The Next Princess? 15 Pics Of Meghan Markle

The play King Charles III imagines a future where Prince Charles finally ascends to the throne following Elizabeth II’s death. A subplot is how Prince Harry finds himself falling in love with a commoner. At the time the play was written, this was funny as Harry was well known as a party guy often getting into scrapes and the prize for British tabloids reporting his escapades. But as it turns out, Harry seems to have found love with a commoner after all. More shocking is that it’s an American. And more stunning than that, it’s that it’s actress Meghan Markle, best known for her role as Rachel Zane on the USA legal drama Suits. At first quiet, the two finally went public with their romance and likely engagement and it’s picked up as Markle just met the Queen and seems ready to wed into the family.

Naturally, this puts a huge spotlight on Markle, an actress whose career wasn’t exactly noteworthy outside of Suits. The woman has kept a low profile for the most part but naturally, the British are going wild about her becoming a member of the Royals. True, Harry is unlikely to take the throne himself but this would make an American a princess (or at least a duchess) and throw the monarchy off a bit. A lot can happen but as it stands, Markle looks ready to become a major face in England for a long time to come yet a near unknown in America. Time to change that as here are 15 very nice photos of the actress who looks ready to become true royalty.


15 Well Regarded

For those who haven’t seen it, Suits focuses on Mike Ross, the new hire for a legal firm who’s an absolute genius at law. However, due to various circumstances, Mike never actually attended law school and his bosses keep quiet how he’s basically a fraud. He meets with Rachel, who’s a rising paralegal at the firm and from day one, sparks fly. At first, Rachel is arrogant, trying to rise above the expectations of her famous lawyer dad but a softer side that Markle sold well. She doesn’t do that many revealing outfits on the show, sticking to short skirts and business blouses. But this bit from Sharp magazine showcases the lovely style Markle possesses that comes clear on the series. She has an aura about her that makes anything she does sexy even when she is meant to be professional and tops at her job. But it also shows how the woman can bring in attention anywhere she goes which serves her well.

14 Caged Heat


It’s always a long road for an actress in Hollywood with a ton of roles before they make it big. Markle is no exception, doing brief parts in a variety of TV shows, many short-lived. Among them was Knight Rider, 2008’s failed attempt to reboot the classic 1980s property. One episode has the team tracking down a series of deaths linked to an underground cage fighting ring. Markle played a fighter who turned out to have a personal motive, hunting down the person who killed her former army drill instructor. As this pic shows, she was terrific in the fighting outfit, showing off a toned mid-riff and great form. Markle doesn’t do as much athletic stuff on Suits but showcases a great body overall and this is a great reminder this lady is as tough as she is gorgeous which is saying a lot.

13 Sharper Image

For the first two seasons of Suits, Mike and Rachel danced around, bantering, some close stuff but still keeping it just business. In the final scene of the season two finale, Rachel confronted Mike in the file room with some evidence that finally forced him to admit he wasn’t a real lawyer. This set off a huge argument between them that finally caused things to cut loose. In a moment that burned up the screen, the two then went at it in the file room to kick off a relationship. Since then, Markle has been able to show off a sexier side on the show, a few risqué scenes but for the most part, still keeping to her nice dresses. That’s shown in this pic for Sharp, a great dress that shows her nicely toned form off, highlighted by her great legs. Some fans wish she’d show more but Markle remains hot in any outfit,

12 Keeping Covered


Markle’s Suits character is often in…well, a suit. The point is to be a professional and while sexy stuff abounds on the show, they try to ensure office attire makes them look right for clients. So she doesn’t really show off that much in skin aside from a few risqué scenes here and there. Markle actually says she enjoys the producers not putting in any gratuitous stuff as she wants Rachel to be taken seriously. Which is a shame as Markle has a fantastic body. Her relationship with Harry has allowed her to rise up more as paparazzi have naturally followed them constantly on vacation. This has allowed Markle to show off a lot in some fantastic bikinis yet also trying to keep a low profile. Here, she has a hat down low with sunglasses in an attempt to avoid cameras. It might work if not for that stunning body being shown off nicely and how Markle is able to swallow the camera up baring a lot of flesh.

11 Feet’s The Thing

One of the surprises of Harry being with Markle is that the woman was already married. She began dating Trevor Engelson in 2003, the two having a great relationship. They finally tied the knot in 2011 in a lavish ceremony in Jamaica and seemed good. But just two years later, they divorced with Markle just brushing it off as “not the right time” for them. True, she’d hardly be the first divorced person involved with the Royal Family but still a unique touch to her history. Markle keeps to her own style and that involves her photoshoots. She was outraged when an early shoot airbrushed her freckles and even gave her lighter skin. Markle has since made it clear she wants to be shown in natural form no matter what. That includes this great shoot showing off her lovely feet which just seem to be hotter than any other part of her exposed. Harry is a lucky man to get with a woman so nice and hopefully finding new love.

10 Hot Maid


When an actress tries to rise in Hollywood, she has to take on a few roles she might regret. Before Suits, Markle took on a pack of various parts, mostly based on her beauty. Among the biggest was an episode of CSI: NY as the cops are investigating the death of a millionaire in his home. They soon track down his maid, who turns out to be Markle in a very hot lingerie outfit. It turns out she hires herself out to rich guys who get pleasure seeing a lady in her underwear cleaning for them. Markle makes it clear there’s no sex involved, she just does the job like this and that’s it. The detectives are baffled but realize she’s innocent of wrong-doing. It wasn’t Markle’s only brush with the CSI franchise as she played a cop in an episode of the Miami spin-off. This was a lot more revealing but showed the hot side Markle can bring to most any role.

9 Yoga Pose

Markle is a popular face on Instagram, including an annual post on her birthday with a special message. Another bit is how she pushes vegan…and not as in diet. No, Markle is extolling the virtues of vegan leather, speaking of how she loves this faux style for her clothing. That includes some special outfits for her yoga which is another passion of hers. True, some have criticized her approach on the chemicals in vegan leather but others enjoy her commitment. Regardless, Markle’s yoga love is on full display in various pics, showing off a great body and very limber form. She even talks of how she loves to do it “while blasting hip hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.” That’s an interesting image to be sure yet even in just a good outfit, Markle looks great. This pic showcases her amazingly limber body and one can only wonder how many positions she and Harry can occasionally get into…


8 Bikini Barbecue


A recurring bit on Suits is Rachel being a food lover, cooking and even working in her “foodie” mentality with some great meals. As it turns out, this is because of the actress playing her as Markle boasts of her love of great food. She’s a good chef on her own and even runs her own good blog website “The Tag” meant for “those with a discerning palate and hunger for food, travel, fashion and beauty.” She loves roast chicken and boasts of how comfort food is her best. As she puts it, she’ll take a nice burger and a beer over any ultra-fancy meal. This pic showcases that along with her beauty as she turns a beach trip into a barbecue, holding up a sandwich while framed by the lovely water. Naturally, she’s had to get used to more upscale dinners and hard to imagine her grilling out while at Buckingham Palace. Yet the fact the woman is so down to earth in her meals is yet another reason Harry fell in love with her.

7 Dark Edge

Another great showcase for Markle as she began her rise in TV was a season four episode of the ABC series Castle. In “Once Upon a Crime,” Castle and Beckett are tracking a couple of women murdered and dressed up like fairy tale characters. They track clues to the next would-be victim, played by Markle, finding her in the same way dressed as Snow White but still alive. She seems okay however, there’s a typical wild twist. Going over evidence, Castle and Beckett realize Markle is the killer, covering up a hit and run the three women committed years back, killing them and making herself look like a victim to throw the cops off. It was a fun bit to show a darker edge that Markle managed to make work. This pic shows that same hot side off and how in a darker outfit, Markle shines very well to hint being a “bad girl” comes naturally to her.

6 Beach Show-Off


Among her many loves, Markle enjoys traveling. She boasts of being a worldly woman and grew up studying international relations along with acting. After reading the book Eat, Pray Love, Markle spent a month living in Italy to take in the sights and speaks with true love of Paris. She also is a devoted humanitarian as every off-season of the show, Markle goes around the world, taking part in charity events and a global ambassador for World Vision Canada. That’s given her a wide view of the world and she talks a lot on charity and helping others. Of course, it also gives her time to enjoy the sights and take in some nice places. That gives the opportunity for pics like this, Markle lounging at a beach doing a fun yoga pose. It’s the full package: Her hot body, yoga form and love of the globe all coming together for a lady who’s amazingly hot in any setting.

5 Stunning Legs

From the start, the Suits producers had made sure to have Markle’s legs on nice display on the show. She shows them off in some great skirts and suits, knowing the effect she has. The first meeting of Rachel and Mike has him even getting shots on how she knows the impact her beauty has and thus the dichotomy where she wants to be taken seriously on her merits yet still using her looks to influence people. It’s grown as the show’s continued and Rachel rising up as she does know how smart a good looking lady can be getting info and helping a case. At the same time, she makes sure she can still be judged as a lawyer rather than a hot face. While the show’s promotion focuses on stars Patrick J. Wilson and Gabriel Macht, a few cast photos do showcase Rachel’s great style with those legs on display. This pic sums up how her yoga lets Markle keep those stems in fine shape and thus why she turns head both on the show and off camera.

4 Lady In Red


If this outfit looks rather daring, there’s a good reason for that. Before her rise as an actress, Markle worked as a model in various gigs. Among them was one of the briefcase girls on the NBC game show Deal or No Deal. As fans will remember, the point was a pack of gorgeous women standing on a staircase stage with a briefcase. Howie Mandel would encourage the contestant to bargain a briefcase for the possibility of more money. The models just had the job of standing and looking pretty, smiling while opening up the cases. Markle put up with the revealing dresses but did a decent job and it got her foot in the door in Hollywood. So while Markle may laugh about her part on the show today, it got her some attention. There’s no denying she looked great in that part although Markle is the first to laugh at how ridiculous her hair looks. But that red dress makes her look quite hot to shine well on the stage.

3 Street Style

Suits is set in New York and does some shooting there now and then. But in reality, the show is filmed in Toronto. They do their best to hide it but eagle-eyed viewers can figure out some landmarks from the windows and actual New York residents can crack the streets are never this clean. It’s turned into a fun game for viewers, trying to figure where in Toronto a “New York street” scene really is set. The cast do pop up in NYC now and then when they need a real background and to do promotion. This showcases the fun style Markle brings, a simple walk across the street making her look fantastic with her jacket and jeans hotter than any designer dress. Markle claims her Rachel Zane is a role model getting ahead on her brains instead of body but you can’t deny it’s one great body even when just hitting the town.

2 Kneeling Gal


Markle comes from a unique family. Her alluring looks are because her mother is African-American while her father is Dutch-Irish and thus had to figure out her own heritage. Her father worked on the sitcom Married…With Children, bringing her to set and thus inspiring her love of acting. Her mother was a clinical therapist and yoga instructor which inspired another of Markle’s loves. However, her half-sister Samantha Grant (from her dad’s side) is a bit different, reports they never got along well and long estranged. Indeed, Grant has been vocal on what she really thinks of Meghan and Harry and rants on how she lives in a wheelchair in Long Island and ignored by her “humanitarian” sister. Markle refuses to talk on it while doing her best to continue her life. That includes being among the most Googled actresses of 2016 and love for her dogs. This pic shows the hot style she brings just kneeling down and how her family life may be rough but Markle stands tall despite it all.

1 Holding Court

Markle has a lot of passions from travel to yoga to cooking. But among her biggest is her love of tennis. She can be seen a lot at tournaments and cheering folks on and it’s increased with dating Harry, which gets her into events like Wimbledon. A major bit is that Markle is best friends with Serena and Venus Williams, getting along great with the sister tennis stars. Markle says she and Serena just clicked talking about “girly stuff” and soon texting each other and calling Serena a confidante. Markle was there cheering Serena and Venus in their most recent tournament wins and sending congratulations on Serena’s newborn daughter. This pic shows Markle’s great court style in a black dress with glasses in hand, obviously cheering a favorite on. With her relationship with Harry, Markle can show up more at major events and her style has even inspired a fashion blog. Markle may be joining the Royal Court soon but she also has a love for the tennis one.


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