, hottie Olivia Wilde is a mother of two. Sudeikis and Wilde are huge fans of the Kansas Jawhawks men’s basketball team. While we can’t be sure which one of the two originally cheered for the team, it’s adorable to see them rooting together.

Oh, and fun fact – Olivia Wilde’s real name is Olivia Cockburn. She took a stage name because, well, y’know, Cockburn…

11 Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is only 24 years old, but has obtained wild success already. In fact, at this point, Gomez’s massive Instagram following of 108 million, which makes her the most followed person on Instagram, could net her a hefty income. It's been reported that brands will pay up to $550,000 for Gomez to post about them. Like, she doesn’t even have to sing or act anymore. Girlfriend could just make an income from her Instagram.

Even though she's young, Gomez has been in the game for quite sometime. She first appeared on Barney & Friends in 2002. Her role on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place lasted from 2007 – 2012. Breaking free of her Disney good girl image, Gomez went on to appear in Spring Breakers and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Despite all her success, Gomez hasn’t strayed far from her Texas roots. Gomez is a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs. She can often be seen cheering aggressively and sporting a Spurs jersey.


Speaking of wildly successful women, Kaley Cuoco certainly fits that bill. The 31-year-old is currently one of the highest paid television actresses. Sure, being one of the highest paid actresses on television at just 31 years old is quite an achievement, but Cuoco has been working at it for quite some time. When she was just a teenager, she first starred in 8 Simple Rules from 2002 – 2005. Then in 2007, she was cast as Penny on The Big Bang Theory and the rest is history.

Her personal life has not been as easy. She had a whirlwind romance with Ryan Sweeting, a professional tennis player. She even changed her professional name to Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting for a short time. The pair split in 2015, finalizing the divorce in 2016. Cuoco still manages to have fun by cheering on the LA Lakers. Spoiler alert, a ton of celebrities on this list cheer on the Lakers. It makes sense since many celebs live in LA, but Cuoco actually grew up in Camarillo, CA, which is about an hour outside of LA, so it really makes sense that she would cheer for the Lakers.

10 Vanessa Hudgens


Like we said, tons of celebrities love the LA Lakers. Vanessa Hudgens is no exception. She, like Cuoco, grew up in California so she may have been cheering on the basketball team from a very young age.

The 28-year-old rose to fame with her success in High School Musical. Her relationship with High School Musical co-star Zac Efron made her part of a Disney It Couple. Unfortunately, the Disney dream couple has since split. Like Gomez, Hudgens tried to shed her Disney image by appearing in 2012’s Spring Breakers. She has since returned to her musical roots by playing Rizzo in Grease Live!

Her short-lived relationship with The Hunger Games’s star Josh Hutcherson was not nearly as talked about as her relationship with Zac Efron. The pair are in the above photo together rooting on the LA Lakers.

9 Rihanna


Bad Gal RiRi loves basketball. In fact, she loves it so much that she looks like she’s about to get on the court and start coaching, which we wouldn’t put past Rihanna. By the way, we have to talk about her basketball style. The pink wig and the heels for a courtside seat are everything. But, we’d expect no less from fashion’s favorite bad girl.

The 28-year-old hit maker will apparently cheer for whoever she wants, whenever she wants. In a Warriors vs Cavaliers game, RiRi was sitting next to Joe Lacob, who just so happens to own the Warriors. RiRi was cheering so loudly for LeBron James (because it’s LeBron friggin' James), who plays for the Cavaliers, that Lacob had to whisper to her that he’s the owner of the Warriors. This didn’t stop RiRi, who continued cheering against the Warriors. At this point, Lacob actually had to move a few seats away from her, making Lacob the first man to ever voluntarily sit further away from Rihanna.

8 Emmy Rossum


Emmy Rossum is a huge Knicks fan and she does not hold back at games. The 30-year-old was born and raised in Manhattan, so she's probably rooted for the team her whole life. Now, everyone imagine a little Emmy Rossum cheering on the Knicks with the same enthusiasm as the above photo. Hilarious, right?

Rossum is most widely known for her role as Fiona Gallagher on Shameless. Unfortunately for the men of the world, the brunette beauty is off the market. She’s engaged to Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot. The pair worked together on Esmail's directorial debut Comet. We’re sure that their relationship is pretty much smooth sailing, unless the Knicks lose a game. We’re guessing that Esmail may actually hide from Rossum when the Knicks lose. Again, look at the picture! Girlfriend is very invested in her team.

7 Carrie Underwood


It may not surprise anyone to learn that Carrie Underwood is a huge sports fan. I mean, she’s about as American as cherry pie, so she'd simply have to root for some sports teams.

The 33-year-old singer from Oklahoma rose to fame after winning the 4th season of American Idol. She may be, arguably, the most successful winner to come from the show, with Kelly Clarkson as a close second. Since winning American Idol, Underwood has won 7 Grammy Awards and 17 Billboard Music Awards. Underwood also now sings the intro song for Sunday Night NFL Games, a gig she took over from Faith Hill in 2013.

The above photo is of Underwood cheering on the Nashville Predators, the NHL team on which her husband Mike Fisher plays.

Also, have you seen Carrie Underwood’s legs? They are otherworldly. That really has nothing to do with her being a sports fan, but we thought we just had to mention them.


Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen seems to like all the sports games. With her Grammy and Academy Award-winning husband John Legend, she attends a ton of sporting events and seems to play no favorites. She looks like she just genuinely enjoys the act of going to sporting events, which we totally get. Basketball, football, or baseball games can be fun even if you aren’t invested in one of the teams.

Teigen and Legend have attended Lakers games, Warriors games, and Cavaliers games. They were also spotted at the 2017 Super Bowl, during which Chrissy Teigen had a nip slip on national television. That’s right, guys. She was wearing a sheer shirt and when the camera panned to her in the audience, it was nip slip city. Janet Jackson has nothing on Chrissy.

6 Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff is a huge hockey fan, and we think we know why. For six years, she was married to Mike Comrie, a retired hockey player who spent 13 years in the NHL. During their marriage, Comrie underwent hip surgery for the 3rd time and retired from the league in 2012. While Comrie may have turned Duff on to the sport, she looks like she genuinely enjoys watching. Plus, it doesn’t matter how you get started, just as long as you like watching the game. While the pair may have split, they remain amicable and have one son together.

Hilary Duff may be known for doing the impossible. She was a child star who, miraculously, transitioned into more adult roles. Instead of being branded as Lizzie McGuire forever, Duff snagged a role on Gossip Girl, in which her character had a three-way. There's really no better way to break your Disney image than to play a character who has a three-way. She now stars on TV Land’s Younger.


If Mila Kunis seems to always play the perfect woman in movie, it’s probably because she’s pretty much the perfect woman. She's smart, beautiful, sexy, funny, and she loves sports. Kunis and husband Ashton Kutcher can be spotted having a great time at many Lakers games. However, the Lakers aren’t the family’s main focus. Kutcher roots hard for the Chicago Bears. Kunis also roots for the Bears, and it’s even become something of a family tradition, with their two children often spotted in Bears clothing.

Kunis may be a Bears fan now, but she definitely wasn’t before getting together with Kutcher. In an interview with Glamour, Kunis revealed, “When we started dating, I downloaded the ESPN app to know if his team won or lost so I would know whether to call. If the Bears lose, your whole Sunday’s gone to sh-t. So it saved our relationship.”

Yep, she's the perfect woman.

5 Megan Fox


It’s been 10 years since Megan Fox grabbed the attention of the entire world by simply leaning over the hood of a car. And, no surprise here, she’s still just as hot as she was then.

For those haters who may have thought Fox would not do much after her Transformers role, she proved them completely wrong. In the time since she shot into super-stardom, Fox has taken a wide variety of roles. Fox went on to star in comedies such as Friends with Kids and This Is 40, more blockbusters like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, and the hit television show New Girl.

Of course, Fox has been married to Brian Austin Green since 2010, so sorry dudes. The pair can be spotted together rooting on the Lakers, like almost all Hollywood celebrities. Even if being a Lakers fan is a bit cliché for Hollywood stars, Megan Fox sure looks hot.


Maria Menounos as a Celtics fan may be the cutest thing in the world. The stunning 38-year-old is best known as a TV correspondent on Today, Access Hollywood, and Extra. While she lives in L.A. now, Menounos grew up in Medford, Massachusetts so her devotion to the Celtics totally makes sense. However, it’s also gotten her in trouble from time to time.

In 2013, Menounos wore a Celtics jersey to a Celtics/Lakers game at the Staples Center. She was sitting courtside, and Jack Nicholson, a huge Lakers fan who always sits courtside at Lakers games, was not too happy about her Celtics jersey. He called the LA Lakers owner, Jerry Buss, and had Menounos removed. Yes, Jack Nicholson had Maria Menounos removed from the Staples Center for wearing a Celtics jersey. So, the lesson here is that you don’t ever wear Celtics gear to the Staples Center.

4 Sophia Bush


Sophia Bush is yet another Lakers fan. Having grown up in Pasadena, CA, that makes sense. She didn’t just jump on the bandwagon or anything. Also, how adorable is Bush while cheering on the Lakers?

The 34-year-old found success at a young age when she was cast as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill, a role she played from 2003 – 2012. While Bush had mild film success with John Tucker Must Die and The Hitcher, she found a new home on NBC’s Chicago P.D., also appearing in Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.

Not only is Bush a basketball fan in real life, but she also played one on One Tree Hill. Her character was a cheerleader dating a basketball player. Chad Michael Murray played her onscreen love interest, and the two then dated in real life. They were married and divorced quickly after, with reports that he cheated on her. Who in their right mind would cheat on Sophia Bush?


Maria Menounos isn’t the only hot Celtics fan. Eliza Dushku grew up in Watertown, Massachusetts and is a huge fan of the basketball team as well. Also, what’s up with the water in Massachusetts? Maria Menounos and Eliza Dushku are mega hot, so we’ve got to assume it’s a Massachusetts thing, right?

Dushku played the very hot and very rebellious cheerleader in 2000’s Bring It On. She’s also known for her role as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the spinoff Angel. She went on to star in the short-lived Dollhouse, and since then has not been able find another long-term gig. In 2014, it was reported that Dushku had actually returned to school. She attends Suffolk University and is studying sociology. Since her plans to attend college were halted due to her role on Buffy, it’s nice that Dushka is now returning to her pursuit of knowledge.

Dushku is also a huge Patriots fans, so we're sure she enjoyed the 2017 Super Bowl.

3 Jennifer Garner


The lovely Jennifer Garner can be spotted quite frequently at Red Sox and Patriots games. This may have a little something to do with her husband Ben Affleck. Affleck was raised in Massachusetts and is a huge fan of the sports teams from the area. His devotion to his teams has clearly rubbed off on Garner.

Even though she’s a fan, her fandom may not go as deep as Affleck’s. When the Patriots won the 2015 Super Bowl, Garner told Jimmy Fallon that Affleck cried. She told the TV host, “There were tears. Seriously, it was like the greatest moment of his life. It actually was, though. I birthed babies for him, and I still have never seen just the pure joy.” Well, we’re sure that Affleck was really happy about the birth of his children too. Also, did Affleck cry again this year? We need to know, Jen!

Garner may have gotten her start on hit TV show Alias, but she has since proved to be a movie star. She starred in hits like Juno, 13 Going on 30, and Dallas Buyers Club.

2 Margot Robbie


Margot Robbie may be the hottest actress in Hollywood, and her love of the Rangers makes her all the hotter. Yes, she was hot when she seduced Leonardo DiCaprio by appearing completely naked in Wolf of Wall Street. She was hot when she was in a bubble bath explaining economics in Big Short. She was hot when she was the manic, booty shorts-wearing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. But, Margot Robbie may honestly be her hottest when she is simply watching a Rangers game.

How much does Margot Robbie love the Rangers? Well, she cut short the filming of her audition tape for Wolf of Wall Street to catch a Rangers game. That’s how much she loves the team. If we’re being honest, her love of the Rangers is a bit surprising since Robbie is from Australia. However she came to love the Rangers though, we’re thankful for it.

1 Olivia Munn


Olivia Munn has been dating Aaron Rodgers, resident quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, since 2014. While one would think that Aaron Rodgers is who made Munn a fan of sports, he's not the reason she's a sports fan. She was spotted at basketball games long before meeting her athlete boyfriend. Since shacking up with Rodgers, they have gone to Wisconsin basketball games together. Munn also supports the Packers, because obviously.

Munn has always been a cool girl. Her career started with G4 Network, where she co-hosted Attack of the Show! It was a television show about video games, because, like we said, Olivia Munn is your cool girl fantasy. She has since blasted into stardom, with roles in Magic Mike and X-Men: Apocalypse.


Yes, even Queen Bey gets down with basketball. Jay-Z is famously from Brooklyn and he cheers on the Brooklyn Nets. In fact, he not only cheers them on, but he’s a part-owner of the team. Because of this, Jay and Beyoncé can be spotted at quite a few Nets games. So, if you want to get a glimpse of Beyoncé in real life, go to a Nets game. There’s no guarantee that she’ll be there, but here’s hoping.

Yes, Beyoncé, the queen of everything, is also a basketball fan. Or, maybe she just supports Jay-Z at the games. Whatever the case, Beyoncé can be seen courtside and that’s amazing.

There you have it. There are perfect women, who are hot and enjoy sports, in the world and these are just 18 of them.


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