The McGregor Girls: 15 Pictures Of Conor's Steamy Sisters

We all know that blood runs deep, but it runs considerably deeper in a family that possesses a fighting background coupled with Irish heritage. Conor McGregor has undoubtedly been the most popular UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter over the past 5 years. He is as talented as he is controversial, he possesses knockout power and sleek striking and takedown defense. If you turned on the television over the past couple of months you undoubtedly saw the mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. The fight did not disappoint, it was a controversial stoppage in the 10th round in which Conor lost, but the overall feeling after the fight was one of enjoyment and excitement. The real winners after the fight, however, were Conor’s blonde bombshell sisters, who were among the audience and stood out like sore thumbs. Naturally, once word got out about Conor McGregor’s incredibly gorgeous siblings, the internet blew up. Before we knew it the only talk that had anything to do with Conor McGregor was for an entirely different reason; Erin and Aoife (EE-fa) McGregor.

When the two aren't sharing Snapchat and Instagram photographs of their bedazzled weekends, they can be found supporting their incredible younger brother, fighting for his life inside the octagon. The family comes from incredibly humble beginnings, originally from Dublin, Ireland, the family was a middle-class blue collar household. Conor even had to live off of unemployment checks for years before catapulting to success. The sisters naturally take credit for Conor’s stylish and unique look, and it's just what we would expect from the two eldest siblings. The two beauties have started to gain some serious notoriety, each boasting a following on Instagram of upwards of 125k followers. When scrolling through these incredible photographs, it might be prudent to remember that if you actively approach one of these beauties, you're likely to have to approach one of the most dangerous fighters in the world; their brother.


15 Aoife McGregor Is Wifey Material

This picture perfectly sums up the lavish and divine lifestyle that the McGregor sisters indulge in on a fairly regular basis. Aoife’s swimsuit is incredibly accurate, we would wife her up before Conor would even have the time to react, which wouldn't take him very long to do might we add. Aoife McGregor is a huge supporter of her brother, she puts her work on hold (an excavating renting company in Dublin, Ireland) to travel to Vegas for Conor’s showcase events. She can be seen at every fight and we’re sure that you're going to notice her (if you haven’t already) every time he fights from now on. Aoife might be a foreign name, but she is certainly gracing the United States with tremendous poise, already turning into a much sought after figure in the popular culture realm.

14 Blonde Bombshell


If you haven't noticed yet, Conor’s sisters are absolute FIRE. If her bathing suit alone wasn’t attractive enough, it becomes even more so when you realize it’s engraved with the phrase “Team McGregor”, even if you aren't a fan of Conor's, family ties like this one have to earn your respect. Conor’s sisters (like himself) come from humble roots, it’s only recently that they've been able to enjoy such success. It’s precisely because of this that they become incredibly easy to ‘root for’, in other words, they're actually likeable enough people. You won't hear about any drama from these women, they're incredibly classy and aren't the type to go running amok around the literal and figurative media platforms. Conor McGregor likely doesn't appreciate that we are showing off his flesh and blood like this, but all the money he’s been making is likely enough to calm him down.

13 Classic Selfie

Aoife McGregor isn't exempt from the stereotypical selfie just because her brother happens to be one of the most bad-ass fighters in the world, in fact, she embraces it even more because of it. Her huge beautiful eyes lure us all in, similar to the way Conor goats his opponents with trash talk, then her beauty takes over and knocks us out altogether; just like her brother. In several ways the entire family are fighters, they have come from humble roots, and have fought every inch to get where they are today. It’s hard to imagine that we will enjoy watching Conor McGregor ever again without immediately thinking of his immediate family; particularly his two sisters. The McGregor family is emerging as potentially the next Kardashian bunch, although we’re quite sure they’re much more humble than those folks.

12 Fitness Babes 


Who said Conor is the only McGregor who enjoys the gym? Both his sisters partake in the fitness aspect of life, but primarily Erin (seen here) get’s crazy inside the gymnasium. Erin herself has competed in several Fitness and Physique contests and has even won on more than one occasion. From the pictures you have seen so far it's not far fetched to assume that these two beauties are incredibly fit, and with information like this, it should be set in stone that these two bombshells bodies are fire as well. If you can take the time to focus on her face (eyes up here) then you’d come to the realization that she’s absolutely gorgeous as well. She does modelling and helps others gain their fitness goals on a regular basis, but we're guessing that she doesn't have to give her brother any fitness tips!

11 Throwback 

Well, of course, we had to include a good old fashioned throwback photo in here somewhere, it’s really becoming a staple of any good photo album these days. We knew that Irish blood runs deep, but it runs particularly deeper in a family full of fighters. Every time Conor McGregor steps inside that Octagon come fight night, his family is well aware of the potential danger that can strike at any moment; so they are always sure to show their love and support as often as they can. It’s pictures like this one that really brings light to the fact that Conor and his sisters are, at the end of the day, a normal Irish family. It was only recently that the family truly starting seeing any success, but they have always been tight even since way before Conor’s fighting days.

10 Nerd Never Looked So Good


Have you ever seen a nerdy blonde chick look so incredibly attractive? We’re guessing you haven't, and if you have we would like to see that picture immediately. Conor has two siblings that in some sense are polar opposites, Erin is incredibly fit, strong, and tone, while Aoife is much more feminine and a ‘girly girl’ so to speak. Aoife has a luscious pair of lips, a strong and chiseled frame, and a smile that can knock us out very similarly to the way her brother knocks his opponents down relentlessly in the ring. Aoife and Erin are both incredibly attractive in their own right, but if you're the type of person who enjoys a superficial beauty, then Erin is definitely the one for you.

9 Reppin The Bro's Belts!

As if his sister couldn't get any more attractive, she just had to go the extra mile and start glitz and gleaming up her wardrobe with her brother's championship belts. In America, there’s little that we enjoy more than blonde beautiful women, and some good ol’ fashion cage fighting; the McGregor’s certainly provide the entertainment for the evening. This image might look like an ordinary beauty holding onto some expensive pieces of metal, but what those belts represent to Conor, and as a byproduct, his family, is the incredible life’s work that he has put in to reach the pinnacle of one of the toughest sports in history. If you were to ask Conor how he got this far, he would undoubtedly tell you that there’s no way he could have ever made it this far without his wife and family.


8 Fitness Diva 


Erin McGregor has cultivated her own brand entirely separate from her brother's increasingly growing dynasty. She herself has tackled the realm of fitness in more ways than one, she not only has sculpted her body to the incredible physique you see before you, she has taken her talents to bodybuilding competitions around the world and enjoyed some success. When one thinks of Conor McGregor one of the first images that pop into your head likely is one of his chiseled and tattooed physique, but upon seeing this McGregor, Erin’s to be exact, you might start thinking of someone else before you think of Conor. The entire family is in exceptional shape, but Erin and Conor blow the standard out the water when they put on their bathing suits.

7 Three Bombshells 

If Conor didn't like us before, well then he hates us after we chose this picture. The two beautiful blondes you have become so accustomed to seeing are, of course, his sisters; but the drop dead gorgeous brunette is his loving and caring wife. Dee Devlin, Conor’s long time love, has been with Conor ever since he was living on unemployment, in other words, she’s been with him through it all. Everyone in this picture has struggled at certain times in their lives, but most importantly they haven't let it break them, even despite Conor’s 10-round loss to Floyd Mayweather, the entire family is able to take a look at the bigger picture. All three women surrounding Conor are insanely pretty, and why shouldn't they be?

6 Candid Poolside Shot 


Comfortable at a poolside cabana, Aoife’s demeanor and physique tell the entire story; she’s right at home here on the beach. She looks incredibly candid and at peace, and she likely is after her brother has escaped one of the bravest feats in fighting history; fighting Floyd Mayweather at his own game. The McGregor family is likely just outside of the frame caught here, they are certainly enjoying the fruits of their youngest sons labor. Wonderfully tan and petite, Aoife McGregor looks absolutely dashing in white, as though she’s at her own wedding rehearsal, and we absolutely love her for it. There’s no background that Aoife McGregor couldn’t make look better, but even this view behind her seems to enjoy the addition of her presence.

5 All In The Family

Pictured here, moments before Conor was to fight inside a cage for all the world to see, his beautiful family is gathered to show their support. All of them with exception of his father are repping McGregor t-shirts, they can be routinely found in this attire and are always quick to defend their brother from trash talk outside the ring. Conor McGregor likely doesn't need this defense, but his older sisters just can't help but protecting their younger brother, even if he might be one of the best fighters of this decade. Just the thought of these two beauties coming to the aid of their younger brother is enough to make us fall in love with them, but their devotion to their family is one of the most indoctrinated metaphysical traits that the Irish come equipped with.

4 Wine Not?


There’s nothing more refreshing than a nice glass of wine on a hot day after work, right? Well if that imagery couldn't get any better, now try imagining sipping that glorious beverage next to Erin McGregor’s beautiful smile. The term “it runs in the family” is incredibly accurate when someone is speaking about the McGregor roots, they're all incredibly attractive and down to earth. We all know that the Irish heritage typically loves to be a rowdy, raucous, and lively bunch when they're huddled around a drinking establishment, and it’s hard to imagine the McGregor’s any differently, except they get quite a bit more attention when they sit down to enjoy the evening. The old adage “work hard play hard” seems incredibly fitting for the McGregor bunch, and we’d love to join right alongside them on a warm Friday night!

3 Conor And The Girls

The McGregor’s truly are a beautiful family, they stick to their roots and always put family first. We should come to expect no different from any family of Irish lineage, but even more so from a family that has gone through the hardship and eventual success that the McGregor’s have. All three of the McGregor’s appear to be ready for a night out on the town, and we couldn't be more excited to find out where they are going and get there immediately. Once all the gentlemen find out that the two gorgeous bombshells are related to Conor McGregor, they likely won't be trying their one liners or trying to buy them any drinks. The two women have undoubtedly had to traverse through a stack of men who immediately pull their name from the lottery once they find out Conor McGregor would be their brother-in-law.

2 Aoife McGregor Getting Married


The McGregor clan is incredibly tight knit, they're all devoutly supportive of one another, so naturally, the family rallied together when their beloved sister and daughter Aoife got married. There is an entire album dedicated to this beauty getting married, and in most of them you can find Conor and his family cheerful and jubilant, while of course including alcohol (they are from Ireland!). It seems highly likely to us that even after finding out the notorious Conor McGregor would be your brother-in-law, once you met this bombshell that simply wouldn't matter anymore. She has an incredible smile and this picture embodies a woman who is independent and strong. Unfortunately this picture does mean she’s off the market, but naturally, we felt you still might want a look.

1 Oww Oww!

Here is the incredible physique of Erin McGregor, Conor’s older and perhaps more impressive sister. She has competed for quite some time in bodybuilding competitions, and even runs her own fitness camp for newcomers to the realm of health and fitness. Her radiant smile is both impressive and downright beautiful, it’s no wonder that she has been winning these competitions her whole life. Good genetics clearly run in the family, as Conor’s and Erin’s bodies seem to be chiseled by the Greek Gods themselves, and they both use their insane physique’s to their advantage. The McGregor’s just have a seamless vibe into superstardom, they embrace it as though it was second nature. The entire McGregor lineage is undoubtedly a family tree that would rival the greatest Sequoias the world has ever seen.


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