15Hailey Nichol/Amanda Righetti

There's not a person on Earth who would call Amanda Righetti's character of Hailey Nichol unattractive, but I think we can all agree that the more mature version of Amanda, on the right, is preferable. Hailey was somewhat of a black sheep in the Nichol family and was the younger

sister of Cohen matriarch Kirsten. She was also the older half-sister to Lindsey Gardner, played by Shannon Lucio (see number six on this list). Interestingly, Hailey was 11 years older than Ben Mckenzie and Adam Brody's characters in the show, but in real life, she's several years younger than them. Her age now is 34, and since The O.C., her biggest roles have been on the television shows The Mentalist and Colony.

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