The New WWE Diva: 15 Steamy Pics Of Kacy Catanzaro

These days, tons of people have been talking about Kacy Catanzaro, and no - it's not about her role on American Ninja Warrior. This hard-bodied 27-year-old champion is starting a new chapter in her life, and a new challenge. In a few short months, she'll be making her official WWE debut as one of WWE's newest Divas. You have to admit, they made a great choice. This girl has it all. Although she might be small, she packs a major punch, and she's a quick learner. If she's as good in the ring as she is swinging from the rings, WWE should be a walk in the park for Kacy.

And it's not like she hasn't made the jump between sports before. After all, she started off her career as a college gymnast, wowing the audience on the pommel horse before realizing that she wanted to do something that no woman had ever done before. She set her sights on the show American Ninja Warrior, and she quickly broke all kinds of records by being the first ever woman to complete the qualifying course. She may very well be shattering similar records in the WWE in years to come as well. We'll have to wait and see.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's take a look at some of Kacy's hottest ever pictures, from the past and the present. All I can say is that with a body like that, the WWE is about to get a lot of new fans...


15 Doing The Splits 

If you really want to see some smoking hot pictures of Kacy Catanzaro, you need to dig a little into her past. This babe was doing gymnastics from a very young age, and she had some great success doing it. She was a huge star in her college days because of her amazing gymnastic abilities, and you can see by this picture she was very talented. This girl was seriously flexible and strong even back then, and doing the splits like this in mid-air is not easy. You can see why she made the switch to American Ninja Warrior and was so successful at it.

Speaking about her gymnastics days, Kacy revealed: "I grew up doing gymnastics, so Nastia Liukin has always been a really big inspiration of mine. I remember before I did the course in Dallas I was watching a gymnastics montage of her to the song 'Super Girl' and it just pumped me up. I love her. I love gymnastics. I'd start to tear up and get all adrenaline-filled and excited. So she's definitely always been a big inspiration of mine."

14 Bikini Body


Of course, if you really want to see how hot Kacy Catanzaro's body is, you're going to have to track down a picture of her in her bikini. Pictures like these are surprisingly rare, but for girls these days, a bikini pic is pretty much an obligatory post on your social media - Kacy Catanzaro was no different. And boy are we glad she decided to post a pic of her in this tiny bikini. With this picture, it's possible to fully appreciate the amazing, sculpted work of art that is Kacy's body. You can really get a clear picture of just how muscular she is, especially those totally ripped abs.

Although she loves wearing a bikini, she hates the feeling of getting wet when she falls during an obstacle course: "I love that the water is there, because you won't get hurt like you might if you fell onto a mat. But it is just kicking you while you're down. Like, I've already failed. I'm already disappointed. And now I'm soaking wet, my hair is a mess, I'm cold, I'm wrapped in a towel, and my shoes are dripping. It's embarrassing."

13 She Works Her Body Hard

There aren't many other pics on the web that show off just how hot Kacy Catanzaro's hard body is. This girl obviously works hard, and I'm guessing that 90% of the people reading this can't do this exercise (whatever this is called). It looks really challenging, but we all know by now that Kacy Katanzaro is a girl who loves to challenge herself. In fact, you could say that she lives for it. Even if we can't quite figure out what Kacy is doing here, it's obvious that she has one hot body.

But Kacy herself admits that she would be nowhere without the support of her fans: "It was so amazing on one end because everyone was so excited and they were all supporting me. And that's so amazing. I'm so lucky. But on the other hand, I was like, 'Oh no. Now that's millions of people I could let down if I don't do as well this season.' On the show, it's very quick, but to us, that's the whole year. We train for that. Years of our lives go into training for this one moment. I'm like, 'Now it's not just for me. It's all these people. I don't want them to think that I'm not good any more. I don't want to let them down. I want to do my best.'"

12 She's Ripped


There's no doubt about it, Kacy Catanzaro is super ripped. Her body is basically 100% muscle, and it sure is a joy to look at. When she flexes her muscles like she's doing in this picture, you get a clear idea of just how hard she works on her body. That's one of the main reasons so many people think she's so hot. As one of the fittest girls on Earth, she looks positively delicious in those tiny short shorts and that sexy top that shows off a glimpse of those glorious abs...

She herself admits that her upper body is a lot stronger than her lower body: "I hate doing jumping lunges, honestly. I do a lot of body weight stuff, so my repetition numbers are really high. It just feels like I'm doing them forever. My lower half is definitely weaker than my upper half, so a lot of leg exercises are daunting for me. I'm like 'Oh gosh, all these jumping lunges!' But I know that working my muscles and the explosion in the lunges are really good, so I know I have to get them done."

11 Gymnastics Girl

As previously mentioned, Kacy Catanzaro has a strong background in gymnastics. And those pictures back from her college days are a treasure trove of some of the hottest shots of Kacy Catanzaro's beautiful body. She got into all kinds of positions up there on that pommel horse, and she showed some serious skill. But in the end, gymnastics wasn't for her. She ended up wanting to do something that no one (no woman, to be exact) had ever done before.

She says that she wanted to prove that women could qualify, saying "...No female has even ever finished the qualifying course! That always just kind of made me feel a little bummed out to be like, 'Well, people think that women that go to try out aren't going to get very far because women never get far,' is what people would say. So walking in, I was like, 'I know I can get up there. I want to do it.' I wanted to do it for myself to prove that I could do it, but also for other women showing them, 'Hey, this isn't impossible. You can do it too.' You have to believe in yourself."

10 She's Determined


If there's one thing that is true about Kacy Catanzaro, it's that she's incredibly determined. And is there anything sexier than a driven, headstrong woman? I don't think so...There's something really intoxicating about watching her compete on the obstacle courses she excels so much at - that's probably why she has so many fans. Even though she has had her bad moments from time to time, she always approaches her challenges with a determined attitude.

She talks about the way she approaches challenges, and it's really inspiring: "It was really awesome when I found out I made it to City Finals. I was bummed I went down early. I wanted to finish the course. Since it was kind of a silly mistake on the Sky Hooks, it wasn't that I wasn't strong enough, or I wasn't capable of it. It was a little slip up. I knew I wanted redemption on that. I knew that I wanted to finish the course. So to be able to get another shot at it in City Finals was really exciting. I haven't been to City Finals in a few seasons, so it was really awesome to get back there."

9 Her Abs Are Out Of This World 

Here's another unbelievably hot photo of Kacy Catanzaro, and I'm sure you're picking up your jaw off the ground right about now. If you thought the last bikini photo was impressive, just feast your eyes on this one. Out of all the photos in this article, this one probably shows off her body the most, and it's a beautiful thing. She's all smiles as she flaunts her incredibly sexy bikini body for the cameras, and why shouldn't she be happy? She's worked long and hard on that body, she should be proud to show it off.

If you're wondering who that guy is next to her, it's her boyfriend and trainer (sorry to crush your hopes). She recently talked about what it's like to date your trainer: "We work out a bunch. We do our strength training usually in the morning. Anywhere from four to six times a week; if we're in super training mode, definitely six times. If we just finished a competition and want to recover a little bit, more like four to have that time in between to let those muscles recover. [At] night we do our obstacles and rock climbing and other active things like that."


8 Exhausted 


While many people would say that the hottest pictures of a girl like Kacy Catanzaro would be the ones where she's in the middle of action, others would take a markedly different approach. These people say that girls like her look the hottest when they're completely exhausted from a tough workout, and it's hard to argue with this logic when you're looking at a photo as hot as this one. She captions it "...there's nothing like the feeling after a killer workout." She definitely looks like she's enjoying herself.

Seeing Kacy flat on her back reminds us that she is just human after all. She recently talked about how important it is for people to know that she's just a normal woman: "People don't realize that you're real. They're like, 'Oh she did this! She's unstoppable! She's amazing! She's number one! She's the best!' People don't realize that's not the case always. I have bad moments. They've seen that now. It kind of makes me more real to them. She's not just number one all the time and she's the best and she's perfect. It's like, I had this awesome year and that's great, and I've had really bad seasons."

7 Best Cleavage Shot Ever

It seems like Kacy's photos are getting hotter and hotter by the day. This picture was one of her most recent posts on Twitter and Instagram, and it's definitely drool-worthy. That top speaks volumes, and it looks like it's struggling to contain those amazing breasts that Kacy Catanzaro has. The way it's cut right down the middle gives us all a glorious peek right down the middle of her cleavage, and it looks like she's really upping her game on social media. Maybe she knows that she's about to be showing off a lot more skin in the WWE in the coming months...

All we know is that her boyfriend is a lucky guy. He gets to workout with this hot babe every day! And Kacy loves the experience too, admitting: "The best part is that we get to do all of these things together! If you're just by yourself, it's a lot easier to slack off. There's really nothing bad about working out together! Every now and then, when one of us is tired or not doing that well and we're trying to encourage each other you might just be like, 'OK! I'm trying!' But when you take the emotion out of it, you realize they're right and you do need to be pushing it!"

6 She's So Flexible 


It looks like her boyfriend might have taken this photo while Kacy wasn't looking. And if he did, well then we just have to give our thanks to him. Sometimes the hottest photos of girls are the ones that they aren't even aware of, and they're just going about their business as usual. A lot of her fans also appreciated this photo, with one person commenting: "Holy, @kacycatanzaro, you're hot." Kacy is probably spending a lot more time on her laptop than she used to, because she's amassed a huge army of loyal fans. And why not get some stretching done while you're replying to all that fan mail? Seems like a logical thing to do.

Speaking about all the support she's been getting, Kacy gushed: "It's amazing to have that support and to realize that it's okay if you're not number one all the time. It doesn't mean that people are going to think that you're horrible or that people aren't going to support you anymore. I kind of have had to overcome that in the past few seasons. I think I'm finally getting to it."

5 She Loves To Stretch 

Let's take a trip back in time and closely examine another gem from Kacy Catanzaro's college days - for scientific purposes of course. Her body is definitely in its prime here. Although she's not as muscular as she will one day become, she looks incredibly appealing. That youthful smile is the cherry on top of her lithe, flexible and inviting young body. She looks like she same winning mentality that will one day make her famous. I guess some people are just born to succeed in life.

But as amazing as her body is, even Kacy Catanzaro admits it's not perfect: "Being so short is definitely a disadvantage. In Dallas, there was part of the course where the guys could swing and with one arm reach the next obstacle. I had to wind up, swing, and actually let go and catch the next one with both hands. My body was like mush at the end. Cut your nails. If you look at the palm of your hand and can see your nails sticking out from that side, they're too long—it gives you that little bit of extra room on the cliffhanger."

4 Fun Times On Halloween


We all know that Kacy Catanzaro is all business when it comes to her athletic endeavors, but even she takes some time to chill out and have fun from time to time. What's obvious when you scroll through her Instagram is that she loves to dress up for Halloween. In the past, she's dressed up as a sexy cat, but her hottest Halloween costume was probably this one. Dressed in hot, tight leather, it must have been hard for guys to tear their eyes off her on Halloween night. You have to admit, she makes a pretty hot Catwoman, and she definitely has the body to make it believable. I know one thing - I wouldn't want to tangle with this Catwoman. On second thought, maybe I would...

She loves to laugh, and she found watching herself compete in American Ninja Warrior pretty entertaining: "It’s funny because obviously I was there and I did it, but watching it when it aired, it was a whole other experience. When I’m competing, I can’t hear what the commentators are saying and I can’t hear what the crowd is doing because I’m so focused on what I’m doing. So re-watching it was actually really emotional, and I got lots of tweets from everyone like, 'Oh I cried when you got to the top.' I was like, 'Oh my gosh, me too!'

3 Picture Perfect 

Get used to this sight, because you're going to be seeing a lot more of it when she struts her stuff in the ring of the WWE. She'll probably be wearing something very similar too... Although her WWE outfit might actually end up being even more revealing than her gymnastics outfit, if you can believe that. She's already shown us how sexy she looks when she dresses up, can you imagine what she's going to look like? I think it will be a very pleasant surprise.

So how exactly did Kacy Catanzaro go from being a cute gymnastics girl to an American Ninja Warrior competitor and then finally a WWE diva? She explains: "I used to watch American Ninja Warrior back when it was in Japan with my father, and I would kind of joke that I really wanted to do it one day, it's so awesome and I think I could be really good at it. My family is super supportive so they were like, 'Yeah sure, one day!' I was really serious about gymnastics though, and I went to college and did Division I gymnastics. Once I graduated, I felt kind of lost. I had done gymnastics for 18 years and didn't know how to work out after that or what I should even be striving for. I saw ANW again on TV and thought, you know what, I really do want to do that."

2 What An Incredible Body


Of all the pictures on her Instagram, this one is probably the hottest. It's hard to pin down exactly what makes this picture so hot, but it's hard to deny the amount of sex appeal she's showing off here. This is actually a pretty old photo, but she looks amazing. Maybe now that she's done with American Ninja, she'll focus less on building so much muscle. You have to admit, there is something appealing about a girl without too much muscle. A little is okay, but too much can be a turn off. I think she has the perfect balance in this photo.

But how did Kacy Catanzaro get so much muscle? She shares her secrets in a recent interview: "We don't lift weights. We do just bodyweight circuit training. Every now and then I might do some squats with a little weight or things like that. But in our normal everyday workout, we just do the bodyweight circuit training, because for what our goal is (which is obstacle courses right now), you want to be as light and lean as possible and as strong as you can be. In order to do that, you definitely want to stay light and get as strong as you can for your weight. We do lots of bodyweight stuff."

1 Watch Her In Action

Photos are nice to look at and all, but you don't really get the full story of Kacy Catanzaro without seeing her in action. And to do that, you need to watch a video of her absolutely slaying an obstacle course. She makes this course look easy, and the best part of the video is her standing triumphantly at the end of the ordeal. She's never looked hotter. Seeing her hot, tight and muscular body pushed to the absolute limit is what makes this girl so popular, and it's no wonder she has so many fans.

But even when it looks easy, it really isn't. Kacy explains: "I was the first woman to get up it. I know that this Wall is six inches taller. I haven't been up that Wall before. It doesn't sound like that much, but it's a good amount. I was getting the 14 foot Warped Wall with my finger tips. Every time I made it up, I wasn't flying over it. I was one-handing it, barely climbing up it. I knew that it would be challenging. If I had another attempt and that first attempt was better, I know I could have made it."


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