The Mummy: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Didn't Know About The New Movie

When news came out that they were remaking The Mummy, it came with mixed reviews. After all, how can you make the original any better, and really, should you even try? Brendan Fraser did such a good job of making The Mummy the amazing movie that it is. We loved that movie for so many reasons. The characters were perfection, and it brought about a storyline that was not only scary but action-packed as well. The risky part about remaking an already great movie is that you risk pissing off the original fan base, which the filmmakers seemed to do when they cast Tom Cruise, who was difficult to picture in a scary fantasy movie.

The remake finally hit theaters in June, and it was more than just another horror remake. We aren’t sure at this point if they're going to continue with making more of The Mummy movies as it didn’t have as much success at the box office as they thought it would. Not only was it a risk, but they also chose director Alex Kurtzman, and this was his largest project to date, so that could've been a risk in itself.

Whether you're a fan of the new movie or not, there are some elements to it that might surprise you. There are a few things you might not know about the new The Mummy movie, so tune in to find some interesting facts about the remake.


15 Kurtzman Wasn't Sold On Cruise

Due to the fact that Tom Cruise is such a huge movies star who always saves the day, they had to put some challenging parts in the movie to make things a little more believable. They added the challenging aspect of Tom Cruise coming back from the dead as well as Cruise screaming like a girl when he saw the mummy; I guess we didn’t see that coming. Kurtzman added, “When we were developing the script and I knew that Tom was going to do the movie, the first thing that we talked about was, I said, ‘Listen…’ I’d worked with Tom on Mission [Impossible] III, and I said, ‘I have 30-plus years of embedded ‘Tom Cruise is going to save the day’ in my experience and my relationship to you, as an actor. And the problem is in a monster movie, the scariest monster movies are the ones where the protagonist starts to feel very out of control. So how am I going to believe that you’re really out of control because I know you’re going to save the day, you know?'”

14 Dr. Jekyll Was Introduced For a Reason


Many people wondered why they had Dr. Jekyll in the movie. Why not have a separate movie for him? But since they had a Dark Universe filled with monsters, they decided to have a guy who was an expert on monsters. Dr. Jekyll shows his dark side as well near the end of the movie. “In looking to figure out how to place The Mummy in a larger context and setting up this organization that has actually been dealing with monsters for longer than any of us have been around, it became clear that we needed somebody to be the voice of that organization. The next thought was like, ‘Well, it could be Joe Mcgillicuddy, or we could actually go into another character that makes sense organically. It was a real point of conversation with Tom. If we’re going to bring in Henry Jekyll, how is bringing Henry Jekyll into the mummy story not a detractor from the mummy story? How does Henry Jekyll become part of this story in an organic way? And part of what Tom’s character, Nick, learns about the mummy and about the history of the mummy comes through Jekyll’s very deep understanding of monsters and how monsters have existing quietly in this world for eons,” the director explained.

13 Their Own Stunts

Both Annabelle Wallis and Tom Cruise did their own stunt in a zero-gravity scene. We all know that Tom Cruise always does his own stunts. Well, Wallis was determined to be just as badass as he was. She said, “I felt very determined to prove myself in that world. I was very competitive with him. I thought: if you can do it, I can do it. I was interested in pushing myself physically because I hadn’t had a chance to do that yet. I hadn’t been in a project of this scope or size.” The scene took 64 takes and was shot over two days in a falling airplane. It sounded very intense. Many of the crew members involved got nauseous and even vomited because of the scene, but not Wallis and Cruise. It’s awesome that Wallis wanted to be right up there with Cruise, and she proved that she, too, is a force to be reckoned with.

12 Fans Didn't Like Brendan Being Replaced


Like we already said, although Tom Cruise is a huge and popular actor, he was stepping into the role that was already made legendary by Brendan Fraser. Brendan made that franchise epic, and he had the right amount of badassery and humor to really make his character awesome, and let’s be honest -- Cruise hasn’t exactly mastered a career in horror or comedy. So, when it was announced that Cruise was taking on the role, fans were not at all happy about it. "Tom Cruise's Mummy is a flop," reads the top post on the Brendan Fraser-devoted subreddit. (Yes, such a thing exists.) "Join me in boycotting this. Send a message to the studios! #BetterWithBrendan." Fans are serious when they say that Brendan is the only one who should've played the lead in any Mummy movie. What do you think?

11 Is Tom Cruise A Mummy?

When we see the title of the movie The Mummy, we automatically assume that it represents that scary female version of the original mummy -- the badass chick who's determined to rule the world and kill anyone that gets in her way. But there's another theory out there that's very interesting. Many people have discussed the idea that Cruise coming back to life in the movie makes him the actual Mummy. I know, right? That’s insane. We think that’s a pretty awesome idea regarding the movie, and it makes it so much more interesting. When Alex Kurtzman was asked about this theory, he said, “'Great question' followed by a long pause, and then a segue into another reporter’s question.” (Crave) It sounds like the Director has a little secret of his own, and personally, we love the theory that Cruise is The Mummy.

10 Tom Cruise and the Original


You might be surprised to find out that Tom Cruise was actually supposed to take on the lead in the original The Mummy movie. He was offered the role, and at the time, turned it down. He had very different projects in mind for his career in 1999. The role went to Brendan Fraser, who completely rocked the role. We're all very grateful that Brendan was the one that got the role because we really can’t imagine anyone else being in the role. It’s funny that 18 years after the original role, Cruise finally decided to take the lead. But fans believe it’s too late for that; they don’t want someone else taking on the role. We wonder what would've happened if he had taken the role originally. Would it still have been a great franchise? It could've easily been a flop, and that’s the truth.

9 The Dark Universe

This version of the movie The Mummy includes a Dark Universe. This universe doesn’t just include the mummy inside of it. They intended that this Dark Universe would be the home of many monsters and gods. It’s basically a universe that you never want to enter. They plan on rebooting the Van Helsing franchise as well, and in there, they'll use the same Dark Universe that they did in The Mummy reboot. It’s an interesting take on what they're doing with movies these days. We may see future movies that ended up using the same Dark Universe as well. There was no alternate universe in the original; it was part of what they did to make The Mummy a fresh and new movie instead of it being another original. We love the fact that the movie has its own story line.


8 Monsters Don’t Exist


Considering there's a universe full of monsters, we don’t really hear anything else about these other monsters or what else could be in the Dark Universe. When Cruise meets Dr. Jekyll, there's no mention of monsters, even in the form of books. It’s as if they don’t exist. There's no Dracula, Frankenstein or any of the other Universal monsters. Many people believe that the reason for that is because the stories of these monsters haven’t been told yet. “That’s funny -- people ask me the same question on Sleepy Hollow [the TV series] about Ichabod Crane, and no,” says the director. “I would say no. These characters do not exist as characters in novels or in films, let’s say. They are in their own universe, so these are real people in the real world.” Despite the fact that there are monsters in The Mummy, there's no reference to any other monster incident.

7 There Is No Connection to the Original

Many people believed that the release of The Mummy was going to be another part of the original Mummy franchise, but that’s not the case. There's no connection between this mummy movie and the original The Mummy. It was Fraser that took it upon himself to fight mummies in three of The Mummy movies. In fact, the producers and the director have done everything in their power to make a completely different movie that's in no way connected to the original. They added a Dark Universe, Dr. Jekyll, and even a female mummy this time. We all know how evil women can be, so it’s definitely believable that a woman could be an evil mummy that wants power over the whole world. If anything, there's more of a connection to Universal’s Dark Universe than there is to the original The Mummy.

6 It’s Not a Horror Movie


Despite the scariness we see onscreen with The Mummy, the franchise behind The Mummy has never been about making a horror film that scares the bejesus out of people. The Mummy has always been a romance story. Yes, there are certainly some scary parts, and it’s filled with many action-packed scenes, but there's always that underlying story about love. “Mummy movies are about romance. They are. And they started that way, and if you look at the evolution of them, it’s always about that. Imhotep, the original Karloff mummy, that was a love story. In fact, they borrowed from them and paid homage to it in the ’99 movie. It was about, ‘I’m in love with the pharaoh’s wife, we’re having a secret affair, I get found out, they take me away, they bury me alive, and now I’m the mummy,'” Kurtzman clarified.

5 The Mummy and More Monsters

It looks like they've hidden some Easter Eggs in The Mummy to connect the story to other movies. We won’t see any of these monsters in the movie, and there really isn’t any mention of them, but there are hints or clues. It opens up the idea that there will be more monster movies that follow The Mummy. “There will be some Easter eggs,” Alex Kurtzman says. “But again, I feel like I’ve had two reactions to Easter Eggs. When they’re done right, they’re great. When they’re not done right, they feel like they’re being forced down your throat for a reason that feels kind of cynical. So again, every choice we’ve made for an Easter Egg had something to do with like, does it make sense in this scene? Does it fit organically into this moment? If so, great! If not, let’s not do it.”

4 The Budget Was The Highest


The budget for The Mummy was the highest out of all the Mummy movies in the franchise. They spent a whopping $165 million on the making of the movie, and we can see why. Between all the stunts and the high-action scenes, they must have needed a budget that big. Not only that, but they had a lot of high-profile actors in The Mummy film, so they had to shell out big bucks to have these actors in the film. Tom Cruise alone was paid $35 million for his role in the movie. It’s crazy that it takes so much money to make these movies. $165 million is just an obscene amount of money, and it’s crazy that so much money is used to make these movies. Thankfully, they come out with some pretty great scenes to make up for it.

3 Creepy Scarab Beetles

Don’t you just hate those creepy, fast-moving scarab beetles? The ones that can clean the skin off a human in seconds? Yeah, we hate those creepy things, too. They make for great scenes in The Mummy movies -- that’s for sure. In just one scene in The Mummy, the artists created those creepy scarabs on the computer. Of course, they did, right? We don’t exactly have hundreds of scarabs hanging around. They made those crazy scenes using computer-generated imaging, which meant making 7,000 individual scarab beetles just for one scene. Isn’t that nuts? The movie industry is insane because of what they do in order to get one scene for a movie. Obviously, it’s necessary to have everything authentic, but imagine all those hours just making those computer-generated beetles. It’s an amazing business to be in, and we just love those gripping scenes.

2 The Mummy, the Destroyer


Yes, the Mummy in this film goes nuts and destroys a whole city, but that doesn’t mean that they plan on making the Dark Universe monsters well known. It’s not like it was in X-Men where the whole world knows the existence of mutants. The monsters that are developed in these movies will be kept secret. That includes The Mummy. “I feel like what I’m most satisfied by, as a viewer, is feeling like I was let in on a secret that the rest of the world doesn’t know,” Kurtzman says. “So, The Matrix is a great example, right? At the end of The Matrix, no one else knows that they live in The Matrix, because of the adventure in this particular movie, I know the reality of that. That was sort of a good marker for us.” We're looking forward to seeing the other monster movies they come up with.

1 Tom Cruise Meddled A Lot

Many people are wondering why The Mummy didn’t do so well at the box office. After all, the original did quite well, and we all love Mummy movies. So what’s the problem? People are now saying that Cruise was way too controlling when it came to the movie, and he meddled a lot, which is why the movie ended up tanking. We shouldn’t say that, though, as it didn’t do that horribly. But it didn’t do as well as expected in the States, which will make it a little harder for them to put out more Dark Universe monster movies. Apparently, when Cruise got involved with the film, he demanded to have control over the whole process. He altered the plot as well as the script. He also changed the narrative so that he had more prominence in the film than the actual Mummy did. These may be reasons why the film didn’t do as well.


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