15Monster Trouble

Dusting off old monsters has never been an easy feat, especially with the likes of the sexed-up sparkly Hollywood vampires and werewolves we see nowadays. Long gone are the days of truly frightening creepy skeletons, haunted goblins, and things that go bump in the night. Halloween just ain't what it

used to be, and neither are horror films. With a demanding market for psychologically thrilling, cerebral horror films like the Saw franchise, decrepit old vampires, and swampy lake monsters just aren't doing it for modern audiences.

Aside from the monster problem at hand, the big Hollywood executives have been questioning just how smart it would actually be to relaunch a universe of movies for characters who are not traditionally heroes. Why should we root for the bad guy let alone the underdog? Audiences in the heydays of, what were then groundbreaking horror films, weren't necessarily rooting for them either. What Universal did, however, was unveil shocking, never-before-seen genre that introduced us to monster movies that we know and love today.

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